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Past News and History

Mount Olive Church was formed on July 28, 1899, by a group of the brethren and sisters who lived in the vicinity of North Bennett in Mills County, Texas. They had decided to organize a Church where they could assemble and meet at least once month to Worship God with preaching of his goodness to his children, singing and praying.

In 1999, A group of Descendants and other Mt. Olive Associated people, with the same spirit as the original Group in 1899, worked together to obtain a Historical Marker for the Mount Olive Church Cemetery in Caradan, TX. Well, They have done it and the dedication of the Historical Marker for both the Mt. Olive Cemetery and the Primitive Baptis Church was held on Saturday Afternnon, May 8, 1999, In the Goldthwaite Eagle-Mullin Enterprise, dated May 20, 1999 on pg 24 is the article about the event.

"On Saturday, May 8, 1999 at 2:00 p.m. the "Official Hitorical Marker" of the Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist Church and Cemetery was Dedicated. . . . . " "Aproximately 250 attended the dedication ceremony which was under the direction of the Mills County Hisotrical Society, Caroline Schwartz, Chairman. ......"
Extracted with permission from the Goldthwaite Eagle, Goldthwaite, Texas, Front Page of June 20, 1952 issue, "Mt. Olive Church will observe its 53rd Anniversary Next Week"

Starting with the 7 th paragraph- "In the constitution the Presbytery consisted of the following Elders: W.S. Harris, F. D. L. Koen, W.W. Fowler, S.R. Woods, W. G. Green; and Deacons: R. McKoulough, O.H. Kelley, W.B. Hedgepeth and J.T. Wesley. Elder W.S. Harris was chosen by the Presbytery to act as moderator and Elder W. G. Green as clerk.

The 19 who presented letters for membership were Bro. J.D. and Elizabeth Calloway, Sister M. A. Wilcox, Brother A.B. Neal, Sr. and wife, Bro. A.B. Neal, Jr. , Brother J. S. Hodge and wife, Bro. S.F. Roberts, Brother J. M. Smith and wife, Nora; Sister Mary Caraway, Brother Thomas Huckabee and wife, Argie; Sister F.L. McDonald, Sister Martha Parker, Brother C.H. Koen, Brother, J.R. Ferguson and Sister Katie Calloway.

The articles of Faith of Old Harmony Association were read and adopted.
The Name Mt. Olive was chosen. Prayer by Elder W.W. Fowler and the charge was given by Elder S.R. Woods. The moderator pronounced them a Church in order to do business. They chose as their first Pastor Elder W.W. Fowler.

From 1899 to 1952, Pastors who served the Mount Olive Church were: Elders W.W. Flower, A. P. Koen, S.R. Woods, J. H. Alldredge, J.S. Newman, J.W. West, M.W. West, W.J. Chambers and Jesse Bass.

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