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I just happen to be by the Bethel Cemetery and stopped in (July 1998). It is slightly overgrown and there are only a few marked graves (guess about 2 dozen if that many) I did not do a complete survey of this cemetery as I did not have my supplies with me. Some names I have obtained from the various lookups I have completed. When I or some other person actually does or complete's the survey of this cemetery, then I willadd them for a complete listing.
I noticed some other surnames there but did not have enough paper to write them down (wrote on back of a couple of my checks)

Other Surnames
Aulridge, Sutherland, Perry, Scott, Gray, Tubbs,
May 3, 2001, we happened to drive by this cemetery again, only this time, We had a digital Camera with us, and my husband took most of these photos on the page now, The cemetery is neat and apparently just mowed. It was beautiful setting.

Bethel Cemetery

In the "Mills County Memories", (c) by the Mills County Historical Commission (Taylor publishing Company 1994) in an article titled, " Will and Mary Carson Hill, pages 284-285, submitted by Naomi Ashlock

She wrote in paragraph 10, "Will Hill gave the land where the Bethel Community Church and the cemetery yard. This is where Will, Mary Ann, and one son are buried."

The Legend is as follows;


News = Newspaper article,
DC = Death Certicate,
Fam = Family Record
Sur = Survey
Other= Historical markers, books etc.


DS = Double Headstone
SS = Single Headstone
FM = Funeral Home Marker (whenever possible, Funeral home name will be in "Other")

N/A = Not known

I have made all attempts to avoid mistakes, but I am after all only human, If there are any errors, I am truly sorry and will make note of any errors brought to my attention.
You can contact me at :
Sharon Ivy
P. O. Box 117,
Priddy, TX 76870

Additional Information was gathered from, Mills County, TX Courthouse Records, personal interviews, Newspaper clippings.

The following surnames were found at this cemetery :

Denman, Howard, Gray, Tubbs,

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Bethel Cemetery
Surname Given Name Birthdate Deathdate Type Notes Source
Alldredge Roy Jan 24, 1909 Dec 22, 1984 DS husband of Ethel survey/ See photo of Double Headstone
Alldredge Ethel Dec 27, 1916 March 22, 2000 DS wife of Roy survey/
Alldredge Viola 1937 1937 FM   survey/ See photo of Funeral Marker
Alldredge Herman 1940 1940 FM   survey/See photo of Funeral Marker
Brown Infant son Jan 30, 1903 Feb 11, 1903 SS son of   survey/See photo of headstone
Denman George W. Dec 7, 1882 Jan 25, 1956 DS husband of Nannie Gray survey/DC
Denman Nannie (Gray) July 21, 1884 Apr 3, 1966 DS Wife of George W. Denman survey see photo of Double headstone
Denman Owen S. April 1, 1876 Oct 28, 1928 SS Copied from headstone survey see photo of headstone
Giles William Harold 1943 1943 FM   survey/See photo of Funeral Marker
Gray W. E.

William E. Gray.
died age 60 (October 15, 1855) October 23, 1917 See photo Killed while moving some benches from the Bethel church

is the husband of Harriette L. Tubbs (sister to our Great Grandmother- Nancy Jane (Tubbs) Nichols submitted by Shirley Runnels

Family Member (see recent photo of stone)
Gray Mrs. W. E.

Harriette L. Tubbs
June 28, 1857 Dec 11, 1900 see Photo Mentioned in her husband's Obituary as preceding her husband in death, He may have been buried next to her
Harriette L. Tubbs (sister to our Great Grandmother- Nancy Jane (Tubbs) Nichols) Buried at Bethel Cemetery: submitted by Shirley Runnels

Family Member (see recent photo of stone)
Hill Milton Carson   Oct 29, 1912 Jan 27, 1931 Son of Will E. and Mary Ann Carson Hill- other see Headstone photo
Hill Will E.   March 17, 1969 ? age 89 - Husband of Mary Ann Carson and father of 14 children. other see Headstone photo
Hill Mary Ann (Carson)   January 15, 1937 ? Married Will E. Hill on Nov 27, 1901 in Mills County, TX- other see Headstone photo
Howard Lera Beatrice Jul 13, 1910 Goldthwaite, TX Oct 30, 1957 SS Dau of George and Nancy (Gray) Denman, Sr. - survey/D.C.see Headstone photo
Unknown/ Howard? Baby - - SS Left of Lera Beatrice Howard grave- see Headstone photo survey
Kelly Alice (Whitten) Mrs. P. O. 1864 May 12, 1926 SS Mills County TX Death Record BK C, Pg 139- Dau of Marion & Nancy Whitten only has name as Mrs. P.O. Kelly D.C.- Tombstone see Headstone photo
Kelly P.O. 1854 1936 SS   Tombstone see Headstone photo
Kelly Coda Smith April 12, 1892 July 19, 1921 SS   Tombstone see Headstone photo
Manuel Ollie Oct 5, 1893 Sept 28, 1977 SS   survey/See photo of Headstone
Manuel Robert Lewis May 1, 1931 March 16, 1957 SS Veteran Texas A2C US Air Force survey/See photo of Headstone
Perry Rhoda (Gray) June 23, 1887 November 19, 1981 DS Mills County TX Death index, Bk5, Page 544 daughter of Billy E. and Harriette L. (Tubbs) Gray- wife of Bruce Buckannon Perry D.C. Other See Double Headstone photo
Perry Bruce Buckannon June 6, 1884 December 10, 1974 DS Mills County TX Death Record Index, Bk 5, Page 42 - Son of Henry Cicero and Ardella Malisa (Hill) Perry and husband of Rhoda Gray D.C. other
Sevier Bayley Peyton Feb 21, 1839 September 12, 1923 SS Mills County TX Death Record, Bk C, Page 237 - Widower - son of Valentine Sevier and Mary Marand?(hard to read) Murray-
CSA Veteran- He was member of Jeff Davis Camp #117 U.C.V. and received a CSA pension under application # 28826
D.C. See photo of Headstone
Sevier Ellis 1874 1953 SS masonic symbol See photo of Headstone
Scott J.W. 1830 1911 SS PVT Co C 51 Tenn Inf- CSA See photo of Headstone
Scott Mary Davis Aug 10, 1861 Aug 30, 1901 SS   See photo of Headstone
Stevens Robert Alex Dec 15, 1864 June 18, 1936 DS   See photo of Double Headstone
Stevens Laura Belle July 22, 1870 Oct 23, 1954 DS   See photo of Double Headstone
Sutherland Viola Mae January 23, 1921 October 24, 1945 N/A Brown County TX Death Record, Bk 11, Page 233 - married - dau of Cody and Ollie (Stevens) Kelly- Informant E.B. Sutherland of Lorena, TX D.C. see headstone photo
Thomas Maggie M. (nee Kelley) January 6, 1856 December 7, 1937 (age 82 yrs, 11 months, 1 day) N/A Mills County TX Death Record, Bk 2, Page 496 -Daughter of John G. & Sarah (Kerrolls) Kelley - She was the wife of Geo. Thomas D.C. See Headstone Photo



Aug. 18, 1829 in Alabama-


Jan. 15, 1901 Caradan Mills Co TX-

N/A From Ivy Place  guestbook entry dated July 28, 1998 of gg-granddaughter, Ann Harrison Bashaw

information below *** is from Shirley Runnels Including birth and death dates -Rhoda was married: July 28, 1844 Izard Co Ark to John Lancaster Tubbs (Born: 9/9/1824 Smith Co TN-Died: 4/23/1867 McLennon Co TX) Burial Location unknown
other see headstone photo

Researchers or Links with Bethel Cemetery connections

If you have a web site with Family Connections and want to have a link placed here, Please e-mail Sharon Ivy

Mills County Courthouse

I have complied the death records mentioned above from index of death records at the Mills County Courthouse, Goldthwaite, TX. These were made in conjunction with my look ups.

If you see one you would like a photocopy of, Please write to:

Mills County Courthouse
Attn: County Clerk
P.O. Box 646
Goldthwaite, TX 76844

Be sure to list the Name, Book and page number, and send a stamped self addressed envelope and enclose $1. for each record requested. Be sure to list Book and Page number or you could be charged a $5. search fee per record.

For certified copy's or research of other records, contact the County Clerk for costs.

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More information about

Mills County TX Death Book 3, page 235

Name: George W. Denman
Male White Married to Nancy Gray Denman
Born Dec 7, 1882 in TX
Died Jan 25, 1956
Father William Denman
Mother: no record
Informant R.A.. Parker
Burial: Bethel Cemetery

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Mills County, Texas Death Book 1, page 15

Name (D or O.)S.. Denman
Male White and married
Born April 1, 1876 in TX
Died Oct 28, 1928
Father: M.W. Dennman born in TX (note it looks like two "n's")
Mother: Elizabeth Greell? Born in TX
Informant: Frank Denman
Burial: Bethal Cemetery

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Permission  to transcribe and use was given by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bridges; Editor's of the Goldthwaite Eagle-Mullin. I may not have any relationship with this person, but feel free to contact me to see if I know who is.

Transcribed from the Goldthwaite Eagle-Mullin Enterprise microfilm, from a poor reverse image photocopy, dated October 27, 1917


Mr. W. E. GRAY was thrown from his wagon and killed Tuesday about noon, near his home in the Bethel community. He was engaged in moving some benches from the Bethel church to Live Oak and after unloading his wagon started to drive down the incline from the church toward his home. The wagon ran against his horses, which caused them to take fright and run away. They had proceeded a very short distance when he was thrown from the wagon and his neck was broken as he struck the ground. Indications were that he died instantly; and it is certain that he was dead when those who saw the accident reached him. His nephew, who was also on the wagon started to run, jumped to the ground and was painfully bruised by the fall, but his injuries were not serious. Mr. GRAY's body was carried to his home nearby and the funeral was held Thursday. Interment being made in the Bethel Cemetery.

Mr. GRAY was on of the best men the world ever knew and no man can find a fault in his life or character. He was a friend to the friendless and orphan children were special objects of care to him. He was a devout and for years one of the most dependable, Liberal and pious members of the Methodist Church in his home community. He was about 60 years of age and spent most of his life in the community where the unfortunate accident caused his death. His wife preceded him to the better world about seventeen years ago but he leaves several grown children, an aged mother, three brothers and three sisters and other relatives who are especially bereaved by his passing away, but all who knew him or were in someway associated with him are grieved and join the family sorrow. -=-==-==-=

Permission to transcribe and use was given by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bridges; Editor's of the Goldthwaite Eagle-Mullin. I may not have any relationship with this person, but feel free to contact me to see if I know who is.

Transcribed from the Goldthwaite Eagle-Mullin Enterprise, Dated Oct 27, 1917


We wish to thank the many dear Friends for their many deeds of kindness and sympathy which they so thoughtfully extended to us in the death our dear father, son, and brother and too we wish to thank his S.S. Class for the beautiful floral offering - May God's richest blessings ever be theirs in our prayers.

Mrs. M.E. GRAY (Mother)
G.W. DENMAN and family
Frank DENMAN and family
Marvin TEMPLIN and family
B. B. PERRY and family
Grady MALONE and family
Mrs. W.H. J. MILLER (Sister)
Mrs. F.M. ANDERSON (Sister)
Mrs. E.M. PAGE (Sister)
= - = - =eagle2-=-=-=-=

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Ann Harrison Bashaw - 07/28/98 04:24:11
My Email:
Surnames you are researching: Harrison, Tubbs, Nichols

This is my first visit and find your website very interesting. My grandparents were married in Mills County in 1890; Esau Harrison and Theodoshia J. Tubbs. My father, William R.S. Harrison was born there in 1891. If you would like some family information on the "Tubbs" buried in the Bethel Cemetery, I will be happy to give you some. Rhoda L. Tubbs, buried there, is my gg-grandmother. Thanks, Ann Bashaw

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Photo submitted by Shirley Runnels from Cousin Mary
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