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The HAYS/SIMS Families

of Rutherford/Wilson Counties, TN

Hello - welcome! If you have come from the MURRY page, then you already know a little about our project to find MURRY and HAYS/SIMS families of Virginia and how our ancestors came to the Rutherford/Wilson County areas of Tennessee. There will be very little "frills" on this page, for we have a lot of material to cover while we are trying to sort out all these people. If you are looking for your own ancestors from this area, please read on - then, when you get the chance, we really would like to hear from you. We want to know your thoughts and ideas, and we would like for you to share what information you have on your HAYS/SIMS ancestors. We will post anything you send which would be helpful in locating the parents of Lydia SIMS HAYS, her ancestors and descendants. A five-generation genealogy report (GEDCOM) can be seen at my GenCircles webpage for this family. Middle Tennesse appears to be the "middle-part" of our HAYS line - as new research seems to indicate early connections with the East TN counties of Jefferson/Greene/Grainger, and the family of Nicholas HAYS and Alice/Ally HUNTER, and then possibly through their son James HAYS and wife Elizabeth CLAYTON. They lived in PA and Bedford Co., VA before coming to eastern Tennessee. Click here to see the will of James HAYS of Jefferson Co., TN.

Early in our research, June, 1999, a group of cousins all connected to this line formed an informal mailing group attempting to determine who our ancestors were and how they came to be found in Middle Tennessee. Our intentions were to find the ancestors of John HAYS b. c1785-1795 in VA., who married Lydia SIMS, b. c1795 VA. How might they be connected to any other HAYS/HAYES lines in TN? We have many good clues to help us, and we will be gathering all the data we can to fill in those missing "gaps" in the genealogy of our ancestors. Here are the names and E-mail addresses for the people researching this HAYS/SIMS line: your web-host, Janice Mauldin Castleman janice@castleman.org; Bebe Hays Garcia northsea@comcast.net and visit her FTM homepage with our HAYS line listed there; Barbara gen-e-olgy@home.com and visit her webpage here AND she hosts a HAYS MyFamily site; Heidi HEITHA@aol.com; Jerri Sudderth JRSudderth@aol.com; Sandi Spete48@aol.com; John & Gail Wolcott johnwolcott@mail.com; Virginia Hays vhays@cybertrails.com, Jonathan Cavness jscavness@cox-internet.com, Kay Deason at KayDeason@aol.com, Connie Hayes, and Sherry Jones., Now when you see these names mentioned as a reference, you will know who we are talking about! If you are a HAYS/SIMS cousin mentioned above or a newly "discovered" cousin to this line, please write to me with updated or new E-mail address (10/3/2005). Be sure and check out the HAYS and SIMS surname lists at GenForum. Check under all spelling for these names whenever you are researching.


Let us begin studying all the notes we have collected (many will be added as we go along). We begin with Tennessee in this first section. The next section of this report will then focus on the one immigrant HAYS/SIMS families from Virginia. During our early search for the ancestors of John and Lydia, we had good clues from Bebe Garcia's son, Tony, an excellent researcher, who shared the following with us on one of the first known HAYS families in Virginia, John HAYS and his wife Rebecca (no connection to our line known at this time, but interesting material). Not all of his first work has been proven, but the clues he gave us have started us down the road to more good discoveries about this HAYS family. This family came to Virginia sometime before 1740, as the evidence will show. Several people have entered the names of the families who descended from this couple in various on-line websites. We will try to present real evidence here, and we will also note whenever we post something which has not been proven by us. It is important to sort out the "provens" and the "unproven" so that you might leave here with well presented facts, not just names.

Here is the very important E-mail, filled with good clues, about one of the early HAYS pioneers in Middle Tennesse, sent to our group by Bebe Garcia - Subject: Notes on Colonel Robert Hays Date: 29 May 1999. My comments are added in bracketts ( ). Bebe wrote:

I found the following notes on Robert Hays that Tony Bohac (my note: Bebe's son) had made: "In 1785 Robert Hays settled on Little Cedar Lick in Wilson County, TN, and quickly prospered due, in part, to his marriage into the influential Donelson family. Through his marriage to Jane Donelson, daughter of Colonel John Donelson and Rachel Stockley, he became a brother-in-law to John, William, Stockley and Samuel Donelson.

Robert Hays was of Scotch-Irish descent. His father, John, of Ireland, sailed with his family and a numerous party of immigrants to the English colonies in 1740 (My notes: documents will show they came earlier than 1740). Robert's mother was Martha Thompson, the second wife of his father (we've found no proof of this yet). Robert grew up in Rockbridge County, Virginia. He later became a Lieutenant in the North Carolina Infantry during the American Revolution. (From the USGenWeb site: Rockbridge County, VA was formed in 1778 from Augusta and Botetourt Counties. However, the settlement within the bounds of present day Rockbridge began in 1737, in Borden's Grant. The area was then a part of Orange County, VA. Augusta County began keeping records in 1745, and covered what is now many states. In 1770, Botetourt County was formed from Augusta. The present Maury River formed part of the boundary. It was then called North River.)

Colonel Robert Hayes erected Fort Haysboro in Wilson County. This fort is about seven miles south of Nashville. This is where he built his pioneer home and it is where several of his children were born. Soon, Colonel Robert Hays was spoken of as a 'wealthy citizen.' One historian has written that 'Colonel Robert Hays, who was brother-in-law to Andrew Jackson....was not only a prominent and wealthy pioneer, but a close friend and associate of the more wealthy and prominent land speculators, William Polk and William Blout.'

It seems that either Robert remarried or that Jane's other name was Rebecca. It is known that one of Robert's sons was named Harmon A. Hays and he was found in the will of Rebecca Hays who called him her son. Rebecca died in 1819. (My notes: Rebecca Hays, adm. of John Hays, dec'd, to Reuben Searchy 33 ac in Wilson Co., it being a part of John Hays' 640 ac deeded to him by Joseph Hendrick, 14 Mar 1812 - so it is proven that this Rebecca was the widow of John, not Robert. Notes from researcher R. C. Dixon: This John, who died 1811 Wilson Co., TN., he calls "Hermitage John". He married Rebecca MAXWELL. Mr. Dixon thinks the children were possibly: Sally, Rachel, Ann, Harmon A., and Thomas T. Hays. However, he thought Stockley Hays was a son in his own line from John1, Charles2, James T.3, Leander4 Hays. Jas. T. HAYS, b.1803-d.1864, is a son of Charles & Elizabath HAYS of Smith Co., TN, and a grandson to John HAYS Sr. who d. 1814 Smith Co., TN. James T. and Malinda Knight Hays are buried in the Cottage Home Cem. in Wilson Co., TN per researcher R. C. Dixon. Hugh Hays, b. c1775-1794 d. c1829, also lived in the area of Smith Co., TN-see below miscellaneous notes).

Following is the known list of Robert (My note: actually these are John & Rebecca's children) Hays' children and it is very likely that there were more children:

  • 1. Stockley Hays - named as oldest brother to Harmon in 1832.
  • 2. Rachel S. - married in (10 Oct) 1809 to Isham F. Davis in Wilson Co., TN
  • 3. Ann - married in 1806 to Julius Alford in Wilson Co.,TN (BM Harman Hays. Julius witnessed a deed for John Hays who sold 130 ac in Wilson Co. to Scion Bass 20 Jun 1807.)
  • 4. Sally - married Mr. Drew.
  • 5. Thomas T. Hays (one of John & Lydia's sons was also named Thomas T.) - born about 1794 and married Sally Drake in Wilson Co. (27 Nov) 1816. He was listed on 1850 census of Wilson County. (My notes: Trust Deed Book EE, p. 420 29 Oct 1835: Britain Drake to John B. Hays, a negro woman named Ferriby & her children, to wit, Martin, Lizzey, Casandra, Henry & Jerry for the benefit of Sally Hays, wife of Thomas T. Hays and the rest of her children, brothers & sisters of said John B. Hays. Named in his father-in-law's will in Wilson Co., TN records 12 Jun 1840 deed Book S, p.496: Britain Drake to John B. Hays and Sarah Hays, wife of Thomas Hays and to the rest of the children, brothers and sisters of said J. B. Hays the tract of land on which the said Thomas T. Hays now lives. Wilson Co., TN Marriage records: John B. Hays m. Eliza H. Gippen 17 Nov 1841 and Elizabeth A. Horn 21 Sep 1849.)
  • 6. Harmon A. Hays - born between 1780-90 at Haysboro in Wilson County. (My Notes: see a report on the CAGE family here, which lists the children of Harmon & Elizabeth as Jack m. Miss CLAVERY; William m. Miss E. STEPHENS; Mary Ann m. J. C. LEWIS; Sarah m. Calvin LEA; Harry m. Bettie CAGE; Robert; and Jane HAYS.) It is said that he was the 6th child to be born to Robert. He died in 1832--"one morning in 1832 a neighbor came running to the school and whispered hurriedly to the master. The Hays children were sent home immediately only to learn that their father was seriously ill. Several days later he died." The family went to live on the plantation of their Uncle Robert Cage. Harmon had married Elizabeth Cage. (My note: 1830 Grainger Co., TN census (found at Rootsweb): p. 372 HAYS, Harmon, Thomas, William. On page 396 is Elijah SIMS. There are several HAYNES men, including Robert & John, who should not be overlooked as a misspelling of the name HAYS)

    There is the possibility that Robert Hays had a son who he named after his father, John. Maybe this John could have been the father of George Washington Hayes. The name "Robert" is very common in the families of the descendants of of John and Lydia Hays. They named a son Robert D. Hayes and John N. Hays had a son named Robert. George Washington Hayes named his first son after his wife's father, Charles, and he named his second son Robert. Amos also had a son he named Robert.

    John Hays, one of the immigrants, had more descendants who entered Wilson County in its early days. Besides Robert, John Hays had two other known sons--Andrew and James. Andrew was born about 1724 in Ireland and died in 1786. His wife was Prudence Campbell. He had five known sons: John, Charles, David, Joseph and James.

    John was Andrew's oldest son and he was born about 1750 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. He married in 1777 to Ann (Nancy) Christianson in Northampton County. He moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in 1804 and died there in 1808. (Nashville borders Wilson County). His sons have shown up in the early Wilson County records. They are Andrew, born about 1780; died in 1843; married, 1st, to Susanna Enoch (My notes: see below marriage data from Wilson Co., TN; 2nd, to Sarah Mims; John Brown, married President Polk's sister, Ophelia Polk; James Campbell; and Michael."
    (My notes: Col. Robert HAYS m. Jane DONELSON 21 Jan 1786, in TN: source-1 and one other undocumented site said that Col. Robert Hays & Jane Donelson were the grandparents of John Coffey Hays, known as Capt. Jack Hays, one of the first Texas Rangers. Also, there was a Campbell HAYS who served in the War of 1812. His record shows he married Ellen Unknown 14 Dec 1863 in Carroll Co., AR.)

  • Research done by Madelon Smith (now deceased) back in Feb. 1989, and sent to me by Diane Weathers in Oct. 2001, presents these facts: there was a letter written to Col. Robert Hays in 1819, signed by H. A. Hays - listing the three children he had at that time. The writer of the letter was without doubt the father of Col. Jack Hays. Then, in the papers of the very lengthy lawsuit, Hays v. Drake, in the Sumner Co., TN loose papers the proof was found. On page 2271 is a letter written by Harmon A. Hays and the signature of that letter is without a doubt the same as the one on the 1819 letter. Thus, it is certain that Harmon A. Hays did write the letter naming his son John Coffee, namesake of General John Coffee and he is the same Harmon A. Hays who was the son of John and Rebecca Hays of Wilson County, Tennessee. I have more on this line if you are interested, just write to me at janice@castleman.org and I will send you want I have on John & Rebecca Hays' line. A recent update (June 2002) on the family of Col. Robert Hays has been added to Page 2.

    (Bebe continued in her E-mail: Tony seemed to think that our John was somehow connected with this family but could never prove it.

    From the above message, you can readily see all the valuable clues listed for us to follow. If you are wondering how we know that John Hays married Lydia Sims, check back on the MURRY page to the comments under Lydia notes and view the write-up about her son Thomas T. Hays. As of Jan. 2001, the newest notes found by Tony indicate a marriage date for our John Hays in Jefferson Co., TN., 07 Jun 1813. The bride's name, very difficult to read, looks like LYDE GIVENS. As of 2002, have found no proof to tell us for certain whether Lydia was a SIMS or maybe a GIVENS. Marriage records for Jefferson Co., TN indicate there were HAYS, SIMS, GIVENS, PUCKETT all recorded in the early books. Click here for updated wedding information!!!..and proof of SIMS! Newest data - Nov. 2005 - I have discovered the family of Lydia SIMS!!! She was the daughter of William and Mildred BAXTER SIMS of Culpeper Co., VA. More will be added regarding this family on the SIMS page.

    "History of Tennessee, From the Earliest Time to the Present. Together with an Historical and a Biographical Sketch of Maury, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, Bedford & Marshall Counties. Besides a Valuable Fund of Notes Reminescences, Observations, etc.etc." Nashville: The Goodspeed Publishing Co. new material copyright 1988 by southern Historical Press, Inc. of SC. I have just paraphrased the below data, using my own words, but taken from the text of this book.

    Page 840 & 841 - A Brief History, Wilson County: With the exception of occasional migratory and adventuresome hunter, trapper or scout, who passed through this wilderness of vast forests and canebrakes seeking game, the presence of white men was unknown in Wilson County area previous to 1790. At the close of the Revolutionary War the State of North Carolina gave land grants to her soldiers in lue of pay for their contributions. This part of Tennesse was then North Carolina with Wilson County first being a part of Sumner County. Many names of those first settlers were given of men between 1780 and 1790: William RAY 1,000acres (RAY descendants moved to Benton Co., AR - Elizabeth RAY m. Rev. Lewis HEATH in Bedford Co., TN 1822). By 1799, the land was fast developing with the new comers all settling those lands lying on the waters of the various creeks which had the richer, easier cultivated soils.

    On Cedar Lick Creek: Theophilus BASS, Clement JENNINGS, John EVERETT, John GLEAVES, Reuben SEARCH, Joshua KELLEY, James EVERETT, James H. DAVIS, Thomas DAVIS, Howell WREN, William ROSS, Edmund VAUGHN, George SMITH, Harmon HAYS and Daniel SPICER.

    On Cumberland River: Edward Mitchell, Elijah MOORE, William SANDERS, Caleb TAYLOR, Bartholomew BRETT, William JOHNSON, Josiah WOODS, W. T. COLE, Joseph KIRKPATRICK, Henry DIVIS, James TIPTON, Thomas RAY, Reuben SLAUGHTER, Daniel GLENN, James HUNTER, Ransom KING, Henry LOCKE, Ephraim BEASLEY, Sterling TARPLEY and William PUTWAY.

    On Fall Creek: William WARREN, Samuel Copeland, Joseph Williams, Jacob Jennings, William ALLISON, Hardy PENUEL, Joseph SHARP, Sampson SMITH, Frank PUCKETT, James QUARLES, Roger QUARLES, Mathew SIMS, Shadrack SMITH, James SMITH, Charles SMITH, Aaron EDWARDS, Hugh CUMMINGS, Isaac WINSTON, William WORTHAN, Burrell PATTERSON, Absalom LOSATER, John ALSUP, Lard SELLARS, Jospeh CARSON, Charles GILLEM, Arthur HARRIS, Walter CLAPTON, William SMITH, John DONNELL, Adney DONNELL and Willian LESTER.

    The first water-mill is supposed to have been built by Thomas CONGER, some time in the same year, on BARTON's Creek, about 3 miles northwst of Lebanon. A horse-power mill was also erected about that time by one of the DONNELLS, near Doak's Cross Roads, 8 miles south of Lebanon. Prior to these mills being erected, the settlers went to Davidson County for their grinding, or converted the corn into meal by means of the old-fashioned mortar and pestle. Several mills were then erected, one of which belonged to John T. HAYS on Smith Fork. (My NOTE: researcher, Donna Graves Ferrell, sent the following in E-mail - "The first mill in Wilson Co TN built by Thomas CONYERS not CONGER. Thomas CONYERS was my 4th great-grand father, married 10 Sept 1787 in Sumner Co TN, Jane WILLS. Thomas CONYERS was a member of the 8th PA Regiment & served with George Washington at Valley Forge. The Donnell Settlement was started by my 5th great-grand father William DONNELL, deed found in Sumner Co 1790. He and his family had to return to Drake's Lick twice because the Indians drove them out. Not until the militia removed the Indians in 1794 was he able to farm his land. The Hays land grants were in Davidson -Sumner County which later become Wilson Co in 1799." Thank you, Donna, for this contribution)

    Page 851 - Wilson County: Two companies of soldiers were sent out from Wilson County to serve in the war with Mexico in 1846. The companies were commanded by Capts. Smith and HAYES. In the list of men who served under them was William SIMMS.

    Page 854 - Wilson County: Between 1800 and 1820, in a list of business men was the name Leonard SIMS.

    Page 863 Bedford County: In a large list of early settlers are the surnames SIMS and RAY. In the 1810s, one of the early water-mills was built by John SIMS on Duck River, two miles above Shelbyville.

    Click here to see the family of John HAYS on various census pages. We are attempting to gather all the notes and sources available to us:

    John HAYS and Lydia SIMS

    John HAYS was born c1785-1795 VA and died c1836. Lydia SIMS was b. c1795 (census data) VA and died probably in Arkansas (no cemetery information found yet). As stated above, Nov. 2005 I found the parents of Lydia Sims - they were William SIMS and Mildred BAXTER of Culpeper Co., VA. This is a list of the HAYS children as we know it now:
    • 1. William HAYS b. 03 May 1817 AL, d. 13 Dec 1889 m. Martha Elizabeth GIBB 10 Oct. 1850 Wilson Co., TN
    • 2. Amos HAYS b. c1819 TN, m. 03 Oct 1839 in Wilson Co., TN to Delilah TAYLOR
    • 3. Thomas T. HAYS b. 17 Nov 1823 AL, d. 05 Mar 1899 in Brightwater, Benton Co., AR., m. 11 Mar 1848 Mary Elizabeth HUTCHINSON
    • 4. Emily HAYS b. c1825 AL m. 15 Jun 1845 in Posey Co., IN to James HAYES (He may have been her cousin. E-mail from Roxann Thompson, Aug. 29, 2000 states that James was the son of George A. Hays b. c1785 in VA. She also said that when James & Emily moved to Posey Co., IN they sold their land to Hannibal, George, & John Hays - children of James' brother Campbell Hays.)
    • 5. John N. "Jack" HAYS b. 06 Jun 1826 AL, d. 01 Jan 1906 in Rogers, Benton Co., AR., m. Frances E. UNKNOWN
    • 6. Rebecca W. HAYS b. 07 Apr 1828 TN, d. 02 Nov 1892 in Winslow, Washington Co., AR., m. Lemuel Gibson MURRY in Rutherford Co., TN 29 Jan 1849
    • 7. George Washington HAYS b. 29 Jun 1829 near Indianapolis, IN d. 26 Nov 1895 in Washington Co., AR., m. 13 Jan 1853 in Milton, Wilson Co., TN to Elizabeth Maholah PUCKETT
    • 8. Robert HAYS b. c1833, d. in CA
    • 9. Martha HAYS b. c1834 TN m. Benjamin F. PUCKETT

    From Wilson Co., TN probate files: there is an inventory record for a John Hays (probably "our" ancestor) in the March Term, 1837 Wilson Co., TN records. Among the buyers was Amos Hays, William Hays and one other Hays (name unreadable). In Dec., 1836 the widow of John Hays was allowed 9 hogs and 36 barrels of corn for her years provision. One of the signers of this document was Francis Puckett. We have not yet found our John HAYS on any census as head of the household. He should be on the 1830 TN census, but has not been found. We will need to check the 1830 Indiana soon. Since some of his children were born in Alabama, the 1810 and 1830 AL census index was checked. No 1820 AL census book was available to be checked during my last trip to the local library. In 1810, these HAYS were listed as living in Indian lands: Carlis, George, H. A. and Rebekeah Hays. Check out this website: INTRUDERS in INDIAN LANDS, to see that John HAYS (who married Rebecca) and his children Ann Hays Alford, Thomas, and Harmon were all in Alabama in the very early 1800s. Visit the SIMS page for an interesting item regarding this SIMS colony started in Indian lands, which was called "illegal" by the Government. I believe the William SIMS listed there in 1809 was Lydia's father. As for the census, the closest we could find, so far for 1830, is Jno. HAY in Tuscaloosa Co., AL. Listed there, too, are Edward, F? B.; S? B.; and M. B. SIMS. 1830 Mobile Co., AL: John HAYES and Isaac & James SIMS; 1830 Marengo Co., AL census: John, Dempsey, & Daniel C. HAYS; 1830 Fayette Co., AL: John HAYS; 1830 Clarke Co., AL: John HAYSE. The actual census still needs to be read for the body counts. Since there were several SIMS families listed on the 1820, 1830 & 1840 Wilson and Rutherford Co., TN census, it would appear that possibly some of these were kin to Lydia Sims Hays. John and Lydia could have been living with a Sims relative and his name wouldn't show as head of a household on any census. Here is what we have on Lydia SIMS HAYS and other HAYS/SIMS names from various TN census pages:

    WILSON Co., TN TAX LISTS by Thos. Partow:

  • 1803-04-05 Capt. Crawley's Dist:
  • John HAYS 1000ac Cedar Lick, with over 1000ac on Decar Lick by 1805. By 1807 John HAYS taxed with 456ac on Cedar Lick
    1804 Land Not Reported for Tax Purposes Subject to Double Taxes:
  • HAY, Joseph 1920ac Cedar Branch
  • HAYS, Robert 640ac Spencer Creek (non-resident)
  • HAYS, William 1980ac on Cedar Creek (non-resident)
    1803 Unpaid:
  • HAY, Charles 640ac Spring Creek (non-resident, also 1804 & 1806 lists)
  • 1806 Capt. Carruth's Dist.: HAY, William 1280ac Cedar Creek
  • 1806 Capt. Watson's Dist.: HAYS, Robert 140ac Sugg's Creek No SIMS, no MURRY on these lists.

    NAMES on WILSON Co., TN Tax Lists (from Wilson Co., TN; Genealogical Resource Material 1827-1869; Compiled by Thomas E. Partlow; 1997; Southern Historical Press, Inc; Greenville, SC -
      HAY(S), William 1603 acres
      HAYS, Hugh 421 acres
      HAYS, Mary 200 acres
      HAYS, Samuel 50 acres
      HAYS, Thomas T.
      RIDER, Reuben
      HAYS, Harmon A. 164 1/2 acres
      HAYS, Hugh 38 acres
      HAYS, Mary 200 acres
      HAYS, Preston
      HAYS, Samuel 50 acres
      HAY(S), Hugh 422 acres
      HAY(S), William 1612 acres
      HAYS, Elizabeth 68 acres
      HAYS, Harmon A. 175 acres
      HAYS, Holly
      HAYS, James 68 acres
      HAYS, Preston
      HAYS, Samuel 50 acres

  • Selected Marriages in Broderbund's CD#229
    and Miscellaneous Records

      WILLIAMSON Co., TN 1800 to 1850:
      HAY, Benjamin to Sally THOMPKINS 16 Aug 1808
      HAY, James S. to Elizabeth HOLLAND 04 Oct 1827
      HAY, James S. to Mary Ann IVEY 08 Nov 1849
      HAY, John to Betsey BULLOCK 17 Jan 1811
      HAY, John to Mory O. GREEN 30 Apr 1848
      HAY, John to Frances A. JOHNSON 02 Dec 1828
      HAY, Pettus S. to Cena UNDERWOOD 20 Jan 1842
      HAY, Pleasant to Louisa E. DOOLIN 21 Feb 1844
      HAY, Richard to Martha RADFORD 29 Jul 1816
      HAY, Richard to Susan WALKER 01 Nov 1832
      HAYES, James to Nancy JARROTT 27 Sep 1838
      HAYES, Lewis to Anna LONG 01 Oct 1811
      HAYES, Reuben P. to Eliza W. GUNTER 17 Jan 1829
      HAYES, William to Margaret JOHNSON 29 Apr 1809
      HAYS, Henry W. to Henrietta FREEMAN 30 Sep 1833
      HAYS, James C. to Portia E. THOMAS 30 Nov 1841
      HAYS, John A. to Eliza SOUTHALL 26 Oct 1837
      HAYS, Michael to Rebecca GATES 11 Nov 1838
      HAYS, Oliver B. to Sally c. HIGHTOWER 03 Feb 1812
      HAYS, Reuben P. to Louisa THOMAS 18 Jun 1840
      HAYS, William to Portia C. HAYS 06 Jun 1849
      HAYS, William to Mary WILSON 24 Dec 1828
      HAYS, William to Polly W. DAVIS 12 Nov 1818
      RUTHERFORD Co., TN 1804 to 1850:
      HAYES, John to Rebecca MATTHEWS 08 Feb 1835
      HAYES, Newett to Nancy GATES 02 Nov 1846
      HAYES, Thomas P. to Mary E. HUTCHERSON 11 Mar 1848
      HAYES, William J. to Seluda NASH 30 Nov 1833
      HAYS, James to Margaret McCARROLL 31 May 1810
      SIMS, Elizabeth to John SMITH 26 Apr 1830
      SIMS, Arend (f) to Owen KOONCE 11 Jun 1841
      SIMS, George S. to Elin CUNNINGHAM 26 Aug 1842
      SIMS, Robert L. to Catherine C. HAWKINS 19 May 1831
      SIMS, William A. to Nancy T. YOUNG 12 Aug 1850

      Cannon Co., TN 1838 to 1850:
      HAYS, Benjamin J. to Mary SMITH 07 Mar 1843
      HAYS, David to Martha GANNON 20 Jun 1844
      HAYS, John to Rowann PITARD 23 Dec 1841
      HAYS, William B. to Rebecca KETHCART 09 Aug 1847

      WILSON Co., TN 1802 to 1850:
      HAYS, Andrew to Susanah ENOCH 04 Aug 1806
      - bond by - Campbell HAYS
      HAYS, Ann to Julus ALFORD 18 Feb 1806
      - bond by Harman HAYS
      HAYS, Henry to Susan B. HUGHES 17 Mar 1839
      HAYS, Hugh to Sally DARK 15 Nov 1824
      HAYS, James to Malinda NIGHT 23 Feb 1825
      HAYS, James to Sally NIGHT 16 Dec 1827
      HAYS, James to Juliana ORRAND 27 Jul 1850
      HAYS, James to Polly THOMAS 15 Dec 1824
      HAYS, James P. to Sarah BLURTON 07 Oct 1834
      HAYS, John to Betsey ESTES 26 Jul 1812
      - bond by - Samuel HAYS
      HAYS, John B. to Eliza H. GIPPEN 17 Nov 1841
      (note: LDS on-line data - m.
      Eliza Hall SYPERT 17 Nov 1841, Lebanon, Wilson, TN,
      Source Information: Film Number:1761197)

      HAYS, John B. to Elizabeth A. HORN 21 Sep 1849
      HAYS, John R. to Peggy Amanda FITE 23 Mar 1837
      HAYS, Joseph to Susanah ADAMSON 25 Apr 1812
      - bond by - John HAYS
      HAYS, Preston to Ann SEARCY 14 Aug 1827
      - bond by Hugh HAYS
      HAYS, Reuben G. L. to Delila LITCHFIELD 12 Apr 1839
      HAYS, Samuel A. to Jane CLOYD 18 Aug 1836
      HAYS, Thomas to Sally DRAKE 27 Nov 1816
      - bond by - Robert Marshall
      HAYS, William to Martha E. GIBB 10 Oct 1850
      HAYS, William J. to Mary P. ALFORD 12 Nov 1830
      SIMS, Caswell S. to Nancy CARTER 13 Mar 1826
      SIMS, Dudley B. to Elizabeth LACKEY 07 May 1831
      SIMS, Edward to Dolly GRUBBS 01 Sep 1814
      SIMS, Edward to Martha MAYHO 28 Jun 1827
      SIMS, Elisha to Ann CLOPTON 13 Oct 1817
      SIMS, Frederick O. to Nancy Ann HEARN 28 Nov 1849
      SIMS, James L. to Sarilda Ann PUCKETT 15 Oct 1848
      SIMS, John to Elizabeth CAPLINGER 04 Aug 1824
      SIMS, John to Martha GIBSON 11 Nov 1847
      SIMS, John to Susan MERRITT 09 Sep 1835
      SIMS, John to Frances WATKINS 15 Sep 1843
      SIMS, Leonard H. to Elizabeth WASHINGTON 22 Sep 1816
      SIMS, Matthius to Sally ROBERSON 15 Sep 1835
      SIMS, William to Elizabeth ONEAL 01 Mar 1848
      SIMS, William W. to Margaret BONE 20 Feb 1823

      DAVIDSON Co., TN 1788 to 1850:
      HAY, David P. to Barbara GINGRICK 07 Nov 1810
      HAY, Joseph W. to Betsy YOUNG 06 Mar 1804
      HAY, Samuel R. to Mary C. HALL 18 Oct 1849
      HAYES, Charles to Anna BLACKMAN 17 Jun 1797
      HAYES, Charles to Mourning ENOCHS 03 Apr 1805
      HAYES, David to Emily HARRISON 25 Jun 1822
      HAYES, James to Mary THOMPSON 21 Mar 1803
      HAYES, John to Martha WHITEMORE 14 Aug 1822
      HAYES, William to Anne WILLIAMS 03 Jan 1822
      HAYS, Balaam to Lucy HAYS 13 Nov 1805
      HAYS, Blackman to Nancy E. BLACKMAN 31 Dec 1843
      HAYS, Blackman to Minerve GOWAN 20 Jun 1825
      HAYS, Charles M. to Louiza Jane SMILEY 30 Jul 1843
      HAYS, David to Hannah BUCHUS 31 Aug 1820
      HAYS, Henry to Aggie BRIANT 23 Jan 1816
      HAYS, Jno. C. to Susan CASTLEMAN 22 Apr 1821
      (Note: she is the dau. of Benjamin and
      Amelia Casselman of Wilson Co.)

      HAYS, Stockley D. to Lydia BUTLER 15 May 1811
      HAYS, William to Mary COWGILL 21 Aug 1817
      SIMS, Boyd M. to Sarah Ann EWING 11 May 1842
      SIMS, James to Sally EARTHMAN 25 Oct 1810
      SIMS, John W. to Eliza SAUNER 28 Nov 1844

      Eary SUMNER Co., TN Marriages:
      HAY, Edward H. to Mary B. McGlothin 02 May 1850
      HAY, Reuben W. to Cynthia WREN 20 Dec 1832
      HAYS, Daniel (War of 1812 Soldier) to Priscilla DOBBINS 22 Jan 1809
      ....NOTE: Daniel HAYS d. 19 Jan 1853 Carmi, White Co., IL
      HAYS, James Alfred to Nancy W. WARDEN 20 Dec 1850
      HAYS, Joseph to Tabitha HOBDY 10 Oct 1817
      HAYS, William to Eupha HAMILTON 16 Aug 1820
      HAYS, William to Sarah J. PHILLIPS 05 Dec 1850
      SIMMS, Thomas to Ann SHOEMAKE 12 Jan 1839
      SIMS, Abraham to Nancy KEEN 13 May 1816
      SIMS, David to Elizabeth MITCHELL 16 Jul 1818
      SIMS, S. to Elizabeth CARROLL 09 Sep 1819


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