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SHELTON: Date 14 Jan 1999, Comments: "I absolutely loved your page. It is wonderful. Couldn't find my particular connection. My Sheltons left Kentucky around 1820 and were in Southeast Iowa by 1841 and on to Fairfield Iowa in 1856 and ended in Decatur, Iowa in the 1880's. I can't make the connection from John T. Shelton b. in KY around 1811 to a Kentucky ancestor. Your wonderful research has given me some hope that maybe I will stumble across it some time! Thanks Again. Paula Shelton Werling"


HAYS: Date: 01/15/99, Marie F. Hays Comments - How the site was found: followed link from another page; Opinion of site: Very Good; Comments: "I found you on the Hays Gen Forum pages and followed you to here. I think it is wonderful and hope to come back soon. Did not have time to dig deeper!! Thanks for the uplifting spirit you display."



Date: 01/22/99 Name: Fay DeWire; E-mail:; How the site was found: Followed link from another page; Opinion of site: Very Good

Date: 01/24/99, Name: Edward M. Duvall, How the site was found: News Group, Opinion of site: Very Good, Comments: "Great page,,,,very enformative,,,,like that,,,I bookmared it to go back to and read all that you have,,,there may be a clue for me, hidden somewhere,,,,,Mine is just starting out,,,,needs tons of work,,,,don't visit unless you want a good laugh!!!Can't decide to use the links or not like you have done??Happy huntin', eddy "

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LEE, TURNER: Date: 01/24/99, Name: Alice Schettler, Opinion of site: Very Good, Comments: "My Lee's are from KY. I am still looking for Washington Lee...was born April 11, 1819. He was m. to Amanda Priscilla Dorsey Lee Turner.

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GOUGH: Date - 29 Jan 1999; Name - Gough, Bobby - Comments: Janice: Your home page is very good. I have just this past year started to check on my Gough ancestors. Thus far I have traced my line to a Jesse Gough, born in 1815 in either Alabama or possibly Georgia. Married to Sarah, born in 1821 in LA. They had nine children, one of which was my grandfather. I don't know if they married in LA or moved there after. I know there were a lot of Gough families in KY and NC, but don't know if mine came from them. If you have some advice as to how I can trace further back please let me know. Keep up the good work. Bobby Gough.


LEE: Date: 01/30/99; Name: Gertrude Elizabeth Lee Waller; How the site was found: Followed link from another page; Opinion of site: Perfect; Comments: "My Lee ancestors were from Louisiana, but I only know of my father ( Robert Mosely Lee ) and my Grandfather ( Robert Anderson Lee )--don't know where they came from etc. still searching. liz"


WADE: Date: 02/01/99; Name: James Granville Neagle; How the site was found: Followed link from another page; Opinion of site: Very Good; Comments: Thought it wonderfull, just barely short of "perfect." My mother was a Wade, decscended from Gerad, Thomas, and Jarred, of McMinn County, Tennessee and Putnam County, Missouri. I've been ancestor hunting for about a year and enjoying it very much. When I saw a reference to Wade on your listing I thought I would give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity.


Date: 02/03/99, Name: Tammy Mayes Joyce, E-mail:; How the site was found: Followed link from another page, Opinion of site: Very Good, Comments: Excellent

DANIEL, VIVION, WATKINS, WOMACK: Date: 02/06/99, Name: Mamie Tate, How the site was found: Followed link from another page, Opinion of site: Very Good - Comments: Researching the Daniel names. My line is from James Daniel and Margaret Vivion, then their son William Daniel married Elizabeth Watkins, then their daughter Sarah married Jesse Womack.


LEE, McCORMACK, CHENAULT: Date: 02/13/99, Name: Carla Landers, How the site was found: Followed link from another page, Opinion of site: Perfect, Comments: Very nice job. I come from the Lee line on my Dad's side. Margrett Ann Lee b. 1861 her father was S. William Lee, don't know what the S. stands for, mother was Martha McCormack. Margrett was born in Texas, not sure about her parents. Have been told they were part of the Lee's in Virgina. Margrett married Thomas Jefferson Chenault his family was also from Virginia (Bedford Co.)Thank you for your page. Carla Landers


Date: 02/14/99 Name: Linda Williams E-mail:; How the site was found - Someone told me about it; Opinion of site: Very Good

Date: 02/15/99 Name: Nancy Daniel Johnson E-mail:; How the site was found - Accidentally; Opinion of site - Perfect

Date: 02/24/99 Name: Patricia A Scott E-mail:; How the site was found - Followed link from another page; Opinion of site - Very Good; Comments - Outstanding!

LEE, HIBDON, GUYER, HUNTER, HENDRICKS: Date: 26 Feb 1999 - From: Pat Calton - Comments: Hello, Just wondered if you show any relationship to John Alexander Lee (4/6/1878 Morgan co, MO-12/12/1960-Morgan Co, MO) married Iannah Hibdon (12/2/1877-Morgan co, MO-10/14/1940-Morgan Co MO). I was fortunate enough to acquire a book, which is on my computer, that was written by their daughter about their family and growing up in the Missouri Ozarks. The lady that wrote this book was born 2/5/1903 and is still living and of sound mind. John Alexander Lee was the son of: James Hendricks Lee (11/22/1823-Russel co, VA) m Mary Guyer (2) Synthia Hunter. James Hendricks Lee was the son of: Giles R. Lee (5/2/1799 m. Susannah Hendricks. Great page you have, I just got to it and will be looking around for a while.


McKENNEY:Date - 3/01/99; Name - Sheila Barrentine; How the site was found - Followed link from another page; Opinion of site - Perfect; Comments - Great Page - very well done. I am researching the Mckenneys from Randolph County, AR.


Date: 03/14/99; Name: Bev Zuerlein; E-mail:; Opinion of site - Perfect; Comments: So pleased to have found your VERY informative andhelpful site. It is also a visual treat and remarkedlywell organized! Thanks for all the time it takes to make it so great for the rest of us.


OGLESBY, SHELTON: Date 03/23/99 Name - Judy Shelton Cossey; How the site was found - Followed link from another page; Opinion of site - Perfect; Comments - I loved your web site. I am also a descendant through these same lines. My father's grandmother was Sirena Oglesby and his grandfather was Amos Shelton. Both of these lines came through William Shelton, the son of Crispen. I started only 2 weeks ago working on this and can't stop!! I found Tina Hall's web pages first and have ventured out from that. I thank you so much for all your insight. Reading the wills was remarkable. Thanks. I plan to check back frequently.


Date:04/05/99 - Name:Becky Barefoot; How the site was found - followed link from another page; Opinion of site:Very Good.

LEE, WALKER, CORNISH: Subject - Lee Page; Date - Fri, 9 Apr 1999; From: Dennis L Lee - E-mail Comments: This is the BEST example of a genealogy page I have found so far. Simply wonderful design and pictures. My family is from the Malvern, AR area. Started with a Sam Benson Lee who married Martha Harvey Walker. They had one child, Samuel Gill Lee (my gfather). He married into the Cornish line from Hampton, AR. My ggfather, Sam Benson Lee, was born in New York, I believe in the Poughkeepsie area. Any ideas on this line I would appreciate. Again, great page.

ROBINSON: Subject - Pea Ridge Arkansas Date: 28 Apr 1999 - R. Bangsund Comments - Hi, Do you know if your Lee family in the Pea Ridge area lived near the John And Abigail Robinson family during this war? I descend from John and Abigail and think they lived right near the battlefield near the McKissicks. Just wondering. Nice web page. Thanks. R.Bangsund

LEE, MOORE, PERRY, MAY: Subject - John Lee - Date: 31 May 1999 - Eunice Boucher Comments: I only recently came across a document that stated that my gg-grandmother was married to a John Lee. Avie Moore was the mother of my grandfather. I do not know her maiden name but she was married to William Moore before marrying John Lee, probably abt 1873 or 1874. They lived in Granville NC. They had a daughter Avie who married a Perry and lived in Henderson NC, which is now Vance County NC. Avie Perry later married Hugh B. May and died in 1970 and is buried in Henderson. Do any of your Lees come from Va or from NC? Thanks. Eunice Boucher


GOUGH, DAUGHERTY: Subject - Gough; Date - 05 Jul 1999; Comments - Hello, My name is Donna Corbett. I just visited your web page and I am a very happy person right now. I am the GGGGgranddaughter of Reuben Daugherty/Dougherty and Charity Gough. They also had a daughter named Celia Daugherty/Dougherty who married Edwin G. Fox b.1810 in Alabama. They had 9 children and maybe 3 others that died not sure on that. They came to Ouachita Parish, Louisiana and the 2 oldest sons settled in Winn Parish, Louisiana and raised families. The rest of the family just disappeared. That is what I am trying to do now is maybe find out some info. Well, Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Donna C.


LEE: Subject: John W. Lee Genealogy - Date: 3 Aug 1999 - From: Juanita Potts- Comments: "I have Lee's in my family tree so when I saw your page, of course, I had to look. While I didn't find evidence of a connection I did find one of the most delightful, best constructed pages I have ever looked through. My gGrandfather was Jacop Alvin Lee and I knew the family in KS. I understand they came from IL by way of NE. I wish I could claim "Kin" to the talented person you are. A part of the page I found very interesting were those relating to Scotland, my grandmother on my fathers side was a McCray. Thanks for the pleasure you gave me. Juanita"


DANIEL, STARK, TERRELL, LLOYD or VAUGHAN Date: 09 Aug 1999, Comments: "I have viewed your Daniel page having followed a link. It is excellent. I am trying to trace my ancestor Stark (Stock) Daniel of Mecklenberg Co. VA. His son Robert Daniel married Mary Terrell. Their son George Madison Daniel married Mary L(l)oyd or Vaughan. He is my ggrandfather. Any help will be appreciated. Elbert Robbins"

E-mail: erobbins

Date: 06 Sep 1999; From:; Comments: What a very nice web site that you have & I liked the music very much reminds me of my child hood. I do hope that you will take the time to check out my web site in your spare time. Sincerely, Bertha Ellen Beall Texas City,Tx

Bertha Beall's Genealogy Page

LEE, LONGLEY, SHELTON, DUNNIFER Date: December 06, 1999, Comments: "I am interested in your Lee family. I have been searching for my grgrandmother Mary Elizabeth Lee 's parents and sibs for years and years, about 35 actually. I know that she was born in Ala in 1850 and married Oliver Preston Longley in 1872 in Washington Co Texas. What caught my attention was not only your Lee family but the Shelton Families. One of their daughters married a Shelton. Mary was called Molly and played the organ for grgrandfather who was a circut preacher . They were in several places in Texas and were in Arkansas , when she passed away in 1918 and is supposed to be buried near Mena Ark, but I have not found where yet, I found last night a Lee family father's name is Washington and mother Luisa and they had children still at home that were b in Ala. I know that yours are in Ky but I also know how these pioneers traveled. Any help is appreciated. The family records and bible burned in a house fire and that was many years ago so no help there. There is Jewel Dunnifer daughter to the youngest daughter Annie Louella Lee who m a Rober E Lee of Molly and Oliver who may know when I give her the names, She had a stroke and has lost a lot of her memory. Thank You . Good Job on the web site.

Patricia Lawrence

DANIEL, PRESSNAL Date: January 11, 2000, Comments: "Great Website ! Was Passed on to me by associate Family Researcher, Davie Robbers. The Personnel's arrived 1699/1700 Middles CO. Their Land was bought from the John Robinson Land CO. The Daniels & Presnall's were neighbors near Dragon Swamp (Urbana). Ann Daniels & James Presnall were both Christened at Christchurch. After they married they went southwest in VA. With some other Families (Harrison, Harvey, Daniels). Next Gen. to NC. Thanks for your sharing.

John Presnall

LEE, AMOS, PURVIS Date:January 16, 2000 - Wow! I really am impressed with your site. Your names and information are so close to some of mine, but just not "right on". Our ancestors had to be at least cousins of some kind, I'd like to think. So here's some info: my Great Great Grandfather: John Wesley Lee, b. 7 Sep 1852, Greensburg, IN., m. Olive Emeline Amos on 10 Apr 1875. His Father: Absalom Dunbar Lee born: 1825 Tipton, IN, m. Mary Purvis in Tipton, Indiana. I'm wondering if you've any information on these people or have ever heard on this line. Even without any link, I've really enjoyed reading all the interesting stories on your site. Thanks! Sue Porter

FERREL Date:January 2, 2000 - "Hi - My ggggrandfather Jesse Asbury Ferrel, a private in Company C 20th Wisconsin Inf. fought here and came to love Arkansas after the war he returned to wisconsin and gathered up his young family and moved them there, he died and was burried in "I believe" Mt Pleasent Cemetery about 6 miles east of Gravete Arkansas. He was born in Sangamon County, near Springfield Illinoise in 1824. The last child of a family migrating from Boteourte County Virginia. Thank You Michael Burk"

SHELTON, HEATH, CLARK - Date: January 30, 2000 - "Hello, I enjoyed your web site very much! I am hoping that you have a scrap of information for me to break thru my brick walls of STEPHEN SHELTON, b. 1777 d. 22 Jan 1859 in Sangamon Co., IL. ----- He marr. Lydia Heath in KY or NC and then they moved thru Ohio and settled in Sangamon Co., IL. I have no birth date for Lydia but she died 20 Nov. 1830 in Sangamon Co., IL. They had 12 children which included a daughter, Lucinda, who marr Samuel Clark in 1833 > in Sangamon Co., IL. If you have anything that would help me in finding out more info on Stephen & Lydia, I would be so happy!! I have been looking for a long time! Looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, Kathy Clark Stovall

LEE - Date: February 11, 2000 - "Dear Mrs Castleman, What a great experience I have had the past two hours, reading your genealogy work. I am a great, great grandson of John W.Lee. I am new to this genealogy business but do so enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your work. I grew up in N.W. Arkansas walking and hunting over the very fields you described. In those days the fields were ploughed each year to plant crops. I would sometimes go with my cousin Jesse Paul Wilhite (killed inWWII ) you listed him, as we would look for Indian arrow heads and Civil War relics in the newly ploughed dirt. J.P., as his family called him, would display them on a table beside the road for sale. J.P. and his family lived with our grandfather, Jesse Vincent Lee the son of Syl Lee, the son of John W. Lee. My knowledge of my family has been oral history until now that I am into genealogy. My grandpa ' Vince' Lee told me of the day he caught the train to Fayetteville to go receive the body of his father, Syl Lee who had been shot to death. Grandpa owned a blacksmith shop and was a farmer of sorts. I remember riding from Rogers to his farm near Garfield in a buggy with him. He never owned a car in his life. Do you have information on the Lee family before John W. Lee? I have been told that John W. was a first cousin to General Robert E. Lee, but then everyone with the name of Lee probably claims that. So far I have not been able to make a connection. One last thing, my connection to the Lee's - - - my mother was Mae Sylvis Lee, you show her as Syovas Mae Lee daughter of Jesse V Lee. She was a sister to Mintora Abegail Wilhite. Again thank you for sharing."

Clyde Lee Bland Tracy, CA

LEE, RICKETTS - Date: February 11, 2000, From Sharon Durham: "Hi Janice - Wanted to write and tell you what a great Web site for John Lee you have. I have done a lot of research in Bentonville on my Ricketts line. William L. & his brother John Short Ricketts fought along side James & William Lee at Elkhorn. John Short Ricketts was taken captive after the battle, I looked for his name at Alton, Ill. but didn't find it, he married Milly J. Carroll Dec 17, 1867. Something happened between 1867 and 1872, think he died, maybe of injuries, but on Nov 21, 1872 she married James Carr Lee, and had a large family. I have two old pictures of the old soldiers at the Reunion held in 1895, one has pictures of William Ricketts, John Hileman, Jim and Bill Lee---have you seen these pictures. Have you ever heard of James & Bill, I'm sure they are related to the Lee's at Leetown? Waiting to hear from you, and again--What a really cool Web site---CONGRATS!!!!!!!" Sharon Durham

HILTON, THOMAS, GETTY, ROUSH - Date: February 12, 2000 From: Toni of Springfield, Missouri: "Thanks for making this possible. I have really enjoyed your site. I plan on passing the news around to my other friends."

DANIEL, MEANES - Date: March 11, 2000 - Found page by accident while searching for my grandfather's great grandfather, John Daniel, b.1762, Wake Co. d. 1841, Elbert Co.Ga. Revolutionary War record, m. Margueritte Meanes. land grant in Ga. 1789. Am seaching for his parents and as he lived next to Woodson Daniel in 1790 Wake Co.N.C.census, I have tried, with no luck, to link them as father and son. It is very confusing. I have much information on the family after the move to Ga, and then in 1850 to Winona, Miss. Choctaw Co. His son, David Daniel's family came to Tx. after Civil War. If anyone is interested I will share what information I have. My name is D. Davis and email is TaTe48ahs@aol .com. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing with others.

McCLURE - Date: March 18, 2000 - Subject: New Boston Page: Hello, I did not know how to leave any comments after signing the guest book, so I thought I would use the e-mail. The site was just too good without leaving a message. Your site is really good and I intend to visit often. I have reason to think that some of my very early McClure ancestors were in New Boston, but I am not sure as yet. Most were in the Raymond and Chester area. Great site, keep up the good work.

Dennis McClure

DANIEL, CLARKE - Date: March 20, 2000 - Subject: Sally Daniel: Dear Janice, I was looking through your list of Daniels on the internet. You have certainly done your homework! In my family I have a Sally DANIEL who married John L. (or H.) CLARKE in Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Va. Dec. 29, 1824. I know your Daniels are mostly from Middlesex Co. I can't find where Sally Daniel was born or who her parents were, and I was wondering if you have come across her in your research. They had a daughter Hannah S. Clarke b. about 1826. Thank you, Dorine Mahan

LEE, BOOKS - Date:March 31, 2000 - Subject: Lee Ancestor - Hello Janice: Great Web site for John W. Lee. Could you have encountered my husband's ancestor? William Edward Lee b. 4/28/1854. He married Christianna Books 10/25/1874. They had seven children-the oldest Mary Jane b. 6/6/1875-Ohio (my husband's grandmother). Sooo many Lees and so many places to look. What is your suggestion? Could not sign in on your web page - so add me on today. Don't know the problem. Thanks for your help and Lee info. Bye, Rosene Leonard

SKELTON, SCALES - Date: April 08, 2000 - Subject: Ralph Shelton/Skelton - Dear Janice Mauldin Castleman: I just visited your beautiful webpage at www.ralphjr.htm. Thank you very much for this information. I had been tentatively claiming Ralph Skelton Jr. as an ancestor, based on an unsupported note on the Internet that William Skelton of Warrick County IN, born 1745, husband of Sarah (Scales), was a son of Ralph Jr. If he is not listed on that will, then this is probably the wrong family. Have you come across the progenitor (once again) William Skelton in your Shelton research? Can you offer anything about this individual, now that he is once again "orphaned?" Thanks again for disproving a line I didn't really feel confident about anyway. Jim Ross, descendant of Prudence Skelton (1770-c1846). P.S. ...It's a small world. I just noticed your Alton Prison Site. My g-g-uncle Ezekiel Harrison is listed there. His sister married my g-grandpa, a Skelton descendant. Jim

DANIEL - Date: April 27, 2000 - Subject: DANIEL - "Hello, I really enjoyed your website on Daniel family history. It was an interesting read. I am wondering if you could possibly offer some assistance. I am descended from an Ezekiel Daniels but not the one who descends from Obediah. My Ezekiel (from Virgina) was born around the same time the one in your lineage died.

Kenton Daniels

SHELTON - Date: May 1, 2000 - "Janice, I am very much impressed with your Shelton Website. It is one of the best sites I have run across. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. My Sheltons lived in Todd and Christian Co., Ky. I am just beginning to research this line. Thank again,"

Sally Boswell.

MINNS - Date: May 10, 2000 - Subject: Battle of Pea Ridge, AR - Dear Ms. Castlemen: Just visited your site re the above battle. Great site! Visited this site in the mid-1980s and found it to be very interesting, mainly because my great-grandfather was in the battle. My great-grandfather (on mother's side) was Frederick Minns, Pvt., Co. D, 37th Illinois Infantry, known as the Illinois Greyhounds and he was at Pea Ridge, along with a few other battles in Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, and other places. Keep up the good work!

Regards, Shirley L. Stanford

DANIEL/MOSLEY/WILSON/GARRETT - Date: May 15, 2000: "Have been searching for a long time for the parents of Mary Mosley, purportedly born 1785 in Charlotte County, Virginia. Her middle name may have been "McReynolds" (based on the fact that someone's family Bible had written "Mary McR. Mosley." She married Nathaniel Wilson in Charlotte County in 1804. She was dead by 1829 and Nathaniel remarried. I'm now desperate enough to start exploring the possibility that the names of Mary and Nathaniel's children may provide a clue. One of them was William Daniel Wilson, born in Charlotte County in 1814. He married Sarah Addison Moseley and migrated to the Christian/Todd counties of Kentucky. Another of their children was Mary Garnet Wilson, born 1818. William Daniel Wilson and Sarah named one of their children Cora Lee Wilson (she was born in 1858). There are a few interesting matches that I spotted in your database-- for one, a number of marriages among the Daniels to Moseleys in Virginia. "William Daniel" appears to be the first "Daniel" in the Nathaniel Wilson line. "Garnet" could have been misspelled in the census and was actually "Garrett." Do you have any records of a Daniel marrying a McReynolds? a Garrett, Garnet, or Garnett? Like I said, this is a needle in a haystack and don't have much hope, but one never knows . . . Thanks for checking. You have produced a nice website, by the way. Willanna Griffin, Raleigh, NC."

Date: June 3, 2000 - from gail biege - "Hi Janice, I stumbled across your web page while searching for family census information. I'm very impressed with the quality of this page. The picture, maps, colors used and the music!!!! is a all a true historical story work of art. I've been researching family history on the internet for more than 4 years now and of the hundreds of pages I must have reviewed have never seen such a heart warming page. Wonderful job". Gail

FOSTER/LEE/JORDAN/PATTON/RUDDICK - Date:June 13, 2000 - Janice, I wanted to let you know that I found your web site on Leetown and Pea Ridge most enjoyable. I have lived in Pea Ridge Ar. all of my life. My mother's maiden name is Patton. The Patton family homesteaded Northeast of Little Roundtop in 1860. My great grandmother's maiden name is Foster. I believe I may be related to the Ruddick family some how. When my Aunt Dot gave me the pages of Patton/Foster geneology there was also one for the Ruddick's. My grandpa Patton and his family were still living on the family farm when the government bought the land. My great-great grandfather William A. Lee fought at Pea Ridge with the Northwest Ar. 15th.I dont think his unit was called the N.W. Ar 15th Inf. at the time of the Battle of Elkhorn Traven. His brother James Carr Lee was a Co. F Ar.14th Inf. My grandmother has a reunion of my great-great grandfather and uncle along with other veterans from Pea Ridge. I hope I havent bored you with this long letter. Brenda Hicks P.S. My great-great grand father William Jordan(Father's side) was a little boy when the Battle of Prairie Grove was fought 7 Dec 1862.He set on the front porch and listened to the cannon's boom.He lived to be 103 year of age. I sure wish I could have talked to him.When he turned 100 a local historian interview him and I do have a copy of that interview.

Brenda HICKS

PRESTON/SHELTON/GRAY/HIGHTOWER - Date: July 17, 2000 - I am desperately seeking information on my g-grandmother, Alabama "Bama" Joyce Shelton, born Oct 6, 1846 (do not know where), but a marriage record states "............of Houston County". She died around 1899. She married my g-grandfather (his third, but not last wife) on Nov 25, 1872 in Navarro County, TX. She was 26, he was 55. She was married to a "Gray" before she married Thomas Preston and had one son, Jack Gray. I have no other info on her first marriage. She gave Thomas Preston ten children, their first child was my grandfather, Joseph Hampton Madison Hightower. We do not know where the Hampton or the Madison comes from, but it has to be from her Shelton side, because in the Hightower line those two names were never mentioned before or after grandfather. ANY info on Alabama would be so deeply appreciated. I have searched for her for three years.

Shirley Hightower Johnston

DANIEL/MEANES - Date: July 17, 2000 - searching for parents and siblings of Woodson Daniel, b.1729 listed on 1790 census in Wake co. NC. His will lists children, and his death occured 1792. Childrens names are listed in but dates of their birth are given after his death. Trying to establish link to be sure his son John is the John Daniel I am searching for. My John Daniel b. 1762, Wake co. served in militia and applied and received pension. Married Margaret Meanes in Wake co. moved to Elbert co. GA. Was Woodson Daniel his father? Any help so appreiciated. Thanks so much. I love fur elise too. dddavis

DANIEL/LANIER/WILSON - Date: August 04, 2000 - Janice, I just found out that my ggggrandfather was married to Algernon Wilson. She was the daughter of Thomas Daniel and Elizabeth Lanier. They were from North Carolina and Algernon and Sarah lived in South Carolina. This in the 1700s. Are these the same as your Daniels? Louvenia Solar

HURST/SHELTON/WILSON - Date: August 07, 2000 - You have a fantastic website. I am the great great granddaughter of Anderson Shelton and Mollie (Mary) Hurst Shelton of Claiborne County, TN. I am beginning my research and have had problems with locating my family history. Is there Native American (Cherokee) blood in this family? My grandmother Lizzie Lee Bryant Wilson-daughter of Cynthia Ann Shelton told my sister that we were Cherokee and I cannot find any information anywhere. Cynthia Ann died after giving birth to Lizzie in 1891. Do you have anything on her? My home email address is: Hope to hear from you soon.

Maria -

SHELTON - Date: Oct. 5, 2000 - Dear Janice: How can I obtain permission to enter your web site and get the books on Ralph Sr. and Ralph Jr.? We recently found new nieces and nephews, that would appreciate these books so much. You have helped me before. Enjoyed your web site so much. What happened? These gentlemen are my husband's 5th and 6th greatgrandfathers. Do you have any sketches of these men? Talk to you soon. Thanks, again. Beverley

Beverly Shelton

LEE/SMITH - Date: Oct. 29, 2000 - I am interested in the following: John Lee who married Elizabeth [Smith] grand daughter of Thomas Lee, s/o John Lee Esq. John and Elizabeth were married in the neighborhood of 1800 in Hawkins. CO. TN. They migrated to Giles CO. TN. in 1811. Family tradition says that John Lee came from Westmoreland CO. VA. thru Hawkins CO. TN. to Giles CO. TN. Only a few references exist in Giles CO. of John, none before Giles CO.] Need to know IF he was from Westmoreland CO. and what linage he MAY have come from. Ralph Lee or

LEE/BARNWELL/WALKER - Date: November 08, 2000 - Your website is great. I've just found it and spend several hours serfing. I'm looking for a Barnwell connection to my grandmother Effie Lee Barnwell Walker. I have fabulous portraits of "grandmother and grandfather Barnwell" but no other identification. I know they lived in Brightwater, AR and had a connection to LeeTown which I remember as a child growing up in northwest Arkansas. All my immediate family is from Pea Ridge and we have connections to most of the old-timers there, but they have all gone before I developed an interest in my roots. I'm trying to establish if Sarah Jane Lee, daughter of John and Nancy, may have been my Barnwell grandmother, married to William. Any help you could give me would be truly appreciated. Thanks Karen Roca

HAYS/TURNEY - Date: November 18, 2000 - I found your query in Wyeth Co Va. asking who Wm, Charles, and Jacob Hays were. I am wondering if you have connected them with your Hays families. I also read your website and it is so interesting and I'm very impressed. I am wondering also about these men in Va. because I have been trying to find the father of Jacob Hays born about 1787 and lived in Smith Co. TN where he elisted in the war of 1812. He later moved to Lincoln Co. TN and then to Morgan Co. Ala for a brief time before returning t o Lincoln Co. TN. In Morgan Co. he was married to Mary Turney and had dealings with my ggggrandfather Charles B. S. Hays. Family tradition states that he moved to Morgan Co with his neice, Lucinda and a newphew Miles Hays. I am wondering if he could be connected with the Hays in Wyeth Co. Va. I have never been able to find the father of Charles B. S. Hays either. Diana Hays Stevens

DANIEL/ECHOLS - Date: November 20, 2000 - Have read your Daniel Genealogy Notes and very much enjoyed it. I am rather new at this researching and am very much hoping that you can tell me if you have come across any info on a James Daniel probably born about 1764 more or less and married Ann/Anna Echols born about 1764. I've been told they married about 1780+/- and understand his will is in Virginia in 1788. Anna is supposed to have left Virginia with their children [Moses (M) born about 1781, Hopkins (M) born about 1783, Echols (M) born about 1785, Jeremiah (M) born about 1787, and Catherine/Caty (F) born about 1789-guessing this one was born near the time of her father's death.] and came to Wilkes County, Georgia. As I understand, I am a descendant of their son Hopkins Daniel. Would really like to find info on this Virginia James Daniel's ancestry. Many thanks for any help or direction you can offer. Nancy Echols - yes it seems I've married a "way off/distant" cousin of mine with no knowledge of this until recently. My husband's grandparents and his father was from North Georgia several hours from here.


DOSS - Date: December 08, 2000 - Hello There- I am writting from Colorado Springs,Co. My name (maiden)is Linda L.Doss. I sat down at the computer tonight,and suddenly found myself typing in 'Doss Family Name',and your web site was the first one to come up.I was amazed at the work that you have put into it. My Father was Herbert Frank Doss. And according to him we have alot of relatives in Scotland.In fact he took me to Scotland in 1972 and I had the opportunity to meet a few of them.I don't know if we are of the same family tree or not,but I do believe that Doss is not a very common name-so perhaps we are.For the most part,I just wanted to say hi! and tell you how much I enjoyed reading the information that you have compiled and to wish you a joyous holiday season. Yours Truely, Linda Lucille Doss

BLACK - Date: February 02, 2000 - My Great Grandfather Paul Black fought at Pea Ridge, he was a member of D Co. 3rd Iowa Cavalry. He survived Pea Ridge but was later injured while still in Arkansas His horse fell on him and he was badly injured but served out the rest of the war, he died at 58 and some say his injury hastened his demisem, I dont know. I dont have any stories about him or the battle as he passed away years before I was born and my dad never mentioned anything about him. I have visited the battlefield and it was thrilling going over where he had fought. I am a History nut anyway and have visited several Civil War and Indian war Battlefields. Thank you for a great web page keep up the good work, Respectfully yours - JAMES E. BLACK

PRATHER/SHELTON - Date: February 02, 2000 - Saw your impressive Jeremiah Shelton Sr. web site and it gave me a glimmer of hope in my search. The "Jeremiah" that is the third son of Asher, do you have any other info on him? My Jeremiah was married in Pike Co., Ohio in 1834 to Caroline or Elizabeth Prather. He appears in the Pike Co. census of 1840. I was told (about a thousand years ago when young) that "our " Sheltons came from Va through Ky. However, the yarns stopped there. Asher's Jeremiah being born in 1801 would not eliminate mine from consideration. There were several Jeremiah Sheltons in Ohio in this period particularly in Brown and Adams Counties. None link to mine. Thanks for any insight. Ned Sharp

LEE/DICKINSON/HAM/LINDLEY - Date: June 06, 2001 - I have been studying your site with great interest. My ggggreatgrandmother was Martha Elizabeth Ham, b. 17 Feb 1857, Osage Co, Indiana. Her parents were Thomas Milton Ham and Elizabeth Alice Lee. Elizabeth's parents were John Dickinson (Dickenson) Lee and Sarah "Sally" Lindley. John D. Lee has been a dead end for our family even though Martha and her sister Josephine both claimed to be cousins of Robert E. Lee. There are several other family names included in your notes that lead me to believe this may also be my line. Henry Dickenson, SR. as a witness to the will of William Lee, 2 APR 1810. Also, Freeman, Lindley, Parke, and Mathers. Can you see any connection there? Any help greatly appreciated!
PJ Rovig.

Since I was unable to reply back to the above E-mail, I am addressing it here in hopes PJ will see this response I tried to send, but had it returned as undeliverable: "Hello, My LEE files center around those that might be connected to my John Wesley LEE. Seeking his parents and siblings has not been easy either, and so far, fruitless. Because families usually (not always though, of course) traveled together, my files contain records on those LEE men who lived in the area of KY counties of Butler/Logan and surrounding in the early 1800s, Greene Co., MO. 1850, and northwest Arkansas 1860 on. Some of the LEE families in Benton Co., AR are supposedly kin to my John W. Lee - and they are from Caswell area of North Carolina. Many of those VA/NC LEE families are all related according to many researchers. Some researchers, without good proof, claim my ancestors were William and Sarah (Gold) LEE of Russell Co., VA. I do have the 1810 will of this William showing the DICKENSON surname and I believe it is an excellent idea to check out the surnames on probate records, since many times relatives were witnesses to these papers. Many LEE descendants who have written to me all heard that their ancestor was a cousin to Gen. Lee. I have, so far though, found no connections to any Indiana LEE families and I don't have any of the names you mention in my files either, so I cannot say one way or the other right now if we will ever connect our lines. One of my cousins did say that William Lee's wife Sarah (Gold) - might actually be a FREEMAN instead - but still no proof one way or the other. However, I did find a FREEMAN connection, but as the married name of John W. Lee's 3rd wife! See my LEENOTES for more .... Bottom line - although I can see there are certain clues pointing us in the same directions - right now, I don't have anything to help you in your research. There was a Mary LEE living in 1860 Pea Ridge PO (Sugar Creek), Benton Co., AR (census house 353) who was 54 years old, a widow, b. KY and with her was a male, name looked like "Jackie or James D." Lee 24 b. IN but I don't know who she was. Also on the 1860 Pea Ridge PO, Benton Co., AR census near-by, with his step-mother, Martha Shelton Lee (58 years old b. KY), was John W. Lee & Nancy Shelton Lee's son John LEE. This son, John LEE, was 18 years old, a clerk, and the birth place looks like IN but difficult to read. His sister Antha is 16 years old and her birth place also looks like IN. However, on other census data, these children show to have been born in KY. I have not found my John W. Lee on the 1840 census anywhere, so maybe I should look in Indiana. I would be happy to work with you on these problems and share anything that I might find to assist us. Thanks for writing,
Janice Mauldin Castleman

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