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23 March 2004 
                Born:   January 9, 1856 Warsaw, Koscuisko County Indiana. 
                Married: William C. Julian April 2, 1876 Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa.
                Died:    September 25, 1935 Topeka, Republic County, Kansas. 
Looking for any siblings of Amanda and her mother and father. 

             Born:  1812 Union County New Jersey. 
             Married:  Electa Maria Taylor Cummins: April 18 1850 
             Marshalltown, Marshall County Iowa. 
Mary Jane Ivins 
  Born:  1852 in Indiana

  Married: J. W. Walker

  Died:  When Where?

John Church Ivins
  Born:  1853 Indiana

  Married: ??
  Died:  24 September  1932, Dundy County Nebraska

  Buried: 24 Sept 1932 in Haigler Cemetery, Dundy County, Nebraska


Eleazer William Ivins 
  Born:  1855  in Indiana

  Died:  When Where? 
  Married:  Never


Maude Amanda  Ivins
 Born:  January 9 1856 in Warsaw, Koscuisko County, Indiana (My grandmother )

Married: 2 April 1876 in Marshalltown, Marshall Co., Iowa  (I have marriage certificate)

Spouse:  William C. Julian

Died: 9 Jan 1929 in Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas (per death certificate)


Napoleon “Paley” B. Ivins

Born:  October 1860 in Indiana

Married in 1893 Marshalltown, Marshall Co., Indiana

Spouse:  Elizabeth J. Van Riper

Died: 1930 Marshalltown,  Marshall Co., Iowa


Emeline “Emma” Ivans

Born:  1864 in Indiana

Married 13 April 1909 in Belleville, Republic County, Kansas  (Per Newspaper)

Spouse:  Lewis Pratt


HelleweyHellen” C. Ivans

Born:  1866 in Indiana

Married ??

Died: ??

            Born:   February 25 1779 Burlington County, N.J. 
            Died:  December 26 1828 Union County, N.J,.
           Married:   Mary Lippincott   March 1, 1800 
William Ivins
           Born:  May 4 1800 
           Died:  Anna Moore    March 28 1852
Solomon Ivins 
           Born:  August 8 1803 Mansfield Burlington Co. N.J.
           Died:  June 28 1882 Kosciusko Co. Indiana
           Married:  Thersa Nash and Sarah Castater
Isaac Ivins
          Born:  September 30 1806 Mansfield Burlington Co N.J. 
          Died:  January 20 1890 York Elkhart County Indiana
          Married: Mary Wood October 15 1829
Mary Ivins
          Born:  March 4 1810 Mansfield Burlington Co. N.J. 
          Died:   December 8 1872 Kosciusko Co. Indiana
          Married:   Caleb Scott
Thomas Ivins
          Born:  1812 Union County N.J. 
          Died ?? 
          Married:  April 18 1850 Marshalltown Marshall Co Iowa
  (see ABOVE)

Solomon Ivins
          Born:  1747 Mansfield Burlington Co. N.J.
           Died:  March 5 1782 Burlington Co. N.J.
           Married:  Susannah Rockhill
Sarah Ivins
           Born:  1771 Where?? 
           Married:  John Frazier Where When ??
Joseph Ivins
           Born:  December 28 1773 Mansfield Burlington Co. N.J.
           Died:   where when ?? 
           Married: Hannah Carty   December 30 1798 
Solomon Ivins
           Born:  October 11 1776 Mansfield Burlington Co N.J. 
           Died:  1796 where??
John Ivins 
          Born:  November 15 1781  where ?? 
          Died:  1830 where ??
          Married: Hannah Haines   November 10 1803 
Isaac Ivins
          Born:   February 25 1779 (see ABOVE)

Joseph Ivins
           Born:   1721 Mansfield Burlington Co. N.J. 
           Died:  March 1782 Mansfield Burlington Co. N.J.
           Married:  Hannah Everingham   November 22 1741 
Solomon Ivins
           Born: 1747 Mansfield Burlington Co N.J.
 (see ABOVE)
Mary Ivins
            Born 1755 Mansfield Burlington Co N.J. 
            Died: ?? where when?? 
             Married:  Thomas Scattergood   February 2 1776 

            Born: May 4 1800 in New Jersey. 
            Died:  March 28 1852 in Elkhart County Indiana.
            Married:   Anna Moore   before Decemer 22 1823
William Ivens 
            Died:  November 1882

          Born: September 30 1806 in Mansfield Burlington County. N.J. 
          Died: January 20 1890 in York Township, Elkhart County Indiana.
          Buried:   Ivins Cemetary Elkart Indiana.
         Married: Mary Wood October 15 1829 in Stark County Ohio. 
Delbert Ivins
           Believed to have been killed in Kansas
Edward Ivins
Eliazer Ivins 
           Born: April 21 1830 Stark Co. Ohio; 
           Died: 1897, Elkhart Co. In
Eliza Ivins 
          Born: April 19 1831 Stark Co. Ohio; 
          Died: 1847 Elkhart Co. Indiana
          Married: Ephriam Adams
Susan Ivins 
            Born: April 16 1832 Stark Co. Ohio; 
           Died: 18 47 Elkhart Co. In
Hiram Ivins 
           Born October 10 1833 Stark Co. Ohio
Barbara Ivins 
           Born: October 30 1834 Stark County Oh.
Rachel Ivins
            Born: February 22 1836 Stark Co. Ohio
            Died: July 7 1906 Elkhart Co. IN
Williams Ivins 
            Born: August 14 1837 Stark Co Oh 
            Died: 1857 Elkhart co. Indiana
Robert Sutton Ivins 
            Born: November 28 1838 Ohio; 
            Died: November 2 1897
Aaron Ivins 
             Born: April 20 1840 Ohio; 
             Died: August 28 1864 Andersonville Prison, GA
Solomon Ivins 
             Born:   September 11 1841;
             Died:   September 12 1862 believed to have died in Libby Prison Camp 
              Burial:   Ivins Cemetery Elkhart Co., Indiana
Owen Dale Ivins
              Born:  April 25 1843 York Township Elkhart Co IN 
              Died:  June 14 1922 Naughton,  Michigan
Delazon Smith Ivins 
              Born: September 6 1844 York, Elkhart Co. IN 
Nelson J. Ivins 
              Born: November 5 1848 York, Elkhart Co IN
             Died: February 28 1898
Newton H. Ivins 
              Born: November 5 1848 York, Elkhart Co. Indiana 
              Died: March 26 1915 Hersey, Michigan
Eunice Adellia Ivins
               Born: July 27 1855 Elkhart Co. IN
               Died: May 14 1927 Hersey Osceola Co., Michigan

1860 Census  - Harrison Township  Koscuisko County, Indiana 
Ivans, Solomon age 57 Farmer born: NJ
Ivans, Sarah 30 born PA
Ivans, Irene 18 born OH

          Born: November 1680 Salem, Salem Co, NJ
          Married: Sara Johnson  April 26 1711
          Died:  July 19 1767  Mansfield, Burlington Co, NJ
Samuel Ivins
           Born: ?/
           Married:  Jemima Page December 18 1752
           Died:  1800  Where?
Thomas Ivins
           Born: 1713
           Married:  Abigail  ?? 1735
            Died February 27 1758  Chesterfield, Burlington Co. NJ
Sara Ivins
           Born:  1715
           Married:  John Middleton, Jr. 1738
            Died: September 19 1763  New Hanover, Burlington Co., NJ
Solomon Ivins
           Born: 1716 Mansfield, Burlington Co., NJ
           Married:  Mary Elizabeth Everingham

           Died:  1782
William Ivins
            Born: 1718
            married:  Rachel Shaw   November 22 1742 
            Died:  1792 Chesterfield, Burlington Co., NJ
Isaac Ivins
           Born: 1725  Mansfield, Burlington Co., NJ
           Married:  ??
           Died: August 1786  Chesterfield, Burlington Co., NJ
Moses Ivins
            Born: 1728  Mansfield, Burlington Co., NJ
             Died:  August 27 1803 Monmouth Co. NJ
Joseph Ivins
            Born: 1721 Mansfield Burlington Co., NJ
            Married: Hannah Everingham  in  November 22 1741
            Died: March 1782 Burlington Co., NJ