John W. Lee's Genealogy Tree
John W. Lee's Genealogy Tree

Hosted by his 4th great granddaughter


oak tree at old Leetown site

This tree overlooks the area where John W. Lee and his family once lived in Benton Co., Arkansas. Today, barely a trace of the homestead or community of Leetown remains. The land once owned by this LEE family, now inside the Pea Ridge Civil War Park, is quite and peaceful, revealing no evidence of their lives or of the turmoil experienced in that past era. If you wander into the wooded area near this beautiful tree, you might be able to find the one remaining gravestone near John W. Lee's old property. Several unmarked graves here may hold the remains of John Wesley Lee's family or friends. This page reflects information gathered on this family over the past several years. This website will also connect with my related HEATH/MURRY/HAYS/SIMS/DOSS lines. Just follow the many links you see to visit each page. If you know anything about this interesting group of people, please share that knowledge with me.

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Descendants of John Wesley Lee

Generation No. 1

Be sure to visit this link to see notes on the 1st generation of John Wesley Lee's children

1. JOHN WESLEY LEE was born 1810 in Kentucky (every census from 1850 thru 1880 indicates birthplace as KY). It is thought he died in Grayson Co., TX 1894, but no cemetery data has been found yet (Aug. 2005). His father's name was given as William LEE by a descendant, Jessie Murry Garrison. Her daughter, Gladys Garrison BEAHOUT, added that his mother's name was Mary FREEMAN, but we have seen no proof of this yet, although there were FREEMAN people in his life. In 1860 J. W. LEE was in Bosque Co., TX with H. E. Lee, his new wife, and living with their family was a Mary A. FREEMAN 14 years old, b. AR. Look at the page of LEENOTES for more on this girl and J. W. LEE's "other" family. John's first family was found on the 1850 Greene Co., MO census, in Finley Twp., page 58, with real estate value $350.00. All of the children except the youngest attended school within the year. No record of John W. Lee's death has been located, but I am trying to find a gravestone in Grayson Co., TX, where I suspect he died after 1880. He married (1) Nancy SHELTON March 12, 1831 in Butler Co., KY, daughter of ABEDNIGO SHELTON (view Abednigo & Nancy's family information) and NANCY GOUGH. He married (2) Martha A. Shelton (also a daughter of Abednigo Shelton) in Benton Co., Missouri on July 2, 1845, according to old court records in Benton Co., AR., and a marriage record found on Heritage Quest's CD for US Marriage Record Indexes 1691-1850. This marriage record shows his name to be John Wesley Lee. Martha (Shelton) Lee is shown on the 1850 Greene Co., MO census as the wife of John W. Lee. He married (3) Hannah E. Unknown Freeman, widow of Joseph Freeman of Benton Co., AR. Her maiden name is still an unknown as of Aug. 2005. Click here to view the NOTES and data on John W. Lee's life.

Children of JOHN LEE and NANCY SHELTON are:

    2. i. JESSE VINSON LEE, b. 07 Jun 1832, KY; d. 21 Nov 1888, Benton Co., AR.
    ii. MARTHA A. R. LEE, b. Abt. 1833, KY.
    3. iii. GEORGE SYLVESTER LEE, b. 16 Jul 1835, Butler Co., KY; d. 28 Oct 1893, Fayetteville, Washington, AR.
    4. iv. ALMIRA J. LEE, b. 13 Mar 1835 KY; d. 08 Apr 1898, Rogers, Benton, AR.
    v. SARAH JANE LEE, b. Abt. 1840, KY., m. William BARNWELL
    5. vi. JOHN W. LEE , JR., b. c1842, KY.
    6. vii. MARY ELIZABETH LEE, b. 1843, KY; d. 27 Jun 1911, Garfield, Benton, AR.
    7. viii. ANTHA LEE, b. Abt. 1844, MO; d. 1897, Pawnee Agency, OK Territory.

Puzzle - can you help? The 1850 Greene Co., MO census, where John W. Lee and family lived for a short while before moving to Benton Co., AR, showed the following: John W. Lee, age: 40 b. abt 1810 Kentucky
Home in 1850; Finley, Greene, Missouri; Page: 309; family #973/973
Wife: Martha 45 KY
Children (listed exactly in this order):
Jesse V. 18 KY
Martha A. R. 17 KY
Almira J. 13 KY
Mary E. 12 KY
George S. 15 KY
Mary E. 11 KY
Sarah J. 10 MO
John W. 9 MO
Anthony (sic) 6 MO (listed incorrectly as a male)

The puzzle here is why are there two girls named Mary E. Lee? One researcher thinks one of these girls was Mary A. Mahala Lee b. Oct. 1841 MO who married George Henry COX 11 Jan 1865 in Andrew Co., MO. If you have any proof she was indeed a daughter to this family, or maybe you are related to these people, please write to me at John W. Lee's 3rd wife, Hannah E. Unknown Freeman, also named a daughter Mahalia. She was born 22 Mar 1864 in Texas. Below is a little tree of the COX family:

Descendants of George Henry Cox
1 George Henry COX b: Dec 1839 in Bartholomew Co., IN d: 19 Jan 1908 in AR
.. +Mary A. Mahala LEE b: Oct 1841 in MO d: 26 Jan 1908 in Benton Co., AR ?Father: John Wesley Lee ?Mother: Nancy Shelton m: 11 Jan 1865 in Andrew Co., MO
.. 2 William J. COX b: Abt. 1860 in AR
.. 2 James Y. COX b: Abt. 1863 in AR
...... +Olive A. UNKNOWN b: Jul 1867 in IL
...... 3 Oscar E. COX b: Jan 1887 in AR
...... 3 Edna F. COX b: Sep 1888 in AR
...... 3 Williar Y. COX b: Sep 1892 in AR
...... 3 Snow A. COX b: Sep 1896 in AR
.. 2 Joseph F. COX b: Nov 1866 in AR d: 1919 in Benton Co., AR
...... +Perota Elizabeth Dink BANKS b: 20 Dec 1871 in McDonald Co., MO d: 24 Nov 1967 in El Dorado, Butler Co., KS m: 21 Jun 1892 in Pea Ridge, Benton, AR
...... 3 Beatrice COX b: Jul 1893 in AR d: in AR
.......... +Unknown COGGAN
...... 3 Grace COX b: Jan 1896 in AR
.......... +Walker W. WILKS b: 12 Feb 1890 in AR d: in KS m: Abt. 1912 in KS
...... 3 Mamie COX b: Nov 1898 in AR
.......... +Unknown CLAYTON
...... 3 Howard Milton COX b: 10 May 1902 in Benton Co., AR d: 12 Jan 1959 in Butler Co., KS
...... 3 Paul COX b: Abt. 1905 in AR
...... 3 George Woodrow COX b: Abt. 1908 in AR
.. 2 Howard Elsie COX b: 05 Jul 1867 in AR d. 07 Nov 1932 Cassville, Barry, MO m. Franklie Bell BANKS
.. 2 Polly COX b: Dec 1869 in Benton Co., AR
...... +Robert M. FOSTER b: Oct 1869 in AR m: Abt. 1897 in AR
.. 2 Albert Peel COX b: 21 Jun 1874 in AR d: 24 Jun 1939 in AR
...... +Mary F. HARRIS b: 23 Jul 1872 in MO d: 09 May 1959 in AR m: Abt. 1897
...... 3 Martha J. COX b: Oct 1899 in AR
...... 3 Jesse Maurice COX b: 02 Sep 1902 in AR d: 12 Aug 1986
.......... +Unknown MITCHELL
...... 3 Joseph D. COX b: Abt. 1906 in AR
.. 2 Richard Lee COX b: Dec 1876 in AR d: 1939
...... +Ella UNKNOWN b: 1877 in AR m: Abt. 1902

Generation No. 2

2. JESSE VINSON LEE (JOHN W.1 Lee) was born June 07, 1832 in KY. His family was found on the 1860 Benton Co. AR census, in Osage Twp., and on the 1870-1880 Benton Co., AR census. He died November 21, 1888 in Benton Co., AR. He is buried in the Bentonville Cemetery, Benton County. He married MARGARET ELIZABETH WOODS, daughter of DYSART WOODS and SARAH HOLMES.

Children of JESSE LEE and MARGARET WOODS are:

    i. LUTITIA LEE, b. Abt. 1859.
    8. ii. JOHN V. LEE, b. January 01, 1863, AR; d. July 25, 1923, Benton Co., AR.
    iii. SALLEY LEE, b. 1866, Benton Co., AR. She is found on the 1900 Osage, Bentonville, Benton Co., AR. census, age 34 years, living with her mother. She died 1944, in Benton Co., AR. She is buried in Bentonville Cemetery, Benton County.
    iv. ALLICE D. LEE, b. October 18, 1868, Benton Co., AR; d. December 23, 1884, Benton Co., AR. She is buried in the Bentonville Cemetery, Benton County.
    v. ROBERT L. LEE, b. May 1870, Benton Co., AR. He was on the 1900 Osage, Bentonville, Benton Co., AR. census, living with his mother. He died 1940 in Benton Co., AR., and was buried in the Bentonville Cemetery, Benton County.

3. GEORGE SYLVESTER LEE (JOHN W.1 Lee) was born July 16, 1835 in Butler Co., KY., and found on the 1860 Pea Ridge, Benton Co., AR census, p.354. Living with him is Martha Lee, 58 years old, born KY., his step-mother, and John Lee, his brother (18 years old), born MO, a clerk, and Antha Lee, his sister, (16 years old, born MO.) "Sly", as he was called, was murdered October 28, 1893 in Fayetteville, Washington, AR., and he is buried in the Ruddick Cem., Garfield, Benton Co., AR. His Conf. Veterans Pension application gives his date of death as Oct 1894. He married MARTHA RUSHING HEATH, born March 12, 1836 in TN, the daughter of LEWIS HEATH and ELIZABETH RAY (family notes). Martha died July 11, 1919, Benton Co., AR. NOTES (Read the fascinating story of Syl Lee's murder).

Children of GEORGE LEE and MARTHA HEATH are:

    9. i. NANCY ANN ELIZABETH LEE, b. August 23, 1855, Mt. Vernon, Benton, AR.
    10. ii. BURRELL F. LEE, b. 1858, Benton Co., AR (Source: 1860 Pea Ridge-Mt. Vernon, Benton Co., AR); d. 1882, Benton Co., AR (Source: Buried in Ruddick Cemetery, 3 miles so. of Garfield, AR.). Note: he lived with his grandfather, John W. LEE, according to the 1880 census Grayson Co., TX, but apparently moved back to Arkansas after this census was taken.
    11. iii. JOHN L. P. LEE, b. Abt. 1862, Mt. Vernon, Benton, AR.
    12. iv. JESSE VINCENT LEE, b. 1865, TX; d. 1947, Benton Co., AR.
    13. v. DYSART W. LEE, b. April 1867, Benton Co., AR.
    14. vi. WADE S. LEE, b. April 1868, Sugar Creek, Benton, AR.
    15. vii. ROBERT E. LEE, b. June 1869, Sugar Creek, Benton, AR; d. 1936, Benton Co., AR.
    viii. MARY M. LEE, b. Abt. 1874, Benton Co., AR.
    16. ix. SALLIE LEE, b. 1876, Benton Co., AR.
    17. x. SETH BATES LEE, b. August 14, 1878, Brightwater, Benton, AR; d. August 16, 1953, Benton Co., AR.
    (There was a daughter Mintora Lee who died in infancy, possibly the second child of Syl Lee, but no dates are known)

4. ALMIRA J. LEE (JOHN W.1 Lee) was born March 13, 1836 in KY, and died April 8, 1898 in Rogers, Benton, AR. One source for this information is her OBIT of her husband, which gives her death date as April 8, 1898. However, her own obit probably has the more correct date. She married JAMES WADE SIKES December 25, 1854 in Benton Co., AR, son of ROBERT RANSOM SIKES and ELIZABETH BLEDSOE. This picture is of J. Wade Sikes.


18. i. LURENA ARIZONA SIKES, b. 1858 Benton Co., AR., d. 1883.

5. JOHN W. LEE , JR. (JOHN W.1 Lee) was born about 1842 in MO. He is found on the 1860 Pea Ridge-Mt. Vernon, Benton Co., Arkansas census. It was first thought he might be the John Lee on the 1900 Wallace Twp., Benton Co., AR census. However, this man says his father and mother were both born in VA.; his occupation-carpenter. The children say their dad was born in KY, but mother born in IN. Minie says she was born in MO. Another researcher found that one John W. Lee, Jr. died during the Civil War in Arkansas at the battle of Prairie Grove (from Patton Civil War daybook) .... so this line is not firmly proven.

Possible children of JOHN LEE and MINIE UNKNOWN are:

    i. CLEMIE A. LEE, b. November 1880, AR (Source: 1900 Benton Co., AR census); m. Mamie UNKNOWN LEE.
    ii. ETTIE P. LEE, b. February 1887.
    iii. BERTIE A. LEE, b. June 1888.
    iv. CLARENCE A. LEE, b. November 1890.
    v. NAOMI LEE, b. July 1897.

6. MARY ELIZABETH LEE (JOHN W.1 Lee) was born 1843 in MO or more likely, 1838/9 in KY, and died June 27, 1911 in Garfield, Benton, AR. She married JOHN HENRY JACKSON FORD, son of RICHARD FORD and ISABELLA LOGAN. (Click here to go to my cousin, Jimmie Lee Robins' FTM page on the RUDDICK/FORD families.) Another RUDDICK researcher, Beverly Velvick Zuerlein, E-mail, has a beautifully constructed homepage you can visit here. I have a FORD tree at GenCircles. Click here to visit that site.

Children of MARY LEE and "JACKSON" FORD are:

    i. NANCY J. FORD, b. November 22, 1858; m. GEORGE WASHINGTON REDDICK, Abt. 1878.
    ii. JAMES R. FORD, b. Abt. 1859, AR.
    iii. MACY A. FORD, b. December 1860, also m. GEORGE WASHINGTON REDDICK, after her sister died.
    iv. POLLY ANN FORD, b. February 1863, Benton Co., AR; m. THOMAS L. HOWELL.
    v. DELILAH J. FORD, b. Abt. 1865, Benton Co., AR.
    vi. JOHN W. FORD, b. Abt. 1866.
    vii. SYLVESTER LEE FORD, b. March 18, 1869, Garfield, Benton, AR; d. September 09, 1932, Garfield, Benton, AR; m. (1) MARTHA MELISSA CLINE, Bentonville, Benton, AR; m. (2) VIECE REDDICK BLEVINS, Aft. 1912; m. (3) SALLY FRAZIER, Aft. 1915.
    viii. JOSEPH JEFFERSON FORD, b. 1870, Garfield, Benton, AR; d. July 10, 1939, Ft. Smith, Sebastian, AR; m. NANNIE JANE HEATH, August 01, 1896, Fayetteville, Washington, AR.
    ix. THOMAS A. FORD, b. October 14, 1874, Garfield, Benton, AR; d. July 10, 1938, Garfield, Benton, AR; m. (1) ANNIE CLINE; m. (2) OLLIE BRECKENRIDGE.
    x. JOHN WESLEY FORD, b. 1876, Garfield, Benton, AR.
    xi. ALLIE FORD, b. September 05, 1880, Garfield, Benton, AR; d. November 05, 1881, Garfield, Benton, AR.
    xii. PAUL FORD, b. March 01, 1889, Garfield, Benton, AR; d. December 25, 1901, Garfield, Benton, AR.

7. ANTHA LEE (JOHN W.1 Lee) was born c1844 in MO. She is listed on the 1860 Pea Ridge-Mt. Vernon, Benton Co., AR. census. She died 1897 in Pawnee Agency, OK Territory. She married WILLIAM HENRY FERGUSON February 22, 1875 in Benton Co., AR.


    i. JOHN FERGUSON, b. Abt. 1876.
    ii. LULU FERGUSON, b. Abt. 1878.

Generation No. 3

8. JOHN V. LEE (JESSE V.2, JOHN W.1 Lee) was born January 01, 1863 in AR. His family is found on the 1900 Benton Co., AR census...1910 Rogers, Benton Co., AR soundex...1920 Benton Co., AR soundex. He died July 25, 1923 in Benton Co., AR. John and his wife Eunice are both buried in the Bentonville Cemetery. He married EUNICE C. UNKNOWN (it seems likely she was the Eunice BIGGERSTAFF who married a John V. Lee in Carroll Co., AR September 04, 1883, but this has not been confirmed).

Child of JOHN LEE and EUNICE LEE is:

19. i. BESSIE E. LEE, b. July 25, 1884, Benton Co., AR; d. September 11, 1971, Benton Co., AR.

9. NANCY ANN ELIZABETH LEE (GEORGE SYLVESTER2, JOHN W.1 Lee) was born August 23, 1855 in Mt. Vernon, Benton, AR. Her family is found on the 1880 Benton Co., AR census. It lists her brothers, John and Vincent Lee, living with her and her family. She married JOHN MARTIN MURRY 1872, son of LEMUEL GIBSON MURRY and REBECCA HAYS (visit the MURRY page). Three of their children died young: Stella Murry b. 17 Nov 1874 d. 12 Oct 1875, Lemuel Christopher Murry b. 02 Apr 1886, d. 25 May 1887, and Cecil Hallett Murry b. 08 Aug 1888 d. 04 Dec. 1888. This beautiful photo was shared with me by Cousin Sherry Jones. The photo shows Nancy Ann Elizabeth Lee Murry around 73/74 years of age. The child, Sherry thought, might be James P. (Uncle Buddy) Murry (b. 1925), but she is uncertain of this. Nancy died at age 78 on 10 January 1933.

Children of NANCY LEE and JOHN MURRY are:NancyAnneElizabethLeeMURRY

    i. CAROLINE MAUDE MURRY, b. September 4, 1873, AR; m. FRANCIS MARION SHADDOX, December 27, 1891, Benton Co., AR.
    20.ii. JOHN PIGEON MURRY, b. October 5, 1876, MO.
    iii. CORREY BELLE MURRY, b. December 5, 1878, AR; m. LEWIS F. THOMAS, December 18, 1895, Benton Co., AR.
    iv. AMERICUS "MACK" MURRY, b. March 25, 1881 (Source: 1900 Washington Co., AR census, Elm Springs p.129, lives with bro-in-law, Thomas Doss and Bertha Murry Doss.); m. EDITH GREENLEE, March 25, 1902, Washington Co., AR. He was called Mack.
    21. v. BERTHA BURCELLA "BIRSEE" MURRY, b. September 1884, AR; d. 26 Nov 1953 Shawnee, OK.
    vi. JESSIE MINTORA MURRY, b. February 02, 1888, Winslow, Washington, AR; d. March 26, 1942, Washington Co., AR (Source: Buried in Sonora Cem. Washington Co., AR); m. RICE BASKET GARRISON.
    vii. EUNICE MURRY, b. August 29, 1892 m. CHARLES THOMAS.
    viii. CENTER SYLVESTER MURRY, b. December 1, 1894, d. Phoenix, AZ., m. EDNA VERA ALLEN, b. 28 May 1904 in Seminole, OK.

10. BURRELL F. LEE(GEORGE SYLVESTER2, JOHN W.1) was born 1858 Benton Co., AR, and died 12 Dec 1882 Benton Co., AR. There is no record of a marriage, and he was shown as a single male on the 1880 Grayson Co., TX census, where he was either living or visiting with his grandfather, John W. LEE. "Obits of Washington Co., AR., Vol 1, 1841-1892" by B. P. Easley, page 146: "LEE, Burrell (from The Eureka Springs Republican) We learn from Mr. Wesley Kelley of Clifty the particulars of a shooting affray near Blanset Station. Mr. J. W. Knox shot and killed Mr. Burrell Lee. The difficulty arose at a dance in the neighborhood and Lee insulted Knox when Knox gave him a sound threshing. On the Monday following Lee rode up to where Knox was at work with his team and without any warning of his intention began firing at Knox, two shots taking effect in the leg. Knox then drew his pistol and at the first fire Lee leaped from his saddle, mortally wounded. Lee died Tuesday at 11 o'clock. Knox has not been arrested and is suffering intensely from the two shots received in the leg. (Faynetteville Democrat 21 Dec 1882). Records regarding Burr LEE and his troubles with the law can be found in the Chauncery Court Records for Benton Co., AR. Burr is buried in the south section of Ruddick Cemetery, Benton Co., AR.

11. JOHN L. P. LEE (GEORGE SYLVESTER2, JOHN W.1) was born Abt. 1862 in Mt. Vernon, Benton, AR. He married NANCY WORDEN September 19, 1884 in Benton Co., AR.

Children of JOHN LEE and NANCY WORDEN are:

    i. BENNIE LEE, b. Abt. 1885.
    ii. WESLEY J. LEE, b. Abt. 1903.
    iii. LORA LEE, b. Abt. 1905.
    iv. MILLY LEE, b. Abt. 1908.

Jesse Vincent Lee 12. JESSE VINCENT LEE (GEORGE SYLVESTER2, JOHN W.1 Lee) was born 1865 in TX. This LEE family was found on the 1910 Benton Co., AR census, and indicated that his mother lived with them. Descendant, Sharon Day, supplied information on this family. He died 1947 in Benton Co., AR., and is buried in Ruddick Cemetery, Benton County. This picture, sent by Sharon shows Jesse on the right, but we are not certain who the other man might have been. Jesse married MARY A. RUBOTTOM. (Click on Mary's name to see her picture on the RUBOTTOM webpage.) The below picture of the baby is of John L. Lee b. c1906. It was sent to me by Cousin Cindy Hannon. She wrote that on the back of the picture were these words: "John Lee, Vince and Mary Lee's only boy".

Children of JESSE LEE and MARY RUBOTTOM are:

    22. i. MINTORA ABEGAIL LEE, b. April 1895; d. January 1965, Billings, MO.
    ii. MAE SYLVIS LEE, b. Abt. 1898.
    23.iii. MARTHA LEONA LEE, b. May 03, 1903 AR., d. October 05, 1929 Seminole, OK.
    iv. JOHN L. LEE, b. Abt. 1906, AR.
    John L. Lee c1906

Dysart & Bettie Key Lee13. DYSART W. LEE (GEORGE SYLVESTER2, JOHN W.1 Lee) was born April 1867 in Benton Co., AR. He was found on the 1900 Washington Co., AR census, in the town of Winslow. He lived with his father-in-law. He married (1) MARY BETTIE KEY May 23, 1900 in Winslow, Washington, AR, daughter of ABRAHAM KEY. It appears that children from this marriage were Albert M. LEE b. c1903 AR, Jesse P. LEE b. c1905, and Martha b. c1908. Mary Bettie Key Lee died shortly after giving birth to Martha while they were living in Short, OK.

Dysart W. Lee married (2) MARTHA GAYLOR Abt. 1909 (according to the 1930 Johnson Co., AR census). In 1930, two granddaughters named ARNELL lived with them. March 22, 2008, I received a very nice E-mail from a descendant of this line who wrote that the daughter Edith Gaylor was married to an ARNOLD and the girls from that marriage were Cleo and Lora Arnold. On the 1930 census, Cleo ARNELL was 3yrs10mo b. OK and Nora Lee ARNELL 1yr10mo b. AR. This descendant was Donnie Walters Jr., E-mail Most likely Edith was actually an out-of-wedlock child, but the census was confusing on this issue. The wonderful photo was sent by Donnie Walters Jr. Pictured: Dysart, Bettie, Albert and Jessie Lee. Behind them was Robert E. Lee MADDOX, an orphaned nephew of Bettie Key Lee.

On the 1910 Washington Co., AR census, Page: 9B; ED#153:
Household Members: Name Age
Dyastis w Lee 43 (married twice)
Martha Lee 26 (married once for 1 year, 2 children-2 living)
Robert M Lee 16, son
Albert M Lee 7, son
Jesse P Lee 5, son
Eda Gaylor 4, step-dau (apparently this was Edith)
Ruben S Lee 0, son
Eliza Gaylor 24, sis-in-law

Children of DYSART LEE and MARTHA GAYLOR are:

    i. ALBERT M. LEE, b. Abt. 1903.
    ii. JESSE P. LEE, b. Abt. 1905.
    iii. EDITH LEE, b. Abt. 1907.
    (She wass actually Edith GAYLOR)
    iv. MARTHA LEE, b. Abt. 1908.
    (the below are actually Martha Gaylor Lee's children with Dysart)
    v. RUBEN LEE, b. Abt. 1909.
    vi. ROBERT LEE, b. Abt. 1914.
    vii. RAYMOND LEE, b. 1919.
    viii. ROY LEE b. Abt. 1921.
    ix. BESSIE LEE b. Abt. 1924.
    x. IDABELLE LEE b. Abt. 1926.

14. WADE LEE (GEORGE SYLVESTER2, JOHN W.1 Lee) was born April 1868 in Sugar Creek, Benton, AR. We had believed he was the Wade Lee located on the 1900 Pike Co., AR census, in Pike City whose wife was listed as EMMA LEE. However, a nice letter from a "real" descendant of the Wade found on the 1900 census advised that his ancestor was actually a son of James and Mary Lee. He found this couple living in Upshur Co., TX on the 1870 census, and Pike Co., AR 1880. The EMMA appears to be Emily Morton Lee. Needless to say, we now need correct family data for our Wade Lee. If you can add to the family on the Pike Co., AR census, write to Billy Lee, who was kind enough to correct our error.

15. ROBERT S. LEE (GEORGE SYLVESTER2, JOHN W.1 Lee) was born c1869 in Sugar Creek, Benton, AR., according to the 1880 Brightwater Twp., Benton Co., AR census, house 269-271 where he is listed with his parents and siblings. Other information on his family has not been located. Earlier data saying he had married Ida Womack was incorrect. That was actually Robert Edward Lee b. June 30, 1869 was the son of William Alexander Lee and his wife Sarah Ann Hileman (notes from Debbie Lee .)

16. SALLIE LEE (GEORGE SYLVESTER2, JOHN W.1 Lee) was born 1876 in Benton Co., AR. She married JAMES WADE June 24, 1894 in Benton Co., AR.

Children of SALLIE LEE and JAMES WADE are:

    i. THOMAS WADE, b. Abt. 1901.
    ii. ALLAN WADE, b. Abt. 1906.
    iii. LIN WADE, b. Abt. 1907.
    iv. PAUL WADE, b. June 20, 1910, KS; d. July 1980.
    v. MARTIN WADE, b. Abt. 1911.

Seth Bates Lee 17. SETH BATES LEE (GEORGE SYLVESTER2, JOHN W.1 Lee) was born August 14, 1878 in Brightwater, Benton, AR. He is found on the 1920 Benton Co., AR soundex. He died August 16, 1953 in Benton Co., AR., and is buried in Ruddick Cemetery, 3 miles south of Garfield, AR. The Social Security data confirms the birth and death date. His card was issued in Kansas. He married ANNIE CYNTHIA LEWIS 21 Feb 1904 Scammon, KS. She was the daughter of James Wade LEWIS and Serrida PENNINGTON. To the left is a picture of Seth Bates Lee. Below is a picture of Seth and Annie's children, both photos graciously sent to me by Cousin Cindy Hannon.

Children of Seth & Annie Lee

Children of SETH LEE and ANNIE LEE are:

    i. JOHN ONA LEE, b. 15 Mar 1905.
    ii. WILLIAM LOYD LEE, b. 09 Mar 1906.
    iii. LEWIS CARROL LEE, b. 14 Nov 1908.
    iv. ELLEN LUCILLA LEE, b. 04 May 1911.
    v. ROBERT SYLVESTER LEE, b. 1914; d. November 15, 1925, Benton Co., AR.
    vi. ZELDA ELSIE MAY LEE, b. 08 May 1916.

18. LURENA ARIZONA SIKES (ALMIRA J.2 LEE, JOHN W.1 Lee) born 1858 Benton Co., AR., died 1883. She married JOSEPH W. DUCKWORTH, b. c1850.

Children of "ZONA" SIKES and JOSEPH DUCKWORTH are:

    i. CHARLES DUCKWORTH, b. 1878, d. September 25, 1928, Bentonville, Benton, AR; m. LENA VanMETER (probably a second wife).
    ii. SIDDIE DUCKWORTH, b. 1880, died c1895 Benton Co., AR.

Generation No. 4

19. BESSIE E. LEE (JOHN V.3, JESSE V.2, JOHN W.1 Lee) was born July 25, 1884 in Benton Co., AR. She is found on the 1900 Benton Co., AR census, Osage, Bentonville. She and her mother and father are all buried in the Bentonville Cemetery. In 1920, she lives with her parents and two sons. She died September 11, 1971 in Benton Co., AR. She married WILLIAM E. MURPHY July 28, 1902 in Benton Co., AR.

Children of BESSIE LEE and WILLIAM MURPHY are:

    i. JOHN L MURPHY, b. June 06, 1903, Benton Co., AR; d. April 11, 1957, Benton Co., AR (Source: Buried in Bentonville Cemetery, Benton County.)
    ii. JACK B. MURPHY, b. 1906.

20. JOHN PIGEON MURRY (NANCY ANN3 LEE, GEORGE SYLVESTER2, JOHN W.1) was born October 5, 1876 in MO, d. January 2, 1901. He married MAGGIE abt 1901.

Children of JOHN MURRY and MAGGIE are:

    i. HARRY MURRY, b. Abt. 1902.
    ii. HARVEY MURRY, b. Abt. 1904.
    iii. RUBY MURRY, b. Abt. 1907.
    iv. THOMAS MURRY, b. Abt. 1909.

21. BERTHA BURCELLA "BIRSEE" MURRY (NANCY ANN3 LEE, GEORGE SYLVESTER2, JOHN W.1 Lee) was born September 1884 in AR, and died 26 Nov 1953 in Shawnee, OK. She married (1) THOMAS DOSS Abt. 1900 (according to the 1910 census), son of MILTON DOSS (son of War of 1812 soldier Thomas DOSS and his wife Frances (Unknown) DOSS of Lincoln Co., KY) and MARY WOFFORD (click here to view Mary's WOFFORD line posted on Genforum). Or click here to visit the RootsWeb page for WOFFORD, or here for the DOSS surname. Bertha married (2) William Thomas MITCHELL Abt. 1915. He died 31 Aug 1917. Her third (3) marriage was to J. W. WICKWARE listed as 43 years of age b. KY. They married 26 Dec 1917 in Tecumseh, Pottawatomie, OK by a J.P. She married (4) RICHARD LACKEY in Shawnee, OK., 15 Mar 1919. Her next husband she married twice, Mr. Gipson. She was always known as "Birdie/Birsee". The picture is Bertha, daughter Eula, and Thomas DOSS, dated c1906. Visit the DOSS On-line Help Page here, for census and other useful search tools.

The Doss Family c1907

Children of BERTHA MURRY and THOMAS DOSS are:

24. i. EULA BEATRICE DOSS, b. July 09, 1905, Alma, Crawford, AR; d. December 31, 1960, Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OK.

25. ii. HELEN AILEEN DOSS, b. June 20, 1907, Winslow, Washington, AR; d. November 22, 1987, Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OK.

iii. EDNA RUTH DOSS, b. 03 Oct 1911, AR. She married (1) James Norman ADAMS - children: Harold Eugene ADAMS; Clifford ADAMS (dy); and Wanda Jean ADAMS.




22. MINTORA ABEGAIL LEE (JESSE VINCENT3, GEORGE SYLVESTER2, JOHN W.1) was born April 1895, and died January 1965 in Billings, MO. She is buried in Ruddick Cemetery, Benton County. She married (1) JAMES ANDREW WILHITE April 14, 1919 in Benton Co., AR, son of H. WILHITE and MARY RILEY. She married (2) BENNY STEPHENSON Aft. 1934 in Benton Co., AR. Click on the picture to see more about this family on my favorite LEE cousin's page ( Sharon Wilhite DAY).

Children of MINTORA LEE and JAMES WILHITE are:

i. JESSE PAUL WILHITE, b. September 20, 1920, Mondel, AR; d. October 14, 1943, Mediterranean Sea. (Click on Jesse's name to visit my cousin, Sharon Day's wonderful Wilhite page)

ii. JUANITA M. WILHITE, b. February 20, 1923, Mondel, AR. She married RAYMOND IRSIK.

iii. BETTY JUNE WILHITE, b. June 08, 1926, Garfield, Benton, AR; d. August 1986, NJ.

iv. JAMES CECIL WILHITE, b. May 14, 1930, Garfield, Benton, AR. He married KAREN SUE DUNKEL.


Child of MARTHA LEE and ROY PARKER is:


Generation No. 5

24. EULA BEATRICE DOSS (BERTHA BURCELLA4 MURRY, NANCY ANN3 LEE, GEORGE SYLVESTER2, JOHN W.1 Lee) was born July 09, 1905 in Alma, Crawford, AR. She is found on the 1910 Winslow, Washington Co. AR census, and 1900 Elm Springs, Washington Co., AR. She died December 31, 1960 in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OK. She married (1) ULYSSES GRANT MAULDIN August 19, 1919 in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OK, son of BENJAMIN MAULDIN and ROSETTA GORDON. Eula and U. G. Mauldin are pictured here on their wedding day. Their marriage record indicated the they were both 17 years of age on their wedding day. Witnesses were Bill Mauldin and Bertha Mitchell (who gave permission for the union). Eula and her children, Louis and "Pug" (Marion Frances) are also pictured here. Eula married (2) CECIL HERD Abt. 1940. She married (3) WILLIAM HENRY HIRSCH Abt. 1950 in OK. If you click on Benjamin Mauldin it will take you to my cousin's well made Mauldin page. Here is a good site to visit for MAULDINs in the Civil War from Tishomingo Co., MS. You can visit Mauldin queries at GenForum by clicking here.

Children of EULA DOSS and ULYSSES MAULDIN are:

    i. LOUIS GRANT MAULDIN, b. October 22, 1919, Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OK; d. October 01, 1980, Dallas, Dallas, TX; m. April 27, 1943, Ardmore, OK., to RUTH MAY FISHER, daughter of Lewis Marshall FISHER and his wife Emma Frances COCHRAN of Ennis, Ellis Co., TX.
    Milton, Thomas, Eula Doss, Louis, Janice, Ann Mauldin
    click here to visit the Thomas Doss page

    ii. MARION FRANCES MAULDIN, b. Abt. 1922; m. Ed SELLERS

25. HELEN DOSS (BERTHA BURRSELLA4 MURRY, NANCY ANN3 LEE, GEORGE SYLVESTER2, JOHN W.1 Lee) was born June 20, 1907 in Winslow, Washington, AR, and died November 22, 1987 in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OK. She married (1) DANIEL D. KELLEY, b. 15 Jan 1904, d. 25 Mar 1932; m. (2) LAWRENCE CAMP c1934 in Oklahoma City, OK.; m. (3) WILBUR WILLIAMS (full bloodied Caddo Indian), c1955.

Children of HELEN DOSS are:

    i. DANIEL KELLY, Jr., who m. Jean SELLERS
    ii. DONALD HARVEY KELLEY b. 1932 d. 1980
    iii. DAVID LAWRENCE CAMP/SELLERS b. 1936 d. 1975
    iv. BETTY JO CAMP BAKER, b. c1939 d. c1991

Please consider a DNA test to help find those missing DOSS ancestors!

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