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The first English settlement in what is now Isle of Wight County, Virginia was made along the south side of the James River in 1619. The plantation was represented at the first meeting of the House of Buirgesses at Jamestown in 1619 by Captain Christopher Lawne and Ensign Washer. Isle of Wight County was one of the eight original shires or counties of the Virginia Colony. It was designated by its Indian name Warrosquoyacke, in 1634, but the name was changed to Isle of Wight in 1637.

Tens of thousands of pages of old colonial and pre-Civil War records are located at the present Isle of Wight Clerk's office at the Isle of Wight Courthouse, Isle of Wight, Virginia and may be examined by the public at no costs Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. These records include deeds, wills and the Order Books of the County Justices. Isle of Wight has one of the most complete sets of old records in the United States.

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