Crews Family Cemetery
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Crews Family Cemetery


Crews cemetery is located approximately two miles Northeast from Crews proper off of Highway 382. There are numerous road signs marking the way to the cemetery. This is a large cemetery and the following is by no means the entire inventory of the cemetery.

Cindy Koegel of Miles,Texas has completed a survey and listing of those buried in this cemetery. It was due to her work that the location of my Great Great Grandmother Aribella Henderson's grave was located. Thank you Cindy.

It is expected that more photographs from this location will added at a later time.

Rosemary Bradley Davis

Crews Family Cemetery
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Zephaniah Wylie Davis-
Born 6/29/1866 Died 9/11/1930

(Grandfather of Malcolm C. Davis)
Nancy F. Brister - 1849 to 1932
M.C. Brister - Born 4/1/1853 Died 1/13/1919
Infants of J. M. & Fannie Bradley (twins) Born 4/26/1904,
Son died 6/2/1904. Daughter died 6/5/1904
Jessie M. Bradley -
Born 1/13/1894 Died 2/22/1935
Moorhead - Henderson grave sites. The first three monuments are Moorhead Victoria, W.S. and their son, name unavailable.The furtherst stone is that of Aribella Henderson.

W. S. Moorehead -
Born 4/1/1850 Died 9/4/1914
Husband of Victoria (Henderson) Moorehead

Victoria (Henderson) Moorehead -
Born 6/7/1855 Died 1/14/1937
Wife of W. S. Moorehead
and daughter of Aribella Henderson 
A.B. (Aribella) Henderson - Born 3/3/1818 Died 12/10/1914 GG Grandmother of Rosemary Bradley Davis
Chester W. Bradley - Born 9/25/1894 Died 4/29/1961
Etta Albina (Pearce) Bradley -
Born 1/15/1875 Died 6/20/1958
Harvey A. Bradley
Born 3/16.1858 Died 9/24/1912

Special Thanks to Rosemary (Bradley) Davis for providing this listing

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