Family Groups Introduction


The participants in this project have been grouped according to their DNA test results. Those whose dna tests show that they should share a common ancestor are grouped together into Family Groups, and it is assumed that they are related even if they have no proven connection through conventional genealogy. 


Where possible, the ancestral lines of the members of the groups are shown as far back as the person knows them, and also the individual ancestral lines are joined where possible.


The number of distinct groups which have been identified are shown in the table on the left.  Each one is associated with an icon as explaned in the following table:


Some "groups" are single individuals whose DNA shows them to be unrelated to anyone else in the project.


Some groups are clusters of people whose DNA shows them to be related but the exact relationships are not known.


Others groups have DNA results that agree with a known lineage , and their tree has been extended back to an immigrant ancestor.


The ultimate goal of this project is to place everyone in a lineage in which conventional genealogy is backed up by DNA results, and DNA testing can be used to connect new members with their immigrant ancestors.