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The Brown Family Reunion 


Falling Spring Mill Pond - 1938 Brown Family Reunion

In 1937, the first Brown Family Reunion was held at the farm of D.A & Ella Mae Brown in Birch Tree, MO.  There were about 40 family members present for that first reunion and although many things have changed throughout the years, the Brown Family still gathers together every August for fellowship, fun & feasting.  Over the years, we have kept many of the old traditions and added some new ones.  Take a moment to look around and learn about the Brown Family Reunion.

What is the Brown Family Reunion all about?

The Brown Reunion is about family, but it's more than that.  It's about making memories and carrying on traditions.  Here is just a taste of what we are all about.

After more than 70 years of practice, the Browns serve some of the best food around.  The Reunion always starts at 12:00 noon with the ringing of Ella Mae Brown's Dinner Bell.  A moment of silence and a prayer for those gathered as well as those no longer with us follows.   Then cool down with a glass of the Famous Brown Family Lemonade.  A recipe as old as the reunion and still made in a stoneware crock the old-fashioned way.  Then it's time to grab a plate and dig in!  Aunt Ruth's Chicken & Dumplins', Earlene's Calico Beans and Mary's award winning Crab Salad - the list goes on and on.  If you have room, it's time for a clean plate and a trip to the desserts (maybe Kathy will make Ella Mae's Molasses cake again?) Time to relax, sit back and catch up with family or friends or need to work off all those calories?  How about a game of horseshoes, washers or maybe take on Uncle Doug in a water-balloon fight.   The day is almost over, but a few more thing need to be done.  Elect a new reunion president, pass the collection hat and start making plans for next year!  See you then... 



2017 Brown Family Reunion

June 10, 2017 - Echo Bluff State Park

This year marks the 80th gathering of the descendants of Jacob & Rebecca (Smallwood) Brown.  This year's reunion will be held at Echo Bluff State Park, Missouri's newest. Located just North of Eminence there is a lot of lodging, camping and things to explore in the area. The dinner will be held at 12:00 (noon) with the ringing of "Ella Mae's Bell."  The business meeting will be held directly afterwards.  Remember to bring a covered dish, salad or dessert and of course, your appetite! 

For more Information:

2017 Brown Family Reunion President - Jeff & Jaclyn Brandhorst

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Original Brown Family Reunion Meeting Minutes

 Brown Family Reunion Pictures    

 Brown Family Lemonade Recipe

 The Bell

 The Crock

Past Reunion Locations 

Jacob Brown Family History

Brown - DePriest Cemetery - Birch Tree, MO

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