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O' BRIEN, Catherine (Abt 1854- )C
ODIORNE, Mehetable (1748-1786)C
OLDHAM, Lucretia (Abt 1599-1678)c,C
OLDHAM, William ( - )P
OLIVER, Magdalen ( - )p,p,p,P
OLNEY, Christopher (1745- )c,C
OLNEY, Epenetus (Abt 1634- )c,C
OLNEY, James ( - )C
OLNEY, Jonathan ( - )P
OLNEY, Lydia (1645-1724)c,c,p,p,P
OLNEY, Mary ( - )C
OLNEY, Nebadiah (Abt 1638- )C
OLNEY, Stephen ( - )C
OLNEY, Thomas (Abt 1600-1682)
OLNEY, Thomas (Abt 1632-1722)C
OLNEY, Thomas (Abt 1600-1682)p,p,p,P
ONIONS, ( -Bef 1881)C
ORDWAY, Mary ( - )P
ORMSBY, Zerviah ( - )s,C
ORR, Abigail (1825-1897)c,c,P
ORR, Deborah ( - )C
ORR, Deborah Folsom ( - )P
ORR, Joseph ( - )S
ORR, Mary ( - )P
ORR, Mary Jane (1815-1890)c,C
ORR, Richard ( - )p,P
OSGOOD, John ( - )P
OSGOOD, Mary (Abt 1632-1686)s,c,C
OSGOOD, Timothy ( - )C
O'SULLIVAN, Daniel, Lord Of Beare Haven ( - )P
O'SULLIVAN, Dermot (1691-1795)C
O'SULLIVAN, Owen (1690-1795)
O'SULLIVAN, Owen ( - )C
O'SULLIVAN, Owen (1690-1795)C
O'SULLIVAN, Owen ( - )C
O'SULLIVAN, Owen (1690-1795)p,p,p,P
O'SULLIVAN, Owen ( - )P
O'SULLIVAN, Owen (1690-1795)p,p,P
O'SULLIVAN, Major Phillip ( -1691)c,c,P
OTIS, Experience (1666-1700)c,C
OTIS, Richard (1616-1689)
OTIS, Richard (Abt 1650-1689)
OTIS, Richard (1616-1689)s,S
OTIS, Richard (Abt 1650-1689)s,c,C
OTIS, Richard (1616-1689)p,P
OTYS, Keziah ( -1776)c,P
OULTON, John ( - )S
OXTON, John ( - )P
OXTON, Susanna ( - )c,c,P
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