Kellogg Ranch Cemetery

Kellogg Ranch Cemetery

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While doing some research, I was reading some of the stories in the "Mills County Memories", page 282 (c) By the Mills County Historical Commission and learned that the names of some of the people buried at the Kellogg Ranch Cemetery (Farm to Market road 2005, 8 miles northeast of Goldthwaite, Texas) near North Bennett Creek close to Caradan, Texas

I do not know much more about the cemetery or the ranch but will add information as I come across it

If you have any additional information, please write me, Sharon Ivy


The Legend will be as follows;


News = Newspaper article,
DC = Death Certicate,
Fam = Family Record
Sur = Survey
Other= Historical markers, books etc.


DS = Double Headstone
SS = Single Headstone
FM = Funeral Home Marker (whenever possible, Funeral home name will be in "Other")

N/A = Not known

I have made all attempts to avoid mistakes, but I am after all only human, If there are any errors, I am truly sorry and will make note of any errors brought to my attention.
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Kellogg Ranch Cemetery
Surname Given Name Birthdate Deathdate Type Notes Source
photo of Headstone and decendants
Wiley Jones, I May 15, 1829 in Hardeman Co, TN January 1, 1894 N/A Husband of Elizabeth Gass, They married in Benton County, MO She was born March 12, 1831 & died April 6, 1906 and is buried at Bomar's Point Cemetery, Wilson, Carter County, Oklahoma. there are other Hester's listed at the cemetery other: #1, 
Oxley Mary Ellen     ? Dau of John Enoch and Baraba Elizabeth Hester Oxley-Killed by Lightening other: #1, 
Hester? or Stearnes? - Unknown Sister in law to Hester Unknown     ? Unknown Sister in law of Wiley Jones Hester, II Buried next to Wiley J. Hester I
(she could be a maiden name Stearnes or a married name Hester)

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Oxley Family
Mack Plummer
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Joe David
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Mills County Memories
Page 282

Compiled and (c) by the Mills County Historical Commission 1994

In an Family History Article titled, "Wiley Jones I and Elizabeth Guest Hester" on Page 282 in the "Mills County Memories", submitted by Alberta Downey Davis was the following information noted:

". . . Wiley developed poor heath and died January 1, 1894. He was buried on Kellogg Ranch at a site he choose. (Picture of Wiley Jones I and Elizabeth Guest Hester) Two other graves are also by Wiley's grave. One belonging to Mary Ellen Oxley, daughter of John Enoch and Barbara Hester Oxley. The other grave is of a sister-in-law of Wiley J. Hester, II. (Correction of information pretaining to the maiden name of the wife of Wiley Hester - "Elizabeth Gass")

One night a severe electrical storm came up and the family crowded into the cellar. Mary Ellen sat under the ventilation pipe. Lightening struck the pipe outside the cellar, went down and killed her instantly. . . .

To obtain photocopies of this article or more information about the cemetery, book or how to contact the submitter, Please contact Caroline Schwartz, Chairperson of the Mills County Historical Commission either by phone or regular US Mail. Sorry at this time she is not on the internet. Contact information is on the Mills County Historical Commission web page

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# 1)   Mills County Memories, Compiled and (c) by the Mills County Historical Commission 1994

# 2)  Flora Gatlin Bowles, A No Man's Land Becomes a County, (Austin: Steck, 1958).Compiled and (c) by the Mills County Historical Commission

# 3)   Goldthwaite Eagle-Mullin Enterprise  articles

# 4)  Mills County Courthouse

If any death records from Mills County are referenced above and if you see one you would like a photocopy of, Please write to:

Mills County Courthouse
Attn: County Clerk
P.O. Box 646
Goldthwaite, TX 76844

Be sure to list the Name, Book and page number, and send a stamped self addressed envelope and enclose $1. for each record requested. Be sure to list Book and Page number or you could be charged a $5. search fee per record.

For certified copy's or research of other records, contact the County Clerk for costs.

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Wiley Hester Grave Site

Family researcher, Joe David sent in this photo and description:

photo from Joe David
(photo from collection of Joe David)

Joe wrote "I remembered that I had a picture of my Grandfather Elbert Tefertiller and another descendant of Wiley Hester taken at the grave site. Elbert is on the left and "Windy" Hester is on the right.

I have never been able to determine who "Windy" is, or if that is a nickname(I suspect it is. I remember them talking about him being quite a talker).

The photo is dated Dec 1963(processing date, not when it was taken). The tombstone is obviously much newer than 1894 and it is speculated that perhaps Alberta Davis's father Albert Downey put it there at a later date."

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Update from Joe David
about the article, "Wiley Jones I and Elizabeth Guest Hester"
on Page 282 in the "Mills County Memories"

"Regarding the info on Wiley Jones Hester: At the time Alberta Davis submitted the information there was every reason to believe that Wiley Jones Hester's wife's name was Elizabeth GUEST. Since then we have learned that it was actually Elizabeth GASS.

She was the daugther of Samuel Gass and Priscilla Williams. She and husband Wiley are included in her mother Priscilla's will. Elizabeth Gass Hester was born 12 Mar 1831/32 in Franklin County, TN. I have Wiley Jones Hester's birth date as 30 July 1829. As far as we know, their exact marriage date and location have not been documented.

There is an old family document that says they had a child born about 1852 in MO who died in infancy. There is deed and mortgage records that indicate they lived in Wright Co, MO from Sept. 1854 to Sept. 1857. In 1850 Wiley was still unmarried in living with his family in Benton Co, AR for that census, and Elizabeth was enumerated with her family in Wright Co MO. I assume they were married about 1851, probably in Wright Co., MO, since that is where the Gass family lived and Wiley and Elizabeth also. By 1860 the Wiley Jones Hester family was in Grayson Co, Texas."


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