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Metcalfe Family

There is wonder Metcalfe Clan page. To find the link to it look at the bottom of this page. I is will worth the look. Janet

THE METCALFE CLAN The following account of the history of the Metcalfe clan has been put together from various sources. Unfortunately the story varies slightly according to the teller or recorder, but the main theme runs through all the accounts.

The Metcalfe, Metcalf or Medcalfe clan originated in Dentdale. There were two great lines of the family the 'High Road' ones and the 'Low Road' ones. The road in question is the old Camhouse Road. The two groups separated sometime between 1300 and 1350 when the family of a certain Adam Medecalf of Middle Tongue in Dentdale arrived in Wensleydale. Adam himself, was killed in Dentdale during the reign of Edward I.

The head of the clan would ride proudly at the Military Musters, leading men of his own name. The Metcalfes fought at Agincourt where they followed the Scropes of Castle Bolton. They fought well and, on returning James Metcalfe was awarded land at Nappa in Wensleydale, in return for his services. A small tenement known facetiously as 'No Castle' stood on the land, but James, who was ambitious and deeply proud of his family soon obtained a licence to build a battlemented hall which put 'No Castle' to shame. This was about the year 1416.

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GENERATION I John Metcalfe (bc 1358 Yorkshire, Eng. & d bef. 5/2/1467) marr. Alice -?-(bc 1362 Askrigg, Yorkshire & d bef. 5/1467). Their children included James.


James Metcalfe (bc 1389 Nappa, Wensleydale, Eng.) & wife Gelsone -?- (bc 1400) Children were:


Bryan (bc 1422)

Joan/Johanna (bc 1424)


Cecily (bc 1426)

Myles (bc 1428 & d 2/25/1493-4, mem. Parliament)

Thomas (bc 1430 & d 1503)

GENERATION III Reginald Metcalfe (between 1417 & 1420 Yoscotes, Eng.) was the father of Elizabeth. Elizabeth Metcalfe, born Abt. 1477 in England; died in England

Elizabeth m'd Thomas Thornton Abt. 1494 in England

GENERATION IV Stephen Thornton (b 1504 Askrigg (Thornton) Yorkshire, Eng. & d 1539) marr. Cecily Metcalfe c 1539. They became the parents of Peter (c 1536), Gabell (c 1538) & Christopher (1540). Note: According to one source, Stephen Thornton was a known descendant of William the Conqueror, thus Charlemagne

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