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The Society raised more than $120,000 towards a million dollar restoration of Historic Boykin's Tavern at Isle of Wight Courthouse. The Tavern dates to the Revolutionary War era. The Society is assisting in furnishing the Tavern by finding appropriate pieces dating from the Civil War and before. The Tavern will be opened to the public for tour sometime in Spring 2001. Along with the 1751 Courthouse in Smithfield, the historic Smithfield tour, Historic Fort Boykin's on the James River and Old St. Luke's Church (1632) a visit to Isle of Wight can be a delightful alternative to a Colonial Williamsburg visit.

Other recent Society projects and programs include on-going restoration of old courthouse records; maintenance and rehabilitation of two old cemeteries, one dating before the Revolutionary War; restoration of four early nineteenth century portraits by Felix Sharpel; location of four historic highway markers and house tours.