Roster—Second Battalion, 29 Engineers

Roster—Second Battalion, 29 Engineers/First Battalion, 74th Engineers as of 17 Dec 1918

Editor's note: This is a transcription of the Batalion Roster found in Ranging in France with Flash and Sound by Jesse Hinman. A few changes were made for better display. State names and some other abreviations were expanded and the list was re-sorted as the original, while mostly alphabetical, had a few instances of misplaced names. Also, there are a few men listed as belonging to "O" company. As far as I know, there was no "O" company and these entries may be typographical errors. This list and the book it was taken from are in the public domain.

Names and Addresses of the Officers of the First Battalion, 74th Engineers.


Lyman, Theodore.          Heath Street, Brookline, Massachusettes.


Druce, Thomas W. 
French, Norman R.         Fort Fairfield, Maine.
Messer, Thomas H. 
Ross, Blair A.            Novelty, Missouri.
Whitney, Erle F.          Portland, Oregon.
Wright, Jefferson D.      Commerce, Georgia.

First Lieutenants:

Anderson, William P.      2383 Grandin Road, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Beckett, Garner A.        434 West 120th Street, New York, New York.
Blundon, Montague. 
Chandler, Chartes H.      Harrisburg, Virginia.
Church, Sanford E.        11209 Lake Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.
Clark, Harry N.           Fairfax, Virginia.
Coles, Levi D.            1744 North 16th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Conover, Reeve.           390 51st Street, Oakland, California.
Curtis, Horace J.         Williamsfield, Illinois.
Dow, Leonard M.           416 Seventh Street, Knoxville, Tennessee.
Fecht, Arthur J.          948 Orville Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas.
Gallagher, William H.     Santa Barbara, California.
Heulings, Lloyd.          Moorestown, Burlington County, New Jersey.
Hibben, Samuel G.         5599 Baum Boulevard, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Holmes, Clarence F.       2307 South Grand Boulevard, Spokane, Washington.
Houston, Fred K.          160 East Third Street, Beaver, Pennsylvania.
Kelly, Joyce R.           1051 Gladstone Avenue, Portland, Oregon.
Kuhns, Austin.            Middletown, Connecticut.
McLanahan, John D.        30 Vandeventer Avenue, Princeton, New Jersey.
Mitten, George R.         Goodland, Indiana.
Monk, Percy S.            Sleansville, New York.
Morrow, Samuel R.         843 Howard Street, Carthage, Missouri.
Newkirk, Arthur D.        415 East Third Street, Jacksonville, Florida.
Perry, William G.         140 James Street, Greenville, South Carolina.
Roberts, Walter Van B.    Titusville, Pennsylvania.
Simons, Edmond G.         Eutawville, South Carolina.
Stallman, George P.       388 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, New York.
Stark, Merle R.           2428 Bellefountain Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Stewart, John Q.          1404 North Second Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Sturgis, Robert L.        547 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois.
Suvergrop, Lew. 
Twynham, Frank J.         908 East Rio Grande Street, El Paso, Texas.
Van Vechten, Lawrence. 
Van Zant, Albert. 
Wallower, Herbert H.      2101 North Front Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Second Lieutenants.

Amery, George H.          Victoria, Texas.
Barrow, George M.         1407 Finance Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Blix, Einer T.            1003 9th Avenue, South Fargo, North Dakota.
Boone, Clarence C.        813 Adams Avenue, Chehalis, Washington.
Braun, Chester S.         80 Hawthorne Avenue, East Orange, New Jersey.
Brooks, Fernley T.        260 South 44th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Brown, William R.         845 Illinois Street, Lawrence, Kansas.
Brownell, Ambrose.        Milwaukie, Oregon.
Bushfield, William G.     1216 North 14th Street, Boise, Idaho.
Campbell, Walter J.       278 Remsen Street, Cohoes, New York.
Clevenger, Thomas R.      Winchester, Indiana.
Crandall, Hector.         604 Tennyson Avenue, Palo Alto California.
Crandall, J. Stewart.     46 Sprague Street, Malden, Massachusetts.
David, Joseph.            54 Terrace Street, Muskegon, Michigan.
Driver, Herschel L.       720 East Burnside Street, Portland, Oregon.
Drummond, Paul A.         2003 Farmers Bank Building, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Drummond, Scott E.        Fargo, North Dakota.
Hampton, George.          Nevada City, California.
Hubbard, Bela.            Woods Hole, Massachusetts.
Kemman, Hugo A.           Lowden, Iowa.
Kemper, Darwin R.         Hamilton Hotel, Saint Louis, Missouri.
Kittleman, Samuel W.      151 North Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Koester, Fred A.          425 Elwood Avenue, Oakland, California.
Leue, Conrad F.           416 Evans Building, Washington, D. C.
Luscombe, Carl B.         407 West D Street, Joplin, Missouri.
May, Louis A.             1313 Sumter Street, Columbia, South Carolina.
Oberleas, Chester S. 
Pate, Maurice.            2053 Clermont Street, Denver, Colorado.
Patterson, Walter H.      Lime Rock, Connecticut.
Perkins, Rupert G.        138 Prospect Street, Berlin, New Hampshire.
Powell, Arthur E.         111 West 5th Street, Ottawa, Kansas.
Roberts, Walter E.        575 Mulberry Street, Portland, Oregon.
Sessions, Herbert F.      1005 Kelly Street, Portland, Oregon.
Smith, Frederick E.       Bucks Hill, Waterbury, Connecticut.
Smith, Merril J.          Carsadaga, New York.
Smith, Thomas W.          111 West 25th Street, Wilmington, Delaware.
Smyth, Janes J.           Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Sully, Kenneth M.         Santa Rita, New Mexico.
Thompson, Chester A.      158 Dana Avenue, Albany, New York.
Woodring. Wendell P.      Talmadge, Lancester County, Pennsylvania.
Wylie, Murray P.          709 Mystic Avenue, Canon City, Colorado.

Roster of First Battalion, 74th Engineers, December 17, 1918.

Adames, Frederic A.       Co. B,   473 Main Street, Orange, New Jersey.
Adams, August.            Co. D,   312 1st Street, Peoria, Illinois.
Adams, Lorin G.           Co. C,   Easton, Maine.
Africa, James.            Co. D,   114 2nd Street, Huntington, Pennsylvania.
Aiello, Thomas M.         Co. D,   Johnsburg, Pennsylvania.
Aldrich, Benjamin F.      Co. B,   53 West 4th Street, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Alexander, James.         Co. D,   8242 Franklin Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Allen, Leslie T.          Co. A,   10th and Madison Streets, Covington, Kentucky.
Allen, William R.         Co. C,   Folkston, Georgia.
Allman, Jack S.           Co. C,   Fairbanks, Alaska.
Alsing, Alvin A.          Co. B,   706 Buena Vista Avenue, Alameda, California.
Altfillisch, Charles.     Co. E,   De Smet, South Dakota.
Amadon, Arthur F.         Co. E,   Bennington, Vermont.
Ames, Edgar D.            Co. D,   111 North Gilmore Street, Baltimore, Maryland.
Ames, George M.           Co. E,   Mecca, California.
Ames, George R.           Co. D,   4037 40th Avenue West, Seattle, Washington.
Anderson, Fred T.         Co. B,   Crockston, Minnesota.
Anderson, George H.       Co. E,   Bennet, Wisconsin.
Anderson, Gunnar.         Co. E,   326 East 159th Street, New York, New York.
Anderson, Henry W.        Co. A,   2423 28th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Anderson, Lawrence B.     Co. E,   47 Fredrick Street, Portland, Maine.
Anderson, Paul R.         Co. C,   1075 Burr Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Anderson, William J.      Co. C,   1320 Howard Street, N. W. Washington, D. C.
Andrews, Robert M.        Co. D,   1606 State Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Angell, Guy B.            Co. B,   North Scituate, Rhode Island.
Angstadt, Ralph S.        Co. C,   Y. M. C. A. Building, Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Anthony, Roland E.        Co. D,   526 Market Street, Camden, New Jersey.
Arendall, Elbert L.       Co. B,   Steele, Missouri.
Armitage, Thomas J.       Co. C,   Wellesley, Massachusettes.
Armstrong, Ernest R.      Co. C,   351 Bates Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Ash, John H.              Co. B,   R. R. No. 3, Piqua, Ohio.
Atchison, Edward M.       Co. B,   2502 Asby Avenue, Berkeley, California.
Austin, George L.         Co. A,   Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.
Ayers, Leonard F.         Co. C,   103 Arsenal Street, Watertown, New York.
Bachman, Stanley A.       Co. D,   1122 Wheatland Avenue, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Backherms, Louis E.       Co. E,   1026 West Liberty Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Badger, Chester.          Co. D,   905 LaFayette Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Baer, Harry B.            Co. B,   Menges Mills, Pennsylvania.
Bagley, Floyd A.          Co. C,   Yarmouthville, Maine.
Baglin, Fred.             Co. B,   122 Eastbourne Road, Darlington, Durham, England.
Baker, Perly A.           Co. A,   Caddia, Colorado.
Baker, Robert R.          Co. A,   77 Chestnut Street, Rutherford, New Jersey.
Baker, William H.         Co. B,   Deans, New Jersey.
Baldwin, Angelo L.        Co. A,   821 17th Street, San Diego, California.
Baldwin, John C.          Co. B,   Garden City, Long Island.
Bardwell, Vernon L.       Co. B,   17 Holyoke, Belchertown, Massachusettes.
Barnard, George M.        Co. B,   545 Harrison Avenue, Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania.
Barnard, Harvey A.        Co. A,   Alta, Iowa.
Barnett, Bryan W.         Co. C,   Jewell Ridge, Virginia.
Barney, Willis H.         Co. D,   517 Messena. Syracuse, New York.
Barracto, Vincenzo.       Co. C,   660 Balto. Street, Baltimore, Maryland.
Barrick, Ralph E.         Co. B,   Cornwallis, Oregon.
Barry, Floyd H.           Co. D,   323 East Main Street, Battle Creek, Michigan.
Barry, Jack.              Co. C,   335 Irene Street, Cripple Creek, Colorado.
Bass, Edgar M.            Co. C,   1010 Linton Street, Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
Bastian, Leonard.         Co. D,   Chance, South Dakota.
Batch, Thomas E.          Co. A,   Oakland, California.
Beaver, Edgar E.          Co. B,   1010 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, California.
Beck, Tina W.             Co. C,   Buhl, Idaho.
Beebe, Clifford.          Co. D,   119 North Main Street, Manchester, Connecticut.
Beebe, Gerald T.          Co. D,   410 Meldrum Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.
Beebe, Richard J.         Co. A,   White Oaks Road, Williamstown, Massachusettes.
Beech, Charles L.         Co. A,   239 Main Street, Stockton, California.
Bell, Frank L.            Co. D,   Lakeside, Michigan.
Bell, Frank V.            Co. C,   38 Maple Street, Saint Catherines, Ontario.
Bell, Henry S.            Co. C,   2707 West Houston Street, San Antonio, Texas.
Bendemer, William E.      Co. C,   806 Hoyt Avenue, Saginaw, Michigan.
Bender, George P.         Co. D,   654 Hatch Avenue, Woodhaven, Long Island, New York.
Bender, John L.           Co. D,   574 West 176th Street, New York, New York.
Benedetti, Paris.         Co. E,   Lovelocks, Nevada.
Bengel, Arthur M.         Co. C,   2608 Altimont Boulevard, Spokane, Washington.
Benjamin, Clifford B.     Co. E,   384 North Walnut Street, East Orange, New Jersey.
Bennett, Sidney H.        Co. E,   2911 Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware.
Bently, Gilbert E.        Co. A,   Corydon, Pennsylvania.
Benton, Carroll R.        Co. B,   356 Belmont Street, Manchester, New Hampshire.
Bentzen, Aage C.          Co. C,   453 8th Avenue, Troy, New York.
Berg, Herbert B.          Co. C,   501 34th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Berkenblit, Morris.       Co. D,   874 Longwood Avenue, Bronx, New York.
Berry, Fern.              Co. A,   1008 South Helen Street, Sioux City, Iowa.
Berry, James C.           Co. C,   2629 B Street, Selma, California.
Betancourt, Manuel.       Co. E,   337 East l87th Street, New York, New York.
Biddle, Roy W. G.         Co. B,   2132 Wilson Avenue, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Billings, Lavon.          Co. A,   Duchesne, Utah.
Bjerke, Olaf E.           Co. D,   Jamestown, North Dakota.
Blackwood, Gilbert A.     Co. B,   Columbus, Indiana.
Bland, Thomas G.          Co. D,   New Castle, Indiana.
Blissett, Leroy F.        Co. A,   R. F. B. No 1, Rapid City, Kalkoska, Michigan.
Blitch, Owen M.           Co. D,   1502 North Baylen, Pensacola, Alabama.
Blomberg, Charles H.      Co. A,   488 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.
Bogart, John.             Co. C,   553 58th Street, Brooklyn, New York.
Bolin, William A.         Co. C,   17 New Street, Pittston, Pennsylvania.
Bolingbroke, George H.    Co. A,   305 9th Street, Jersey City, New Jersey.
Bonora, Joseph.           Co. C,   765 41st Street, Brooklyn, New York.
Born, George E.           Co. E,   516 South Highland Avenue, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Bosh, Joseph H.           Co. A,   224 Cairon Street, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Boss, Samuel.             Co. B,   702 East Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Boswell, Glenn C.         Co. A,   331 Mlcheltorena Street, Santa Barbara, California.
Boznu, Albert H.          Co. E,   419 West Superior Street, Duluth, Minnesota.
Bradshaw, Donald.         Co. C,   Amadar, California.
Bradshaw, Richard E.      Co. B,   Box 376, Portland, Oregon.
Braithwaite, Willis E.    Co. A,   West Jetferson, Ohio.
Bray, Samuel E.           Co. B,   Junville, Tennessee.
Brecht, Herbert H.        Co. B,   409 East Boulevard, Charlotte, North Carolina.
Breehears, Arnold J.      Co. B,   1004 Albany Street, CaIdwell, Idaho.
Brennan, Edward A.        Co. D,   181 12th Avenue, Long Island City, New York.
Breshears, Howard R.      Co. B,   1004 Albany Street, Caldwell, Idaho.
Brett, James E.           Co. E,   609 Jefferson Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Bridges, Richard J.       Co. B,   890 Lookout Drive, Los Angeles, California.
Briggs William H.         Co. A,   North Morning Street, Delphas, Ohio.
Brisendine, Charles.      Co. D,   915 1st Avenue, Roanoke, Virginia.
Brislawn, Ferdinand L.    Co. D,   Sprague, Washington.
Britt, Lloyd J.           Co. C,   Jamestown, North Dakota.
Brosky, Sylvester.        Co. E,   1534 South Newkirk Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Brown, Andrew J.          Co. C,   Alabama Avenue, Box 12, WashIngton, D. C.
Brown, Eyler.             Co. B,   1390 Emerald Street, Eugene, Oregon.
Brown, Harry M.           Co. D,   92 Wadsworth Avenue, New York, New York.
Brown, Henry G.           Co. E,   416 Hermit St. Rex. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Brown, Henry J.           Co. D,   3516 G Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Brown, Joseph J.          Co. C,   1443 North Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Brown, Leroy W.           Co. E,   118 South Uhrlch Street, Uhrichsville, Ohio.
Brownson, Murray A.       Co. D,   Flint, Michigan.
Brucker, Gilbert.         Co. E,   75 Trowbridge Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.
Brune, Carleton F.        Co. D.   511 Morgan Street, Union Hill, New Jersey.
Brunswick, Ralph L.       Co. B,   Detroit, Michigan.
Buchanan, Ira L.          Co. D,   Yardley, Washington.
Buckingham, Donald C.              3910 14th Avenue N. E. Seattle, Washington.
Bullard, Walter E.        Co. D,   15 Berwyn Street, Chester, Pennsylvania.
Bullock, Harvey R.        Co. E,   Oxford, North Carolina.
Burleson, Rufus C.        Co. C,   1529 Basque Blk. Waco, Texas.
Burns, Robert 0.          Co. D,   215 Arnold Street, New Bedford, Massachusettes.
Burrall, Harrison D.      Co. C,   412 High Street, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Burrough, Harry F.        Co. A,   80 Grand Avenue, Rockville Center, New York.
Butler, Alfred M.         Co. C,   3325 Granada Avenue, Los Angeles, California.
Butler, Horace L.         Co. C,   Libertyville, Illinois.
Buxton, Carroll L.        Co. D,   Gaithersburg, Maryland.
Bycroft, Robert W.        Co. A,   219 Main Street, East Palestine, Ohio.
Cadle, Fetzer H.          Co. B,   Williamsburg, Pennsylvania. or Baker, Montana.
Caille, Joe.              Co. D,   Emporia, Virginia.
Cain, David.              Co. E,   Kascuisbe, Mississippi.
Cain, Ernest.             Co. A,   11 West South Street, Washington, Indiana.
Calkins, Henry W.         Co. D,   State Street, Hinsdale Cattaranges, New York.
Callahan, Russell H.      Co. D,   494 Grove Street, Worcester, Massachusettes.
Calocoff, Sam.            Co. D,   1561 East 33rd Street, Los Angeles, California.
Campbell, Donald N.       Co. B,   6827 55th Avenue S. E. Portland, Oregon.
Campbell, Ralph C.        Co. C,   60 Sherburne Avenue, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Campbell, Raymond F.      Co. E,   613 CaIdwell Avenue, Portage, Pennsylvania.
Capasse, Martin J.        Co. C,   P. 0. Box 162, Langatock, Connecticut.
Cardwell, Thomas L.       Co. B,   512 East Line Street, Lakeland, Florida.
Carlson, John E.          Co. B,   2314 Lincoln Park West, Chicago, Illinois.
Carlson, John M.          Co. D,   R. F. B. No, 2, Fairfield, Connecticut.
Carney, George C.         Co. D,   Frederick, Wisconsin.
Carpenter, Burt J.        Co. D,   357 Liberty Street, Ashland, Oregon.
Carr, Marton L.           Co. B,   1714 South Johnson Street, Keokuk, Iowa.
Castruccio, Constantine.  Co. D,   605 West 181st Street, New York, New York.
Cavanaugh, Cyril J.       Co. B,   105 South Grant Street, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.
Cerceo, Attilio V.        Co. A,   110 E Street, Washington, D. C.
Chamberlain, EIlsi D.     Co. C,   Milford, Delaware.
Chambers, Allen B.        Co. C,   507 Corbett Building, Portland, Oregon.
Chance, Jenner B.         Co. B,   719 7th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Chandler, Frank O.        Co. A,   164 Maple Street, Lyon, Massachusettes.
Chapman, Thomas S.        Co. E,   517 South Boyle Street, Los Angeles, California.
Choate, Jay,              Cos. D and E, Enna, Illinois.
Chonko, Joseph E.         Co. B,   417 South 3rd Street, Duquesne, Pennsylvania.
Christensen, Anders.      Co. C,   Kennewick, Washington.
Christensen, Ernst C.     Co. C,   Frederickshaven, Denmark.
Christlansen, Milton.     Co. A,   Cupertino, Santa Clara County, California.
Clark, Curt G.            Co. A,   Flemington, Pennsylvania.
Clark, Edwin C.           Co. E,   406 South Nickel Street, Doning, New Mexico.
Clark, Orville D.                  422 Cherry Street, Findlay, Ohio.
Clarke, McRay.            Co. E,   Scott City, Kansas.
Clayton, Raymond H.       Co. B,   Plainville, Connecticut.
Clemens, John C.          Co. C,   Jamestown, North Dakota.
Cleveland, Benjamin R.    Co. A,   Gilmore, Missouri.
Cline, Clarence W.        Co. A,   121 East 34th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Cobb, Stanley.            Co. B,   516 West Seneca Street, Ithaca, New York.
Coburn, James.            Co. B,   91 South Wabasha Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Colby, Charles C.         Co. D,   918 Cherry Street, Erie, Pennsylvania.
Colclesser, Richard Y.    Co. C,   Milton Apts. Altoona, Pennsylvania.
Cole, Harry E.            Co. B,   Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.
Coleman, Thomas C.        Co. C,   29 Chandler Street, Sommerville, Massachusettes.
Coles, William C.         Co. B,   Wheeling, West Virginia.
Colley, Hunter H.         Co. B,   Jonesborough, Tennessee.
Collins, William J.       Co. C,   R. F. D. No. 2, Milton, Pennsylvania.
Colt, Howard F.           Co. D,   123 West 80th Street, New York, New York.
Comerford, James F.       Co. B,   R. H. No. 21, Bunkerhlll, Indiana.
CoOe, Lawrence G.         Co. D,   Walpole, New Hampshire.
Cook, Orlan P.            Co. B,   Clear Lake, South Dakota.
Cook, Wesley M.           Co. C,   3128 43rd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Cooper, James H.          Co. C,   18 Fine Street, Roxbury, Massachusettes.
Copeland, George M.       Co. E,   R. F. D. No, 10, Madison, Indiana.
Costabile, Charles A.     Co. E.   1027 Avenue L, Galveston, Texas.
Cottingham, Ralph R.      Co. C,   P. 0. Box 9, Fremont, Illinois.
Cotton, Joe E.            Co. C,   1663 High Street, Denver, Colorado.
Cottrell, Eugene J.       Co. A,   49 Seranac Avenue, Buffalo, New York.
Cottrell, Shirley G.      Co. B,   Elderon, Wisconsin.
Coughlin, John G.         Co. C,   56 Larchmont Street, Dorchester, Massachusettes.
Cox, Arthur F.            Co. E.   2531 West Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Cox, Floyd R.             Co. B,   Louisville, Nebraska.
Cox, Lyle M.              Co. B,   Union, Iowa.
Coyne, Walter J.          Co. D,   712 Jeanette Street, Parkerburg, West Virginia.
Crabtree, Lonnie M.       Co. A,   R. F. D. No. 1, Benhams, Vermont.
Crall, Henry C.           Co. B,   Los Gatos, California.
Crane, Willed S.          Co. E,   208 13th Street N. E. Washington, D. C.
Crawford, James S.        Co. D,   Box 104, Oakdale, Pennsylvania.
Crocker, Lauchlan M.      Co. Hdq. Marstons Mills, Massachusettes.
Crotty, James A.          Co. D,   17 East Water Street, Lewistown, Pennsylvania.
Crowley, Marwood H.       Co. E,   1233 Oread Avenue, Lawrence, Kansas.
Crummack, Oswald.         Co. C,   305 E. Robie Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Cullison, William F.      Co. B,   424 Zara Street, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Cunningham, George M.     Co. D,   2536 College Avenue, Berkeley, California.
Cunningham, Leonard B.    Co. D,   Reno, Nevada.
Cunningham, Thomas.       Co. B,   416 2nd Street, Peoria, Illinois.
Curtis, Earl E.           Co. D,   1908 Yale Avenue, Knoxville, Tennessee.
Dahlgren, Edwin F.        Co. D,   1210 N. P. Ry. Building, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Dahnke, John F.           Co. A,   Middletown, Wisconsin.
Dalgreen, John C.         Co. A,   2819 Price Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Dalzell, Clarence J.      Co. D,   Sterling, Pennsylvania.
Darb, Richard C.          Co. A,   Chaffer, Missouri.
Davidson, Robert M.       Co. E,   Miama Beach, Florida.
Davidson, William L.      Co. C,   Spangler, Pennsylvania.
Davis, Clyde M.           Co. B,   Gardenville, Virginia.
Davis, Kirke E.           Co. 0,   75 Maple Street, Potsdam, New York.
Davis, Ray N.             Co. B,   Buhl, Montana.
Dawson, Asa L.            Co. A,   Lexington, Illinois.
Dawson, John L.           Co. E,   Glenshaw, Pennsylvania.
Dayton, George J.         Co. E.   11 Grotto Court, Wateroliet, New York.
Decker, Peter M.          Co. B,   Naponock, New York.
DeHaven, Frank.           Co. B,   Helena, Montana.
DeLage, Frank.            Co. A,   1015 South Hermitage Street, Chicago, Illinois.
DeLaittre, Donald D.      Co. A,   2919 Bryant Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
DeLong, Guy W.            Co. C,   1404 Florencedale Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio.
DeLong, Harry J.          Co. B,   545 East 134th Street, New York, New York.
Demos, Constantinos S.    Co. E.   52 West Gay Street, Columbus, Ohio.
DePetro, Joseph.          Co. B,   Nashwauk, Minnesota.
Depue, Harold V.          Co. D,   23 Hatfield Place, Port Richmond, New York.
Dickenson, Clyde.         Co. D,   517 Brown Street, LaFayette, Indiana.
Dickey, Frank R.          Co. A,   Linesville, Pennsylvania.
Dickson, Donald M.        Co. B,   Andes, New York.
Dieter, Frederick D.      Co. D,   1124 North 4th Street, Catasuqua, Pennsylvania.
Dolce, Guiseppe.          Co. D,   Providence, Rhode Island.
Donaldson, David H. E.    Co. D,   204 Rochelle Avenue, Wissakickon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Donnelly, Harvey F.       Co. A,   Fort Shaw, Montana.
Donovan, Roy A.           Co. D,   Central City, Nebraska.
Dorr, James H.            Co. A,   R. F. D. No. 2, Athens, Ohio.
Douglass, George L.       Co. A,   Kimball, Minnesota.
Douthitt, Harry.          Co. A,   302 Deyo Street, Jackson, Michigan.
Dowell, John E.           Co. E,   Adrian, Missouri.
Dower, Patrick.           Co. A,   79 Park Avenue, East Hartford, Connecticut.
Downing, Andrew.          Co. B,   R. R. "E," Box 284, Fresno, California.
Drake, Allen F.           Co. B,   Whiteman, R. F. D. Massachusettes.
Draudt, Walter A.         Co. D,   Mount Street & Central Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.
Droge, William H.         Co. D,   63 Christrie, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.
Duby, Ernest.             Co. A,   128 East 120th Street, New York, New York.
Duffy, James T.           Co. C,   R. F. D. No. 2, Shepard, Michigan.
Dumond, Jesse W.          Co. B,   17 Elm Street, Schenectady, New York.
Dunlop, James W.          Co. A,   85 Myrtle Avenue, Jersey, New Jersey.
Dunlop, William H.        Co. E,   607 West 6th Street, Beardstown, Illinois.
Durant, Philip S.         Co. D,   429 West Westly Street, Wheaton, Illinois.
Durkin, Thomas.           Co. B,   1646 West 33rd Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Easley, Thomas H.         Co. B,   7110 Idylwild Street, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Eaton, Frank.             Co. C,   122 North 17th Street, Richmond, Indiana.
Eckfield, George D.       Co. B,   Mabton, Washington.
Eckner, Ivan G.           Co. D,   206 Ridge Avenue, Butler, Pennsylvania.
Edberg Wendell E.         Co. A,   Bellingham, Washington.
Edele, Fred W.            Co. E,   3509 Jacob Street, Wheeling, West Virginia.
Edwards, Thomas E.        Co. A,   R. F. D. No. 5, Spencerville, Ohio.
Egan, Dennis.             Co. E,   Green Isle, Minnesota.
Elder Albert L.           Co. D,   Bel Aton, Maryland.
Eldridge, Edward B.       Co. A,   26 Shakford Street, Eastport, Maine.
Elliott, Milton E.        Co. A,   Box No, 245, Roselyn, Virginia.
Emanuelson, Leslie E.     Co. A,   Rush City, Minnesota.
Emshwiller, Owin B.       Co. E,   3301 University Avenue N. E. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Eneix, Wyne H.            Co. B,   Littletown, West Virginia.
Engholm, Samuel J.        Co. B,   1299 A Street, Hayuard, California.
Engleman, Earl W.         Co. B,   231 North Fulton Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland.
English, Samuel V.        Co. E,   712 North Broadway, Brainerd, Minnesota.
English, William P.       Co. D,   522 North Main Street, Pittston, Pennsylvania.
Epley, John L.            Co. A,   R. F. D. No. 8, Marion, North Carolina.
Erdman, Harold R.         Co. E,   Petosky, Michigan.
Erskin, Dessie.           Co. D,   1251 North Main Street, Frankfort, Indiana.
Estes, Edgar.             Co. D,   Moscow, Idaho.
Estes, Raymond C.         Co. A,   Moscow, Idako.
Ettleman, Benjamin.       Co. D,   21 Planet Street, Providence, Rhode Island.
Evans, Freddie J.         Co. D,   8408 Frankstown Avenue, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Evans, Rawson H.          Co. D,   409 Pennsylvania Avenue, Bange, Pennsylvania.
Evans, Will L.            Co. C,   2 North Elm Street, Warren, Ohio.
Ewell, John G.            Co. B,   3210 Avenue P, Galveston, Texan.
Fallon John D.            Co. C,   3 West Searight Avenue, Uniontown, Pennsylvania.
Faro, Mike.               Co. D,   Fargo, North Dakota.
Feller, John E.           Co. A,   Metuchen, New Jersey.
Ferguson, Thomas L.       Co. D,   319 Cumberland Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Ferguson, Vance H.        Co. C,   1221 16th Street, Rock Island, Illinois.
Finan, Joseph.            Co. C,   Lopez, Pennsylvania.
Fisher, Gideon P.         Co. E,   Culver, Indiana.
Fitzgerald, Emmett J.     Co. A,   1663 Carroll Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Fitzharris, John M.       Co. A,   West Park, Cuyahaga, Ohio.
Fitzsimmons, Eugene J.    Co. E,   361 11th Street, Newark, New Jersey.
Fleming, James A.         Co. E,   40 Winton Street, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Flora, Vernon W.          Co. B,   Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Fobes, Edgar E.           Co. B,   99 Main Street, Potsdam, New York.
Foley, Howard J.          Co. D,   1351 Fisher Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.
Foley, William McK.       Co. A,   Central Point, Oregon.
Force, John D.            Co. A,   Plainfield, New Jersey.
Force, Jonathan.          Co. E,   Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Langston, New Jersey.
Ford, Gregory R.          Co. C,   Room 30, Central Hotel, Portland, Oregon.
Foster, Harry W.          Co. D,   Midland, Ohio.
Foster, Percy E.          Co. B,   86 Downer Place, Aurora, Illinois.
Fox, Blake B.             Co. A,   Rising Sun, Wood County, Ohio.
Fox, George L.            Co. Hdq. 45 Colton Avenue, Newark, New York.
Fox, Jacob U.             Co. E,   Franklin Furnace, Ohio.
Francis, Millard J.       Co. D,   Greenville, South Carolina.
Frank, John A.            Co. E,   Delano, Minnesota.
Fraser, David C.          Co. B,   206 East Dale Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Fraser, John H.           Co. B,   Parkplace, Oregon.
Frederiksen, Hans.        Co. B,   492 7th Avenue North, Troy, New York.
Freeland, George M.       Co. A,   341 Spring Street, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania.
Freeman, Andrew Y.        Co. D,   231 Central Avenue, Fredonia, New York.
French, Chris C.          Co. D,   Dilisboro, Indiana.
French, Howard L.         Co. B,   32 VanDyke Place, Detroit, Michigan.
Friend, Alber M.          Co. B,   Graduate College, Princeton, Pennsylvania.
Fritts, Bernal V.         Co. A,   3315 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Frost, Alva.              Co. D,   New Salem, Pennsylvania.
Fryer, Russel M.          Co. D,   27 Poplar Avenue, Milton, Pennsylvania.
Futcher, Arthur J.        Co. D,   1942 North 21st Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Gackenbach, Arthur F.     Co. A,   1235-1/2 Chew Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Gaffney, Joseph F.        Co. B,   2316 Grand Avenue, New York, New York.
Gallagher, Vincent A.     Co. C,   48 Lark Street, Providence, Rhode Island.
Gambler, Slocum H.        Co. D,   Geneva, New York.
Gant, Ora.                Co. A,   Chester, Illinois.
Gardner, Charles H.       Co. A,   Phillips, Wisconsin.
Gardner, Hugh E.          Co. E,   R. R. Nolm, EauClare, Michigan.
Garis, Leo D.             Co. E,   1041 Chicago Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois.
Garrison, William L.      Co. C,   Sulton, Nebraska.
Garvey, John J.           Co. D,   Cambridge, Massachusettes.
Garvey, Louis W.          Co. D,   Elk River, Minnesota.
Gasparri, Agusto.         Co. B,   66 Farmington Street, Providence, Rhode Island.
Geating, William J.       Co. D,   1138 Walnut Street, Ashland, Pennsylvania.
Gehauf, Herbert H.        Co. A,   31 Grant Street, Frostburg, Maryland.
Geiger, Clarence K.       Co. A,   588 Showers Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Gentile, Domenico.        Co. C,   1195 Summit Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey.
Genung, Carroll E.        Co. E,   945 South Antonio Avenue, Monica, California.
German, Milton L.         Co. E,   2304 East Monument Street, Baltimore, Maryland.
Gerson, George.           Co. D,   Tutor Arms Apt., 18th and Couch Streets, Portland, Oregon.
Gest, Henry C.            Co. D,   Portland, Indiana.
Giboney, David S.         Co. B,   210 16th Street North, Great Falls, Montana.
Gillies, George.          Co. C,   West Branch, Michigan.
Gilmartin, Joseph L.      Co. D,   1702 Morris Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Glisson, Clarence.        Co. D,   R. F. D. No. 3, Laurel, Indiana.
Goerke, Arnold E.         Co. A,   Watanga, Oklahoma.
Goldstein, Joseph.        Co. D,   Dorchester, Massachusettes.
Goodwin Earl D.           Co. D.
Gower, William H.         Co. B,   Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.
Goyne, Robert E.          Co. C,   200 Center Street, Ashland, Pennsylvania.
Graham, William S.        Co. B,   3027 Windsor Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland.
Grahl, Ollie A.           Co. D,   R. F. D, No, 3, Fountain City, Tennessee.
Grandjean, Charles H.     Co. E,   Hancock, Minnesota.
Grassman, Herbert S.      Co. D,   285 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.
Gray, Duane C.            Co. A,   216 Moore Street, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Graysle, Charles B.       Co. C,   Spencerville, Ohio.
Green, Herbert J.         Co. D,   1401 Main Street, Niagara Falls, New York.
Gregory, Albert C.        Co. D,   Sylvia, West Virginia.
Grenier, Linus C.         Co. A,   901 Waubridge Avenue, Toledo, Ohio.
Griffin, Elmer E.         Co. E,   Doniphan, Missouri.
Griffith, Dice W.         Co. C,   609 Umatilla Avenue, Portland, Oregon.
Griffith, William D.      Co. D,   1245 1st Street N. E., Washington, D, C.
Griffith, William J.      Co. D,   3314 37th Avenue South, Seattle, Washington.
Griley, Horace L.         Co. A,   3299 Broadwell Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Grimley, John P.          Co. A,   43 Searing Avenue, Harrison, New York.
Groseclose, Ben l.        Co. E,   17 South Park Avenue, Helena, Montana.
Gross, Jerry G.           Co. A,   Box 436, Corbin, Kentucky.
Grout, Fred W.            Co. B,   Benudji, Minnesota.
Guilfoyle, John J.        Co. A,   300-1/2 West 52nd Street, New York, New York.
Guptill, Rexford B.       Co. B,   Brookline, Massachusettes.
Guyer, Jacob.             Co. A,   4310 Raible Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.
Hackett, Joseph P.        Co. A,   326 West 47th Street, New York, New York.
Hadley, Kenneth C.        Co. B,   324 Somerville Avenue, Somerville, Massachusettes.
Hage, Louis.              Co. A,   115 Hubbard Street, Crookston, Minnesota.
Hagstrom, Gunnar A.       Co. B,   606 Eest Lawson Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Hagstrom, Leonard J.      Co. D,   4520 Xerxes Avenue South, Minneapolis Minnesota.
Hague, Reuben E. Jr.      Co. A,   27 West Quartz Street, Butte, Montana.
Hall, Arnt C.             Co. B,   176 3rd Street, San Francdsco, California.
Halligan, John J.         Co. A,   363 Warren Street, Brooklyn, New York.
Hambrock, Robert H.       Co. A,   2842 Lafayette Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Hamilton, Harley.         Co. B,   Manchester, Ohio.
Hanaway, William S.       Co. D,   Delphi, Indiana.
Handel, Saul.             Co. E,   126 13th Street, McKeesport, Pennsylvania.
Hansen, Harold.           Co. C,   100 Prentice Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.
Hanson Arthur C.          Co. C,   Hillsboro, North Dakota.
Hardy, Earl L.            Co. D,   136 Hillside Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Harreschou, Claude H.     Co. C,   Seaside, Oregon.
Harrington, Dennis D.     Co. C,   1532 6th Street N. E., Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Harrington, Robert L.     Co. A,   Fremsburg, New York.
Harrington, Robert R.     Co. A,   Cozad, Nebraska.
Harris, Allyn L.          Co. C,   511 1st Avenue, West Haven, Connecticut.
Harrison, Donald R.       Co. A,   1545 Learnard Avenue, Lawrence, Kansas.
Hart, Lee.                Co. D,   Cottonwood, Idaho.
Hart, Vincent S.          Co. E,   723 Cushman Avenue, Tacoma Washington.
Hart, William C.          Co. C,   751 East Broadway, Stratford, Connecticut.
Hartman, Henry B.         Co. C,   1548 Arcadia Court, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Harvey, Floyd Z.          Co. E,   Highspire, Pennsylvania.
Harward, Robert H.        Co. B,   1207 Vincent Street, Brownwood, Texas.
Haugh, Leo M.             Co. D,   117 Mead Avenue, Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Hawkins, Robert L.        Co. E,   1510 South 14th Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama.
Hays, Harry M.            Co. D,   359 North Montgomery Street, Spencer, Indiana.
Hayward, Don M.           Co. C,   266 Court Street, Kenne, New Hampshire.
Hazen, George.            Co. C,   66 East Main Street, Port Jervis, New York.
Hazen, Thomas R. H.       Co. A,   914 8th Avenue, New Brighton, Pennsylvania.
Hedeen, Axel A.           Co. E,   New Richmond, Wisconsin.
Heilman, Clyde A.         Co. C,   5012 Lemon Grove Avenue, Los Angeles. California.
Heineman, Joseph.         Co. D,   509 Clover Street, Akron, Ohio.
Hensel, Frederick J.      Co. E,   Grove City, Ohio.
Hensler, George H.        Co. C,   403 Kirk Avenue, Carrick, Pennsylvania.
Herald, Charles R.        Co. E,   27 Dean Street, Everett, Massachusettes.
Herchenrider, Franklin M. Co. E,   311 Lincoln Avenue, Collingdale, Pennsylvania.
Herimer, Wilbur F.        Co. E,   716 Bear Street, Syracuse, New York.
Herkuess, Gilbert.        Co. A,   Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania.
Hess, Richard M.          Co. C,   Curwensville, Pennsylvania.
Hickman, Wilbur E.        Co. A,   Brownson, Iowa.
Hilgedick, Ralph V.       Co. B,   2191 Knapp Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Hill, Warren G.           Co. D,   504 Dock Street, Schuykill, Haven, Pennsylvania.
Hilt, Howard G.           Co. B,   412 Welch Avenue, Wilmerding, Pennsylvania.
Hinman, Jesse R.          Co. B,   Astoria, Oregon.
Hinton, Charles W.        Co. C,   4217 10th Avenue N. E., Seattle, Washington.
Hocker, Harry T.          Co. B,   Rogerville, California.
Hoehl, Leo F.             Co. B,   717 North Post Street, Baltimore, Maryland.
Hogeland, Edward E.       Co. C,   Hampton, Iowa.
Hoist, Anthony.           Co. B,   1803 Araphahoe Street, Los Angeles, California.
Homan, Herman J.          Co. D,   4800 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Homan, Waldo G.           Co. B,   Payette, Idaho.
Hopkins, Robert W.        Co. B,   3512 Lowell Street, Cleveland Park, Washington, D. C.
Horner, Robert E.         Co. E,   Graceville, Minnesota.
Horton, Samuel.           Co. E,   551 Laurel Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Hosband, Guy S.           Co. B,   Fleming, Pennsylvania.
Houliston, George M.      Co. C,   East Aurora, New York.
Howe, George B.           Co. D,   6022 82nd Street S. E., Portland, Oregon.
Hubbard, Harvey.          Co. O,   Kittaning, Pennsylvania.
Huck, Lloyd.              Co. D,   1070 East 31st Street, Brooklyn, New York.
Hueffmeier, William F.    Co. E,   902 Fauquier Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Hughes, Charles A.        Co. C,   211 East 188th Street, New York, New York.
Hummel, George G.         Co. A,   245 Cherry Street, Nangatuck, Connecticut.
Hunsinger, Harvey M.      Co. B,   Tank, Pennsylvania.
Hunter, James R.          Co. A,   R. R. 2, Woolstook, Iowa.
Hurst, Harry S.           Co. D,   Kittaning, Pennsylvania.
Huss, Theodore J.         Co. D,   Shakopee, Minnesota.
Hutchinson, George C.     Co. B,   2216 Bellefield Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.
Hutchinson, James E.      Co. E,   2000 Chew Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Hutchison, Lyle E.        Co. A,   1814 144th Street N. W., Washington, D. C.
Hyde, Stanley W.          Co. D,   1244 Brooklyn Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.
Ingram, Forrest W.        Co. E,   Vermillion, Indiana.
Iverson, Carl.            Co. B,   Aberdeen, South Dakota.
Ives, Clifford G.         Co. A,   335 North Main Street, Wallingford, Connecticut.
Jackson, Clyde.           Co. C,   250 John Street, Aurora, Indiana.
Jacot, Harry L. Jr.       Co. D,   93 Stuyvesant Place, New Brighton, Long Island, New York.
Jaffe, Samuel A.          Co. B,   128 East Chestnut Street, Hazelton, Pennsylvania.
James, Adlai P.           Co. B,   4430 North Campbell Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
James, William L.         Co. E,   Ocean View, Delaware.
Jameson, Claude.          Co. D,   R. R. 8, Rochester, Indiana.
Jaynes, Thomas J.         Co. B,   74 Wickopee Street, Beacon, New York.
Jenkins, Clarence E.      Co. B,   Sykesville, Maryland.
Jessup, Levi S.           Co. D,   Brim, North Carolina.
Johnson, Albert T.        Co. C,   Baldwin, Wisconsin.
Johnson, Chester A.       Co. C,   134 West University Street, Owatomna, Minnesota.
Johnson, Dudley H.        Co. C,   261 North Bellevue Street, Memphis, Tennessee.
Johnson, Irving S.        Co. A,   246 Brooklyn Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.
Johnson, Irving.          Co. B,   504 West State Street, Columbus, Ohio.
Johnson, Oscar A.         Co. B,   4050 Fremont North, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Johnston, Halstead G.     Co. C,   Coopers Corner, New Rochelle, New York.
Johnston, Hugh.           Co. D,   540 Howard Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.
Jones, John L.            Co. C,   5227 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Jones, Joseph E.          Co. C,   440 Cedar Street, Jacksonville, Florida.
Jones, William D.         Co. C,   316 West 19th Street, New York, New York.
Jordan, Frank L.          Co. A,   2785 18th Street, Sacramento, California.
Jordan, Joseph R.         Co. B,   3341 2nd Avenue, Columbus, Georgia.
Joyce, Robert H.          Co. B,   824 North Ringold Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Kane, Joseph A.           Co. A,   Cambridge, New York.
Kappeller, Joseph.        Co. E,   Watertown, Minnesota.
Kasten, Harry F.          Co. E,   619 10th Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Kauffman, Eldsworth R.    Co. A,   Strausstown, Pennsylvania.
Keenan, James, Jr.        Co. B,   3928 North Marshall Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Keitel, Charles R.        Co. B,   Kings Park, Long Island, New York.
Keith, Douglas L.         Co. C,   Tracer, Iowa.
Keller, Ralph W.          Co. B,   Edwall, Washington.
Kelley, James P.          Co. B,   104 Pleasant Street, Dorchester, Massachusettes.
Kelly, Aloysius E.        Co. E,   1507 Vine Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin.
Kelly, Joseph M.          Co. B,   455 William Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Kelly, Leo F.             Co. B,   1489 Arlington Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri.
Kendall, Raymond H.       Co. B,   Sterling, Massachusettes.
Kennedy, Charles M.       Co. B,   1836 Marvin Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Keough, John M.           Co. E,   14 Adams Street, Lynn, Massachusettes.
King, Phillip M.          Co. A,   242 West Church Street, Dockhave, Pennsylvania.
King, William R.          Co. D,   Pittsfield, Massachusettes.
Kirwin, John F.           Co. D,   374 Belleville Avenue, Newark, New Jersey.
Knowles, Edward R.        Co. C,   229 South 3rd Avenue, Jamestown, North Dakota.
Koch, William F.          Co. D,   354 12th Avenue, Long Island City, New York.
Koering, Eustachius W.    Co. D,   Crystal Avenue, Vineland, New Jersey.
Koezowoski, Stanley A.    Co. E,   84 South 15th Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Konen, John J.            Co. B,   231 22nd Street, Detroit, Michigan.
Kongshej, Christian P.    Co. D,   611 South Clinton Street, Iowa City, Iowa.
Krauskopf, Truman F.      Co. D,   715 Mt. Vernon Place, Washington D. C.
Kraut, Samuel S.          Co. A,   66 Avenue "D," New York, New York.
Krems, Walter F.          Co. E,   Beardstown, Illinois.
Krogulski, Edward J.      Co. D.
Krohn, William J.         Co. D,   1734 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Ksegi, Henry.             Co. C,   499 Spring Street, West Hoboken, New Jersey.
Kuhl, Ben F.              Co. D,   423 South Euclid Avenue, Dayton, Ohio.
Kullerstrand, Rudolph M.  Co. D,   10726 Church Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Kuranyske, John.          Co. B,   225 Hennie Street, Rippon, Wisconsin.
Kyes, John M.             Co. B,   Route “A,” Box 7, Modesta, California.
Labaree, John R.          Co. C,   Milford Street, West Medway, Massachusettes.
Lacy, Ilbert 0.           Co. C,   715 Pearl Street, Camden, New Jersey.
Ladshaw, Thomas G.        Co. C,   142 Pine Street, Spartanburg, South Carolina.
Lahey, Andrew C.          Co. D,   Kearney, Nebraska.
Laks, Herman.             Co. B,   781 Quincy Street, Brooklyn, New York.
Lampwright, Harold E.     Co. A,   Algona, Iowa.
Lancelloti, Luigi.        Co. D,   585 16th Street, West New York, New York.
Landgren, Harry 0.        Co. D,   144 Cook Street, Waterbury, Connecticut.
Lane, Harry A.            Co. B,   1002 17th Street, Rock Island, Illinois.
Lauer, Edward W.          Co. C,   Alturas Modock Co., California.
Layman, Oliver W.         Co. B,   255 University Terrace, Reno, Nevada.
Leahy, Robert C.          Co. D,   283 Maine, Keene, New Hampshire.
LeDuke, Leon.             Co. E,   Kankakee, Illinois.
Leibow, Samuel.           Co. B,   702 East 176th Street, New York, New York.
Leitch, Ernest.           Co. A,   NationaI Boulevard, Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Lesch, George F.          Co. B,   513 Liberty Street, Hockland, Massachusettes.
Lessch, Orville.          Co. B,   1405 North Lake Avenue, Seattle, Washington.
Levine, Samuel.           Co. D,   239 Ellston Street, Cambrdige, Massachusettes.
Lewis, Earl L.            Co. C,   West Elizabeth, Pennsylvania.
Lichtenstein, Harry R.    Co. B,   68 West 113th Street, New York, New York.
Linck. Judson K.          Co. C,   986 Vine Street, Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
Linehan, James A.         Co. D,   68 Morningside Avenue, Yonkers, New York.
Ling, Frank T.            Co. A,   Pine City, Minnesota.
Linn Lewis F.             Co. D,   Benton Ferry, West Virginia.
Litchfield, Rufus E.      Co. D,   Sneffels, Colorado.
Little, Hubert W.         Co. B,   McMinnville, Oregon.
Lockney, Laurence.        Co. E,   Alamogordo, New Mexico.
Lockwood, Thomas F. Jr.   Co. B,   Columbus, Georgia.
Loebbaka, Martin.         Co. A,   2030 Pratt Street, Evanston, Illinois.
Loftus, Thomas H.         Co. B,   607 Lafayette Avenue S. E., Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Lohr, Jacob E.            Co. D,   Stayestown, Pennsylvania.
Longacre, Myron Y.        Co. C,   Pleasant Hill, Cass County, Missouri.
Longfellow, Russel H.     Co. E,   305 San Jose Avenue, San Francisco, California.
Louder, Ralph R.          Co. E,   Bradley, Illinois.
Lovett James D.           Co. C,   212 South Lead Avenue, Deming, New Mexico.
Low, Frederick V.         Co. C,   259 Iglehart Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Luce, Robert W.           Co. E,   60 Catherine Street, Stratford, Connecticut.
Lummus, Franklin H.       Co. E,   26 Ponce De Leon Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia.
Lungren, Charles H.       Co. B,   230 Rutgers Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.
Luse, William J.          Co. A,   Greeley, Nebraska.
Lustgarten, Jacob H.      Co. D,   168 Lennox Avenue, New York, New York.
Lutz, Clarence J.         Co. A,   62 Parkedale Terrace, Rochester, New York.
Lynn, Henderson.          Co. B,   R. F. D, No, 1, Grindstone, Pennsylvania.
Lyon, Charles D.          Co. D,   1206 North 21st St Superior, Wisconsin.
Lyster, Roy E.            Co. A,   1331 Prospect Street, indianapolis, Indiana.
MaCallum, George E.       Co. C,   Council, Idaho.
MacBoyle Clarence F.      Co. E,   3433 Ridgeway Street, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Madden, Wayne H.          Co. C,   Rock Hill Furnace, Pennsylvania.
Mahoney, John.            Co. A,   115 West Hugbett Street, Iron Mountain, Michigan.
Mallett, Edward T.        Co. A,   R. F. D. 4, Veedersburg Indiana.
Maloney, Louis B.         Co. B,   375 MariIla Street, Buffalo, New York.
Marbut, Thomas F.         Co. B,   3140 Harrison Street, Kansas City, Missouri.
Marcello, Vincent.        Co. E,   5th Street, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania.
Marcum, Lawrence E.       Co. A,   New Augusta, Indiana.
Marks, Alexander A.       Co. D,   3619 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Marner, James M.          Co. A,   110 Diamond Street, Pittsbung, Pennsylvania.
Marr, Ralph C.            Co. B,   3245 Irving Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Martinek, Louis.          Co. C,   New Hampton, Iowa.
Martinson, Victor F.      Co. E,   Winthrop, Minnesota.
Mason, Charles E.         Co. D,   Metacon Avenue, Warren, Rhode Island.
Max, Arthur C.            Co. E,   526 South Plane Street, Burlington, Iowa.
Maxwell, John J.          Co. C,   Fairfax, Minnesota.
Mayer. Victor A.          Co. B,   Brooklyn, New York.
Mayo, Sheldon S.          Co. B,   32 Granite Street, Glocester, Massachusettes.
McCabe, Harry E.          Co. B,   155 Audubon Arc, New York, New York.
McCarthy, J. A.           Co. D,   75 Judge Street, Elmhurst, Long Island, New York.
McCauley, Thomas.         Co. B,   2538 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
McClain, Gerald.          Co. E,   Shafter, California.
McClung, George L.        Co. A,   211 East 6th Street, Mt. Carmel, Illinois.
McCooley, William J.      Co. C,   3836 North 6th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
McCullough, Hugh F.       Co. B,   1040 Leavenworth Street, San Francisco, California.
McDonald, Edward E.       Co. A,   7703 Westmoreland Avenue, Swissvale, Pennsylvania.
McDonald, Howard A.       Co. C,   906 East 28th Street, Los Angeles, California.
McDonald, Leo R.          Co. C,   20 Rawstone Road, Roslindale, Boston, Massachusettes.
McFetridge, William F.    Co. E,   Catasauqua, Pennsylvania.
McGaffick, Edward F.      Co. D,   R. F. D, No, 1, Warren, Pennsylvania.
McGavern, Joseph P T.     Co. D,   3 Callhahn Park, Rochester, New York.
McGovern Thomas J.        Co. B,   914 Buttonwood Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
McGrath, William A.       Co. A,   604 North Monroe Street, Streator, Illinois.
McGraw, Eugene l.         Co. B,   3981 Fruitvllle Avenue, Oakland, California.
McGuire, Leo J.           Co. C,   112 South 9th Street, Newark, New Jersey.
McIntosh, Robert R.       Co. C,   96 Marshall Street, Battle Creek, Michigan.
McKenzie, Floyd R.        Co. E,   Pinconning, Michigan.
McKinley, Charles T.      Co. D,   1120 Banks Avenue, Superior, Wisconsin.
McLeod, John.             Co. E,   Harlan, Kentucky.
Mclntire, Albert T.       Co. D,   1040 Emerson Street, Pasadena, California.
McMahon, Thomas J.        Co. A,   9 LaFayette Avenue, Ossining, New York.
McMillan, Willis G.       Co. E,   419 East Church Street, Santa Maria, California.
McNerney, Charles H.      Co. C,   4104 Aldrich Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
McSwain, Norman.          Co. B,   62 Union Street, Bridgewater, Massachusettes.
McSwaln, Clarence.        Co. A,   Box 895, Saint Augustine, Florida.
Meador, Harry W.          Co. D,   Norton, Virginia.
Meagher, Thomas F.        Co. D,   Grindstone, Pennsylvania.
Meegan, John B.           Co. E,   81 Highland Avenue, Naugatuck, Connecticut.
Meek, James L.            Co. B,   Orient, South Dakota.
Meissner, George F. W.    Co. B,   116 East Polk Street, Corona, Long Island, New York.
Melby, Sam.               Co. D,   R. R. 1, Bowlus, Minnesota.
Michaels, Henry.          Co. A,   1893 Vyse Avenue, Bronx, New York.
Michaud, Sidney A.        Co. E,   White Bear Lake, Minnesota.
Michels, James P.         Co. B,   1901 Division Street, Oregon City, Oregon.
Miller, Alfred R.         Co. A,   913 Center Street, Easton, Pennsylvania.
Miller, Bert T.           Co. E,   401 Park Avenue, Bimidji, Minnesota.
Miller, Clarence D.       Co. E,   LaPorte City, Iowa.
Miller, Francis A.        Co. B,   South Heart, North Dakota.
Miller, Gustavus S.       Co. C,   2609 "M" Street, Sacramento, California.
Miller, Henry E.          Co. D,   Washington, D, C.
Miller, Jesse J.          Co. B,   Hodgeville, Kentucky.
Miller, Joseph S.         Co. C,   229 Hoffman Avenue, Oil City, Pennsylvania.
Miller, Robert B.         Co. B,   115 Crystal Street, Brooklyn, New York.
Miller, Thomas L.         Co. B,   Bostwick Hotel, Tacoma, Washington.
Milliron, Milton E.       Co. A,   Falls Creek, Pennsylvania.
Mincer, Andrew W.         Co. A,   R. F. D. 1, Mars, Pennsylvania.
Mishler, Hubert E.        Co. A,   109 East Monroe Street, Goshen, Indiana.
Miskowits, Julius.        Co. D,   616 Garrett Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Mitchell, Albert E.       Co. E,   20 State Street, Greenville, Pennsylvania.
Mitchell, William J.      Co. D,   10 Rodman Street, Fair Haven, Massachusettes.
Mitra, Dhirendranath.     Co. A,   39 East 31st Street, New York, New York.
Mitts, Chester A.         Co. D,   R. F. D. 6, Fowler, Indiana.
Mizner, Ralph A.          Co. E,   Wheatland, Pennsylvania.
Monseth, Sigurd 0.        Co. E,   2939 North Colfax Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Moon, Ralph J.            Co. B,   Yankton, South Dakota.
Moore, William.           Co. D,   East Portland, Maine.
Moorhouse, Ralph H.       Co. E,   48 Marlin Street, Canton, Illinois.
Morann, William E.        Co. B,   109 Hazel Street, New Haven, Connecticut.
Morgan, Dewey.            Co. E,   P. 0. Box 411, Blytheville, Arkansas.
Morgan, John V.           Co. B,   Boise, Idaho.
Morris, Leo V.            Co. D,   R. R. 10, Perry, Idaho.
Morrison, Eugene F.       Co. D,   Williams, Oregon.
Mortimore, Roy H.         Co. B,   Riverton, Iowa.
Morton, Roy J.            Co. C,   Jacksonville, North Carolina.
Moseley, Edward H.        Co. C,   25 Briggs Street, Salem, Massachusettes.
Moxon, Everett W.         Co. B,   1010 Mass. Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusettes.
Muhlig, Carl T.           Co. C,   1009 5th Avenue North, Great Falls, Montana.
Mullavey, William J.      Co. A,   Redstone, New Hampshire.
Mulligan, Vincent M.      Co. E,   15 East 3rd Street South, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Munyon, Herbert C.                 5218 Knox Street, PhiladelphIa, Pennsylvania.
Murphy, Frank P.          Co. E,   Bartlett, New Hampshire.
Murray, John W.           Co. B,   Galesburg, Illinois.
Murray, Melvin.           Co. D,   69 South 11th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Myers, Walter E.          Co. E,   1020 9th Street, Washington D. C.
Nadeau, Arthur L.         Co. C,   Jefferson, Massachusettes.
Napier, Elhannan.         Co. E,   Hazard, Kentucky.
Nave, Floyd.              Co. B,   610 8th Street, Lewiston, Idaho.
Neben, Harry W.           Co. E,   358 Water Street, Clinton, Massachusettes.
Neblett, Donald E.        Co. A,   South Hill, Virginia.
Neff, Harold E.           Co. D,   2nd and Market Streets, Sunburg, Pennsylvania.
Nelson, Alfred H.         Co. C,   138 Kennelworth Avenue, Elmshurst, Illinois.
Nelson, Anton.            Co. A,   1427 Pine Avenue, Rocky Ford, Colorado.
Nelson, Carl J.           Co. B,   2713 East Franklin, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Nelson, David T.          Co. C,   2302 7th Street N. E., Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Nelson, George H.         Co. B,   C/O George H. Nelson, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Niewoeher, Leo.           Co. A,   7801 Pennsylvania Avenue, Saint Louis, Missouri.
Nigro, Angelo D.          Co. E.
Norton, Walter H.         Co. D,   6952 Normal Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Noska, Clarence E.        Co. D,   3211 Park Avenue, New York, New York.
Null, Clyde R.            Co. B,   227 5th Street, Jeanette, Pennsylvania.
Nyberg, Lloyd E.          Co. D,   1704 East 5th Street, Duluth, Minnesota.
O’Boyle, James.           Co. D,   435 Ohio Avenue, Wheeling, West Virginia.
O’Brien, John E.          Co. C,   47 Main Street, Appanaugh, Rhode Island.
O’Dea, Francis.           Co. D,   735 High Street, Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
Oakley, Harold F.         Co. A,   436 Bunnel Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Oberst, Charles.          Co. C,   80 Beverly Street, Newark, New Jersey.
Oehler, Carl F.           Co. D,   WelImas, Minnesota.
Oelze, August H.          Co. A,   54 Ravine Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey.
Oerding, Harry H.         Co. B,   Coquille, Oregon.
Oetgen, H. H.             Co. A,   R. R. No. 3, Beardstown, Illinois.
Oetjen, Doughty C.        Co. E,   210 Broad Street, Augusta, Georgia.
Ollstedt, Fred T.         Co. A,   855 Barry Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Olson, Alvin G.           Co. A,   1213 4th Avenue North, Fargo, North Dakota.
Olson, Charles E.         Co. D,   2616 Pillsbury Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Oman, Walter C.           Co. E,   316 20th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Oppenheimer, Henry A.     Co. A,   321 West Grace Street, Richmond, Virginia.
Orcutt, Willard E.        Co. A,   1712 Rebecca Street, Sioux City, Iowa.
Osback, Carl W.           Co. A,   546 Park Place, Lyndhurst, New Jersey.
Ost, Stanley G.           Co. A,   316 West 65th Street, New York, New York.
Overdorf, Jay P.          Co. E,   731 Napoleon, Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
Oxenford, Bishop A.       Co. A,   2 Graham Avenue, Metuchen, New Jersey.
Paige, Frank L.           Co. C,   Modesto, California.
Palange, Henry 0.         Co. A,   212 York Street, Jersey City, New Jersey.
Palmer, Chester.          Co. C,   Merridian, Idaho.
Paolucci, Guiseppe.       Co. B,   Box "P," Midland, West Virginia.
Parker, Harry R.          Co. C,   6322 Colby Street, Oakland, California.
Parker, Walker L.         Co. D,   250 West Broad Street, Burlington, New Jersey.
Parker, Walter A.         Co. B,   Hilleboro, North Dakota.
Parker, William S.        Co. B,   863 36th Street, Oakland, California.
Parks, Fred R.            Co. C,   1222 South Cotton Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.
Parsons, Orin.            Co. B,   214 Nauticoke Street, Union, New York.
Parsons, Walter E.        Co. D,   3860 Walls Road, Baltimore, Maryland.
Patrick, Samuel L.        Co. C,   25 Moultrie Street, Charleston, South Carolina.
Patrick, Walden W.        Co. A,   78 Chestnut Street, Dubuque, Iowa.
Patterson, John L.        Co. C,   Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.
Paul, Edward 0.           Co. B,   33 Portland Avenue, Payton, Ohio.
Paul, Robert E.           Co. Hdq. 953 Teuton Avenue, New York, New York.
Paxton, Carl D.           Co. B,   Hassan, Okanogan County, Washington.
Pearce, Albert.           Co. A,   250 Buena Vista, Highland Park, Michigan.
Peattie, Roderick.        Co. D,   17 West 9th Street, New York, New York.
Peck, Dewey C.            Co. A,   Dorance, Kansas.
Pellorin, Arthur.         Co. D,   110 Concord Street, Manchester, New Hampshire.
Pelton, Charles W.        Co. D,   50 Granite Street, Brooklyn, New York.
Penn, Thomas J.           Co. C,   Abingdon, Virginia.
Perry, Jacob W.           Co. D,   651 2nd Street N. E., Washington D. C.
Peter, Edwin G.           Co. B,   Box 238 Castleton, New York.
Peterman, Enos E.         Co. E,   Leola, South Dakota.
Peters, Cecil M.          Co. A,   East Roaford, Virginia.
Peters, Earl W.           Co. D,   Egypt, Pennsylvania.
Peterson, Clarence W.     Co. E,   2420 Chicago Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Peterson, Fred E.         Co. B,   Laramie, Wyoming.
Peterson, John M.         Co. C,   Terraville, South Dakota.
Pettee, Allen D.          Co. B,   7215 Cresham Road, Mt. Amy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Pettit, Donald F.         Co. A,   3212 Federal Street, Camden, New Jersey.
Pfennig, Clair M.         Co. D,   129 Meador Street, Bristol, Connecticut.
Pfiffner, Clarence F.     Co. E,   1920 Jackson Street, Dubuque, Pennsylvania.
Philip, Otto C.           Co. D,   53 Herkemer Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.
Phillips, Carl H.         Co. A,   Mescalero, New Mexico.
Phillips, Harry T.        Co. C,   223 26th Street, Lewiston, Idaho.
Phillips, Robert G.       Co. A,   Robinsville, North Carolina.
Pierce, Clarence E.       Co. D,   54 Forsyth Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.
Pierce, Harold J.         Co. E,   614 Ackerman Avenue, Syracuse, New York.
Pierce, James F.          Co. E,   436 Morris Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Pierce, James M .         Co. E,   Descoll, Virginia.
Pipes, Austice J.         Co. A,   Petersburg, Indiana.
Pitts, Charles.           Co. A,   Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Placzek, Joseph J.        Co. A,   Lesterville, South Dakota.
Plumb, John H.            Co. C,   427 Church Street, North Adams, Massachusettes.
Pollock, Robert A.        Co. E,   3831 West VanBuren Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Potter, William W.        Co. Hdq. P. 0. Box 13, Farmington, Michigan.
Powell, Elwood L.         Co. A,   2549 West Cumberland Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Powell, James R.          Co. A,   R. F. D. 2, Clinton, North Carolina.
Preston, Leonard C.       Co. B,   Dryad, Washington.
Prevedoros, Gust J.       Co. B,   529 North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Pribyl, James W.          Co. A,   1621 South Harding Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Price, David A.           Co. C,   1920 Pennslvania Street, Huntington, Pennsylvania.
Price, Reed L.            Co. D,   68 Pastorius Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Pruchnicki, William T.    Co. A,   183 North Hobman Street, Hammond, Indiana.
Putnam, Guy D.            Co. A,   Front Royal, Virginia.
Quinn, Martin P.          Co. E,   Thomson, New York.
Radcliffe, John N.        Co. A,   Box 114 West Elizabeth, Pennsylvania.
Raley, Edward C.          Co. D,   806 “O” Street N. W., Washington D. C.
Ranallo, Pietro.          Co. D,   854 Farquer Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Randolph, Fred A.         Co. D,   Reedsville, Pennsylvania.
Ransom, Charles J.        Co. E,   264 Cottage Street, Kingston, Pennsylvania.
Raquet, Borne.            Co. D,   Arcadia, Indiana.
Ratzel, Louis W.          Co. E,   Brookline, Massachusettes.
Ratzlaff, Carl J.         Co. B,   Valley City, North Dakota.
Raw, Eugene S.            Co. B,   78 Chestnut Street, Dubuque, Iowa.
Ray, William L.           Co. D,   Franklinsville, Indiana.
Raymond, Clare A.         Co. C,   University Place, Nebraska.
Reed, George H.           Co. E,   R. R. 3, Box 123 Jasper, Oklahoma.
Reed, Walter.             Co. A,   380 North Main Street, Old Town, Maine.
Regan, Clinton W.         Co. A,   Yorkville, Illinois.
Reibly, John H.           Co. A,   85 Ridgeview, Pern, Indiana.
Repine, David C.          Co. A,   226 17th Street, Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania.
Reynolds, William B.      Co. A,   Weiser, Idaho.
Rhodes, Benjamin L.       Co. E,   Stokes, South Carolina.
Richards, George D.       Co. E,   1211 North Alden Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Richards, Harold M.       Co. E,   1238 Neil Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.
Richardson James R.       Co. A,   Colgate, Oklahoma.
Rieger, Julius.           Co. D,   1 Poland Court, Arlington, Rhode Island.
Riley, Vernon W.          Co. A,   376 West 41st Place, Los Angeles, California.
Ring, William E.          Co. B,   Morris, Minnesota.
Rinn James P.             Co. B,   75 Chamber Street, Boston, Massachusettes.
Risk, Harold J.           Co. B,   Lisbon, North Dakota.
Ritchings, Harold E.      Co. E,   80 Alexander Street, Newark, New Jersey.
Ritzman, George D.        Co. E,   112 South lst Street, Shamokin, Pennsylvania.
Rizzi, Michael.           Co. E,   743 DeHaven Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Robb, James M.            Co. C,   Sheyney, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.
Robba, Giovanni.          Co. A,   426 West 45th Street, New York, New York.
Roberson Charles S.       Co. A,   1220 Porter Street, Richmond, Virginia.
Roberts, George H.        Co. B,   60 Sherbourne Avenue, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Roberts, Harvey W.        Co. D,   1019 Steuben Street, Utica, New York.
Robinson, James W.        Co. D,   516 16th Avenue, McKeesport, Pennsylvania.
Robinson, William R.      Co. A,   Dickson, Tennessee.
Rock, William.            Co. C,   397 Edmund Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Roddy Ernest M.           Co. B,   Catawba, South Carolina.
Roe, Kenneth C.           Co. E,   601 North Kansas Avenue, Marceline, Missouri.
Roethler, Herbert M.      Co. E,   lonia, Iowa.
Rogers, James H.          Co. D,   22 Meade Street, Orange, New Jersey.
Rogers, Marcus J.         Co. A,   849 Fairmount Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Rohrbach, Harry L.        Co. A,   1441 Turner Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Rose, Edmund G.           Co. A,   R. F. D. 1, New Iberia, Louisiana.
Rose, Ronald F.           Co. C,   1806 State Street, Boise, Idaho.
Ross, John H.             Co. Hdq. 29 Hunt Street, Newton, Massachusettes.
Rossean, William H.       Co. B,   Hamburg, Iowa.
Rowe, Cecil V.            Co. B,   130 North Main Street, Towanda, Pennsylvania.
Rowe, Elmer E.            Co. B,   6 Fair Street, Oneanta, New York.
Rowland, Emoys.           Co. E,   McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania.
Rowland, Joseph R.        Co. A,   34 East 15th Street, New York, New York.
Royer, Leo.               Co. A,   R. 6, Memphis, Missouri.
Rucker, Arthur D.         Co. A,   108 East Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia.
Ruffner, Charles W.       Co. A,   1662 Broadway, Buffalo, New York.
Ruh, Edward C.            Co. Hdq. 133 Lynch Street, Brooklyn, New York.
Russell, Raymond H.       Co. B,   Marionville, Missouri.
Russo, Tony.              Co. D,   10 Navy Street, Brooklyn, New York.
Ryan, Edward J.           Co. C,   15 Wyman Street, Worcester, Massachusettes.
Ryan, John A.             Co. B,   240 Garden Street, San Antonio, Texas.
Salmon, Edward J.         Co. C,   Mahoney City, Pennsylvania.
Sampson, Samuel.          Co. B,   142 West 118th Street, New York, New York.
Sanborn, Robert H.        Co. B,   407 Gaylord Avenue, Ludington, Michigan.
Santens, John.            Co. D,   609 East 2nd Street, Los Angeles, California.
Saunders, Samuel E.       Co. D,   Roseland, Virginia.
Saurman, Malcolm L.       Co. E,   21 Berwich Road, Medford, Massachusettes.
Sawyer, George H.         Co. E,   46 Halleck Street, Newark, New Jersey.
Sayler Charlie F.         Co. C,   Dixie, Washington.
Schaefer Charles E.       Co. E,   2119 Loth Street, Cincinnati Ohio.
Schatz, John H.           Co. D,   1621 Barth Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Scherer, Joseph G.        Co. B,   61 Manton Street, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Schies Timothy L.         Co. B,   Juan de Fuca, Washington.
Schinder, Feador.         Co. D,   Camp 2, Carney’s Point, New Jersey.
Schlauch, Rowland G.      Co. Hdq. 1541-l/2 Tilghman Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Schmenkel, Harry.         Co. D,   3129 West 61st Street, Cleveland, Ohio.
Schmidt, Ivan F.          Co. A,   111 14th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Schmidt, Walter J.        Co. E,   1901 South 15th Street, Burlington, Iowa.
Schoeh, Edward R.         Co. A,   4201 Pine Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Schramm, Walter H.        Co. B,   150 Flood Street, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Schreiber, William F.     Co. D,   Moore Street, Hubbard, Ohio.
Schrepfer, Edward.        Co. A,   6055 Rienbars Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Schroeder, Bert.          Co. C,   Cottonwood, Idaho.
Schroeder, Henry J.       Co. D,   2401 Cole Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Schuler, Roland P.        Co. D,   315 Church Street, Kingston, Pennsylvania.
Schulten, William J.      Co. D,   529 North Rodney Street, Helena, Montana.
Schultz, Fred E.          Co. E,   2517 James Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Schumann, Joseph P.       Co. E,   Towanda, Pennsylvania.
Schwarm, Harold C.        Co. E,   404 Gaston Avenue, Farmont, West Virginia.
Scott, Alexander.         Co. E,   Lonaconing, Maryland.
Scott, Thomas D.          Co. A,   Fresno, California.
Scott, William G.         Co. A,   Castle-Shannon, Pennsylvania.
Seitz, Harry.             Co. Hdq. Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.
Selby, John D.            Co. D,   R. F. D. Boise, Idaho.
Seward, Walter A.         Co. B,   874 Phalen Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Seyter, Oscar.            Co. D,   77 Garden Street, Newark, New Jersey.
Shaffer, Joe McI.         Co. A,   New Market, Virginia.
Sharman, Thomas A.        Co. B,   20 Bleeker Street, Jersey City, New Jersey.
Shattuck, Edward S.       Co. B,   1251 Saint Andrews Place, Los Angeles, California.
Shaw, Elmer V.            Co. E,   Decorah, Iowa.
Shaw, Roscoe E.           Co. A,   Garrettsville, Ohio.
Shearer, Elmer J.         Co. E,   234th Avenue, "L" South, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Sheeran Lloyd G.          Co. E,   210 North 4th Street, Boise, Idaho.
Sheets, Howard W.         Co. D,   521 High Street, Williamsport, Virginia.
Shelton, Andrew K.        Co. E,   1207 5th Avenue, Huntington, West Virginia.
Sheridan, William A.      Co. A,   North Side, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Shields, Frederick H.     Co. D,   Daniel, Wyoming.
Shine, Manning T.         Co. D,   Fulton, Alabama.
Shissler, James H.        Co. D,   244 Spruce Street, Sunburg, Pennsylvania.
Shoemaker, Walter E.      Co. A,   1136 Washington Street, Freeland, Pennsylvania.
Shope, Henry A.           Co. C,   611 Ann Street, Homestead, Pennsylvania.
Shriner, Walter R.        Co. A,   1236 Oliver Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Shumaker, Knight.         Co. A,   Pembina, North Dakota.
Sibbald, Charles T. A.    Co. C,   769 3rd Avenue, Troy, New York.
Sibbald, Raymond L.       Co. C,   553 Hoosick Street, Troy, New York.
Sidenstricker, Ernest.    Co. D,   Jacksonville, Ohio.
Siens, Walter R.          Co. D,   Thief River Falls, Minnesota.
Silverstine, Isadora.     Co. B,   948 Union Avenue, New York, New York.
Simmons, Charles L .      Co. C,   Rexburg, Idaho.
Simond, Maurice H.        Co. A,   58 Pearl Street, Franklin, New Hampshire.
Simonds, Frank G.         Co. D,   7818 Laumer Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.
Simons, Sprague T.        Co. B,   Missoula, Montana.
Simpson, Carl A.          Co. E,   2517 11th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Skelly John J. Jr.        Co. A,   49 8th Avenue, New York, New York.
Skooglum, Oscar.          Co. C,   750 Maryland Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Slade, Wesley L.          Co. B,   Pikesville, Maryland.
Slaughter, Joseph L.      Co. E,   Minburn, Iowa.
Slinclair, Earl T.        Co. C,   801 South 1st Street, Stillwater, Minnesota.
Smentkowski, Florian A.   Co. A,   3220 Laelede Road, Maplewood, Missouri.
Smith Charles R.          Co. B,   814 Minor Avenue, Seattle, Washington.
Smith Henry P.            Co. A,   8 Nye Street, Rockville, Connecticut.
Smith, Bert L.            Co. D,   Sharpesville, Pennsylvania.
Smith, Edward J.          Co. B,   32 West Fulton Street, Columbus, Ohio.
Smith, Hugh C.            Co. D,   35 Hazel Street, Carning, New York.
Smith, Leroy.             Co. A,   1859 Hamilton Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan.
Smith, Louis B.           Co. C,   483 Delaware Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.
Smith, Lud L.             Co. A,   Utica, Ohio.
Smith, Ralph E.           Co. C,   606 Beachly Avenue, Meyersdale, Pennsylvania.
Smith, William M.         Co. C,   965 Fremont Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Smulowitz, Sol.           Co. B,   1969 1st Avenue, New York, New York.
Snell, Arthur H.          Co. B,   1110 Hamilton Street, Houston, Texas.
Sniker, Leonard W.        Co. B,   728 Plum Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Snyder, Glenn G.          Co. D,   20 Holiday Street, Oil City, Pennsylvania.
Soderstrom, Edward J.     Co. D,   1224 North Parkeide Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Sopezak Maciej.           Co. B,   1253 Nagel Street, Hamstramah, Michigan.
Souter, Amonett B.        Co. E,   Magnolia, Arkansas.
Spaett, Morris.           Co. D,   1222 Boynton Avenue, Bronx, New York.
Speights, Carroll.        Co. A,   2705 East Clay Street, Richmond, Virginia.
Spurr, Edward B.          Co. D,   1755 Park Road, Washington D. C.
Stablein, William A.      Co. E,   Alexandria, Maryland.
Stacey, Edwin R.          Co. B,   Jamaica, Long Island, New York.
Stanwood, Byron J.        Co. B,   Gooding, Idaho.
Starcher, Alonzo.         Co. C,   Murray City, Ohio.
Stebbins, Frank R.        Co. B,   2026 "G" Street, Lewiston, Idaho.
Steele, William F.        Co. E,   455 Hayes Street, San Francisco, California.
Steffen, Earnest W.       Co. E,   Grundy Center Iowa.
Steinhagen, Rudolph A.    Co. D,   2725 State Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Stemple, Humbert S.       Co. E,   Meatsville, West Virginia.
Stensnes, Carl 0.         Co. A,   Buffalo Center, Iowa.
Stephons, Isaac G.        Co. A,   416 East Hugbort Street, Norman, Oklahoma.
Stern, Arthur B.          Co. D,   4535 Pine Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Stevens, John F. Jr.      Co. A,   101 West 11th Street, New York, New York.
Stevens, William H.       Co. D,   1107 Elm Street, Decatur, Indiana.
Stevenson Robert G.       Co. E,   2120 Union Street, Brunswick, Georgia.
Stickney, Bernard J.      Co. E,   329 9th Street South, Virginia, Minnesota.
Stillman, Horace B.       Co. E,   137 Grant Street, Atlanta, Georgia.
Stimson, Roger C.         Co. A,   Gorham, Maine.
Stock, Victor J.          Co. A,   706 South 10th Street, Saint Joseph, Maine.
Stockey Emmons B.         Co. C,   Bonners Ferry, Idaho.
Stoeffler, Frederick.     Co. B,   24 Fenhurst Place, Richmond, New York.
Stokley John M.           Co. D,   4051 Aspen Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Stone, James A.           Co. D,   Dallas, Texas.
Stone, Ransom.            Co. C,   1304 Richardson Street, Port Huron, Michigan.
Stone, Walter E.          Co. C,   100 Chestnut Street, Kearney, New Jersey.
Storm, William W. Jr.     Co. A,   528 West 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Strane, Archie A.         Co. B,   Marion, Iowa.
Streed, Hilding A.        Co. B,   209 Mckee Street, Batavia, Illinois.
Strickland, Charles H.    Co. C,   Kettrell, North Carolina.
Strickland, Chas. H.      Co. D,   167 West 231st Street, New York, New York.
Strimling, Louis.         Co. B,   94 Highland Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Sullivan, Carlton E.      Co. A,   Nina, Nevada.
Sullivan, Daniel C.       Co. C,   Stillwater, Minnesota.
Sullivan, Phillip.        Co. D,   14 West Quartz Street, Butte, Montana.
Swain, James 0.           Co. B,   Lizton, Indiana.
Swienkoski, Adam.         Co. D,   East Winona, Illinois.
Swink, Howard H.          Co. A,   Franklin, Ohio.
Sykes, Arthur.            Co. C,   Uxbridge, Massachusettes.
Tabor, William H.         Co. B,   Clermont, Florida.
Tait, Paul M.             Co. D,   Billings, Montana.
Talbot, Larcy W.          Co. A,   36 Catherine Street, Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Talbot, William H.        Co. C,   19 Orchard Place, Greenwich, Connecticut.
Tank, Charles W.          Co. D,   3102 North Spalding Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Tarr, Russell S.          Co. D,   The Knoll, Ithica, New York.
Taylor, Edwin J.          Co. Hdq. Mt. Sterling, Pennsylvania.
Taylor, Everett A.        Co. B,   Sutton, Nebraska.
Taylor, William F.        Co. C,   2806 Ashland Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Terhume, Chester B.       Co. B,   Petersburg, Illinois.
Terrell, Fred W.          Co. B,   PoIson, Montana.
Terry, Elmer L.           Co. C,   Plainfield, New Jersey.
Teter, Eldon H.           Co. B,   504 Dock Street, Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania.
Thayer, Charles P.        Co. E,   North Charlestown, Now Hampshire.
Thomas, Elsa J.           Co. B,   R. R. No. 1, Payette, Idaho.
Thomas, Willis.           Co. C,   Callup, New Mexico.
Thompson, Harry F.        Co. B,   Beaver, Pennsylvania.
Thompson, Lester S.       Co. E,   251 East Kingsbridge, New York, New York.
Thompson, Roy W.          Co. E,   Monroe, Louisiana.
Thompson, William J.      Co. C,   47 Main Street, Quincy, Massachusettes.
Thorne, Olaf.             Co. B,   Litchfield, Minnesota.
Thrall, Frederick E.      Co. A,   R. F. D. No. 3, Rockwell, Connecticut.
Timmons, Grant E.         Co. A,   1135 Creve Court, La Salle, Illinois.
Tonsor, Joe R.            Co. E.
Torgerson, Stanley A.     Co. C,   Hawley, Minnesota.
Tortorici, Benedetto.     Co. A,   323 East 60th Street, New York, New York.
Trabold, Edmund H.        Co. A,   7 North Jefferson Street, Orange, New Jersey.
Tracy, Raymond E.         Co. B,   504 7th Avenue South, Jamestown, North Dakota.
Treanor, Leo M.           Co. C,   Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Trimble, Chester B.       Co. C,   237 South Ridge Avenue, Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Trimble, Lowell D.        Co. C,   237 South Ridge Avenue, Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Trimble, William A.       Co. B,   2407 North 30th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Tucknor, John H.          Co. C,   South Fort George, British Columbia, Canada.
Turner, Isaac A.          Co. E,   217 Genesse Street, Auburn, New York.
Turner, Leo E.            Co. A,   108 East Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia.
Tygrette, Barney.         Co. D,   Kingston, West Virginia.
Uitendaal, Leonardus.     Co. A,   37 Kearney Street, Patterson, New Jersey.
Unsicker, Paul J.         Co. B,   2863 Benninghofen Avenue, Hamilton, Ohio.
Vaeth, Jacob.             Co. E,   46 19th Avenue, Newark, New Jersey.
Van der Horck, Max P.     Co. C,   3040 Stevens Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Van Houte, Henry.         Co. Hdq. Big Timber, Montana.
Van Name, William M.      Co. E,   92 Merserau Avenue, Staten Island, New York.
Van Zandt, Charles R.     Co. A,   1023 3rd Avenue, Longmont, Colorado.
Vanchelet, Laurie J.      Co. C,   605 North Missouri Street, Roswell, New Mexico.
Vanderbosch, Edward F.    Co. A,   921 14th Street, South Bend, Indiana.
Vane, Harold P.           Co. C,   129 Austin Street, Worcester, Massachusettes.
Vaughn, John N.           Co. A.
Vincent, John V.          Co. C,   431 Cedar Street, Manistee, Michigan.
Voil, Charles F.          Co. C,   R. F. D. No. 7, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Voleske, Michael.         Co. D,   9923 Reno, Cleveland, Ohio.
Vosbury, Clinton T.       Co. E,   129 Walnut Street, Haddenfield, New Jersey.
Waara, Elliel A.          Co. E,   Hancock, Michigan.
Walker, Harlan A.         Co. B,   673 South 13th Street East, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Walker, Robert H.         Co. A,   Stevensville, Pennsylvania.
Wallace, Abram M. A.      Co. A,   169 Manhattan Avenue, New York, New York.
Wallace, James.           Co. A,   Westwood, California.
Wallace, Samuel A.        Co. D,   1419 Hollywood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Wallach, Joseph G.        Co. D,   New York, New York.
Wallar, Henry W.          Co. C,   2727 Dupont Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Walsh, Edward A.          Co. A,   325 West 15th Street, New York, New York.
Walsh, Milton J.          Co. C,   44 Maple Street, Oneonta, New York.
Wambheim, Dennis.         Co. C,   Hatton, North Dakota.
Wanzer, Horace B.         Co. A,   2323 Hearst Avenue, Berkeley, California.
Warde, Walter H.          Co. C,   279 Chestnut Street, East Lynn, Kansas.
Wardrope, Robert H.       Co. A,   81 Como Avenue, Buffalo, New York.
Warner, Stanley L.        Co. B,   Utica, Ohio.
Waterfield, John R.       Co. A,   101 West 11th Street, New York, New York.
Waters, Gilbert C. Jr.    Co. B,   15 Werner Park, Rochester, New York.
Waters, Louis H.          Co. C,   718 Lincoln Avenue Eest, Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Watkins, Joseph S.        Co. B,   Troutville, Virginia.
Watson, Robert H.         Co. B,   44 Hancock Street, Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
Watt, John U.             Co. A,   266 Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.
Wattenburg, J.            Co. D,   960 Prospect Street, Bronx, New York.
Watts, Carl.              Co. E,   1522 Winifield Street, Los Angeles, California.
Weaver, Samuel A.         Co. B,   1414 11th Street N. W., Washington D. C.
Webb, Percy G.            Co. C,   Big Timber, Montana.
Webster, Leslie J.        Co. B,   43 Conkey Avenue, Rochester, New York.
Wedmore, Dave.            Co. D,   409 East Charles Street, Muncie, Indiana.
Weeks, Frank E.           Co. D,   7228 39th Avenue S. W., Seattle, Washington.
Weeks, William A.         Co. D,   1106 Orchard Street, Peekskill, New York.
Weigle, Carl J.           Co. E,   1461 Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena, California.
Weinstein, Jacob.         Co. E.
Weir, William J.          Co. A,   Saint Augustine, Flarida.
Weiss, Pierre.            Co. D,   5636 44th Avenue South, Seattle, Washington.
Welch, Joseph E.          Co. D,   1341 3rd Street, McDonaldton, Pennsylvania.
Weller, Dewey L.          Co. A,   1618 West 2nd Street, Marion, Indiana.
Wellman, Robert L.        Co. D,   569 Jefferson Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey.
West, Charles E.          Co. C,   Mankato, Minnesota.
Wheeler Lloyd G.          Co. A,   1436 East king Street, York, Pennsylvania.
Wheeler, Frank L.         Co. B,   Scotland, South Dakota.
White, James G.           Co. C,   Vacaville, California.
White, Judd E.            Co. D,   Dodge City, Kansas.
White, Samuel 0.          Co. C,   Eustis, Maine.
Whittington, Wesley C.    Co. A,   123 West Moriva Street, Sea Isle City, New Jersey.
Wible, William C.         Co. A,   813 Oakton Street, Evanston, Illinois.
Wick Samuel E.            Co. D,   90 Eastwood Place, Buffalo, New York.
Wicks, Sanford P.         Co. B,   88 Westervelt Avenue, New Brdghton, Long Island, New York.
Wilcox, Fred B.           Co. C,   Parishville, New York.
Wilde, Clements.          Co. A,   116 East 29th Street, New York, New York.
Wilkinson, Harold E.      Co. E,   512 Airbrake Avenue, Wilmerding, Pennsylvania.
Willard, James E. Jr.     Co. A,   700 Morgan Street, Knoxville, Tennessee.
Willett, Thomas.          Co. E,   36 Main Street, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.
Williams, Floria.         Co. C,   1932-1/2 Parker Street, Berkeley, California.
Williams, Harry.          Co. E,   Goshen, Ohio.
Williams, Luther F.       Co. B,   309 Howard Avenue, Piedmont, California.
Williams, Walter C.       Co. A,   Laurinburg, North Carolina.
Willoughby, Bon L.        Co. C,   209 Bank Street, Dayton, Ohio.
Wilson, Charles A.        Co. B,   509 53rd Avenue, Duluth, Minnesota.
Wilson, Ellis B.          Co. B,   140 Kent Street, Hartford, Connecticut.
Wilson, John T.           Co. D,   Catherine Street, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania.
Wilson, Leon H.           Co. A,   Duning, Nevada.
Wilson, Robert H.         Co. B,   Filer, Idaho.
Withes, Warren.           Co. B,   1280 Raymond Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Witt, Harry M.            Co. A,   304 South Laurel Street, Richmond, Virginia.
Witt, Robert H.           Co. A,   Witt P. 0., Virginia.
Wolcott, Harry.           Co. B,   1339 24th Street, Des Moines, Iowa.
Wolcott, Luther A.        Co. C,   125 Grand River Street, Detroit, Michigan.
Wolff, Alfred.            Co. D,   235 Puritan Avenue, Highland Park, Detroit, Michigan.
Wolff, Isadore M.         Co. A,   49 Hamburg Avenue, Patterson, New Jersey.
Wolfinger, Oliver R.      Co. C,   6021 12th Avenue N. E., Seattle, Washington.
Wood, Paul L.             Co. B,   49 Dawes Street, Springfield, Massachusettes.
Wood, Wright H.           Co. D,   American Hotel, East Main Street, Ilion, New York.
Woodford, John F.         Co. B,   Morrowville, Missouri.
Woodles, Harry S.         Co. E,   Stockton, California.
Woodruff, John W.         Co. E,   1004 Mills Street, Kalamazoo, Mich.
Wratten, Henry J.         Co. A,   1436 Park Avenue, Racine, Wisconsin.
Wright, Dupont.           Co. A,   Goggansville, Georgia.
Wright, Henry H.          Co. A,   325 Mt. View Street, Pasadena, California.
Wunsch, Edmund G.         Co. B,   310 Montana Avenue, Morris, Minnesota.
Wyman, George L.          Co. C,   Big Piney, Wyoming.
Wynkoop, Mark P.          Co. C,   614 3rd Street, Bismarck, North Dakota.
Yates, Eugene P.          Co. A,   Box 304, Concord, North Carolina.
Yeager, James J.          Co. C,   88 Jackson Street, Trenton, New Jersey.
Yellott, Frederick M.     Co. C,   Reisterstown, Maryland.
Youch, George M.          Co. D,   704 South Wilbur Street, Sayre, Pennsylvania.
Young, Park E.            Co. D,   Sherman, New York.
Zartman, Wesley S.        Co. C,   17 North Anthracite Street, Shamokin, Pennsylvania.

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