John Raglin & Catherine Elmore

In Memory of
John Raglin & Catherine (Cremeans) Elmore

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Below are photo's and Obituaries for
John and Catherine (Cremeans) Elmore

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"Here is a picture of John Raglin and Catherine. Eddie Irwin and his cousin were well known photographers during the turn of the century in OK and AZ photographing indians. Eddie Irwin was John Raglin's grandson. You will note in the picture that Catherine only has 3 fingers on one hand. The story goes that as a child she was holding a piece of wood while her brother was chopping and he missed his mark."


Unknown publication or actual date

Lauva would love to hear from anyone who may know which paper or has and actual copy of the Obituary

Unknown Publication

Lauva would love to hear from anyone who may know which paper or has and actual copy of the Obituary
"Here is a copy of a photo the tombstone that was taken by my parents. This Tombstone is located in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery."


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