Mills County

Copy of John Guthrie and Annie Anderson
Affidavit for Marriage License - Page 70 C

June 23rd 1900

Whenever someone transcribes old records, sometimes the old style writing is hard to read and therefore I receive email's or letters telling me the correct version. In some cases the name or spelling changes over the years, but those living now think the spelling should be as it is currently etc. Whatever the reason and whenever possible, I try to put both or more versions on the record out at the same time, so those researching can make their own decision's about the information.

In this case, the writing on the record itself looks readable and I had taken the signature section as I figured the correct spelling of the name would be done by the signee- except in cases where a X was made for their mark- therefore I decided to scan the record

F.D Guthrie  is the researcher the for this family- John Guthrie is the son of James Thomas Guthrie, CSA Veteran buried in Trigger Mountain cemetery:

Read more about these surnames on the Mills County Military Veterans Page  under Civil War Records for James T. Guthrie

These affidavits were sworn statements that the individuals were of age and that there were no objections to their marriage. These were not actual marriage licenses, but most of the couples considered them to be and never obtained an actual license.

There are four Affidavit’s per page, for clarity, I have labled them A, B, C, D starting at the top of the page. There are no certificate numbers or letters on the actual affidavit’s Every attempt was made in transcibing the correct spelling of names, but some records were unreadable or barely readable.

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