THOMAS DOSS Genealogy Notes

Descendants of Thomas Doss

c1794 Virginia - 12 Mar 1856 Kentucky

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[Compiled by Janice Mauldin Castleman - 1999]
Updated 8/21/2005

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Wagon TrainWELCOME....the DOSS genealogy report found on the next few pages is a constant work in progress. Do not take anything from this page as proven unless you feel I have offered enough evidence to convince you of the facts. Always do your own research. This work is posted for your reference and guide. These pages are here also, in hopes that more of my cousins will find this page and write to me with data to share/update/correct. If you find anything that needs correcting, do not hesitate to notify me. I began seeking my DOSS lines a little more than ten years ago. I have had much help with this line, especially from Madona McCarthy of Las Vegas. She has helped many DOSS reseachers find their family, and I am ever so grateful for people like her. I have made many new contacts over the last few years, some through the DOSS Family Association, and many through use of the Internet. My DOSS cousin, Mary Galambos, has graciously shared her family, lineage, photos and her friendship. My cousin, Cindy Zimmerman, like Mary, has shared her precious family photos and her genealogy with me. Both of these ladies work dilligently trying to prove our data and add more notes to our shared family tree.

Wanda, Janice, Mary St. Louis 6/2000Several years ago, at a DOSS FAMILY ASSOCIATION reunion, in St. Louis, MO., I met, for the first time, my cousin Wanda Adams Bennett of Kansas. She has a lot of family information to share with us, which will be added over time. She is a lovely, sharing lady too. The Doss Association has had some wonderful family reunions. I hope you will visit my DOSS MARRIAGES webpages and that something there will help you with your own research. The Doss association is no longer very active, but there are DNA tests being done on men with the surname DOSS. Be sure to visit the archived messages for updated information. In this picture are cousins Wanda Adams Bennett, Janice Mauldin Castleman and Mary Galambos, taken at a DOSS reunion in St. Louis, MO June 2000. Thank you very much for stopping by, and please do contact me if we share this DOSS lineage.

Generation No. 1

1. ?CHARLES?1 DOSS was born Abt. 1767 in VA, possibly a child to Joshua Doss of Franklin Co., VA. He married SARAH HARVEY, daughter of Thomas HARVEY (from marriage bond).

Notes for CHARLES & THOMAS DOSS: It is not certain yet just who the parents were for our Thomas Doss of Lincoln Co., KY. It most likely was Charles DOSS & Sarah HARVEY. There is no proof of a connection to the earlier Thomas Doss, and a little more proof may be with Charles instead. Thomas certainly was in the right place (close proximity) at the right time, with the same given name as our Thomas Doss. More research needs to be done on his line, for very little is known about him at this time. There is evidence that this older Thomas Doss was in KY by the late 1790s. A Thomas Doss gives his consent to the marriage in Mercer Co., KY 7-8-1797 to Dorcas DOSS and Thomas STEPHENS. The 1800 Mercer Co., KY census shows a Thomas and Ambus (sic) DOSS. There is an Ambrose DOSS and a John WARFORD in Madison Co., KY 1800. The WARFORD/WOFFORD surname is closely connected with my DOSS family, as Thomas & Frances DOSS' son, Milton (my ancestor) married two WARFORD sisters.

The following data is for the early Virginia DOSS lines: "List of Voters for Elections of Burgesses 1764-1769 Halifax Co., VA" by Marian Dodson Chiarito, shows a Thomas DOSS, a pensioner, listed many times in the Camden Parish Vestry Book. The VA State Library says "pensioners" were referred to as those who did work in the parish. A Thomas Doss owned land in 1767, 400 ac., on Valentine's Creek beginning at James DOSS' upper line thence up the creek both sides (Early Franklin Co., VA record book). Thomas and Sarah DOSS sold all their land in 1788. Did this couple then move to Kentucky? Then there is a Sarah DORSE on the 1791 Lincoln Co., KY Tax List. It could be that this older Thomas DOSS is a grandfather to my Thomas DOSS. The 1850 census said that my Thomas was born in Virginia c1794. The counties of Halifax, Pittsylvania, Franklin, etc are all in southern Virginia on the northern North Carolina border, and near Stokes Co., NC where our Thomas DOSS was discharged from service in the War of 1812 when he was about 18 years of age. Charles DOSS was married in Franklin Co., VA 27 Jan 1793 to Sarah HARVEY (the HARVEY name is seen below connected to one of our DOSS lines). Charles DOSS was probably a son of Joshua Doss, Jr....more on this later.
1782 Census of Pittsylvania County, VA
Doss, James.....6
Doss, James Sr..8
Doss, John......6
Doss, John......2
Doss, William...9

Click here for a list of DOSS names on the Personal Property Tax Lists for Franklin Co., VA, sent to me by John Doss of Utah.

Possible child of CHARLES DOSS and SARAH HARVEY was:

2.....1.. THOMAS2 DOSS, b. 1794, VA; d. March 12, 1856, Lincoln Co., KY.

Generation No. 2

2. THOMAS2 DOSS (CHARLES1 DOSS?) was born c1794 in VA, and died March 12, 1856 in Lincoln Co., KY. He married FRANCES UNKNOWN. This begins our proven line of DOSS.

Notes for THOMAS DOSS: Because my Thomas Doss served in the War of 1812 and was discharged in Stokes Co., NC., I have included those DOSS men whose names were found in that area. The HARVEY family is closely connected to my DOSS line also.

Census data:

In 1790 Stokes Co., NC census: Doss, Mathew 1 male 16+, 3 male under 16, 6 female, 2 slaves. William & John HARVEY can also be found on this census: Click here to visit the website with this data.

On the 1800 Stokes Co., NC census: written p. 548, Salisbury District - line 11 p. #456 Doss, Matthew 4 (male 0/10), 2 (males 10/16), 1 (male 16/26), 0 (male 26/45), 1 (male 45+); 2 (female 0/10), 1 (female 10/16), 1 (female 16/26), 0 (female 26/45), 0 (female 45+), 0 (all others), 2 (slaves). Also in Salisbury Dist., Stokes Co., NC, written p. 545, line 19 p.#453 Blake, John (males) 1- 0/10, 2- 10/16, 0- 16/26, 0- 26/45, 1- 45+; females 1- 0/10, 1- 10/16, 2- 16/26, 0- 26/45, 1- 45+, no others, no slaves.

1800 Franklin Co., VA DOSS names: Noah, Joshua, Robert, William, John and Charles (note from Libbie Griffin to Mary Galambos, quoting the Virginia Genealogist Vol. 22 #3.)

Matthew DOSS is still in Stokes Co., NC by 1810: line 30 p. 565 Matthew DOSS, and line 41 p. 623 Zachariah DOSS, with John and Thomas BLAKE on pages 585 and 586. Line 5 p. 590 is Ezekiel HARVEY. Wayne Doss wrote that Matthew DOSS served in the war of 1776 with the NC Militia and lived in Stokes CO. NC. Sons: Azariah, James, Matthew who moved to Robertson CO. TN in 1810. Azariah served in the war of 1812 under General Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans.

Another possible relation to our Thomas DOSS is found on the 1810 Stokes Co., NC census. Thomas would have been about 16 years old in 1810. There was an Internet listing on that census for Charles DASS p.121 line 35 written page #555 in Peter's Creek District. Charles DASS 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 who is in the 16 year old category, living alone. This supposedly erroneous census was found on-line in the archives for the USGenWeb and has not been verified yet for accuracy. It certainly would be odd for a sixteen year old boy to be living by himself. Interesting too, is a marriage record sent by Mary Galambos: Charles DOSS to Sarah HARVEY Jan. 1793 in Franklin Co., VA. The license was signed by her father, Thomas HARVEY. It is possible that this Charles DOSS is the same man on the Franklin Co., VA Tax Lists, but marked "moved" by 1801. There was a Thomas Harvey was in Stokes Co NC in 1800. Charles DOSS and his father Joshua DOSS, Jr. are believed to have moved from Franklin Co., VA c1801. Cousin Mary Galambos also wrote that she had obtained some information from Libbie regarding errors in the on-line posted 1810 Stokes Co., NC census, and had mentioned a deed dated 1815 by a Sarah DOSS in Stokes Co., NC, but we have not seen these items. Libbie wrote that the actual census shows that Charles DOSS was age 26-45 years and did list only one son, but he was the correct age to be our Thomas DOSS at 10-16 years of age. Two girls were listed, both with ages 10-16, and one woman age 26-45 (Sarah HARVEY DOSS: was Charles deceased by 1815???). From Libbie Griffith's The Doss Connection, June 2000, Vol. 5 issue, page 66, we found a listing she had made of DOSS surnames in 1810 NC. Of those from and in nearby counties to Stokes, we find: Matthew DOSS in Stokes Co., NC: 0230101121; Zachariah Doss in Stokes Co., NC 3201001100; Henry DOSS in Rockingham Co., NC (county directly to the east of Surry) 1010000100; Other names we are working on: John HARVEY and wife Jane JORDON. Mary Galambos also mentioned that there were many families named COLLINS in that area of 1810 Stokes Co., NC. By 1830, when our Thomas DOSS in living in Grainger Co., TN., there are more families named COLLINS living in the same areas, and many in Lincoln, and surrounding counties in KY.

Thomas DOSS has not been found on the 1820 census. However, in the 1820 Stokes Co., NC census there is a Zacheus (Zachariah?) DOSS: 22120200011. Two males are listed as being 26/45 years of age. Our Thomas Doss would be about 26 years old in 1820. Of course, Zachariah had two sons listed on the 1810 Stokes Co., NC census who would be in this age brackett in 1820 also. According to The Doss Connection, Vol. 5 June 2000, only one other DOSS is listed in Stokes Co., NC and that is Martin Doss: 00010000000 (male 16 to 26yrs.). One Martin DOSS married in Hamilton Co., OH to Sarah THOMPSON 25 Mar 1835, but unknown if same man. To view a wonderful map showing old North Carolina paths/trails - click here.

1822 Grainger Co., TN, Thomas Doss listed with one white poll (no land), on a list of taxable property in the bounds of Capt. Long's Company, as returned by Isaiah Midkiff Esq (source: McClung Collection, Knoxville, TN.) Joseph Mumpower was in Capt. Richard Richard's Company taxed for 150 acres.

1824 Grainger Co., TN, Thomas Doss listed with one white poll (no land) on a list of Polls & Taxable Property in the bounds of Capt. William Mallicoat's Company. Pryor Harvey was also on this list with one white poll. Source: ibid.

1830: Grainger Co., TN 2m-5, 1m 5/10, 1m 10/15, 1m 30/40; 1f -5, 1f 5/10, 2f 10/15, 1f 30/40 as DASS, Thomas. If our Thomas DOSS is a son to Charles DOSS (who is thought to be a son of Joshua DOSS, Jr.), then here are other thoughts to keep in mind: Libbie wrote to Mary Galambos saying that Charles DOSS had a brother named Noah who married Lucy Purtle in Franklin Co., VA. She also wrote that there was a Pendleton TAYLOR in Grainger Co., TN (next page after Thomas Doss' listing), living near a woman named Elizabeth TAYLOR (probably his mother). Their neighbor is a man named Nelson Pirtle. Our Thomas & Frances named one of their sons Pendleton Doss. Our DOSS families did tend to use naming traditions for their children. IF we are related to the Joshua DOSS lines - an observation here: there are no given names of Joshua in any of the lines we have researched for our DOSS line, and only two Charles Doss names in our tree (1870s). As to the possible connection with the LEFFEW families, the 1830 Grainger Co., TN census lists them in a category other than free white males (many LEFFEW descends believe there were Native American Cherokee connections to the LEFFEW lines. See this interesting webpage for more details: FREE AFRICAN AMERICANS OF VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA, MARYLAND AND DELAWARE by Paul Heinegg.

1830 Grainger Co., TN census, Microfilm page 372:
    Bales, William
    Gibson, Thomas
    Imes, John
    Harvey, Bosier
    Macky, Enoch
    Coker, Thomas
    Jordan, Allis
    Bryant, James
    Doss, Thomas
    Hurley, Jonathan
    Bird, James
    Crawley, John
    Bunch, Betsey
    Adams, Thomas
    Gideons, Isham
    Walker, Elisha
    Jinnings, John P.
    Pain, Moses
    Rucker, William
    Elder, Andrew
    Hays, William
    Hays, Harmon
    Hedrick, John
    McGinnis, Aaron
    Hays, Thomas
    Hipsher, Henry
    Hipshan, Henry

1840: Anderson Co., KY 2m 5/10, 2m 10/15, 2m 15/20, 1m 30/40; 2f-5, 2f 5/10, 1f 10/15, 1f 15/20 1f 20/30, 1f 40/50 = 15 people.
1850 Lincoln Co., KY census entered as DAWS, Thomas, 56 years old, born in VA, page 250 house 128.

Libbie Doss, the editor of the Doss Family Association newsletter, speculated early-on that my Thomas might be a son to William DOSS (c1764-1835), the Rev. War soldier who died in Fentress Co., TN. His widow, Nancy BROWN DOSS, said she married him in Haywood Co., NC c1793. She said that she and her husband reared a family of children, the oldest being about 38 years of age (b. c1800)., so this probably eliminates Thomas from being their son, unless William had an earlier family with another wife. The pension papers did not mention a prior marriage for him. He lived in Wayne Co., KY when he originally filed for a pension.

On the 1850 Lincoln Co., KY, Federal Census, house #128/128, the surname is spelled DAWS, Thomas 56yrs old b. VA, Frances 57yrs old b. VA; Wesley 25 (in the next household #129/129), Sarah, 19, Anderson, 22, Milton 21, Frances 16, Pendleton, 18, Walker 15, G. W. 7, Thomas 6, and Rebecca 28. It is possible that Rebecca was the wife of one of Thomas and Frances' deceased sons and the children G. W. and Thomas are grandchildren. A copy of a death certificate for a George W. DOSS b. 17 Oct 1842 in Barren Co., KY would fit with this child G. W. Doss, but unfortunately, he is not the correct G. W. DOSS we are searching for. His parents were listed as George DOSS and "DUVALL" (b. in Barren Co., KY). He died 23 Dec 1923 in Flat Rock, Warren Co., KY - certificate #32135. Mary Galambos wrote that this George W. DOSS was from Ambrose Doss' line.

On 1860 Stanford, PO Milledgeville, Lincoln Co., KY census, page 113, there is a Thomas DOSS with neighbors named Leffew who were bondsmen frequently for the Doss family according to researcher Diana Steele of Cape Girardeau, MO. In 1850 Lincoln Co., KY census, page 260, house #271/271 is Nancy LEFUE 31 KY and children: Mary 11, Thomas 10, & Catherine 6. There may be a close DOSS relationship between the LEFFEW families of Franklin & Grayson Counties., VA., North Carolina and Grainger Co., TN also. On the Family History message board website, in the LEFFEW board, there are many posts giving information on the early lines, some even mention a Cherokee connection to the LEFFEW name. As to the census data, much of the actual data entered here was done by Madona McCarthy of Las Vegas, NV., probably the most knowledgeable and sharing DOSS researcher of her time (she is now deceased).

I do believe (as of Aug. 2005) that Nancy LEFFEW on the 1850 & 1860 Lincoln Co., KY census, was a daughter to Thomas & Frances DOSS. She certainly fits into the 1830 census category, but real proof is lacking. Here is a brief outline of her family (if you are related please write to me:
Descendants of Unknown Leffew
1 Unknown LEFFEW b: in TN
.. +Nancy DOSS b: Abt. 1819 in Grainger Co., TN d: Aft. 1880 in IN (probably) Father: ?Thomas Doss? Mother: ?Frances Unknown? m: Abt. 1837 in KY
.. 2 Mary LEFFEW b: Abt. 1839 in KY
...... +John SPACE b: Abt. 1834 in PA (note: name may be Spuce or Speece)
.. 2 John Thomas LEFFEW b: Abt. 1840 in KY
.. 2 Sarah Catherine LEFFEW b: July 15, 1845 in Sparksburg, KY d: June 29, 1929
...... +Daviss LOWE m: June 23, 1864 in Anderson Co., KY
...... 3 Thomas LOWE b: November 1864 in IN
.......... +Ida UNKNOWN b: October 1876 m: Abt. 1894
.......... 4 Lawrence LOWE b: May 1899
.. *2nd Husband of Sarah Catherine LEFFEW:
...... +Samuel DE VIES b: in PA m: Abt. 1868
...... 3 Julie Catherine DE VIES b: November 1868 in KY
...... 3 Mary Frances DE VIES b: December 03, 1873 in Livonia, Washington, IN d: March 23, 1914 in Washington Co., IN
.......... +Henry Clay RUDYARD b: November 23, 1866 in Bryantsville, Lawrence, IN d: October 23, 1937 in Washington Co., IN m: June 21, 1892
...... 3 Samuel J. T. DE VIES b: Abt. 1877 in KY
.. *3rd Husband of Sarah Catherine LEFFEW:
...... +Noah G. SOUTHERLAND b: March 1830 in IN d: November 01, 1907 in Washington Twp., Daviess, IN m: Abt. 1877
...... 3 Noah Anderson SOUTHERLAND b: December 25, 1876 in IN
.......... +Nettie B. PURCELL b: Abt. 1885 in IN d: Aft. 1930
.......... 4 Ralph SOUTHERLAND b: Abt. 1903
.......... 4 Catherine SOUTHERLAND b: July 07, 1905 in Daviess Co., IN
.......... 4 Corine SOUTHERLAND b: Abt. 1908
.......... 4 Kenneth SOUTHERLAND b: May 06, 1911 in Daviess Co., IN
...... 3 Laura May SOUTHERLAND b: May 1883
.......... +Edward B. CUNNINGHAM m: September 05, 1902 in Daviess Co., IN

Cousin Mary Galambos obtained Thomas DOSS' bounty land request from his service in the War of 1812 and sent copies of these papers. In Lincoln Co., KY on 12 Apr 1855, Thomas Doss appeared at the courthouse and applied before a Justice of the Peace for bounty land to which he was entitled from service in the War of 1812. He said that he was 59 years old, a resident of Lincoln County, and swore that he was the Thomas DOSS who served as a private in the Company commanded by Captain John S. HAUSER, 5th Regiment of the North Carolina Militia, commanded by Col. HUNTER. He further stated that he volunteered at Germantown, Stokes Co., NC on or about the 28th day of Nov. 1814 for the term of six months, saw active service in said war for fourteen days and then was honorably discharged at Norfolk on the 22nd day of Dec. 1815. Thomas received a warrant (he couldn't recollect the number) for the 40 acres which he had been entitled to under a law passed in 1850, and he had legally disposed of it. He came to court to try to obtain additional bounty land if he was entitled to more under an Act approved in March 1855. Here is a list of men who served in the 5th Regiment, Stokes Co., NC along with Thomas DOSS during the War of 1812 commanded by Capt. Samuel MARTIN, Lt. Thomas SMITH, and Ensign Newton LADD:

    Elijah NELSON
    Jacob NELSON
    Jeremiah CLOUD
    James LAWSON
    Larkin BURGE
    Joel KETCHUN
    Edward YATES
    Ezekial COLLINS
    William BLANCHET
    Benjamin FRY
    James G. LYON
    William JOHNSON
    Bartlett SHIPP
    Joseph MARTIN
    William SHIPP
    John COX
    Reuben TILLEY
    Lambert DODSON
    William STANLY
    James HUTCHENS
    Benjamin THOMAS
    James PERKINS
    Matthew MOORE
    William YOUNG
    George BREEDLOVE
    Hansford POLLARD
    John POLLARD
    Floyd WEBB
    John JONES
    William CANNON
    Jeremiah CISK
    Samuel ANGEL
    James POWERS
    William CARR
    Robert NEELE
    Thomas MARTIN
    John TILLY
    George BOOTH
    James DAVIS
    Thomas EVANS
    John HOOVER
    Thomas REDDICK
    James RIDLEY
    Jacob WOLF
    John BRABIN
    Jesse BROWN
    John EDWARDS
    Jacob FISCUS
    John PRATER
    Frederic FULK
    William CHILDRESS
    Shedrack REDDICK
    James MERRITT
    John KANCES
    Isaac GEORGE
    John HOOKER
    Jacob DENTON
    Samuel RIGGS
    Jon NEAL
    Samuel NEALE
    Jesse DUNLAP
    Kelly SHIRLEY
    Jesse BANKS
    John BROWN
    Arthur MUSKRAM
    George NEELE
    William LADD
    Benjamin D. ANGEL
    William GIBSON
    David D. BOSTICK
    William POINDEXTER
    William SLAUGHTER
    Richard FLYNT
    William WELCH

Lincoln Co., KY Tax Lists (FHC - Salt Lake City microfilm):

    1850 Lincoln Co., KY Tax List:
    Doss, Thomas, no land, 1WM over 21, 3 children betw 5 & 16
    Doss, Wesley, no land, 1WM over 21
    Doss, Anderson, 50ac on Green River, valued at $50, 1WM over 21, 1 horse/mare value $20
    Doss, Milton, 50 ac on Green River value $50.
    1851 Lincoln Co., KY Tax List:
    Doss, Thomas, no land, 1WM over age 21 & 4 children betw ages 5 & 16
    Doss, Wesley, no land, 1WM over age 21
    Doss, Milton, 50ac value $50, 1WM over age 21
    Doss, Anderson, 50ac, value $50, 1WM over age 21
    1852 Lincoln Co., KY Tax List:
    Doss, Thomas, no land, 1WM over 21, 4 children betw ages 5 & 16
    Doss, Wesley, no land, 1WM over 21
    Doss, Milton, 50ac value $50, 1WM over 21, 1 horse/mare value $25
    Doss, Anderson, no land, 1WM over 21
    1853 Lincoln Co., KY Tax List:
    Doss, Thomas, no land 1WM over 21
    Doss, Pendleton, no land 1WM over 21
    Doss, Wesley, 2ac value $50, 1WM over 21, 1 cow
    Doss, Milton, 50ac on Green River value $50, 1WM over 21, 1 horse/mare value $40
    Doss, Nancy, no land, 2 children betw 5 & 16 years of age
    1854 Lincoln Co., KY Tax List:
    Doss, Nancy, no land, 1 child 5 to 16 years of age.
    Doss, Milton, 50ac on Green River value $75, 1WM over 21, 1 horse/mare value $40
    Doss, Pendleton no land, 1WM over 21, 1 horse/mare value $40
    Doss, Wesley, 2ac valueHarris Creek value $10, 1WM over 21
    1855 Lincoln Co., KY Tax List:
    Doss, Thos no land 1WM over 21, 4 children betw ages 5 & 16.
    Doss, Wesley, no land, 1WM over 21
    Doss, Nancy, 1ac value $35 on Green River
    Doss, Milton, 50ac value $75, 1WM over 21
    Doss, Anderson, no land, 1WM over 21
    1856 Lincoln Co., KY Tax List:
    Dawes, Pendleton, no land, 1WM over 21
    Dause, Milton, 50ac on Green River value $100, 1WM over 21
    Doss, Frances, no land, 3 children betw ages 5 & 16.
    1857 Lincoln Co., KY Tax List:
    Daws, Anderson, no land, 1WM over 21
    Daws, Mrs. Frances, no land, 3 children betw ages 5 & 16.
    Daws, Pendleton, no land, 1WM over 21
    Daws, Matthew, no land, 1WM over 21
    Daws, Milton, 50ac on Green River value $75, 1WM over 21
    1858 Lincoln Co., KY Tax List:
    Doss, Pendleton, Madison, Andrew, Mrs. (all listed as above) (Mrs. has 2 children 5 to 16 still at home)
    Daws, Milton still with 50 ac value $50, one 1 horse value $20
    Dawns, Nancy (listed right next to Milton), 1 child 5 to 16
    1859 Lincoln Co., KY Tax List:
    Doss, Milton, 50ac on Green River value $100, 1 horse $40, 8 hogs
    Doss, Mathew, no land
    Doss, Pedleton, no land
    Doss, Frances, 21ac value $21
    1860 Lincoln Co., KY Tax List:
    Daus, Nancy, no child listed, no land
    Daus, Milton, 50ac value $90, 1 horse $25, 5 children (?)
    Daws, Mathew, Pendleton, Andrew, and Mrs. with no changes. Mrs. has 3 children at home.
    1861 Lincoln Co., KY Tax List:
    Daus, Henry, no land, 2 children 5 to 16, 1WM over 21 enrolled in the militia
    Doss, Mathew, no land but enrolled in the militia
    Doss,Frances, no land but 2 children at home
    Doss, Milton, same 50ac value $75, 1 horse $15, enrolled in the militia
    Doss, Anderson, no land, enrolled in militia
    Doss, Pendleton, no land, no other entries
    1862 Lincoln Co., KY Tax List:
    Doss, Milton, 50ac Value $70, 1 horse $40, 4 children
    No other Doss here
    1863/1864 all Doss names gone.

Notes for FRANCES UNKNOWN: shown as 57 years old, born in VA., on the 1850 census. The last 2 children appear to have been born after Francis was 50 yrs old, so they may be grandchildren. Some descendants, who still live in KY today, claim Frances was full-blooded Cherokee, but further research needs to be done to prove these statements. This family did live in an area where the Eastern Cherokee made their home, with Grainger Co., TN being on the northern fringe of land then owned by the Native peoples.


i.... SARAH3 DOSS, b. 1821, Grainger Co., TN
Notes for SARAH DOSS: A possible child in this family. A marriage bond was issued to John W. BLAKE 17 May 1856, but it is not proven, as the marriage license was not returned. Sarah DOSS was listed on the 1860 KY census with Frances Doss; she d. Aft. 1860; possible marriage to JOHN W. BLAKE, May 19, 1856, with Matthew DOSS as surety. BLAKE was the surname of one of my WARFORD ancestors in this line. Another theory is that she was a daughter-in-law, possible wife of William Doss, possible (but unlikely) son of Thomas & Frances, who may have died prior to 1850. It is possible that the William Doss, 16 b. KY, on the 1860 census with Frances Doss was the child of William Doss, but further work is needed on this line. Mary Galambos found a marriage record for a Sarah Doss to David SHIPMAN 28 Dec 1864 in Mercer Co., KY, but we just don't have enough information to say this was correct.
3.......ii. HENRY DOSS, b. April 02, 1822, Grainger Co., TN; d. Bef. 1880, Crawford Co., MO.
4.......iii. WILLIAM DOSS, b. Abt. 1823.
5.......iv. WESLEY DOSS, b. December 27, 1824, Grainger Co., TN; d. June 04, 1879, Crawford Co., MO.
v..... REBECCA DOSS, b. April 22, 1825, Grainger Co., TN; m. BENJAMIN HAGGARD, April 24, 1855, Lincoln Co., KY. He was b. April 1824 possibly Casey Co., KY, d. abt. 1901 in Harmony Twp ,Washington Co., MO. Their marriage bond was secured by Matthew Doss 24 Apr 1855.
Notes for BENJAMIN HAGGARD: He was a lead miner according to the 1900 census, born in KY. He married (2) Nancy Elizabeth WILKINSON in 1892 and had a child named Susan G. Haggard b. March 1898.
Notes for REBECCA DOSS: Rebecca Doss, on the 1850 Lincoln Co., KY census is listed after the younger children. Updated information has been sent on her line by Ken Gross of Fulton, MO. The HAGGARD family also moved to Crawford Co., MO., where many of this DOSS line resided, and are found on the 1870 Crawford Co., MO census, page 96. CHILDREN: Elizabeth b. c1855; Mary Ann b. c1858 d. bef. 1892 m. James McClary in Washington Co., MO., 31 Dec 1874; William b. Apr. 1859 d. 1938 Washington Co., MO. m. Elizabeth E. Wilkinson; Martha Ann b. c1860 Crawford Co., MO m. John L. Blair; and Susan b. c1861. Another researcher in this line is Debbie McGinley, whose ancestor was John Otis Haggard, son of William & Elizabeth Wilkinson Haggard. Kathie Hitt descends from Mary and James McClary also, through their daughter Julia A. who was born in 1877. Julia A. McClary m. Wiley W. SMITH, in Carter Co., MO on 5/31/1902. Then we have another cousin in this line, connected to Martha A. HAGGARD, b. c1860. This lady is Sandy Paynton, and she has Martha as a daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca DOSS HAGGARD. Martha A. DOSS married John Larkin BLAIR.

6.... vi. MILTON DOSS, b. 24 July 1829, Grainger Co., TN; d. 03 Sept 1894 Crawford Co., AR, buried 12 Corners, Crawford, AR.
7.......vii. SUSAN DOSS, b. Abt. 1830.
8.......viii. ANDERSON DOSS, b. October 13, 1833, KY; d. June 30, 1899, Anderson Co., Ky.
ix. FRANCES DOSS, b. 1834, Anderson Co.?, KY; m. JAMES PETERS, April 28, 1857, Lincoln Co., KY. She was under-age at the time of her marriage. Consent was made by her mother, Mrs. Frances Doss. Her brother, Matthew, was the bondsman.
9.......x. MADISON MATTHEW DOSS, b. November 28, 1834, Anderson Co.?, KY; d. January 25, 1890, Boyle Co., KY.
......xi. WALKER DOSS, b. 1835, Anderson Co.?, KY; d. Bef. 1910.
Notes for WALKER DOSS: If you can add to this line, please do....we are sorely missing data on this family. Looking at the census regarding this man - I am prone to think he was misrepresented and that there was no Walker Doss, but instead he was Mathew Madison Doss, who was left off the 1850 census.
......xii. PENDLETON DOSS, b. 1838, Lincoln Co., KY; d. June 04, 1863, Vicksburg, MS (Source: Civil War Service CASUALTY SHEET shows Pendleton DASS Prv Co K 19 Reg KY Inf Vol in National Archives files).
Notes for PENDLETON DOSS: He is found on the 1860 Lincoln Co., KY census, page 111. Pendleton DOSS is head of the house, with his mother Frances listed as number 2. We can speculate about the origin of the given name "Pendleton" - maybe it came from an early VA family, as indicated in this interesting 2/2000 post by Laura Doss to the ROOTS-L mailing list for DOSS surname: Genealogy of VA Families Vol. iv, copyright 1981, pg. 778 - Pendleton Family by Mrs. Katherine Cox Gottschalk, Washington D.C. & Major John Bailey Calvert Nicklin, Chattanooga, TN: James PENDLETON b. about 1754 Buckingham Co., VA son of Philip Pendleton of Buckingham Co., VA d. about 1870 Buckingham Co., VA m. Mary Ann Phipps; children of James Pendleton and Mary Ann Phipps: John PENDLETON b. 1787 d. 1859 m. in Buckingham Co., VA to Mary DOSS about 1820. These children went to Missouri. Our Pendleton Doss died from wounds received in the Civil War, battle of Vicksburg. He was listed on a Casualty Sheet as Pendelton DOSS, private Co. K 19th Regiment KY Infantry volunteer 1863. During the Vicksburg campaign, General Sherman made the initial Federal thrust at Vicksburg Dec. 1862 at Chickasaw Bluffs but was repulsed. By July 4, 1863, Gen. Grant had been defeated after being halted at Big Black River, where Gen. John C. Pemberton's Rebel army surrendered, but it was too late for Pendleton Doss. One researcher, Diana Steele of Cape Girardeau, MO, claimed that this death caused the defection of two siblings, John and William to the Confederacy, however no proof has been offered for this statement.
Click here for a good Civil War website:
The 19th KY Infantry was recruited and organized at Harrodsburg (Mercer County) KY, in the fall of 1861, by Col. William J. Landrum & Lt. Col. John Cowan and they were mustered into service on the Jan. 2, 1862. They marched to Somerset, Ky. and engaged for some time in destroying the entrenchments of Gen. Zollicoffer and collecting property captured at the battle of Mill Springs. In April 1862 the regiment marched from Somerset to Cumberland Ford and assigned to Gen. Baird's brigade of Gen. George W. Morgan's division. It remained there until June, then took part in the movements which resulted in the capture of Cumberland Gap. During Sept. 1862 they marched through the mountains of Eastern KY to the Ohio River. Upon this march the troops suffered much for want of food subsisting chiefly upon meal grated upon the bottom of their mess pans.
The 19th was assigned to the division of the Army of Kentucky, commanded by Brig. Gen. A. J. Smith...marched to Memphis, Tenn. and formed part of Maj. Gen. Sherman's army which moved on Vicksburg via Chickasaw Bayou. The unit fought in the battle of Chickasaw Bluffs 29 Dec. 1863. From there they marched to Arkansas Post and participated in the battle which resulted in the capture of that place Jan. 10, 1863. On the 15th of April 1863, the regiment marched down the east bank of the Mississippi river and crossed to the rear of Vicksburg, participating in the battles of Port Gibson, Champion Hills, Black River Bridge and the sieges of Vicksburg & Jackson. In the assault on Vicksburg on the 22nd of May, the 19th 60 men were killed or wounded. The 19th was transferred to the Department of the Gulf and was with Gen. Banks on the unfortunate "Red River Campaign". At the battle of Sabine Crossroads, La, the 19th repelled five distinct charges before the enemy was enabled to break through it's lines. The losses in killed and wounded was high.
After the Red River expedition the 19th returned to Baton Rouge, La., where it remained until ordered to Louisville, Ky., where it was mustered out January 26, 1865. Col. W. J. Landram (of Garrard CO) was made a Brigadier-General in 1865.

The last two listed here were probably grandchildren, but have not decided to whom they belonged yet.
10....xiii. GEORGE WILLIAM DOSS b. 1843 Lincoln Co., KY
11....xiv. THOMAS ALFRED DOSS, b. March 15, 1845, Lincoln Co., KY.

Generation No. 3

3. HENRY3 DOSS (THOMAS2, CHARLES1 DOSS?) was born April 02, 1822 in Grainger Co., TN, and died Bef. 1880 in Crawford Co., MO. He married LULIZY HARVEY November 01, 1849 in Grainger Co., TN.
Notes for HENRY DOSS:
The following HARVEY names were found in Stokes Co., NC. Are they connected to Lulizy's family?
1800 Stokes Co., NC:
The first number is the written page - 2nd is the line - 3rd is the page# - surname - given name -
587 - 12 - 495 HARVY, Barnard
594 - 1 - 502 HARVY, Isaac
594 - 2 - 502 HARVY, Jonas
588 - 7 - 496 HARVY, Molly
594 - 3 - 502 HARVY, Sarah
584 - 15 - 492 HARVY, Thomas
The below names show an early connection with Mercer Co., KY in land grants from Virginia for what had formerly been known as Kentucky County, Virginia (found on the Mercer Co., KY USGenWeb page). These grants were given at the time when the first three counties were formed, namely Lincoln, Fayette, and Jefferson:
HARVIE John et al 1000 Chaplins Fk 05-15-1780 A-57
John et al 2000 Salt River 05-15-1780 A-57
Census Records include: 1850 Grainer Co., TN, 1860, 1870, 1880, & 1900 Crawford Co., MO census.
Notes from researchers Madona McCarthy, and Mary Galambos.
Family Group Sheet prepared by Lenna Doss of Steelville, MO.
Doss History from Mary Galambos: Henry and Lulizy (Harvey) Doss homesteaded the property known as "Sunny Valley" on Doss Branch, near Butts, MO.

Notes for LULIZY HARVEY: b. August 11, 1827 in Grainger Co., TN, d. in Crawford Co., MO.
1860 & 1870 - Crawford Co., MO census.
1880 Liberty Twp, Crawford Co., MO census. A niece, Marion DOSS lived with this family. Henry is no longer listed on the census. She indicated her parents were both born in TN.

Children of HENRY DOSS and LULIZY HARVEY are:
i.... MARY JANE4 DOSS, b. August 29, 1850, Crawford Co., MO.
ii....HANNAH DOSS, b. February 01, 1852, Crawford Co., MO; d. Crawford Co., MO.
iii....THOMAS JEFFERSON DOSS, b. August 05, 1853, Crawford Co., MO; d. Crawford Co., MO.
11.......iv. WILLIAM HARRISON DOSS, b. September 27, 1857, Butts, MO (near); d. November 15, 1933, Crawford Co., MO.
v.... DELILAH DOSS, b. October 22, 1859, Crawford Co., MO; m. AMBROSE F. PHARES on February 24, 1901 in Shirley, Washington, MO. She died 26 Feb 1907 (buried at Lost Creek Cemetery).
Notes for AMBROSE F. PHARES: His name was given to me a FARRIS, but the wedding data gives PHARES. He was over 21 years of age of Shirley, MO., and Delia was over 18 years of age, of Shirley, MO. They were married by the Elder Prior HARVEY, MG. Ambrose was born 24 Feb 1862 and died 10 Sept 1936. He is buried at Shirley Union Cemetery (data from Mary Galambos).
12. vi.......ADELINE DOSS, b. September 10, 1861, Butts, Crawford, MO (near); d. December 28, 1937, Crawford Co., MO.
13. vii.......EMELINE DOSS, b. September 10, 1861, Crawford Co., MO.; m. WOODFORD HARVEY. She d. 7 Aug 1909. Woodford was b. 1850 and died 23 Aug 1909. Both are buried at Lost Creek Cemetery.
14. viii.......JAMES MATISON DOSS, b. November 29, 1863, Crawford Co., MO; d. July 18, 1930, Fairview, Crawford, MO.
ix....DAVID DOSS, b. July 13, 1865, Crawford Co., MO.
x....REBECCA DOSS, b. January 22, 1867, Crawford Co., MO.
15. xi.......HENRY DOSS, b. July 09, 1869, Butts, Crawford, MO (near); d. December 24, 1943, Fairview, Crawford, MO.

4. ?WILLIAM?3 DOSS (THOMAS2, CHARLES1 DOSS?) was born Abt. 1823. He married SARAH C. HOLLIS/HOLLEY in Boyle Co., KY 06 Feb 1875.
Notes for WILLIAM DOSS: This is not a proven child of Thomas and Frances, but placed here for research purposes. I really don't think he was Thomas & Frances Doss' son. William's data comes from military pension request, and descendant Bill & Evelyn HICKS (in letter to Mary Galambos dated Apr. 2000). They wrote that he was Thomas DOSS, buried in Clark Co., IN...Union Cemetery. He served in Co., K 19th KY Infantry. CHILDREN: Austin b. 07 Jun 1884 d. 1955; Walter; Marion; Mattie; Mary; Lullie and Bettie. We had the one child listed below, so unknown if this is correct or not.
16. i....WILLIAM4 DOSS, b. August 16, 1843, Anderson Co., KY; d. October 10, 1919, Charleston, Clark, IN.
Notes for WILLIAM DOSS: Lived next to Mathew Doss 1870 & 1880 Boyle Co. census, listed as William Doss, wife Josephine and dau. Malinda M. Doss 1 b. KY.

1880 Census-District 2, Boyle, KY-FHL Film 1254404 National Archives Film T9-0404-Page 322B:
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
William DAWS Self M M W 36 KY Occ: Works On Farm Fa: KY Mo: KY
Sarah DAWS Wife F M W 26 KY Occ: Keeping House Fa: KY Mo: KY
George W. DAWS Son M S W 4 KY Occ: At Home Fa: KY Mo: KY
Mary J. DAWS Dau F S W 3 KY Occ: At Home Fa: KY Mo: KY
Marion F. DAWS Son M S W 9M KY Occ: At Home Fa: KY Mo: KY
Malinda F. DAWS Dau F S W 11 KY Occ: At Home Fa: KY Mo: KY

1900 Boyle Co., KY. soundex.

On 1920 Warren Co., KY census.

Bill & Evelyn Hicks (letter to Mary Glamabos April 2000), 19211 Hwy 62, Marysville, IN., 47141: "Thomas Doss buried in Clark Co., IN, Union Cem., served in Co., K 19th KY Inf. Children: Austin b. 07 Jun 1884 d. 1955; Walter; Marion; Mattie; Mary; Lullie; and Betty.

5. WESLEY3 DOSS (THOMAS2, CHARLES1 DOSS?) was born December 27, 1824 in Grainger Co., TN, and died June 04, 1879 in Crawford Co., MO (Source: Bible info from Mary Galambos of Florissant, MO.). He married (1) SERILDA BAUGH October 02, 1851 in Lincoln Co., KY, ?daughter/granddaughter? of JACOB BAUGH and ELLENDER UNKNOWN. He married (2) ANNA LIZA HOLLINSWORTH May 20, 1862 in Crawford Co., MO, daughter of ELI HOLLINGSWORTH & NANCY WHEELER who had married in Perry Co., IN in 1829 (source: Mary Galambos).
Notes for WESLEY DOSS:
1850 Lincoln Co., KY census house 128, called Wesley DAWS 25, b. TN. Right under his name is Sarah Daws 19 b. KY. Wesley didn't marry Surreldian Baugh (his 1st wife) until October of 1851. The next person in the 1850 household of Wesley DAWS (sic) was Anderson Daws (sic) 22 years b. KY. However, on this particular census, all of the named family members appear to not be listed in cronilogical birth order.
1860 & 1870 Crawford Co., MO census. They apparently moved to MO to join the older brother Henry.
1860 Liberty P.O., Wesley and family in house with Henry and Louise DOSS and family.
Notes for SERILDA BAUGH: b. c1830 KY, d. January 06, 1858 Crawford Co., MO. 1850 Lincoln Co., KY census, page 261, house #261/261: Jacob BAUGH 70yrs old b. VA, Ellender BAUGH 65 KY, and Salinda BAUGH 20 KY. They live very near the Nancy Lefue.
Notes for ANNA LIZA HOLLINSWORTH: 2nd wife of Wesley Doss, b. June 11, 1843 Washington Co., MO, d. March 08, 1900 Crawford Co., MO.
She is found on the 1880 Washington Co., MO census, as Anna DAWS and children. Her parents were both born in KY.

Children of WESLEY DOSS and SERILDA BAUGH are:
i.... MARIAN4 DOSS, b. October 02, 1852, White Oak Creek, Lincoln Co., KY; d. October 05, 1852, Lincoln Co., KY.
Notes for MARIAN DOSS: Births from KY Historical Society.
ii....WESLEY DOSS, b. November 10, 1853, Lincoln Co., KY (Source: Birth records from KY Historical Society.); d. November 10, 1853, Lincoln Co., KY (Source: Doss bible records.).
17. iii.......FRANCIS MARION DOSS, b. December 21, 1854, Lincoln Co., KY; d. MO.
18. iv....... ELLENDER DOSS, b. January 05, 1858, Crawford Co., MO.

19. v.......ROXANN4 DOSS, b. April 27, 1863, Crawford Co., MO; d. 1941, Leadwood, MO.
20. vi.......JOHN WESLEY DOSS, b. September 08, 1864, Crawford Co., MO; d. August 04, 1918, Crawford Co., MO.
21. vii.......ARTISEMMY MEECE DOSS, b. March 12, 1866, Crawford Co., MO.; d. 22 Oct 1938 and is buried at the New Masonic Cemetery in Potosi, MO. She married John Anderson SMITH 08 Nov 1883. He was born 22 March 1861 and died 22 May 1938. They had a son named Judson SMITH, b 15 Aug 1887 d. 11 Jan 1961. He m. 1) Sally LYONS 15 Feb 1908 and 2) Mary CONAWAY. She was b. 22 Feb 1896 d. 27 Feb 1968. Their son, Paul Edward, 11 Dec 1928 d. 06 Feb 1972....all buried New Masonic Cemetery except Sally (source: Mary Galambos).
22. viii.......CINDERILLA DOSS, b. August 14, 1867, Crawford Co., MO.
23. ix.......SOLOMON DOSS, b. December 23, 1869, Crawford Co., MO; d. October 15, 1905, St. Francois Co., MO.
x....JOSEY DOSS, b. January 28, 1871, Crawford Co., MO; d. October 12, 1874.
24. xi.......CHARLEY EDWARD DOSS, b. October 07, 1873, Crawford Co., MO; d. March 31, 1929, Potosi, MO.; m. ALICE ELIZABETH SAUNCHEGROW 07 Nov 1897 Washington Co., MO. She was born 24 Feb 1877; d. 31 May 1959.
25. xii....... TABITHA LUCY DOSS, b. February 18, 1878, Crawford Co., MO; d. March 12, 1958, MO.; m. WILLIAM HARVEY BELL 04 Sep 1893 Crawford Co., MO. He was born 14 Sep 1873 AR; d. 10 Dec 1949 Crawford Co., MO. The below photo comes from Ruth Henry, a descendant of this line. Her family called Tabitha "Berthie".

6. MILTON3 DOSS (THOMAS2, CHARLES1 DOSS?) was born July 24, 1829 in Grainger Co., TN, and died 03 Sept 1894, buried in 12 Corners, Crawford, AR., (source: Charlie O. Meadows, a descendant of this line who supplied a great deal of family information, including the young children who died early in life and Military Civil War Invalid Pension Papers). Milton married (1) MARY ELIZABETH WARFORD (sic) February 04, 1849 in Lincoln Co., KY, daughter of ROBERT WOFFORD and FRANCES BLAKE (these two are my ancestors also), who gave their permission. She was born August 28, 1837, and died 08 Feb 1860 in KY. (buried near Milledgeville, KY., in the Benedict Cemetery). This marriage date, although found in the KY State Archive records, may be incorrect. Mary would be quite young to marry if these dates are correct, and Milton was on the 1850 cenus with his parents. He married (2) TABITHA WOFFORD October 04, 1860 in Lincoln Co., KY, daughter of ROBERT WOFFORD and FRANCES BLAKE, sister of Mary Elizabeth. She died April 26, 1864 near Loogootee (Mt. Pleasant), Martin Co., IN. She had two other children besides the one listed below (according to Charles O. Meadows) who died young: Matilda DOSS b. 19 Aug 1862 d. 13 Aug 1868 and John DOSS b. 14 Jan 1864 d. 19 Sep 1864. He married (3) SARAH BELL MACKEY 07 Nov 1865 in Lawrenceville, Lawrence, IL. Sarah was born April 7, 1849 Washington, Davies Co.IN and died 06 Mar 1908 in Crawford Co., AR.
Notes for MILTON DOSS: For several years, I believed his name was John Milton Doss (from pay voucher, Civil War Pension), but several descendants do not list him this way. Cousin Wanda Adams Bennett of Kansas, a descendant, called him Milton Monroe Doss, while Cousin Charles O. Meadows called him Milton H. Doss. Milton married first - two sisters from the WARFORD/WOFFORD family: Mary Elizabeth was b. August 28, 1837 KY, d. February 19, 1860; then married (2) Tabitha who was b. April 29, 1842 KY, who died 1864. Their marriage bond was secured by Matthew DOSS 01 Oct 1860, with consent to marry by her father Robert WARFORD (sic). He served in Civil War with Co. K, 148 Indiana Infantry. His military records gave his physical description of 5'11", brown hair, gray eyes, light complexion. Pictured below, in his Civil War uniform, is a copy of a photo sent by Charles O. Meadows. We are so thankful for this picture, which Charles said was sent to him by another cousin. Charles wrote that he remembered the portrait in a large frame at the home of his Aunt Bessie Doss MEADORS c1932.
Grants in County Court Orders Lincoln Co., KY:
DOSS, Andrew & Milton, 50 acres on Green River 12/26/1844 surveys
DOSS, Andrew & Milton, 50 acres on Green River 2/12/1846 surveys
Who is this Andrew?? There are no records concerning him in courthouse documents.
1880-1890 Crawford Co., AR census.
Milton is listed in General Index to pension Files 1861-1934: Milton Doss K143 Ind Inf 7/28/1890 #1070063 Ark and widow 11/17/1894 #539740 Ark.

Milton Doss
Notes for SARAH BELL MACKEY: She was b. April 7, 1849 in Washington, Davies Co., IN. Her family was located on the census dated Jan. 21, 1900 Crawford Co., AR., Lancaster Twp, as Sarah DOSS, head of house.
Several years ago, I received a copy of a letter to Madonna McCarthy (long-time DOSS researcher) from Jim Wendell DOSS of Benton, AR, saying John Milton DOSS moved to IN at age 1 year. While this appeaars to be incorrect, it provided good information regarding Sarah Bell MACKEY who was from Washington, IN. He gave information on Harly Milton DOSS and his son Miles Franklin DOSS, who was the father of Jimmie Wendell DOSS b. 11/17/1939 in Bakersfield, CA. Updated information was sent (E-mail) by the brother of Jimmie Doss, Larry Doss, (see below notes under Miles Franklin Doss). The Civil War Invalid Pension papers of Milton Doss and Sarah B. Doss were full valuable genealogy data. These papers included the actual handwriting of Milton and Sarah. He wrote out a list of children, which was attached to the files. When Milton Doss was 61 years of age, he requested this pension from his military service while he and his family were living in Dyer, Crawford Co., AR. Milton Doss swore that in March 1865, while serving in Murfreesboro, TN he contracted eye disease which necessitated the request for the pension. On 12 Nov 1894, Sarah Bell Mackey Doss also requested a pension from her deceased husband's military service. She was 45 years old at the time, living in Alma, Crawford Co., AR. She listed her children and their birthdates on the Declaration for Widow's Pension. Sarah's sister, Rachel Jane Mackey SMITH, wife of Dallas SMITH, wrote a deposition 12 Feb 1901 from Washington, Davies, IN., telling about her sister, Sarah, meeting Milton DOSS while she was working in Martin Co., IN. Rachel wrote that Sarah and Milton Doss lived at Mt. Pleasant, Martin Co., IN after their marriage, but she believed they moved to Arkansas about 1877. The pension files dated 17 Nov 1894 show that Sarah was awarded a pension of $8.00 per month along with $2.00 for each child under 16 years of age (Maudie, Milton, Sarah, Lula, Willie & Martha). There is a hand-written paper, supposedly from a family bible, with a list of names and dates for Milton's family. This was added to the Invalid Pension File for Sarah Belle Mackey Doss from the National Archives.

Children of MILTON DOSS and MARY WOFFORD are:
26. i....... THOMAS4 DOSS, b. November 04, 1854, Young's Steam Mill, Lincoln Co., KY; d. OK? or AR.
ii....ROBERT DOSS, b. May 02, 1856, Lincoln Co., KY., d. March 10, 1871.
iii....DAVID DOSS, b. March 29, 1858, Lincoln Co., KY., d. Jan 12, 1873.
Notes for ROBERT and DAVID DOSS: Their death dates from a hand-written note (supposedly in the family Bible) and listed in the Civil War Invalid Pension File for Sarah Belle Mackey Doss.
27. iv.......MARY DOSS, b. February 08, 1860, Jefferson Co., KY.

v....MARGRETTE4 DOSS, b. 29 Jul 1861, Lincoln Co., KY.; d. 26 Oct 1924 Crawford Co., AR (source: Charles O. Meadows of Palm Desert, CA June 2000); m. TEVIS P. GILLENWATER, March 16, 1881, Crawford Co., AR. He was born Nov. 1848 in TN.
Notes for MARGRETTE "MAGGIE" DOSS: Their children (from Charles O. Meadows): George M. GILLENWATER b. 06 Mar 1882 d. 06 Jan 1919; m. Winner BLEVINS 11 Apr 1906 Crawford Co., AR who was b. 28 Mar 1879 d. 24 Oct 1912 Crawford Co., AR.; Mace GILLENWATER b. Oct 1883; Wilson GILLENWATER b. Dec 1885 m. Maud SHERMAN 04 Oct 1908 Crawford Co., AR.; Myrtle GILLENWATER b. Jun 1888; Samuel GILLENWATER b. 08 Jan 1891 d. 12 Oct 1963; m. Effie SHERMAN 10 Dec 1910 Crawford Co., AR.; Mattie GILLENWATER b. May 1897 m. Fred WITT 26 Dec 1914 Crawford Co., AR.; Eddie GILLENWATER b. May 1900. Maggie GILLENWATER wrote a deposition, 02 Jan 1901 from Alma, AR., stating she was the step-daughter of Sarah B. DOSS. She wrote: I was about 3 years old when my father Milton DOSS, now deceased, married the claimant, and I lived with them after their marriage to each other up till I was 18 years old, and after that, up till father's death, I lived in two miles of them all the while....Father had ten children by the claimant - no I am wrong it was eleven, of whom there were only five under 16 years old when father died, namely Ollie, Milton, Sula, Willie (now dead) and Bessie. I can't tell you exactly the dates of the births of any of these five children. No sir, I have no Bible record of their birth dates but the claimant has. She lives 8 miles from here in the mountains....Father was married three times in all. His first wife was Mary Warford who I was always informed died somewhere in KY before he married my own mother. His 2nd wife was my own mother whose name was Tabitha Warford, sister to father's first wife. Mother died when I was only 3 years old or 35 years ago in Martin Co., IN, near Loogootee. I can remember the day she was buried as well as if it was yesterday. I lacked from April till July following of being four years old when mother died - she died in the month of April.

Children of MILTON DOSS and SARAH MACKEY are:
vi....MARTHA ANNIE4 DOSS, b. 14 Feb 1867, IN, d. 1913 Cresson, Hood, TX; m. WILLIAM ANDREW COATS, December 19, 1886, Crawford Co., AR. CHILDREN: George L. Coats b. 06 Oct 1887 Alma, Crawford, AR; Francis Marion Coats b. 06 Jun 1889 Aledo, Parker, TX; Maude A. Coats b. Jun 1891 Aledo, Parker, TX; Ola M. Coats b. Feb 1893 Aledo, Parker, TX; Hattie Alma Coats Holland b. 30 Jun 1894 Aledo, Parker, TX; Betty M. Coats Pickard b. Sep 1895 Aledo, Parker, TX; Lillian M. Coats b. Sep 1898 Aledo, Parker, TX; William McKinley Coats b. 12 Jan 1899 Aledo, Parker, TX; and James Milton Coats b. 26 Aug 1905 Aledo, Parker, TX.
vii....EMMIE DOSS b. 25 Jan 1869, d. bef 1880.
viii...UNNAMED Son DOSS b. 26 Jan 1872 in IN d. 1872.
ix.....GEORGE MILTON DOSS b. 15 Mar 1873 IN., d. bef 1880.
x......LILLIE DOSS, b. 05 Jun 1875, IN., d. c1890.
28. xi.....MAUDIE DOSS, b. 07 Dec 1878, IN.
29. xii....HARLEY MILTON DOSS, b. 16 Feb 1880, Crawford Co., AR., d. 1931 Crawford Co., AR.
xiii... OLLIE SARAH DOSS, b. 19 Aug 1882, m. 22 Jan 1899 to Jacob W. MEADORS, b. 19 Apr 1870, d. 29 Sept 1932 McAlester, OK. He was the son of Elisha & Julia MEADORS. She d. 10 May 1923 Crawford Co., AR. Their children: Violet MEADOWS b. c1905; and Coffman MEADOWS b. c1915.
xv.....JULIA SULA DOSS, b. 16 Dec 1884, Crawford Co., AR; m. CHARLIE MEADOWS, August 28, 1904, Crawford Co., AR., d. 25 Apr 1949 Grass Valley, Nevada, CA. He was the son of Andrew MEADOWS and Sarah STEPHENS. He was b. 10 Jun 1884 in Crawford Co., AR, d. 04 Dec 1969 Crawford Co., AR. CHILDREN: Iva Mae MEADOWS b. 02 Mar 1905 d. 21 Nov 1973 m. (1) John CARUSO; m. (2) Ira ABSHER 18 Feb 1953; Ralph Lincoln MEADOWS b. 28 Mar 1906 OK d. Aug 1973 Los Angeles, CA; Wilma Forest MEADOWS b. 19 Jun 1909 Pittsburg Co., OK d. 07 Mar 1989 CA; Charles Oliver MEADOWS b. in Ft. Smith, AR.
xvi....WILLIE DOSS, b. 02 Mar 1887, Crawford Co., AR; d. c1897, Crawford Co., AR.
xvii...BESSIE LEE DOSS, b. 23 Jan 1890 Crawford Co., AR; d. Mar 1972 Van Buren, AR., m. 20 Apr 1909 Charles M. MEADORS He was the son of Wilse and Martha (Rogers) MEADORS. He was b. 07 Mar 1881 in Crawford Co., AR according to a family tree sent by Charles O. Meadows June 2000. Their children: Alice R. MEADORS b. c1910 m. Tommy N. LACK 24 Dec 1942, d. 1952; Juanita MEADORS . 1912 m. Jim SMITH, d. 02 Jan 1972 Van Buren, AR; Marietta MEADORS b. c1913; Roxena MEADORS b. c1917; Aline MEADORS b. c1921 m. Otis MONDAY; Vashitie MEADORS b. c1923.

7. SUSAN3 DOSS (THOMAS2, ?THOMAS1 DOSS?) was born Abt. 1830. She married ADAM WARFORD November 13, 1852 in Lincoln Co., KY, son of ROBERT WARFORD and FRANCES BLAKE.
Notes for SUSAN DOSS: the children's data from military pension files and census of 1860 Lincoln Co. KY. Susan WARFORD applied for widow's pension from Lincoln Co., KY in Dec 1867 from Old Crab Orchard (now Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY). This was taken from microfiche in the Dallas library - Soldiers of Various Wars, p. 10x.
Notes for ADAM WARFORD: b. 1835 in Lincoln Co., KY, d. October 24, 1863 in Franklin, LA. He served in Co. B 19th KY Inf. during the Civil War.

Children of SUSAN DOSS and ADAM WARFORD are:
i....JAMES ROBERT4 WARFORD, b. October 09, 1853.
ii....SARAH F. WARFORD, b. October 02, 1854.
iii....FRANCES A. WARFORD, b. Abt. 1856; d. Bef. October 15, 1867.
iv....LUCY BELLE WARFORD, b. October 25, 1859, Lincoln Co., KY (Source: 1992 LDS IGI file).
v....THOMAS F. WARFORD, b. January 30, 1861.

8. ANDERSON LEE3 DOSS (THOMAS2, CHARLES1 DOSS?) was born October 13, 1833 in KY, and died June 30, 1899 in Anderson Co., KY (Source: Buried Wilson Cem. 1 m North of Alton, KY). However, I take some issue with the birthdate. Anderson Doss would be about 2 years old on the 1830 census. There were 2 males under 5 in the household in 1830 Grainger Co., TN. In 1840 - he would be about 12 years old and was one of the 2 sons counted as 10/15 years of age with Thomas and Frances Doss. He married REBECCA JANE TEMPLE Abt. 1864.
Notes for ANDERSON DOSS: He is found on the 1850 (22 years old) and 1860 (32 years old) Lincoln Co., KY census. Anderson's Civil War Pension was applied for Sept. 1888, #673860 KY: Adjutant General's Report of the State of KY. Roll of Co. A, 9th KY Volunteer Cavalry, private, enlisted 01 Sept 1861, placed on the rolls Aug 10, 1862, mustered in Aug 22, 1862 at Eminence, KY for 1 year, mustered out Jane 7, 1863 at Lebanon, KY. Also served in 4th KY Inf. He applied for an Invalid's Pension in March of 1895, where he was living at Sinai, Anderson Co., KY. This time he said he served in Co., B, 4th KY Volunteers of the Mounted Infantry. This request was rejected because he was shown as a deserter Jan 1 1862 from Co. A 9th KY Calvary and was never honorably discharged. His application said he re-enlisted Aug 10, 1862 but had again deserted by Jan 7, 1863. He claimed in an application dated March 31, 1890 that he was disabled by heart disease in the Fall of 1861 while on duty in Eastern Kentucky, and was treated in a hospital at Lebanon, KY at that time, and again in the winter of 1862/63. This application was filed May 30, 1891 claiming heart disease and nervous prostration and signed with his mark.
E-mail: Date: Jan 1999 From: Cindy Zimmerman - She listed the children of Anderson Doss -M- Rebecca Jane Temple, and provided dates/spouse/places.
Rebecca Jane Temple Doss
Notes for REBECCA TEMPLE: She was the daughter of Richard TEMPLE and Mildred SEARCY, and she was born c1844 Anderson Co., KY., d. September 19, 1929 Alton, Anderson, KY. (above photo provided by Cindy Zimmerman). Obituary From Sept. 1929 Anderson News: "AGED WOMAN FATALLY BURNED NEAR ALTON, Mrs.Rebecca Doss 85, Dies From Burns, Thursday Night: Alone at Time of Fatal Accident. Mrs. Rebecca Doss, 85 was fatally burned, Thursday afternoon at the home of her son. Matt Doss, near Alton. The distressing accident occurred about 4 p.m. Just how the blaze started is not known as Mrs. Doss, who is a semi-invalid, was alone in the house at the time. It is thought that the old lady attempted to put some wood in the stove and a coal from the fire ignited some carpet rags that she had been sewing. Unable to move except with the aid of a cane and chair. Mrs. Doss could not extinguish the blaze and although she screamed for help, by the time her son and others, who were working in a nearby field reached her, it was too late, the fire reaching such an intensity that the clothes of Mrs. Doss and the chair which she was sitting were consumed. Dr. Toll was summoned and every effort was made to save her but the burns were too severe and she passed away about seven o'clock, Thursday night. Funeral service were held at the home Saturday at 2 p.m.. Rev. Wm.. Sayre officiating. Burial was in the Cole burying ground. Mrs. Doss is survived by eight children, five sons, Matt Doss with whom she made her home: William, John, Wade, and George Doss all of this county: three daughters, Mrs. Nannie Carrier, Mrs. Bettie Hatchell and Mrs. Mary Hellard." Cindy said Anderson was called Andy, and gave a middle name as LEE. Cindy also sent the below picture of a DOSS/HATCHELL family reunion taken in the late 1920s. She wrote regarding this picture: Rebecca Temple Doss is the older lady sitting in the middle and her daughter Betty Jane Doss Hatchell is the dark haired woman seated beside her, and her husband James Hatchell is standing behind her with the dark suit on, I am sure their are other Doss people in the picture but I don't know which ones, they never labeled anything, I hope you are able to see it.
Click here for another website on the HATCHELL line
Betty Jane Doss Hatchell
i.... MARTHA J.4 DOSS, b. April 15, 1865, Anderson Co., KY; d. April 07, 1912 Franklin Co., KY; m. JERRY HELLARD, March 15, 1885.
Notes for MARTHA DOSS: Anderson Co. Newspaper: OUR HERITAGE by Wyatt Shely ,Jan. 11, 1968 - Jerry and Martha Doss Hillard were married in Anderson Co. in 1885. They were parents of several children, one of whom, Charlie Hillard giving his address as Lawrenceburg, Route 2, was inducted into the United States Army on July 17, 1918, He was twenty-seven years of age and single. His induction occurred at Ft. Thomas and he was assigned to Company E 17th Infantry. From Ft. Thomas he was sent to Camp Meade, Maryland, where he fell victim to the Spanish Influenza, a disease which claimed the lives of many soldiers as well as civilians in the epidemic of 1918. Charlie Hillard died of pneumonia October 13, 1918, in a Maryland hospital. His body was returned to Anderson County with burial in the Cole grave yard near Alton. Other children of Jerry and Martha included Jurdy, married Mertie Carrier; Edgar, married Nora Cummins; Nannie, married Kie Grubbs; Bessie, married Jeff Cummins; Cordie, married Taylor Cummins; and Lizzie, married Claude Bryant. Mrs. Alex Carrier, Alton, is an aunt of the late Charlie Hillard, and is familiar with the family history. Mrs. Carrier is a sister of Martha Doss, mother of the soldier. Cindy sent this list of children of MARTHA DOSS and JERRY HELLARD: CHARLIE5 HELLARD, b. Abt. 1891; d. October 13, 1918, MD; JERRY JR. HELLARD, b. Abt. 1894; d. November 24, 1962, Franklin Co, KY; BESSIE HELLARD, b. February 06, 1912, Franklin Co, KY; EDGAR HELLARD; NANNIE HELLARD; CORDIE HELLARD; and LIZZIE HELLARD.
ii.... MARY FRANCES DOSS, b. Abt. 1869, Anderson Co., KY; m. JOHN HELLARD, January 30, 1889, in the home of her father, Andy Doss. He was b. Abt. 1865 in Washington Co, KY, and died July 19, 1954. Cindy sent this list of children: GEORGE5 HELLARD; VIRGINIA HELLARD; LEWIS HELLARD; HENRY HELLARD, b. Abt. 1893; m. FRONIA RILEY; b. Abt. 1894; and TEVIS HELLARD.
iii.... WILLIAM DOSS, b. June 26, 1871, Anderson Co., KY; d. Feb. 22, 1939 Spencer Co., KY; m. ELZAN "ZANNIE" NEWTON, February 22, 1939.
30. iv.......JOHN DOSS, b. Abt. 1872, Anderson Co., KY; d. August 31, 1953.
Notes for JOHN DOSS:He married ALICE WILSON February 28, 1894 in Anderson Co. KY, daughter of JAMES WILSON and BETTIE UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1880 in Anderson Co. KY, and died January 10, 1966 in Anderson Co. Ky. Cindy's list of children for this couple: WILLIAM J.5 DOSS, b. May 1900; ELIZABETH DOSS, b. Abt. 1905; HALLIE DOSS, b. Abt. 1908; JAMES IRVIN DOSS, b. Abt. 1905.
v....BETTY JANE DOSS, b. February 13, 1875, Anderson Co., KY; d. January 01, 1964 Anderson Co., KY; m. JAMES HATCHELL, April 13, 1892. The photo above was sent by my kind Cousin Cindy Zimmerman. It is of Betty Jane Doss Hatchell and her son Russell Hatchell taken c1909. Click here to see more on this line and another good photo sent by Cindy.
vi....MATT DOSS, b. Abt. 1875, Anderson Co., KY; d. December 08, 1943 Lexington, KY; m. HATTIE CARRIER, June 21, 1899. She was the daughter of WILLIAM CARRIER. She was born Abt. 1878 in Washington Co, KY. A list of their children, sent by Cindy: PEARL5 DOSS, b. 1908; JIMMY DOSS, b. 1911; d. July 19, 1976; ROBERT DOSS, b. 1913; MATT JR. DOSS, b. 1914; d. June 12, 1971, Franklin Co, KY; EZEKIEL DOSS, b. March 27, 1916, Anderson Co. KY; HARVEY DOSS, b. May 26, 1920, Anderson Co. KY; and CLARA BELL DOSS, b. February 21, 1923, Anderson Co. KY.
vii....WADE DOSS, b. Abt. 1879, Anderson Co., KY; d. December 08, 1961.
viii....NANCY DOSS, b. Abt. 1881; d. February 24, 1972 Anderson Co., KY; m. ALEX CARRIER. He was born in Anderson Co., KY and died in Daytona Beach, FL. These are the children's names provided by Cindy: ROY CECIL CARRIER, d. February 18, 1974, Waddy, KY; m. RUBY HAYDEN; CARL CARRIER; RICHARD HARLOW, m. LILLIAN HAYDEN; THOMAS HARLOW; and JUNE CARRIER, Foster child.
ix....GEORGE DOSS, b. November 13, 1887; d. September 04, 1963; m. LIZZIE SAYRE, daughter of JOHN SAYRE and EVA HURST. She was born August 10, 1886, and died May 26, 1967 in Anderson Co., KY.
Here is a list of their children, sent by Cindy: LEE ANDREW DOSS, b. 1904, Mercer Co., KY, d. 1971, Lexington, KY; m. OMA STRATTON b. Abt. 1900 d. December 19, 1990 - children: James Elsworth, Anna Elizabeth, Charles Edward, & William Lee (write to Connie Doss Snipes regarding this line); ERVIN DOSS, b. 1907; JOHNNY DOSS, b. May 1909, d. May 14, 1946, Mercer Co. KY; GEORGE JR. DOSS, b. August 21, 1911, Anderson Co. KY d. January 1998, Anderson Co. KY; m. EVELYN WOOLDRIDGE; VIRGIE MAE DOSS, b. May 11, 1914, Mercer Co, KY; m. MR. CUMMINS; ROY JACKSON DOSS, b. June 15, 1918, Mercer Co, KY m. MARY E. CARTER, June 26, 1936, Frankfort, KY; EARL DOSS, b. November 22, 1919, Mercer Co, KY; PRICE DOSS, b. April 15, 1921 d. January 31, 1923, Anderson Co, KY; ONIS LILLARD DOSS, b. September 22, 1925, Anderson Co. KY; and JAMES A. DOSS, b. September 26, 1929, Anderson Co. KY.
Doss/Hatchell Family c1920s

9. MADISON MATTHEW3 DOSS (THOMAS2, CHARLES1 DOSS?) was born November 28, 1834 in probably Anderson Co., KY (Source: 1870 Boyle Co., KY census p.133 PO Brinnfield and 1880 Boyle Co., KY census p.323.), and died January 25, 1890 in Boyle Co., KY. I believe he was incorrectly shown on the 1850 Lincoln Co., KY census with his parents as Walker Doss. He married MALINDA MARGARET MASON April 11, 1861 in Lincoln Co., KY, daughter of NANCY MASON MURPHY.
Notes for MADISON MATTHEW DOSS: Nov. 28, 1861, he enlisted as a private in 19th KY Inf. Discharged on Jan 26, 1865. From LDS library, film 118, 11th census (1890) special schedule, Surviving Soldiers, Sailors and Marines & Widows, Etc. of Union Soldiers: Boyle Co., KY Maddison DOSS, Pvt. 19th KY Inf., died sudden of rheumation, P.O. Mitchellsburg, KY., widow is Malinda M. DOSS. Researcher Diana Steele says Mathew died on a horse pulled buggy, and family lore says the horse brought him home dead from a heart attack. He was buried in the Union Cemetery in Boyle County.
1870 Boyle Co., KY census, page 133, family #267/264 - Matthew Doss 40 KY, laborer, wife Malinda 24 b. KY and son Samuel 1 KY. Next house was William DOSS 24 KY, Josephine 23 KY, and Malinda M. 1 KY. This William is probably the same person listed with Frances Doss on the 1860 Lincoln Co., KY census.
1880 Mathew DOSS, Dist. 2, Boyle, KY, p. 323d, WM45, occ: farmer, Fa: TN Mo: TN
Malinda M. DOSS, wife, WF33, b. KY, occ: keeping house, Fa: KY Mo: KY
Samuel L. DOSS, son, WM11, b. KY, Fa: KY Mo: KY
George W. DOSS, son, WM6 b. KY, Fa: KY Mo: KY
Arthor W. DOSS, son, WM2, b. KY, Fa: KY Mo: KY
Nancy MASON, MotherL, WF57, b. KY, occ: at home, Fa: VA Mo: KY

Notes for MALINDA MARGARET MASON: b. September 15, 1846 Lincoln Co., KY, d. November 30, 1929 Mitchellsburg, KY. Found on the 1900 Boyle Co., KY soundex, her mother lived with her. She had also married Jake Troxell, date unknown.
From Danville Daily Messenger, Wed. Dec. 4, 1929: Mrs. Malinda Margaret Doss, aged 83, died Saturday morning at her home in Mitchellsburg after a lingering illness. Burial took place in the Lancaster Cemetery Sunday. She is survived by three sons, Joe Doss of Ravena, KY., Arthur and George Doss of Mitchellsburg.


31. i.......SAMUEL L.4 DOSS, b. May 1869, Brinnfield, Boyle, MO; d. 1920.
32. ii.......GEORGE W. DOSS, b. July 12, 1874, KY; d. 1934.
33. iii.......ARTHUR WILSON DOSS, b. March 26, 1878, Mitchellsburg, KY; d. November 12, 1951, Mitchellsburg, Boyle, KY.
iv.... JOSEPH PURDOM DOSS, b. May 05, 1884, Boyle Co., KY (Source: Pension application: sworn statement by family physician J. F. Purdom of Boyle MD of Boyle Co. KY.); d. 1948, Ervine, Estille, KY; m. RUTH BARRACKS.
Notes for JOSEPH PURDOM DOSS: Researcher Diana Steele says there were no children from this couple.

NOTE:These last two children may be grandchildren of Thomas & Frances Doss instead of children - more research needs to be done here:

10. GEORGE WILLIAM ALFRED3 DOSS (THOMAS2, CHARLES1 DOSS?) was born 1843 Lincoln Co., KY., d. 09 Oct 1919 McMinn Co., TN.

11. THOMAS ALFRED3 DOSS (THOMAS2, CHARLES1 DOSS?) was born March 15, 1845 in Lincoln Co., KY. He married (1) MARY TEMPLE in Boyle Co., KY 05 May 1866. The marriage bond was signed by Samuel LEFFEW. He married (2) SARAH WATSON September 11, 1884 in Boyle Co., KY.
Notes for THOMAS ALFRED DOSS: He served in the 19th KY Infantry, was a POW at Camp Ford, near Tyler, TX (captured at Mansfield 08 Apr 1864, paroled at Red River Landing, LA 20 Oct 1864), reported at New Orleans, LA 27 Oct 1864 and mustered out 26 Jan 1865 at Louisville, KY. One of the Civil War affidavits was signed by William DOSS and Robert WOFORD. This family moved to Indiana also. There is a Thomas DOSS on the 1880 Boyle Co., KY census, but this is not proven to be the Thomas in our family and the children's names may not be correct. A confusing death certificate for Thomas DOSS b. 15 Mar 1845 Anderson Co., KY?, d. 15 Apr 1901 in Utica Twp (PO Prather), Clark Co., IN, buried 17 Apr 1901 at Union Chapel lists Mary TEMPLE as his first wife. Mary was b. c1845 KY d. June 13, 1882, Boyle Co., KY. What is confusing is the person who signed the certificate lists his parents as Francis DOSS and Flora HABAN/HOBAN. But I believe this is the same man whose parents were really Thomas and Frances DOSS. Or it could be that Francis DOSS was a son of Thomas and Frances, making Thomas Alfred DOSS a grandson. There are just too many similarities for this not to be member of this family.
Children of THOMAS DOSS and MARY TEMPLE are:
i.... LUCINDA4 DOSS, b. December 05, 1867, KY; d. September 17, 1956, Rumsey, KY (Source: (CTC) New Express Cemetery, Rumsey, KY); m. JACK ALLISON.
ii....SUSAN DOSS, b. Abt. 1869.
iii....LEE A. DOSS, b. Abt. 1872.
iv....MARSHALL DOSS, b. Abt. 1874.
v....LULA B. DOSS, b. Abt. 1878.
vi....SILAS DOSS, b. Abt. 1879.

Children of THOMAS DOSS and SARAH WATSON are:
vii....ALLIE4 DOSS, b. May 17, 1889.
viii....EVA ELLEN DOSS, b. March 26, 1895.
ix....ETHEL PEARL DOSS, b. September 25, 1897.
x....VIRGIL THOMAS DOSS, b. March 29, 1899.
xi....RUE DOSS, b. January 10, 1901.

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