Dudley Family Cemetery

Dudley Family Cemetery

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Dudley Family Cemetery was visioned by Mary Elizabeth Dudley, who had picked out a spot on the Dudley land to be her final resting place. The Dudley family Cemetery is directly across the road from the Democrat Cemetery that was formed in 1905. Mary Elizabeth Dudley passed away on February 2, 1914 and She was buried in the spot she had selected and so the cemetery was formed. Four of the six children that she and James H. Dudley had are buried in the Family Cemetery.

 BIBLIOGRAPHY: Mills County Historical Commission, Mills County Memories(Dallas: Taylor, 1994).;


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DC = Death Certicate,
Sur = Survey
Other= Historical markers, books etc.


DS = Double Headstone
SS = Single Headstone
FM = Funeral Home Marker (whenever possible, Funeral home name will be in "Other")

N/A = Not known

I have made all attempts to avoid mistakes, but I am after all only human, If there are any errors, I am truly sorry and will make note of any errors brought to my attention.
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Additional Information was gathered from, Mills County, TX Courthouse Records, personal interviews, Newspaper clippings.

Dudley Family Cemetery
Surname Given Name Birthdate Deathdate Notes Source
Aldridge John Bennett 1875 1946 Husband of Sallie Catherine Dudley and father- See Headstone Photo other
Aldridge Sallie Catherine (Dudley) 1877 1956 Daughter of James Hudson & Mary Elizabeth Dudley- other
Aldridge James L. June 13, 1906 April 19, 1992 MAJ US Army WW II See Headstone Photo - other
Aldridge Jeanne M. July 11, 1918 Sept 29, 2000 See Headstone Photo - Survey
Aldridge James Donald "Don" Sept. 9, 1938 Oct 18, 2000 The son of O.B. Aldridge and Lucille (Pickens) Aldridge See Headstone Photo Obit
Aldridge Dudley July 6, 1902, in Democrat, TX July 5, 1999 Son of John Bennett & Sallie (Dudley) Aldridge- Husband of Annie Lucille Pickens See Headstone Photo Obit/other
Aldridge Annie Lucille (Pickens) - - Wife of Dudley Aldridge- Obit/ other
Dudley, Jr. James Hudson March 19, 1848 Feb 16, 1943 Civil War Veteran, husband of Mary Elizabeth Dudley - Son of J.H. Dudley, Sr. see Headstone Photo other
Dudley Mary Elizabeth (Cornelius) March 2, 1845 in Arkansas February 2, 1914 age 69 Mills County TX Death Reocrd, Bk B, page 28 - Dau of Rubrau Conelius, married James Hudson Dudley, Jr. on July 20, 1868 See Headstone Photo other
Dudley Rueben Edward November 10, 1872 July 4, 1937 Son of James Hudson & Mary Elizabeth Dudley- Brown County TX Death Record, CC Bk 7, page 145 See Headstone Photo other
Dudley Mary Jim February 8, 1885 - one of Twin Daughter's of James Hudson & Mary Elizabeth Dudley-- other
Dudley Martha Josephine June 9, 1869 April 18, 1964 Daughter of James Hudson & Mary Elizabeth Dudley- Mills County TX death Record, Bk 3, pg 543 See Headstone photo other
Hodges Clyde Ward Feb 27, 1909 Feb 3, 1991 With wife- survey
Hodges Elizabeth (Aldridge) March 19, 1912 April 28, 2003 double Headstone -See Headstone photo Survey
Timothy Lynn Jan 30, 1957 Feb 1, 1957- see Headstone photo- other

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Mills County Courthouse

I have complied the death records mentioned above from index of death records at the Mills County Courthouse, Goldthwaite, TX. These were made in conjunction with my look ups.

If you see one you would like a photocopy of, Please write to:

Mills County Courthouse
Attn: County Clerk
P.O. Box 646
Goldthwaite, TX 76844

Be sure to list the Name, Book and page number, and send a stamped self addressed envelope and enclose $1. for each record requested. Be sure to list Book and Page number or you could be charged a $5. search fee per record.

For certified copy's or research of other records, contact the County Clerk for costs.

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BIBLIOGRAPHY: Mills County Historical Commission, Mills County Memories(Dallas: Taylor, 1994).;

Brown County, Texas Courthouse vital Records-Brownwood, Texas

Mills County, Texas Courthouse Vital Records- Goldthwaite, Texas

Survey of Cemetery on county road 218 across from the Democrat Cemetery, Democrat, Texas

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