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My great-grandfather, Anton Bahnsen, was born in Horsbüll, Schleswig-Holstein, in 1873. He came to the United States with his parents in 1880.

I was lucky. We knew where the family came from. When I began my research, I was given copies of family documents by several relatives. With this information, I was able to find some of my ancestors in the available Schleswig-Holstein census records.

I also ordered the microfilms of the church records for the parishes they lived in (I still have them!), and while I was able to find the Bahnsen family of Horsbüll, I have not been quite as lucky in my research on the Sönnichsen family of Emmelsbüll, perhaps partly because the filmed records end so early (1771). However, I contacted a third cousin, who had the information I needed!

I have created these pages to try and help others who may not be quite as fortunate, and maybe, just maybe, I will find someone who can help me too.

Viel Glück!


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