GOUGH Genealogy Notes

Descendants of William Gough
Generation 3 and 4

Compiled by Janice Mauldin Castleman 1998

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Generation No. 3

4. WILLIAM ROBERT3 GOUGH , JR. (WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born March 19, 1764 in GA. (birth in GA according to the 1880 Lamar Co., TX census from his son Asher Shelton Gough), and died December 1820 in Butler Co., KY. He married RHODA SHELTON 1794 in Logan Co., KY, daughter of JEREMIAH SHELTON and NANCY ASHER. She was born May 23, 1774.


Regarding the birth state as Georgia.....Georgia was not even a state until 1777. I believe we should begin looking in Maryland for the first GOUGH lines, mainly because of clues found in an old genealogy written in a letter to his children by descendant Judge Lysius Gough in 1934. More on this letter will be entered at a later date. Certainly the Virginia records will hold more clues than anything we could find in early Georgia records, but more research needs to be done here.

WFT Vol. 3 #392 has a middle name for Wm. Gough. This tree follows the GOUGH line for 4 generations, starting with William Robert Gough who married Judith TAYLOR.

1810 Butler Co., KY census (from USGenWeb site):

  • GOUGH, Jonathan - 0 0 0 1 1 1; 0 1 0 0 0 0
  • GOUGH, William - 5 0 0 0 1 1; 1 0 1 0 0 0

    In a book compiled by Raymond DeWeese (1992) The County of Butler in the Commonwealth of KY 1810-1814 Taken from Order Book A & Circuit Court Order Books A & B", page B-16: (1812) William Gough came to Court and requested that he be discharged from paying the County Levy, citing his inability to do so. The Chairman said, "The court is satisfied with your explanation, and orders that you be excempt from paying the Levy and that it be certified."

    Some of this family information was provided by the FTM homepage of Steve L Smoot, Email address - smoots@prodigy.net.

    Ruth A. Hunt of Metropolis, IL provided a group sheet in Goffs/Goughs newsletter (found in Dallas Public Library). She adds to the above information: Jesse m. Mary Ann Leeman; William m. Rozah (Rispa); Asher d. 1844/5; Mary Ann m. James C. Tones; Nancy m 22 Mar 1836 Jesse LEE; Anna m. Joseph Taylor 06 Feb. 1821 & she d. bef. 1838. Found on the 1850 Daviess Co., KY census on page 442 is Jesse LEE 1 year old, living with Andrew P. TAYLOR 33yrs b. KY and Sarah A. Taylor 29 b. KY (unknown if connected to the family of Nancy Gough and Jesse Lee who m. 1836). A William Gough is found on page 363 in Daviess Co., KY 1850, house 254, 33 years old b. KY, wife Mildred 25, children: James S. 8, Mary J. 6, Mary E. 4, William T. 2, Jospeh 5, James Gough 65 b. KY (?).

    There is one William Gough who served as an infantry soldier in the Rev. War from VA.

    Notes for RHODA SHELTON: Her birth date of May 23, 1774 comes from E-mail sent by Jim & Gail Gough who sent a copy of a genealogy report written by a descendant of Lysius Gough.

    1830 Graves Co., KY Census, District of Kentucky, p. 289:
    Shelton, Jonathan - 100110000; 200010000; 0; 6
    Gough, Rody - 001120000; 000200010; 0; 7
    Gough, Hariet - 00000000; 000010000; 3; 4

    A deed from Wm. Gough's heirs dated Sep 1837 says that she sold a tract of land on Little Sandy Creek to John Pepper. Heirs who signed the deed were Rhody Gough (widow of Wm. Gough Jr.), Eli Gough, William Gough, Joseph Taylor, Jerrymer (sic) Gough, James Jones and Mary his wife, Jesse J. LEE and Nancy his wife, Asher Gough, Jessee Gough and Mary Ann his wife, Judith Gough of Butler Co., KY. Jeremiah Gough was the agent and signed the deed. The deed was certified by Jeremiah Gough, Jr. and John Pepper and acknowledged by Jeremiah Gough and Jesse J. LEE on 02 Sep 1839 in Butler Co., KY. Before leaving the Sandy Creek area, she and William were members of the Sandy Creek Baptist Church per Ken Shelton. In Graves Co., KY, she was a member of the Spring Creek Church of Christ outside of Symsonia, KY. Rhoda lived with her son William Gough on the 1850 Graves Co., KY census, listed on page 397, house 451. Jeremiah Gough 42 b. KY lives in house 450, with Eli Gough 46 KY, and Ewing Gough 5 b. KY. Ken Shelton says she is buried in the Gough Family Cemetery, Symsonia, Graves Co., KY.

  • Children of WILLIAM GOUGH and RHODA SHELTON are:

    Notes for JOSHUA GOUGH: According to Ken Shelton's book, "The Shelton Trek Across Kentucky", page 39, Joshua Gough was born in Butler Co., KY. He was located on the 1823 Hickman Co., KY Tax List and the 1824 Graves Co., KY list. In 1824, he is over 21 and has 1 horse, but no land. He was named in William Gough's estate papers as receiving his share. Steve Lawrence wrote that he located Joshua Gough on the 1830 Real & Personal Property Tax List in Graves Co., KY. He paid taxes on 320 acres of land valued at $1000. Initially Rhoda Gough was administrator of Joshua's estate, but evidently Eli Gough quickly took it over. It appears that Joshua's 320 acres were sold around 1833-34, but that his estate had some town lots in Mayfield that show up as late as 1840 - in that year William R. Gough was administrator of the estate. Joshua's widow, Harriett Oates Gough was listed on the 1830 Graves Co., KY census as head of the household - no children. She remarried June 22, 1832 in Muhlenberg Co., KY to Robert Randolph.

    Notes for ELI GOUGH: From Ken Shelton's book, "The Shelton Trek Across Kentucky", page 39 - Eli Gough was born 1804 in Butler Co., KY. He is listed on the 1824 Graves Co., KY Tax List. In 1850 he lived with his brother Jeremiah W. Gough. He is on the 1860 KY census, listed as 56 years of age, still living with his brother Jeremiah W. GOUGH. Linda (Susie) Patton wrote in June 2000 that she had seen material on the Internet regarding Eli's divorce from Synia PRYOR, whom he divorced 13 Feb 1837 in Graves Co., KY., and had heard family stories regarding this divorce.

    Notes for MARY ANN GOUGH: Her line is followed in WFT Vol. 3 #392. Steve Smoot entered the following on his FTM homepage (Internet):
  • 22. Mary "Polly" Ann4 Gough (William3, William2, 1) was born May 15, 1807 in Butler County, Kentucky, and died January 13, 1886 in Marshall County, Kentucky. She married James Calvin Jones Sr. July 27, 1827 in Calloway County, Kentucky, son of Burrell Jones and Sarah. Children of Mary Gough and James Jones are:
  • 34 i. Sarah5 Jones, born May 5, 1828 in Calloway County, Kentucky.
  • 35 ii. Joshua G. Jones, born 1829 in Calloway County, Kentucky. He married Nancy C..
  • 36 iii. James Calvin Jones Jr., b. 1831 in Calloway Co., KY. He m. Martha M. Frizzell Jan. 02, 1866 in Marshall County, Kentucky.
  • 37 iv. Hardin J. Jones, born 1832 in Calloway County, Kentucky.
  • 38 v. Martha Ann Jones, born 1834 in Calloway County, Kentucky; died 1921. She married William A. Chester February 03, 1853 in Marshall County, Kentucky.
  • 39 vi. Albert Perry Jones, born 1836 in Calloway County, Kentucky. He married Sarah.
  • 40 vii. Berny Vester Jones, born November 23, 1837 in Calloway County, Kentucky; died July 14, 1925 in Marshall County, Kentucky. He married Martha Anderson Jones Abt 1868.
  • 41 viii. Mary Frances Jones, born 1840 in Calloway County, Kentucky. She married Nathan W. McClindon January 17, 1864 in Marshall County, KY
  • 42 ix. Harriett L. Jones, born 1842 in Marshall County, Kentucky. She married William B. Usher July 22, 1876 in Marshall County, Kentucky.
  • 43 x. William M. Jones, born 1843 in Marshall County, Kentucky. He married Martha Ellen Anderson December 5, 1860 in Marshall County,KY
  • 44 xi. Alfred Johnson Jones, born June 24, 1844 in Marshall County, Kentucky; died May 11, 1911 in Marshall County, Kentucky.
  • 45 xii. Harvey S. Jones, born 1846 in Marshall County, Kentucky.
  • 11. viii. WILLIAM ROBERT GOUGH III, b. March 14, 1809, Butler Co., KY; d. August 26, 1876, Graves Co., KY.
  • 12. ix. JEREMIAH W. GOUGH, b. August 20, 1810, Butler Co., KY; d. August 23, 1892, Graves Co., KY.
  • x. JUDITH S. GOUGH, b. February 15, 1813, Butler Co., KY. Steve Smoot said she married Jonathan Shelton Abt 1840. However, this was incorrect as she married MILO GAMBLIN c1827. She died about 1844 and he remarried to Margaret Edna GOUGH, daughter of Jesse GOUGH and Mary Ann LEEMAN.
  • 13. xi. NANCY SHELTON GOUGH, b. February 15, 1813.
  • 14. xii. ASHER S. GOUGH, b. April 03, 1815, Butler Co., Ky.
  • 5. ABIGAIL3 GOUGH (WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1779-1782, and died Aft. 1845 in KY? (Source: Birth and death information from WFT Vol. 13 #2073. Also, Steve Lawrence wrote in May 2000 that he found a reference - not verified - in the Biographical Review of Johnson, Massac, Pope and Hardin Counties, Illinois, pg. 464 listing her date of death date as 1852.) She married THOMAS LAWRENCE October 19, 1802 in Logan Co., KY, son of HENRY LAWRENCE and ELIZABETH STANLEY.

    Notes for ABIGAIL GOUGH: Abigail was still alive on 15 Sep 1840, when she signed for $286.89 as her dowry from the estate of Thos. L Signed with an "X". Steve Lawrence wrote that he has a copy of this document. The following also comes from Steve: Abigail does not appear on the 1840 Census for Butler County as a separate household. She may appear on the 1840 census with Stephen and Susan Step ?? which lists an older female (need to confirm this - info is from Barbara Lawrence). Abigail's children had mostly left the county. Stephen Step was possibly farming Thomas' property after he married Susan Lawrence, reflected by the fact that he bought all the parcels of this property distributed to survivors in 1851 (as well as the census info). This is in an Indenture of 1851, which says this land was patented 8 Sep 1815 on the Big Muddy Creek, Butler Co. (Source: Deed Book?, pg. 593 for 1851). However, I think it is the same 200 acres he had all along - evidently it took several years to get the lines straightened out. Abigail appears in Butler Co. tax lists (no record for 1836?) for 1837, 1839, 1840, and 1842 - 1845, usually with 250 and sometimes 280 acres on either Meadow Branch or the Big Muddy River. (Information is courtesy of Don Fletcher).

    Notes for THOMAS LAWRENCE: From "Logan Co., KY Deed Abstracts" Deed Book A, page 302 - Indenture dated 13 Dec 1804 between Thomas Gough and Thomas Lawrence, $100 paid, 50 acres on Meadow Branch of Big Muddy Creek. Signed also by Fanny Gough..witness: Jonathan Gough, David Howard, Reuben Dougherty. An interesting item in the GOFF/GOUGH newsletters: Vol VII #2, p43, article on the Northern Neck of Early Va. ... 25 Sep 1663, Robert LAWRENCE, Jr received 650 ac for the transportation of 13 persons, including Jno GOFFE...(unknown if any connection at this time). Steve Smoot lists these children on his FTM homepage: Elizabeth Lawrence m. Ralph Shelton September 16, 1822 in Butler Co., KY; Jane A. Lawrence m. Thomas Porter February 06, 1833 in Butler Co., KY.; William G. Lawrence m. Patsy Pate July 07, 1831 in Butler Co. KY.; Henry Grandison Lawrence m. Sarah Baucom c1825; Judith "Judy" Lawrence m. Jonathan Shelton November 21, 1822 in Butler Co., KY.; Susan Lawrence m. Stephen Step May 07, 1838.

    Children of ABIGAIL GOUGH and THOMAS LAWRENCE are:

    6. CHARITY3 GOUGH (WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1780 in Logan Co., NC (according to an entry in FTM Vol. 19 #1590). She married REUBIN DAUGHERTY April 12, 1800 in Logan Co., KY, son of OWEN DAUGHERTY and MARY TAYLOR. Tree #1590 also gives a birth place of Reubin as Craven Co., NC.

    Notes for REUBIN DAUGHERTY: Located on the 1820 Butler Co., KY census: #71 Doughety Rubin - 30010; 01010; 00. In Logan Co. KY., Reuben bought 100 ac, 1804, from Thomas & Fanny Gough. WFT Vol. 19 #1590 says that Owen Daugherty and Mary Taylor m. c1759 in Craven Co., NC. A list of their children is included on that tree, but not copied here. Mary Taylor's parents, according to this same tree, were Robert and Catherine TAYLOR. Robert Taylor was born 13 Oct 1709 in Baltimore, MD and he married Catherine Unknown c1728 in Craven Co., NC. Reubin's parent's names were also provided on the Internet homepage of Steve L. Smoot, Email address-smoots@prodigy.net. Another Internet site, "The Daugherty Generations", gives more information on Reubin's parents, Owen and Mary (Taylor) Daugherty. Their children appear to have been born in Craven Co., NC. Reubin's brother, Robert married Sarah Taylor in Craven Co., NC in 1784. She was the daughter of Moses and Elizabeth (PREVATTE) TAYLOR. Clicking on the underlined title here will take you the "The Daugherty Generations". E-mail dated July 1999, from Donna Corbett , added the daughter Celia Daugherty/Dougherty FOX Visit her home page with FOX/DAUGHERTY data here. In the Barren Co KY Will Book 3- Part 1, online transcription, Oct 1828 thru May 1852 the names Henry Daugherty & Reuben Doughty were included.


    7. NANCY ANN3 GOUGH (WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1784 in KY, and died Bef. 1829 in Butler Co., KY. She married ABEDNIGO SHELTON May 18, 1801 in Logan Co., KY, son of JEREMIAH SHELTON and NANCY ASHER. (Click on the highlighted names to see more notes on these people).

    Children of NANCY GOUGH and ABEDNIGO SHELTON are:

    Generation No. 4

    8. ISAAC4 GOUGH (WILLIAM ROBERT3, WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born February 11, 1795. He married MARY POLLY RUNNER December 10, 1818 in Warren Co., KY. She was born c1799 to Adam Runner,Jr and Sarah Elizabeth Penner

    Notes for ISAAC GOUGH: Email: Subject: Gough/Goff Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 22:57:07 -0700 From: Linda Williams address: lwilliams@terraworld.net - I will be more than happy to send you what I have on Isaac it's not much-Isaac Goff b.2-11-1795 Mary(Polly)Runnels/Reynolds b.? They were married in Warren Co.Ky. Their Children: William b.3-14-1818, John P. b.7-14-1822, James M. b.6-5-1824, Hartford b.6-7-1826, Elizabeth b.8- 20-1828, Isaac J.b.9-9-1830 d.10-2-1915 (my ggrandfather), Calvin 9-29-1832, Mary(Polly)Ann b.7-11- 1835. All of this I have not been able to prove.The names and dates were all sent to me.The only one I know is fact is Isaac J. Hope all this helps.And hope to here from you again. Linda In another Email she sent the children's names as follows: William Goff b.3-14-1820, James Goff b.6-5- 1824, Elizabeth Goff b.8-20-1828, Calvin Goff b.9-29-1832, John Goff b.7-14-1822, Hartford Goff b.6- 7-1826, Isaac Jackson b.9-9-1830 d.10-2-1915, and Polly Ann Goff b.7-11-1835. No sources were provided.

    The names and dates on the group sheet also comes from Frances Hill, whose husband was descendant of Isaac J. and Mary Jane Alford Gough. Frances' address is 109 Oak Tree Lane Pace, FL 32571. She wrote that she believed this information was correct. She used Bible records as her source, and made several trips to Warren, Ohio, Butler Counties of KY during the past summer (1997). She has a picture of him and his wife Mary Jane Alford. She said Isaac J. Gough was in the Civil War.

    Notes for MARY POLLY REYNOLDS: Her parents may possibly be Henry and Elizabeth Reynolds, per Frances Hill.

    Children of ISAAC GOUGH and MARY REYNOLDS are:

    9. ANN4 GOUGH (WILLIAM ROBERT3, WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born May 04, 1800 in Butler Co., KY, and died 07 Oct 1837 in Graves Co., KY. She married JOSPEH TAYLOR February 06, 1821 in Butler Co., KY.

    Notes for JOSPEH TAYLOR: On the 1850 Graves Co., KY cenus, page 391, house 373. He is a constable. In WFT Vol. 19 #1590, Joseph is called Joseph Taylor, Jr., b. 07 Aug 1800 Warren Co., KY., died 07 Apr 1885 Sweetwater, Nolan Co., TX. He was listed as a son of Joseph and Mary (SLADE) TAYLOR from Craven Co., NC. Joseph Taylor, Jr. then shows to have married Louisa Ann ROSS 16 Jan 1838 in Graves Co., KY, shortly after Ann (Gough) died. Joseph's sister, Mary Ann TAYLOR b. 26 Oct 1788 married Jonathan GOUGH. Steve Lawrence sent E-mail with a transcription of the TAYLOR Bible:
    Transcribed by Sandra Logan Ingles, Family Historian, for preservation
    The Bible was printed and published by Mathew Carey, Philadelphia, Pa., in 1813.
    It has been in the hands of the following since1813:
    Joseph Taylor 1813-1853
    Alfred Taylor 1853-1865
    Stephen Slade Taylor 1865-1875
    W.C. Taylor, Sr. 1875-1888
    Mrs. W.C. Taylor, Sr. 1888-1938
    Mrs.H. Boyce Taylor, Sr. 1938-1959
    Mrs. Frances Taylor Watson 1959-1981
    The actual spelling has been retained
    Jonathan Gough and Mary Ann was married September 23rd, 1806
    Amos Davis and Eunice was married December 7th, 1820
    Reuben McCoy and William (Miss Billie)Taylor* was married April 13th, 1821
    Joseph Taylor (Jr.) and Anna Gough was married Feby 8th, 1821
    Stephen Taylor & Sally Whiteaker was maried March the 19th day 1824
    Alfred Taylor and Mary Mahon were married September the 22nd, 1835
    Joseph Taylor was born April the 21st day, 1765
    Mary Slade Taylor was born April the 17th day, 1766
    Elizabeth Prevatte Taylor was born January the 26th, 1787
    Mary Ann Taylor was born October the 26th day, 1788
    Sarah Taylor was born November the 9th day, 1791
    John Slade Taylor was born Mary the 24th day, 1793
    Euphama Taylor was born January 16th day, 1795
    Jincy Taylor was born February the 2nd day, 1797
    Eunice Taylor was born December the 5th day, 1798
    Joseph Taylor was born August the 7th day, 1800
    *William Miss Billie Taylor was born November 13th, 1802
    Stephen Slade Taylor was born May the 26th day, 1804
    Alfred Taylor was born July the 19th day, 1808
    Jonathan Gough was born the 12th day, 1778
    Mary Ann Gough was born October the 26th day, 1788
    Esther Gough was born June the 5th day, 1809
    Jonathan B. Gough was born August the 23rd day, 1812
    Eunice Gough was born October the 3rd day, 1814
    Polly Ann Gough was born October the 14th day, 1816
    Francis H. Taylor was born April the 12th, 1824
    Richard Prevatte Taylor was born March the 20th, 1825
    Joseph Taylor the son of Thomas Alfred and Elizabeth Prevatt Taylor was born October the 13th, 1823
    Joseph Taylor Gough was born Mary the 8th day, 1819
    Joseph Bradford McCoy was born the 18th day of June, 1821
    Nathaniel Greene Davis was born September the 4th, 1821
    John W. Taylor was born November the 24th, 1821
    Elizabeth Taylor wife of Moses Taylor decased the six day of March,1833
    Mary Taylor formerly Mary Slade died February the 15th, 1840
    Katharine Taylor second wife of Joseph Taylor died July the 7th, 1852
    Joseph Taylor Sen died on January 25th 1853
    Sallie Taylor wife of Stephen S. Taylor died Aprile 12th, 1875
    Moses Taylor the father of Joseph Taylor decased March 23, 1819
    Mary Ann Gough deceased November the 13th day, 1827
    Eunice Taylor Davis deceased July the 13th day, 1829
    Sally Neal deceased December the 20th, 1830 Aged 39 years
    *This person was a girl, known through her single life as "Miss Billie".

    Children of ANN GOUGH and JOSPEH TAYLOR are:
      i. LOUISA5 TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1821, TN.
      ii. R. P. TAYLOR, b. 20 Mary 1825, TN. Notes for R. R. TAYLOR: On the 1850 Graves Co., KY census, house 374, page 391, with wife Martha and son Robert.
      iii. HARRIET TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1832, TN.,
      iv. CAROLINE TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1836, TN.
      v. ALFRED TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1837, TN.
      vi. AIRY TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1840, TN.
      vii. THOMAS TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1842, TN.
      viii. MILY TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1843, TN.
      ix. SALDE J. K. TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1844, TN.
      x. FARRES TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1845.
      xi. ANN TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1846.

    10. JESSE4 GOUGH (WILLIAM ROBERT3, WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born February 23, 1805 in Butler Co., KY, and died November 01, 1871 in Doniphan, Ripley, MO. He married MARY ANN LEEMAN.

    Notes for JESSE GOUGH: Jesse and William GOUGH are on the census, page 105 in Graves Co., KY by 1840: 0000001 - 21001 (male is 40/50 years old). Jesse is found on the 1850 Graves Co., KY census, page 394. Steve Lawrence sent the 1860 census, 1860 Graves Co Census: GOUGH...Household # 1636, Jesse 56 KY farmer, Mary A. 47 KY, Emily O. 18 KY, Asher G. 16 KY, Nancy 12 KY, Martha R. 7 KY. Ken Shelton wrote about Jesse, page 40, of "The Shelton Trek Across Kentucky". He named Jesse's wife. He had a daughter named Amanda J. Gough who died in Johnston Co., IL, Nov. 1852, so Jesse might be found on the Illinois census. Updated family information (June 2000) comes from Linda (Susie) Patton. She sent a family tree for this line. A few of her details were different from what I had gathered: she has Jesse GOUGH's date of birth as 1804, not 1805; the date of death she provided was 08 Nov 1871. She did add data for Mary Ann LEEMAN: born 01 March 1812 in KY., died 31 August 1867 in Ripley Co., MO.

    Children of JESSE GOUGH and MARY LEEMAN are:

    11. WILLIAM ROBERT4 GOUGH III (WILLIAM ROBERT3, WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born March 14, 1809 in Butler Co., KY, and died August 26, 1876 in Graves Co., KY. He married ROZAH E. WHITE October 28, 1844 in Obion Co, TN.

    Notes for WILLIAM ROBERT GOUGH III: William Gough is listed as a child on this page from WFT sources. 1840 Graves Co., KY census: GOUGH, William R..00001 - 000010001, and he is found on the 1850 Graves Co., KY census, page 397, house 451, property value $1400, born KY. Listed with him is Rozah 23 TN, Belzarah 4/12 KY, Patrick 4 KY and Rhoda Gough 76 b. VA. On the 1840 KY census, in Graves County there is also a GOUGH, Henry........00001 - 20001, but I do not know which family to whom he belongs.

    Ken Shelton said in his book "The Shelton Trek Across Kentucky", page 40, that this is William Roland Gough, who is buried in the Gough Family Cemetery, Symsonia, Graves Co., KY., who married Rispah/Rozah E. White.

    Steve Smoot' FTM homepage (Internet) added some details to this tree.

    Children of WILLIAM GOUGH and ROZAH WHITE are:

    12. JEREMIAH W.4 GOUGH (WILLIAM ROBERT3, WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born August 20, 1810 in Butler Co., KY, and died August 23, 1892 in Graves Co., KY. He married (1) ELIE UNKNOWN; (2) CAROLINE A. GREEN Abt. 1855.

    Notes for JEREMIAH W. GOUGH: Jeremiah and his brother Eli are found on the 1850 Graves Co., KY census, house 450, page 397. Jeremiah is head of the house, 42 years old, b. KY, property $1000. His brother Eli is listed as 46 years old b. KY, and a child, Ewing Gough 5 years old b. KY lives with them, no females listed. In 1860 Graves Co., KY census, he is listed as G. W. GOUGH and brother Eli still lives with Jeremiah's family. Steve Smoot entered the following information on his Internet FTM page:
  • 24. Jeremiah "Jerry" W.4 Gough (William3, William2, 1) was born August 20, 1810 in Butler County, Kentucky, and died August 23, 1892 in Graves County, Kentucky. He married (1) . He married (2) Caroline A. Green Abt 1855, daughter of Carter and __________. Child of Jeremiah Gough and is:
  • 54 i. Ewing Thomas5 Gough, born December 23, 1844 in Graves County, Kentucky; died October 06, 1889 in Graves County, Kentucky. Children of Jeremiah Gough and Caroline Green are:
  • 55 i. Millard Miles5 Gough, born June 30, 1856 in Mayfield, Graves County, Kentucky; died December 12, 1935 in Freeport (Velasco), Brazoria County, Texas.
  • 56 ii. Rizpah A. Gough, born November 05, 1858 in Graves County, Kentucky; died November 26, 1884 in Graves County, Kentucky. She married J. A. Dillon.
  • 57 iii. Alvin A. Gough, born Abt 1863 in Graves County, Kentucky.
  • 58 iv. Jesse Ulysses Gough, born May 30, 1868 in West Plains, Graves County, Kentucky; died April 21, 1945 in Mayfield, Graves County, Kentucky.

    Children of JEREMIAH GOUGH and CAROLINE GREEN are:

    13. NANCY SHELTON4 GOUGH (WILLIAM ROBERT3, WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born February 15, 1813. She married JESSE J. LEE March 22, 1836 in Butler Co., KY.

    Notes for NANCY SHELTON GOUGH: Per FTM homepage of Steve L. Smoot: Nancy Shelton Gough was born 2/15/1813 in KY. While he does not give her husband's name, he shows her children to have the surname of LEE: E. A. Lee b. c1827 KY; L. W. Lee b. c1831 KY; M. J. Lee b. c1834 KY; T. S. Lee b. c1836 KY; S. A. Lee b. c1838 KY; and M. M. Lee b. c1843 KY. Mr. Smoot later added this information:
  • 26. Nancy Shelton4 Gough (William3, William2, 1) was born February 15, 1813 in Kentucky. She married Jesse "James" Lee March 22, 1836 in Butler County, KY. The minister who married them was A. TAYLOR. The male's age was sworn to by A. SHELTON (Asher? or Abednigo?). Some of the children Mr. Smoot has here could not be Nancy Shelton Gough's children according to the ages he has given. Supposed children of Nancy Gough and Jesse Lee are:
  • 59 i. E. A.5 Lee, born Abt 1827 in Kentucky.
  • 60 ii. L. W. Lee, born Abt 1831 in Kentucky.
  • 61 iii. M. J. Lee, born Abt 1834 in Kentucky.
  • 62 iv. Thomas S. Lee, born Abt 1836 in Kentucky.
  • 63 v. Sarah A. Lee, born Abt 1838 in Kentucky.
  • 64 vi. Martha M. Lee, born Abt 1843 in Kentucky.

    L. W. Lee (Nancy Shelton4 Gough, William3, William2, 1) was born c1831 in KY. He married Rebecca. Children of L. Lee and Rebecca are (per Steve Smoot):

  • 103 i. W. Salaam6 Lee, born Abt 1857.
  • 104 ii. Sarah E. Lee, born Abt 1858.
  • 105 iii. John T. Lee, born Abt 1859.

    Steve Lawrence wrote in Feb. 2004 that Jesse J. Lee may have moved to Pulaski Co., MO and was possibly the one listed on the 1840 census there: 000010000; 200010000 (2 girls -5, 1f20/30 & 1m20/30). Steve sent the following also:
    "In Butler Co., Ky Deed Book D, p 433-34: 1838, 100 ac on waters of Grassy Lick Creek, branch of Big Muddy Creek, from the heirs of William GOUGH, dec'd to Lov't P WHITNEY. Heirs named were Eli & Jesse GOUGH, Joseph TAYLOR for Judith GOUGH, William & Asher GOUGH, all of Graves Co., Ky. James C JONES & Mary Ann his wife, of Calloway Co., Ky and Jesse LEE & his wife Nancy, of Butler Co., Ky." (G&G newsletter VIII, 3, p69)
    Grantee: Lee, Jesse J., Grant: 160 acres, Book 9, Pg. 35, Township: NE Qr Sec 26 Range: T-6 R-2 E ... (Source: The Kentucky Land Grants, Vol. 1, Willard Rouse Jilson, Filson Club Publication No. 33, Louisville, KY, 1925, reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1971, 1994, Ch. 7 - Grants West of Tennessee River, pg. 842).

    It appears that Nancy Gough Lee may have died prior to 1850 - if this is the correct LEE:
    McCracken Co., KY 1850 Census - District No. 2, Enumerated 31 Aug 1850, by H.C. Pittman, Asst. Marshall, pg. 186B (312)
    340 340 Lee, J.J., 44,Farmer, $150, b. KY
    Mary 35 F KY
    Margaret F. 12 F KY att'd school
    Elly A. (W?) 10 F KY att'd school
    Wm. D. 8 M MO att'd school
    Mary 4 F KY not yet named 1/12 M KY

  • Children of NANCY GOUGH and JESSE J. LEE were:

    14. ASHER S.4 GOUGH (WILLIAM ROBERT3, WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born April 03, 1815 in Butler Co., KY, died 01 Feb 1886 Roxton, TX. He married (1) MARTHA ELIZABETH NELSON 23 Apr 1844. He married (2) ELIZABETH N. ASHLEY 18 Jan 1847.

    Notes for ASHER S. GOUGH: Ken Shelton wrote that he found, in the Butler County Record Books, an appointment of Rhoda Gough as guardian of Asher S. Gough, recorded 1820. He is named in his father's estate settlement. He was located on the 1841 Graves Co., KY Tax List as over 21, but with no land.

    Some information was gathered from Steve Smoot's homepage (Internet). However, a more correct version comes from a descendant of this line, June Scripps, who provided the correct names for Asher's spouses and children. June wrote that Asher Gough was a Christian preacher and a farmer. He moved his family to Texas in 1857. His first wife, Martha Elizabeth had died 04 Jan 1846 in Mayfield, KY. June wrote that Asher died from cancer, and that his second wife, Elizabeth N. Ashley was born 27 Sep 1826 KY, died 20 Aug 1899.


    Children of ASHER GOUGH and ELIZABETH MARTIN are:

    15. JUDITH4 LAWRENCE (ABIGAIL3 GOUGH, WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1803. She married JONATHAN SHELTON November 20, 1822 in Butler Co., KY, son of JOSHUA SHELTON and SARAH GREEN.

    Notes for JONATHAN SHELTON: Ken Shelton provided the marriage information regarding Judith Lawrence (the daughter of Thomas and Abegail (Gough) Lawrence. Jonathan was active in the Spring Creek Church of Christ, which had a meeting hosue built on land donated by him.


    16. ELIZABETH4 LAWRENCE (ABIGAIL3 GOUGH, WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1805 in KY. She married RALPH N. SHELTON May 09, 1822 in Butler Co., KY, son of ASHER SHELTON and MARY GREEN.

    Curran Ralph Shelton familyNotes for ELIZABETH LAWRENCE: From "Goffs/Goughs" newsletters (Dallas Public Library): In the will of Jesse GOUGH, recorded in Butler Co., KY Will Book A, p. 119, dated 01 Mar 1834, Jesse bequeathed to each of his brothers & sisters who may be living on his death, one dollar each & no more. To Elizabeth Shelton, widow of Ralph Shelton dec'd, he gave the tract of land on which he currently lived containing 125 acres and all his furniture, livestock, and other property. After her death, he wished that all his property and money would be equally divided among the children of Ralph SHELTON. Ken Shelton said that Jesse Gough's land adjoined that of Thomas Lawrence.

    Notes for RALPH N. SHELTON: Ralph was the clerk of the Sandy Creek Baptist Church after his marriage in 1822 (per Ken Shelton). Pictured here is the grandson of Ralph and Elizabeth, left to right: Curran Ralph Shelton, daughter Mabel, and wife Annie MAYHUGH. Curran, born 18 Feb 1865, was the youngest of eight children born to Benjamin Harvey SHELTON b. 1826 and Hetty Jane McCOY.


    17. REBECCA4 SHELTON (NANCY ANN3 GOUGH, WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1806 in KY, and died November 1868 in TX (Source: Death date from Steve L. Smoot FTM homepage .). She married GEORGE MCKENNEY February 07, 1826 in Butler Co., KY, son of JAMES MCKENNEY and SARAH UNKNOWN.

    Notes for REBECCA SHELTON: Carolyn Shannon Genzel, of Arthur City, TX Email address cgenzel@1starnet.com, in an Email post dated Oct. 24, 1997, said that Rebecca Shelton McKenney died Nov. 1868 in TX. She sent notes from "The Shelton's and Descendants" by Barbara Jean Fleury Sullivan, 1989. She died Nov. 1868, a faithful member of the Christian Church. She was rational up to the moment of her death, and asked her friends to sing the song ON JORDAN'S STORMY BANKS I STAND, and joined in the singing as long as strength lasted. She said to her children who gathered around her death-bed, "be faithful unto death". She was happily married and blessed her husband with 4 sons. She was thoroughly versed in the Bible, and was always prepared to talk on the subject of religion, in which she had deep experience. She was a woman of powerful native intellect. The precepts and examples of her and her noble and honored husband have had such a deep and abiding influence on the minds and lives of their 4 sons that not one of them ever uttered an oath of profanity, wagered to the amount of one cent, or drank a dram of ardent spirits as a beverage; nor did their influence stop here, but cast a halo over the entire community in which they lived that was seen and felt by all for good." It sounds as though she lived her life as her minister father, Abednigo Shelton, preached and not as he "did".

    Notes for GEORGE MCKENNEY: Carolyn Shannon Genzel, of Arthur City, TX cgenzel@1starnet.com, wrote in an Email post Oct. 24, 1997, that Rebecca Shelton McKenney died Nov. 1868 in TX, and that she and George McKenny had four children: Shelton Abednigo, Jesse Shadrach, Bedford Meshac, and William Woodford McKenney. Carolyn provided the dates and information on Shelton Abednigo and his spouse. She added that George McKenney was a native of KY, son of James McKenney of VA and Sarah. George was a stock raiser in KY. He moved to MO, then by 1861 to TX, settling in Denton County where he died in 1863. He was an elder in the Christian Church. On the 1840 Butler Co., KY census taken off the KY section of USGenWeb, Bednigo Shelton and George McKinney are neighbors, both found on page 394.


    18. MARTHA A.4 SHELTON (NANCY ANN3 GOUGH, WILLIAM ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1805 in Logan Co., KY, and probably died in Benton Co., AR. She married JOHN W. LEE, as his second wife, 1845 in Missouri. For notes on this family visit John W. Lee's page.

    Please write to me if you find addtional information on these lines,
    or can correct any data. Thanks for stopping by.

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