Nabors Creek Cemetery

Mills County, Texas

On PRIVATE PROPERTY, Be sure to ask for permission before entering

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Mr. Lucky Lane and my Husband Weldon Ivy, were doing some business at Mr. Hewitt's ranch (formerly known as the Robert Burdett's Ranch) when they saw this old cemetery and asked permission to look at it.

Lucky Lane is a Lane, James, Reid, Family researcher here in Mills County,
Stop by The John Baptist Lane Home Page for more information

Directions to the Nabors Creek Cemetery located in Mills County, Texas:
Go to Goldthwaite, Texas on Hwy 84 and take 183 south and turn Right on Texas 16 and travel about 2 1/2 miles to County Road 3023 (Known as Bull Springs Road) this is a paved road for about 3 miles then turns to gravel, keep going until Co Road 427 intersection (about 8 miles from intersection of 3023 and 16) Turn left onto 427 and turn right at the first cattle guard.and go down private road about a 1/4 of a mile and you will be able to see the three tallest headstones just as you past over the cattle guard on the left.

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STCountyTypeLatitudeLongitudeUSGS 7.5' Map
Nabors Creek
TXMillscemetery311954N0983602WSan Saba Peak

My husband, Weldon and I started surveying this cemetery on July 19, 1998. Estimate that there are about 50 graves in this cemetery.  Of the graves in this cemetery, most are of River stone or sandstones marking the head and foot of graves without markings oof any sort. there are a few sunken in areas that appear to be unmarked of any type.   Of the acutal Headstones, Weldon read the names and dates to me as I wrote them down.

Bobby Carter went out to the Cemetery on February 11, 2000 and wrote the following;

"I don't recommend anyone going out there to look for folks not listed on your list as they won't find them. The only other option would be a week clean up detail for a few people, but I doubt any new readable stones would surface then. I didn't find my folks, nor did I "ever feel like I was in their presence. The search goes on."

Bobby is looking for Great Great Grandparents Allen Alexander Carter (1810-188+) and Sarah McLemore Carter (1819-188+) Allen Alexander (70) and Sarah (62) McLemore Carter were on the 1880 Lampasas census, but have not been found in any Lampasas cemetery. Bobby has noted some additional information added below with a "*" after the data.

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The Legend is as follows;

NUMBER = a number I assigned each grave starting at the Wrought Iron Fence Enclosure of the Roach family. (Click here for photo of enclosure) These graves are in hap hazard order either due to the brush, mesquite, cactus growing under, over , and around headstones. Hopefully we will draw some sort of rough sketch of the area later


RS = River Rock or sandstone
SS = Single Headstone
FM = Funeral Home Marker (whenever possible, Funeral home name will be in "Other")

I have made all attempts to avoid mistakes, but I am after all only human, If there are any errors, I am truly sorry and will make note of any errors brought to my attention.
You can contact me at :
Sharon Ivy
P. O. Box 117,
Priddy, TX 76870


Additional Information was gathered from, Courthouse Records, personal interviews, Newspaper clippings.Historical books etc. If you have any addtional information on someone buried in Nabor's Creek Cemetery or about the community or school,   please write to me. There appears to be very little written about this area

The following readable surnames were found at this cemetery :

Ballard (1), Cannon (2), Dawson (1), Lamar/Steward (1), Moody (1), Olalde (1), Reyo? (1), Roach (4), Shelton (1), Steward (2) , Stewart (1)

Nabors Creek Cemetery
Number Surname Given Name Birth Date Death Date Type Other
1  Roach
Patrick Henry June 12, 1823

March 3, 1907

SS New Stone-Inside Wrought Iron Encl. (Click here for photo of enclosure) 
2 Roach John A. February 15, 1832 January 6, 1883 SS Tall very old "born in Wexford? Westporn, Ireland" Wrought Iron Encl
3 Roach Charley * October 5, 1904 February 14, 1905 SS

"Son Of A.J. & Mattie Roach" Wrought Iron Encl

4 Roach
Catherine No Date Listed
Estimate abt 1840
June 23, 1913 SS Tall Stone " died at age 73 years" Wrought Iron Encl
5 Olalde Meliton 1951
Death Certificate:
Mar 21, 1951
Death Certificate:
December 16, 1977

Barely readable funeral marker, grave is badly sunk in, Death Certifficate is on file at Mills County, TX

6 Ballard or Pate
Marion F. * February 2, 1860 June 7, 1892 SS

Hard to read- old stone- "son of M.J. Pate" see photo

7 Moody * Nannie * August 10, 1871 January 26, 1892 SS "Wife of James Moody" * -Hard to read, Stone has fallen and is lying flat
8 Cannon Infant son March 4, 1873 March 11, 1873 SS

Fallen stone, barely readable "infant son of N. E. ?? Cannon"

9 Cannon Mary F. July 17, 1851 March 4, 1873 SS

Possible mother to infant son- fallen stone barely readable "In Memory of"

10 SheldonPhoto Was told that this may be a "Shelton" as that is how those who were living in Goldthwaite spelled their names G. E. No Date No Date SS

Tall abt 5 foot stone, "G.E. Sheldon a Soldier lies here"

11 Stewart
Headstone Photo
Dan. March 25, 1873 April ?, 1896 SS

Photo's Tall stone group in an area with other of same surname

12 Stewart/Lamar
Headstone Photo
Jennie July 6, 1867 July 5, 1899 SS Tall stone

13 Stewart * Miss S. Eliza * February 18, 1871 February 19, 1902 SS Tall stone "Daughter of C. & K. Stewart
14 Stewart
Headstone Photo
  More Info
Colen December 19, 1842 May 10, 1894 SS Flat stone, "Capt Co D, 46 regmt, NC INF, CSA
15 Dawson  More Info Margaret July 21, 1828 November 28, 1872 SS

Lying against a cactus, just about flat - :In Memory Of"

16 Unknown Infant No Date No Date RS

River or sand stone for Head and foot stone near Dawson- could be child listed below per death record

DC Heatherly Male infant July 13, 1936 July 13, 1936   Mills County TX Death Record, Volume 2, page 194(top) son of C.E. & Eula (nee McGee) Heatherly- could be baby buried under the sandstone listed above or a different child.
17 Newton * Photo Mary A. * Oct 3, 1845 April 15, 1873 or 78 SS near Dawson
18 Reyo?? Blank No Date No Date RS

River Stone hand craved or scratched in letters under bush

Visit the Unmarked Graves

Click here for Unmarked Graves to see the surnames believed but not proven to be buried at this cemetery even though they don't have readable markers, or are not marked:

Clues, Tips, and guesses

Look here for clues and information we are trying to verify or connect to the Nabors Creek Cemetery and people. These notes are gathered from stories told, newspaper clippings, simular names and dates and locations. Please take time to read these Clues, Tips and Guesses

If you have any addtional information on someone buried in Nabor's Creek Cemetery or about the community or school,   please write to me.

Links to simular Surnames and locations

For the Roach Surname I found this site by Jim Roache Ottawa, ON, Canada
Roache/Roach/Roche Home Page Be sure to use the pull down menu and read all the pages for there is a complete history, heraldry, timeline, a GenConnect link for posting queries, etc.

For Irish Genealogy , I found these sites:
Ballykilcline World Wide-Web site
Roots Web Irish Genealogy

If you would like your related link to be placed here , Just email Sharon

* additonal or correcting data provided by Bobby Carter

Known Deaths by year

1872   (1) Dawson

1873   (2) Cannon
Newton? (maybe a Norfleet)

1874-1882   None marked

1883  (1) Roach

1884-1891  None marked

1892   (2) Moody,  Ballard

1893-   None marked

1894   (1) Stewart

1895   None Marked

1896   (1) Steward

1897-1898   none marked

1899   (1) Lamar/Steward

1900-1901  (1) Maybe Dawson

1902   (1) Steward


1905   (1) Roach

1906  See 1902 unsure year

1907   (1) Roach


1913   (1) Roach


1977   (1) Olalde

No Dates, but have names,   (2) Sheldon,   Reyo?

Margaret Dawson
  For more information or if you have more information about Margaret Dawson and family, contact Queen Researcher, Teddy Noye
Partial E-mail msg from Teddy about Margaret Dawson, dated July 18, 1998
From an old sketch in a history book, one "Margaret (QUEEN) DAWSON", who died on 28 Nov 1872, is buried at Nabors Creek. Her husband was Samuel Riley DAWSON, I don't have death info on him. Margaret's father was Reuben QUEEN, who died supposedly within 3 years prior to dau. Margaret. I'm REALLY hoping he was also buried there, which is why Margaret was. The land there by that hill was owned by the Queens and Dawsons circa 1856 till sometime in the late 1870's.
Partial E-mail msg from Teddy about Margaret Dawson, dated July 20, 1998
Found the notation I was hunting for on Margaret.

"Samuel Riley Dawson, Jr. Born 1824 in McNairy Co., TN, died July 10 1890 at Odessa, TX; buried at Midland, TX. He married first Margaret Queen who was born 21 July 1828 and died Nov 28, 1872, buried at Nabors Creek Cemetery, near San Saba Peak in Mills Co., TX on Robert Burdett's Ranch."

Then from a book entitled "Louder & Lowder & Loudder" by Ernestine Loudder Bowden (Nortex Press, Austin TX), pg 75:

"Polly Ann was the daughter of Capt. John Rogers and Alsie Vann, called Anna Vann in her father's will. Samuel Riley Dawson Sr. was born about 1784 in SC and died in 1874 in TX. He married Polly Ann about 1804. She was born about 1787 near Calhoun, McMinn Co., TN and died in TX in 1854. Both are buried near San Saba Peak". (these were the parents of the Sam Dawson Jr. that married Margaret Queen).

I know Samuel Riley Dawson Sr. and Reuben Queen both owned property "near/on San Saba Peak" circa 1856+. Do you suppose this Nabors Creek Cemetery is on land one of them used to own, which is why these folks were buried there?

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Beware, Important Notice

As with all good things, Bad things happen. I was notified by someone that this cemetery and other cemeteries that I and submitters have done were taken and posted by a Ms Gillihan- on find a grave site. She did not just take the name and dates which are not copyrightable but she took/copied my notes and references, including mispellings or typos word for word (my layout) that I wrote so someone visting this and other cemetery pages could write me for more information, and since she did not reference or cite her source of where she took the information from, there is no way they can write me and if they write her, she wouldn't have the answers to reply.

"Much Love to all " and "Anonymous" posted several of my photos as their own (because they did not cite where they got them from) especially gate photos of Cemeteries I visited. but I complained to Ms Gillihan personally via email and to "find a grave" about this problem. Somehow "Much Love to all " and "Anonymous" got the message and several pictures that were posted are now gone, except for a few of the gate photos. such as for Regency and Oakview cemteries to list a couple. Ms Gillihan posted some of my photos for some of the cemeteries also such as Williams Ranch.

Ms Gillihan has replied to me and wrote me she was sorry, but instead of writing/editing the posting to show the source, she removed the information from the Bismark Listing entirely, that she copied, and if I come across anymore that she took, to tell her. Which was my intention but I realized that she grabbed so many items from all the web sites I have posted and used most of all the personal notes written about people in most of the cemeteries I posted with maybe the exception of one or two. I do not have the time to contact her and repost since because of this incident, I have to go back and mark all the photos I personally took and mark those for the submitters. Therefore I am writing this notice to the webpages instead and will leave notice on the find a grave.

I am in the process of marking my photo's. I am posting several to the postings with the old unmarked photos with information of the original site. I advise anyone posting their photographs on line to add their name, and any other information on the photo first, this will keep honest people honest as the old saying goes. I have a friend that marked his pictures in hidden areas But I do not think that would stop them, if they can see the name, they may not take it but then they can erase names so maybe a hidden mark is necessary

All Information on this site is free and this is not a for charge site, if you paid to see this page, you were cheated. - however as with regards to the copyright photographs and some personal notes, PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING AND CITE THE SOURCE.

Colen Stewart
  Colen Stewart was not listed on the Confederate War Veteran Marker that is on the Goldthwaite courthouse lawn but is mentioned in the "Mills County Memories" Compiled and copyrighted by the Mills County Historical Commission 1994, on page 145 under the heading " Confederate Civil War Veterans not listed on Marker." He is one of eleven that were not listed on the marker.

Headstone, which looks like the standard govenment issue head stone with the Cross on top
Cross inside circle
Colen Stewart
North Carolina
Capt. Co. D., 46 Regmt NC Inf
Confederate States Army
December 17, 1842 - May 10, 1894

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Meliton Olalde
  Meliton Olalde may have the distinction of being the last person to be buried at this small cemtery. I checked with Stacy -Wilkins Funeral home, and their records did not have much, a copy of the death certificate, names of two brothers, and name of the pastor who performed the graveside service.
I was unable to find an obituary in the Goldthwaite Eagle for that time frame.

Information from Death Certificate on file at Mills County Courthouse, Goldthwaite, TX. Death Book 5, page 292 and on file at Stacy Wilkins Funeral Home, Goldthwaite, TX
Name: Meliton Olalde
Male and married, spouse not listed
Born: March 21, 1951, location: Mexico
Died on Dec 16, 1977 at age 26
Parents: Unknown
Informant: Hospital Records
Burial: (sic) Nabers Creek Cemetery
Addtional information on file at Stacy Wilkins Funeral Home, Goldthwaite, TX
Name: Meliton Olalde
Graveside services were held on Robert Burdett's ranch with the Rev. Butch Peuch officiating.
Two brothers were listed: Felipe Olalde and Fauctino Olalde.

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