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This is by no means a complete list, just some records that were copied 35 years ago by a friend who has since died. I have much miscellaneous data such as this, and will be uploading it regularly to my site in order to share this material with others. Click on HOME above and visit my web page.

David E. Whetstone to Alice Moore 23 Feb 1835
Asa Wickson to Peggy Null 8 May 1833
Thomas Wilson to Amelia Kennedy 16 Aug 1832
Greenberry Logan to Caroline Williamson 28 Nov 1837
Jesse A. H. Cleveland to Mary D. Millican 5 Feb 1845Please see notations at bottom, regarding Jesse A. H. Cleveland
John sharp to Sarah J. W. Calvitt 6 Sept 1837
Henry Seaburn to Josephine Escher 12 Sept 1841
John N. Ward to Ruth Ann Hawkins 22 Mar 1843
John Paine to Mary Ann Stephens 4 Dec 1837
James P. Caldwell to Ann B. Munson issued 4 Dec 1837
Jeremiah Brown to Rebecca B. Spraggins 10 May 1833
James Murphy to Sarah Lonis issued 29 Dec 1837
Thomas S. Hinds to Mary Bailey issued 29 Dec 1837
W. J. Cannon to M. J. Lonis issued 29 Dec 1837
Hiram Riggs to Mary Jefferson issued 27 Jan 1838
Philo Hoadley to Felia Winney issued 27 Jan 1838
Charles James O'Connor to Mary O'Donnell issued 28 Jan 1838
John Pickering to Lorina Morris issued 17 Feb 1838
William Hamilton to Louisa H. Ausborn issued 14 Mar 1838
Walter L. Burke to Cordelia Holbrook issued 17 May 1838
Sameul Harden to Tamer Morgan issued 24 May 1838
Edward L. Holmes to Sophia M. Sweeney issued 18 June 1838
John Smith to Catherine C. Gillet issued 2 July 1838
James P. McKinney to Elvira Prather issued 9 July 1838
William C. Gill to Sarah Woodruff issued 13 Aug 1838
Edward Thomas Branch to Anne Wharton Cleveland issued 18 Aug 1838 (NOTE: Can anyone tell me about this couple? ja)
George Rodriquez to Mary Anne Holbrook issued 2 Oct 1838
T. F. Brewer to Carmen C. Blandin issued 25 July 1838
Jesse A. H. Cleveland to Mary D. Millican 14 Dec 1834
Felix C. Catonnet to Eliza D. Jones issued ___Dec 1838
Ammon Underwood to Rachel Jane Carson issued 4 Jan 1839
James Earle to Elvira McFarlan issued 9 Jan 1839
Cornelius Litz to Mary Morris issued 21 Jan 1839
Abner H. Hodge to Margaret Roberts issued 23 Jan 1839
William H. butler to Ann E. Depew issued 29 Jan 1839
John B. Warren to Jeanna Southmayd issued 7 Feb 1839
Charles Leonard to Marianne McGreal(?) issued 11 Feb 1839
William Natt to Mary Ann Byrom issued 19 Feb 1838
David J. Holt to Sarah Hendrick issued 13 Mar 1839
Theodore L. Lee to Marianne Duncan issued 26 Mar 1839
James Wilson Copes to Elizabeth Lucinda Bell issued 7 Apr 1839
William Ryon to A. M. De La Croix issued 8 Apr 1839
Edwin B. Settle to Josephine M. Gibbs issued 11 Apr 1839
Chesley Stringfellow to Sophia Ahrens issued 17 Apr 1839
Edwin Harry to Martha G. Morrow issued 7 May 1839
Asa Brigham to Ann Mather issued 8 July 1839
John M. Meeks to elizabeth Boyd issued __June 1839
Jesse K. Davis to Mary Davis issued 28 July 1839
John H. Herndon to Barbara M. W. Calvit issued 27 Aug 1839
Edward Boylston Walker, Jr. to Caroline Eugenia Anderson Howard issued 28 Sept 1839
Jacob Matson to Mary Klippart issued 13 Oct 1839
David L. Evans to Flora Ann Sasser issued 29 Oct 1839
Henry Wilcox to Almira Bowen issued 12 Nov 1839
William R. Smith to Lucinda (Lorinda) Forsyth issued 13 Nov 1839
Thomas J. Pilgrim to Lucy M. Ives issued 15 Nov 1839
Henry Smith to Sarah Gillett issued 24 Nov 1839
William Polite to Mrs. B. Corbin issued 1 Dec 1839
James McNeil Stewart to Martha Cleveland issued 20 Nov 1839
G. W. Fulton to Harriet G. Smith issued 12 Mar 1840
Swen Bergstrom to Maria E. Gervin issued 28 Mar 1840
Thomas Hemsworth to Lucy Amelia Foulks issued 23 Mar 1840
William J. Bryan to Lavinia K. Perry issued 3 Aor 1840
Samuel Eadson to Mary N. Condon issued 8 June 1840
Timothy Choisserand to Elizabeth Crenshaw issued 7 Aug 1840
John M. Prewitt to Mary Edwards issued 17 Aug 1840
Edward Dickenson to Rachel Hemminger issued 6 Feb 1841
Brutus Burrows to Susan Duvall issued 15 Mar 1841
Joseph H. Knapp to Lucianna Floris issued 27 or 29 Mar 1841
Claiborne Rector to Elizabeth Milburn issued 10 Mar 1841
Eleazer Higgins to Eveline Tatum issued 8 Oct 1841
Ben F. Terry to Mary Bingham issued 9 Oct 1841
Robert H. Hunter to Samirah M. Beard issued 29 Nov 1841
Thomas D. James to Letitia Rector 13 Jan 1842
John Florence to Elenor Bartlett issued 13 Jan 1842
Henson G. Westall to Harriet D. Ferguson issued 23 Feb 1842
Charles B. Underhill to Mrs. Martha Jane Moore 14 Jan 1842
Todd Robinson to Mary Jane Crittenden 12 Mar 1842
Joseph E. Wilson to Teresa McGreal issued 1 Apr 1842
Stephen J. Justice to Elizabeth S. Scobey issued 6 Apr 1842
Gail Borden to Mrs. Catherine Jane Carson issued 24 Aor 1842
Joseph Hughs to Mrs. Mary Graff issued 23 Nov 1842
Thomas B. King to Amanda M. De la Croix issued 4 July 1842
Joseph Egbert Polly to Mary Augusta Polly issued 12 Oct 1842
Nathaniel Rudder to Eliza O'Conner issued 24 Nov 1842
William B. Aldridge to America Patton issued 7 Dec 1842
John Frederick Hanson to Mrs. May A. Natt issued 31 Dec 1842
Elisah Maxey to Mrs. Sarah Weems issued 19 Jan 1843
Lewis Howerton to Dulcina E. Gorbet 24 Jan 1843
John N. Ward to Ruth Ann Hankins issued 20 Mar 1843
William McMaster to Mary Eliza Russell 21 July 1843
James Burke to Mrs. Catherine B. Dart 3 Aug 1843
Pulaski J. Fisk to Jane M. Smith issued 16 Sept 1843
Samuel Hinkle to Laura D. Bell 21 Sept 1843
Charles K. Reese to Sarah T. Norris 18 Oct 1843
Larkin Martin to Marion B. Alsbury 8 Feb 1844
John Worrall to Mrs. E. J. spann issued 20 Mar 1844
John P. Carson to Jane E. Kennedy 25 Apr 1844
Robert J. Herndon to Mrs. Mary Jane Sharp issued 14 May 1844
Augustus Burr to Isabella Follett issued 1 July 1844
Martin Peske to Frances Bulcher issued 24 Aug 1844
Warren H. Manidue to Ann eliza Compton 28 Sept 1844
George Eisel to Elizabeth Doby 30 Sept 1844
Edward Gieseke to Lisette Doby 21 Oct 1844
John L. Ellis to Mrs. Mary Dobe 3 Nov 1844
Joseph Hughes to Mar. Susana Larrison 3 Nov 1844
William H. Scott to Jane N. Churchill 19 Dec 1844
W. A. Crenshaw to Harriett Ann McNeel 18 Dec 1844
Martin L. Nuckels to Charlotte T. Crenshaw 19 Dec 1844
David Murphree to Margaretta Patton 8 Jan 1845
Elsey Harrison to Martha Biddle 28 Dec 1845
John M. Prewitt to Mrs. Mary Prewitt 1 Apr 1845
Hudson Gaston to Caroline T. Austin issued 7 Nov 1845
Gustavus Bertrand to Eliza Jane Cayce 16 Dec 1845
Thomas McGreal to Emily Stubberfield issued 5 Jan 1846
J. O. Winburn to Ann R. Kenneday 6 Jan 1846
James C. Wilson to Amelia Weekley 4 Feb 1846

Additional material on Jesse A. H. Cleveland supplied by Ron Livingston
My thanks to Ron for his generosity!
Page 4 of the transcription: "Page 34 [of Brazoria Co. Marriage Book A, 1829-1852]. Department of Brazos, Jurisdiction of Columbia. J. A. H. CLEVELAND-Mary D. MILLICAN. $5,000. 14 December 1834. Witnesses: J. C. Collinsworth, R. Stevenson. Edwin Waller, Alcalde." (This is a marriage by bond. Colonists had to be Catholic, so would marry by bond until a priest could come to the colony to perform marriages.) (Page 8 of the transcription): "Pages 80-81. Department of Brazos, Jurisdiction of Columbia. J. A. H. CLEVELAND-Mary D. MILLICAN. $5,000. 14 December 1834. Witnesses: D. C. Collinsworth, R. Stevenson. Edwin Waller, Alcalde. (Same as page 34)" (Page 8 of the transcription): "Pages 81-82, # 31. Jesse A. H. CLEVELAND-Mary D. MILLICAN. 23 November 1838. W. P. Scott, Chief Justice [i. e., County Judge of Brazoria County]." You ask about the couple, Edward T. BRANCH and Anne Wharton CLEVELAND in your list. (Anne was also called Annie Wharton Cleveland.) She was the daughter of Jesse. Her mother died right after the family arrived in TX and so Jesse allowed Sarah Ann (Groce) Wharton of Eagle Island Plantation to raise his daughter. As you can see from her name in the marriage records she was not officially adopted, but people called her Annie Wharton. She married a Branch whose biography is in the Handbook of Texas
Ron also states "I had wondered for years how or if Jesse was related to Annie "Wharton" Cleveland. Finally, when I saw the names of the household (#5)of J. A. H. Cleveland in 1850 Galveston census included 10 yr. old Cornelia Branch and that she was also in the household (#111 Liberty County) of Edward and Ann Branch (who lived next door to Charles R. Cleveland, hh#110), I realized that as I had always suspected, she, Ann, was Jesse A. H. Cleveland's daughter. Mary Millican, Jesse's wife (but not the mother of Annie and her older siblings), was the widow of Andrew Millican before she married Jesse. She had died apparently by the 1850 census.