South Bennett Cemetery Photographs
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South Bennett Cemetery Photographs
This is a small community cemetery located on Private Property and just one of the many small Mills County, TX cemeteries that will be published in the New Mills County Historical Commission Cemetery Book II. (Link opens in new window)

Please Contact Mills County Historical Commission Historian, Robbie Kerby for more information about this cemetery or how to get the Book when Published

Authorization of the owner is needed to enter and view the cemetery.

South Bennett Cemetery
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There is another listing for South Bennett Cemetery online already, (note: the handwritten notes on the scanned survey on that page belong to Robbie Kerby) Robbie Kerby, Shirley Reed and Myself went to the cemetery and resurveryed the cemetery,
Shirley made a plot map for the Mills County Historical Commission Cemetery Book II. (link opens in new window) (Note: This Book will not contain headstone photographs). Watch this page to find out how to get one these Valuable Cemetery books for your library. and Robbie showed us the grounds and double-checked the listings, while I tried to photograph the headstones. This page will compliment the page that is already on line. Robbie will have to take me back out there so I can retake some photographs that did not turn out.

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Sorry, but not all of the headstone photograph's turned out
if you have a photograph or other information you would like to share,
Please contact the Webmaster

Rev. Joseph Benningfield
Row 10, Grave 9

Francis M. Wife of Rev. Joseph Benningfield
Row 10, Grave 8

Infant son of Benningfield
Row 3, Grave 2

J.F. Benningfield
Row 10, Grave 6

Malinda Branham -
Row 5, grave 6

Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Clark Cloud
Row 10, Grave 3

Harritte Cloud
Row 10, grave 4

Clark Cloud
Row 10, Grave 5

A. Malford & Sallie J. Faulkenbery
Row 7, graves 1 & 2

Donor M. Griffin
Row 2, grave 2

Ira K. Griffin
Row 2, Grave 3

May Griffin (wife of A.C. Branon)
Row 2, Grave 1- Obituary
Daughter of Ira & D.M. Griffin

James E. Griffin
Row 2, Grave 4

Richard Emily Griffin
Row 2, Grave 5

T.J. Harrison
Row 5, Grave 1

James W. Jones
Row 12, Grave 2

Arthur Karnes??
Row 10, Grave 2

Karnes graves
Row 7

Alice Morgan Karnes
Row 7, Grave 7

Noah Karnes
Row 7, Grave 6- Obituary

John Moore
Row 7, Grave 3

Minnie Moore
Row 7, Grave 4

Ivan Moreland -
Row 5, Grave 2
Irvin Moreland Obituary

Joel Moreland
Row 6, Grave 1

Eva Casbeer Simpson
Row 4, Grave 2

Leland Simpson
Row 4, Grave 2

Palmyra Simpson
Row 5, Grave 5
wife of George Washington Simpson

James Terfilliter?
Row 11, Grave 1

Webb Baby
Row 2, Grave 6

J.F. Wheat
Row 1, Grave 1

Several unknown markers- graves
and Headstones not photographed

Robbie Kerby has made several notes about these unreadable, unmarked Graves. The pictures belong are not in Row or Grave order, but this is a list of notes from Robbie Kerby about the unreadable, unmarked, graves:
Row 1, Grave 2- Possible grave of Aud Wheat, only a unmarked stone marks the place
Row 1, Grave 3 & 4- Unknown graves with native limestone markers
Row 3, Grave 1- This is a sunken area and possible grave site
Row 3, Grave 3- granite chips mark this grave, possible child of E.J. and S. Benningfield-
Row 4, Grave 3- No headstone Photograph for Infant daughter of G.W. & P.J. Simpson
Row 4, Grave 4- No headstone Photograph for George Washington Simpson
Row 6, Grave 2- No headstone Photograph for Ellen H. (Simpson) Moreland
Row 7, Grave 5- Possible grave of Infant Daughter of John & Minnie Moore
Row 8, Grave 1- Possible grave of Child of Dudley Karnes
Row 9, Grave 1- Unreadable funeral marker
Row 9, Grave 2- Sandstone Rock - Unknown
Row 9, Grave 3- Possible grave of male child of Frank Karnes sandstone markers at head & Foot
Row 9, Grave 4- Unreadable Funeral Marker
Row 9, Grave 5- Possible grave of Child of Frank Karnes - Unreadable Funeral Marker
Row 9, Grave 6- Unreadable Funeral Marker in bushes
Row 10, Grave 1- Unreadable Funeral Marker
Row 11, Grave 2- Unreadable Funeral Marker- Sunken grave
Row 12, Grave 1- Unreadable Funeral Marker- Sunken grave

Known to be buried in the cemetery but location unknown are:
Mr. and Mrs. George West (see notes below)

An Old Homestead on the hill above the Cemetery

Another view

Finding Graves

Shirley Reed was with us and she has the gift to find graves when standing near or on them, and she can tell if they are man or woman in most cases or if there is more than one in area. She located what she believes to be the unmarked Graves of a man and woman.

I took a reading on my GPS- 31.26.288N by 98.29.520W of that location.
These graves may belong to Mr. and Mrs G. W. West, both are supposed to buried in this cemetery and there are no headstones found for them.

George Washington West- b. 4 May 1856 -d. 17 Jan 1931
Mills County, TX Death Record, Book 1, page 42
Martha Ann (Womack) West- b. 17 Sep 1852 d. 8 Dec 1937
Mills County, TX Death Record, Book 2, page 543

Shirley Runnel's South Bennett Cemetery Survey This Page will open in a new Window for your convenience to look at the photograph page and the survey by switching viewing windows

Special Thanks to Robbie Kerby for taking me out to photograph this cemetery and for providing all handwritten notes/clues that are on the scanned survery sheets that Ms. Smith submitted to Shirley's web page

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