Immigrants John and Rebecca HAYS of Augusta Co., VA
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IMMIGRANTS - John and Rebecca HAYS

and Their Families in VA and TN

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Our own HAYS line comes from Nicholas HAYS and Alice HUNTER. This was discovered well after I made this webpage. However, I will leave this page on-line, just in case it might help other HAYS researchers. We have discovered our SIMS connections through Lydia SIMS who married John W. HAYS in Jefferson Co., TN 1813. She was the daughter of William SIMS and Mildred BAXTER, who had married in Culpeper Co., VA in 1787.

Now we will present some facts and queries gathered on-line and from other sources regarding the lineage of the immigrants John and Rebecca Hays, who do NOT yet appear to be related to our own HAYS line in Wilson/Rutherford Counties, TN. Here is another E-mail from Bebe Hays Garcia:

"There was John Hays who married Rebecca and immigrated to Virginia from Ireland between 1732 and 1737. He died 1750 and had grandchildren at the time of his death. He settled in Rockbridge County, Virginia. On June 26, 1740, John Hayes "in order to be entitled to enter public land" proved his importation at his own expense, of wife Rebecca, sons Andrew, Charles, Robert, perhaps a nephew, and a daughter Rebecca. John and his family came as a part of a group of Ulsterman, the usual name of Scot immigrants from the Ulster area of Ireland. Tony had a note that this John Hays was the ancestor of early Wilson County families."

(My notes - I have found conflicting reports about John and Rebecca HAYS of Orange Co., VA and the list of children on the above 1740 list as ANDREW, CHARLES & REBECCA, maybe a nephew ROBERT HAYS. See notes above regarding the very similiar John HAYS in Rockbridge Co., VA researched by Tony Bohac, Bebe's son. We believe these to be the same family. The other records I saw gave the date of proof of importation as 22 May 1740. This includes the above John & Rebecca Hays and his family and adds a daughters Barbara and Joan Hays. This file did not include a daughter Rebecca (she was included in his will, however). In addition, on that same day, in the same county of Orange, a Patrick HAYS offered his proof. He listed his wife as Frances, children as Joan, William, Margaret, Catherine, and Ruth Hays. I have not seen the origianl papers, however. This Patrick HAYS died in Orange Co., VA. His will, calling him Patrick Moore Hays, was dated 1761 and listed as heirs were his wife Frances, children William, Samuel & Elizabeth Hays.) Bebe continued in her E-mail:
"Notice the names in his family--the same names that our John Hays has and names that kept popping up in the family. Could it be that this John Hays could be our ancestor?"
So, we are researching this early HAYS family closely because of all the evidence which seems to relate them to our Wilson/Rutherford Co., TN Hays family. The following section of this page concerns notes gathered from on-line sources, and other written material concerning this line. One of our researchers was quoted as saying her father always believed the ancestor of our line was Patrick Hays, and there may be some truth found in this statement later.

Just a little more on Samuel HAYS. According to WFT CD#2290, (a tree called GROOM, THOMPSON, FOSTER of TX, LA 1653-1995, submitted Jul. 17, 1995), Samuel HAYES, d. bef Oct 1793 in Davidson Co., TN. He married Elizabeth ___________. I believe this is the Elizabeth named in her father's will, along with her son Samuel HAYS, grandson of Samuel Brawford, (will in Augusta Co., VA dated April 21, 1789 listed below). This tree lists the children of Samuel and Elizabeth Hayes of Davidson Co., TN as Charles L, Andrew, Campbell, and Hugh Hayes. It follows the line of Charles L. Hayes, Sr. Of course, I do not have any proof this is the same line, just speculation. This tree goes on to add that Charles L. Hayes, Sr., married Morning ENOCKS (ENOX), dau. of Gabriel Enochs. Charles L. Hayes, Sr. was born "near Nashville" and died 1830 in Russelville, Athens, LA. It appears from will information that this Samuel may have been a son to Patrick HAYS, the immigrant to Orange Co., VA. In addition, Andrew HAYS, son of John and Anne Nancy Christian, also married into the ENOCH family (see below or use "find" button).

The following documents can all be found through ROOTSWEB, either at the USGenWeb Archive sites or other ROOTSWEB projects. Be sure to visit and find out for yourself the wonderful resources provided through this organization.
Page 291.--

25th December, 1750. John Hays' will, plantationer--Wife, Rebecca; three sons; son, Andrew; son, Charles; son, John, land on Roanoke Joining William Miller's plantation; nephew, John Hays, Jr.; Rebecca Hays, daughter to son John; daughter, Jenett Mills; nephew, (?) Rebeckey Gumes; nephew, Robert Lusk; nephew, James Hays, son to son James; legatee, Robert Lusk; legatee, Abigail Hayes, alias Kinseys. Executors wife Rebecky and sons Charles and Andrew. Teste: James Buchanan, Saml. Hayes, James Moore. Proved, 26th February, 1750, by all witnesses, and Charles and Andrew refuse to administer, and Rebecca qualifies with sureties (no bond appears)."

My notes about this: This appears to be the same John HAYS mentioned above. In 1740 he had PROVEN sons ANDREW, CHARLES and dau. REBECCA, all born before 1740. According to this will John Hays had (after 1740) a total of the following PROVEN CHILDREN: ANDREW, CHARLES, JOHN, JAMES (his son James, Jr. named, but JAMES, the son, is not otherwise mentioned - is he dec'd?) and daughter JENETT MILLS. This family apparently lived in that part of Augusta County that later became Rockbridge County when it was formed in 1778.

From the Virginia USGenWeb Archives: Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 1, pp. 258-260. Andrew Hays' Will, (Abstract).

In the name of God Amen this Ninth Day of February in the year of our one thousand seven hundred and Eighty Six. I Andrew Hays of Rockbridge County and Commonwealth of Virginia being sick and wake of Body but of sound and perfect mind and Memory professing the true and Christian Reformed Religion and caling to mind the moratality of my Body knowing that it is appointed for all Men once to Die, do mak constitute and Ordain this my last Will and Testament Recommending my Soul to the living God who gave it and my Body I will it to be Buried in a Decent manner at the Discreation of my Executors....1st- all Debts due to me be Collected and all Debts due by me to others be justly and Honestly paid. Item- I will and Bequeth unto my Eldest son John Hays the Plantation that I now live on containing four hundred Acres with all Buildings, Mills, Orchards & c to him his Heirs and Assigns for ever provided he the said John Hays pays the Sum of one hundred Pound unto my son James Hays and likewise the Sum of one hundred pound unto my son Charles Hays. Likewise, to son John a Negroe Boy named Will. Item- I will and Bequeth unto my son James Hays the Plantation he now lives on containing two hundred and fifty acres with all Buildings Orchards & him his Heirs and Assigns for ever. My son John to make him a sufficient Right and Title for the same. Likewise, to my son James a Negroe Boy named Cato. Item- I will and Bequeth unto my son Charles Hays the Plantation that he now lives on with all Buildings Orchards & c to him his Heirs and Assigns for ever I likewise will and bequeth unto my son Charles a Negroe Boy named Cube to him his Heirs and Assigns. Item-I will and bequeth unto my Daughter Prudence Brownlee the sum of five shillings. Item- I will and bequeth unto my two sons Joseph Hays and David Hays a Plantation lying in the Forks known by the Name of the Stone house Plantation containing six hundred Acres with all Buildings Orchards &c to them their Heirs and Assigns forever to be equally Divided between them by my Executors but if either of them Die before they arive at the age of twenty one years and without lawfull Isue than there Parts or Part to be equally Divided amongs my other Sons. Item- I will and bequeth unto my Daughter Mary Hays a Negroe Wench named Sue to her, her Heirs and assigns and also four Cows Horse and Saddle bed and furniture and Household furniture at the Discreation of my Executors but if she my Daughter Mary Dies without lawfull Isue the above mentioned Wench & c to be equally Divided amongst my Sons. I order that all my other Negroes be continued on the Plantation that I now live on, and the stone house Plantation for the term of two years under the Direction of my Executors. Increase of said Plantations for said Term with what Collections can be made to be applyed by my Executors to the setling my Accounts and the remainder if any to be equally Divided by my Executors amongst my five sons John, James, Charles, Joseph and David to them their Heirs and Assings but if both or either of my two youngest sons Joseph and David should Die before they arive at the Age of twenty one Years and without lawfull Isue then there part or parts to be Equaly Divided amongs my other sons. I order that all Land belonging to me and not already Willed and Bequethed be sold by my Exrs. and the money arising therefrom be equaly Divided amongst my sons. I do constitute, Ordain and appoint my son John Hays, Joseph Moore & John Walker sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament and do hereby Revoke and disanul all other Wills and Testaments by me heretofore made declaring this to be my last Will. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the Day and Year above written.
Andrew Hays (seal)
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presents of us John Moore John Walker James Moore
Rockbridge County Court 2 May 1786 Last Will and Testament of Andrew Hays Dec'd presented in Court by John Hays, Joseph Moore, Jno. Walker & James Moore, witnesses. Ordered to be recorded. On motion of Executors, certificate granted for obtaining Probate. Giving security with James Gilmore & William Wardlaw their securities acknowledged bond for £3000. Teste: Andrew Reid Cl.

(My notes: PROVEN children of Andrew Hays, and apparently grandchildren to the aforementioned John Hays who died in Rockbridge Co., VA 1750: eldest son JOHN; JAMES; CHARLES; dau. PRUDENCE BROWNLEE; JOSEPH; DAVID; and MARY (these last three children all under the age of 21 in the year 1786); no apparent living wife mentioned in this will.

Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 1, p. 133.
Andw & Geo. Hays Decd Adm Bond, (Transcription).

Know all men by these presents that we John Hayes, Andw Hayes & James Wallace are held and firmly bound to John Bowyer Saml Lyle Jno Trimble & Jno Houston Gentlement Justices of the Court of Rockbridge County now Sitting in the sum of One Hundred Thousand pounds to the payment whereof well and truly be made to the said Justices and their Succesors we bind ourselves and each of us our and each of our Heirs, Executors and Administrators Jointly and severally firmly by these Presents Sealed with our seals this 6th Day of Novr in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty one And in the sixth Year of our Independence. The Condition of this Obligation is such that if the above bound John Hayes Administrator of all the Goods Chattels and Credits of Andrew [? ] Hayes Deceased do make or cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and Singular the Goods Chattles and Credits of the said Deceased which have or shall come to the Hands Possession or knowledge of the said Admr or into the hands and Possession of any other Person or persons for him and the same [ ] made do into [ticket] or cause to be exhibited into the County Court of Rockbridge at such time as he shall be thereunto Required by the said Court ad the same Goods Chattles and [Crustih] of the said Deceased at the time of his Death Which at any time after shall come to the Hands or Possession of the said Admr. or into the hands and Possession of any other person or persons for him do well and truly According to Law and farther do make a Just and true Account of all his Actings and doings therein when thereto Required by the said Court and all the rest and Residue of the said Goods Chattles and Credits which shall be found Remaining upon the said Administrators Account the same being first Examined and Allowed by the Justices of the Court for the time being I shall Deliver and pay unto each person or Persons Respectively as the said Justices by their Order or Judgment shall Direct Pursuant to the Law in that case made and Provided and if it shall hereinafter appear that any Last Will and Testament was made by the said Deceased and the Executor Executors therein Named do exhibit the same into the said Court making request to have it allowed and approved Awarding by if the said Administrator being thereunto Required to Rinder and Deliver up all his Letters of Administration Approbation of such Testament being had and made in said Court then this Obligation to be Void. And of none Effect, or else to Remain in full force and Virtue.
Sealed and Delivered John Hayes (seal) in the Presence of Andrew Hayes (seal) James Wallace (seal) At a Court held for Rockbridge County November 6th 1781 This Bond was acknowledged by the subscribing Parties and Ordered to be Recorded. Teste~~~~~ Andrew Reid Clk.
(My notes: there was more on this page - I didn't copy all of it - this is about Andrew, son of John, and Andrew's brother John, but who are the dec'd Andrew & George Hays written at the top of this probate record?)

More from the USGenWeb archives:
Hays vs. Hays--O. S. 187; N. S. 66--Bill August, 1810.

Complainants are, viz: David Orestes King Hays and Mary Hays, infant children of David Hays, deceased, by Robert Montgomery, their grandfather. Defendants are, viz: Andrew Hays, executor of John Hays, deceased; Michael, John, Campbell and James Hays. Complainants are children of David Hays, who was son of Andrew Hays, who died March, 1786, in Rockbridge, testate. About 1795 orator's father went to live with his brother, Joseph Hays, at Abingdon in Washington County, where he lived until 1804, when he removed to Nashville, Tenn., where he died, 1806, intestate and without property. He did not come of age until May, 1797. John Hays died the close of year 1808 testate, leaving Andrew, Michael, John and Campbell Hays, his children and devisees, and Anne Hays, his widow, has died intestate. Deed 5th May, 1800, by Joseph and David Hays of Washington County by James Hays of Rockbridge, their attorneys, to John Hays of Rockbridge. Conveys the Stone House plantation in Rockbridge. Will of John Hays of Rockbridge. Son, Michael (land in Ohio); wife, Anne; sons, Andrew, John, Campbell. Dated 9th May, 1808. Recorded in Rockbridge, 2d January, 1809. Will of Andrew Hayes of Rockbridge, dated 9th February, 1786. Eldest son, John Hays; sons, James and Charles; daughters, Prudence Brownlee, Mary Hayes; sons, Joseph and David (infants). Recorded in Rockbridge, 3d May, 1786.

150 - 159 by Lyman Chalkley
(my notes: PROVEN CHILDREN of Andrew Hays, son of the immigrant John Hays of Augusta Co., VA are - DAVID HAYS whose proven children were: David Orestes King HAYS and Mary HAYS, both under 21 years of age in 1810. David HAYS, dec'd by 1810, must have been married to _______ MONTGOMERY. John Hays, b. c1776 VA., died in Rockbridge County on his farm near Rockbridge Baths, VA., according to Shirley Craft, Historian, Col. Thomas Hughart DAR Chapter, Staunton, VA. Ms. Craft sent E-mail in Oct. 2002 saying "After the Rev. War, Maj. Hays taught at the Mount Pleasant Academy near Fairfield, one of the forerunners of Washington and Lee University. There are a number of records in Rockbridge County about him and his family." PROVEN CHILDREN: Michael (oldest?), Andrew, John and Campbell Hays and a widow Ann/Anne.)

Click here for the Library of Virginia Land Patents and Grants. Just a few of the many entries were copied here:

Click here for a more comprehensive grouping of HAYS/SIMS from these files.

Only the immigrant John & Rebecca's apparent line copied here. From Library of VA website:

  • HAYS, Andrew, 10 June 1760, Augusta Co., 337ac, on the branches of James River on the west side of the Blue ridge, p. 528
  • HAYS, Charles, 25 Mar 1762, Brunswick Co., 204ac on the lower side of Hays Creek, p. 950
  • HAYS, Charles, 20 Mar 1785, Washington Co., 76ac on both sides of the Little Cedar a branch of Big Cedar Creek waters of Clinch River.
  • HAYS, Charles , 14 Apr 1788, Washsington Co., 80ac on both sides of Big Cedar Creek the waters of Clinch River adjoining James Scott, p. 698
  • HAYS, Charles, 26 Apr 1815, Wythe Co., 100ac In the Rich Valley on the North fork of Holstein River adjoing Daniel Dougherty, p. 52
  • HAYS, Charles, 25 Jun 1823 Wythe Co., 92ac In the Rich Valley on Lick Creek a branch of Holston River the north fork, p. 248
  • HAYS, Jacob, 25 Jun 1823, Wythe Co., 153ac In the Rich Valley on the north side of Holstein Grants No. 72, p. 245 and 11 Nov 1831 7ac in Wythe Co., the Rich Valley Grants No. 80, p.163 one other (not copied)
  • HAYS, James, 09 Jul 1802, Augusta Co., 100ac See Brooks, James and Hays, James, 1802-03, p. 189
  • HAYS, James, 18 Oct 1815, Ohio County 300ac on the south fork of Fishing Creek adj land claimed by John Downerd, Grants 65 p.366. Also 100ac on the head of the south fork of Fishing Creek including a place known by the name of the Hickory Camp, p.367
  • HAYS, James, 15 Jul 1785 Washington Co., 400ac on both sides of the Maiden Spring fork of Clinch River adj Andrew Lamus, Wm. Bosen, Thomas Daniels &c, p. 162
  • HAYS, James, 26 Jan 1805 Wythe Co., 50ac in the Rich Valley, p.26
  • HAYS, James, 13 Aug 1810 Wythe Co., 164ac On the North fork of Holstein River Grants No. 61, p. 132. Also James & Jacob 20 Sep 1833 Wythe Co., 48ac On the north fork of Holstein, p.295
  • HAYS, John, 03 Dec 1793, Ohio Co., 400ac on Kings Creek Grants 31, p.53. Also 22 Aug 1794 200ac on the head waters of Hardins run adj. Matthew Richey & the Temporary line, p.303
  • HAYS, John 20 Aug 1801, Rockbridge Co., 10 1/2ac On Youngs run a branch of Collier's Creek adj two Surveys of his own Grants 49, p.406. Also 06 Mar 1806 328ac: See Graham, Moore, Joseph and Walker, John, p.460.
  • HAYS, John, 14 Aug 1797, Wythe Co., 308ac On both sides of Spruce Creek a branch of the Middle fork of Holstein, p.497
  • HAYS, Patrick, 30 Jun 1743 Orange Co., 297ac On the branches of James river on the west side the Blue Ridge beginning on the east side of Luneys Mill Creek, p.282
  • HAYS, William, 30 Dec 1816 Washington Co., 50ac adj his own, and the land of Cornelius & Elijah Debord, p.187
  • HAYS, William, 14 Aug 1797 Wythe Co., 224ac on both sides of the North fork of Holstein river, p.498. Also 28 Sep 1802, 35ac on the waters of the North fork of Holstein Grants no. 51, p.102. And 29 Sept 1802 29ac beg at the upper corner of the Buffaloe Cow Bottom Survey, p.105. 13 Aug 1810 Wythe Co., 50ac in the Rich Valley on the North fork of Holstein river adj his own & McDaniels land, p.124. 05 Oct 1822, 140ac in the Rich Valley on the North fork Holston River, p.237
  • More E-mail: USGenWeb Augusta Co., VA query posted by John William Hays on Tuesday, October 15, 1996: "I am looking for info...... on a James HAYS that was born about 1758 in Augusta County and info on his father, Samuel HAYS (b:ca1728) that came over from Ireland before 1740. Also info on a John HAYS of Ireland that immigrated to the Rockbridge area in 1740. His son, Col. Robert HAYS, moved to The Hermitage, TN in 1758."
    (My note: according to the above will in Augusta Co., VA dated 1750, if indeed the same person, there was no son ROBERT mentioned in the will of John Hays, but there was a ROBERT HAYS who came to America with John's family prior to 1740, notes say a possible nephew, but no proof of this statement. Could the Samuel HAYS be a brother to immigrant John and possibly the father of the Robert Hays who moved to Nashville, TN in the late 1790s?).

    Another Augusta Co., VA query posted by waymire on Friday, September 5, 1997: "Seeking info on John LUSK born 1672 was living in Augusta cty in 1744, had a son Robert LUSK who was orphaned by 1751, became ward of Andrew HAYS who died 1786. also any info on Samual HAYS, 1759 and Patrick HAYS d. 1761."
    (My note: this Andrew was the son of the (dec'd by 1750) John and his wife Rebecca HAYS of Augusta Co., VA.)

    FTM homepage: - John William Hays Home Page

    "I am searching for the ancestors of Patrick HAYS who came from Donegal County, Ireland to Derry Twp., Lancaster Co., PA in 1729. He is thought to have brothers Hugh, David, and James. Some of his descendants lived in Augusta Co., VA (1741-1779), Rutherford Co., NC (1779-1798), Sumner Co., TN (1789-1798), Bowling Green, Ky (1798-present), and Falls and Runnels Co., TX (1856-present). It is possible that a Hugh HAYS who migrated to Fannett Parish, Donegal County, Ireland from Scotland around the 1650's is his father or grandfather. Also the ancestors of Col. Jack Coffee HAYS of Wilson Co., TN. Col. Robert HAYS from Salisbury, NC who settled around The Hermitage, TN is thought to be his uncle. His great-grandmother is Jane, source is a letter dated 1790, Wythe Co., VA., but her husband is unknown. It is thought that both of these families came from Ireland. I am attempting to find thier Irish ancestors. Also a Jessee Joyner HAYS living in Gibson Co., TN in 1850 age 27 from NC, but the county is unknown, wife Epsy M. However, family history says they are from Lebanon, Wilson County, TN. FTM page of: John William Hays, 805 N. Broadway, Ballinger, Tx 76821, 915-365-2557, My note: could the lady named Jane be the wife of the William Hay named on p.76 Deed Book F dated 03 jan 1815: "William Hay of Wyeth Co., VA to John Buchanan of Davidson Co., TN 100 ac on Spring Creek. Also Trust Deed Book EE, p.123 dated 09 Jul 1832: William Hay appoints John Hay of Williamson Co, Tn his power of attorney to sell his land in Wilson Co., TN. Said William Hay is a resident of Wythe Co., VA"
    (My note: see more on Hugh HAYS on page 1.)

    USGenWeb Archives:
    Borden Tract Conveyances-- Present Rockbridge Co., VA, 1741-1780
    The name of purchaser is followed in consecutive order by the acreage, the price, the year of sale, the description, when definitely given, and the first transfer prior to the organization of Rockbridge. When it is not quite clearly certain that the transfer is of the actual tract in question, a question mark is put down. The original sales recorded in Orange Co., VA are indicated by a star attached to the date of purchase. All other sales are recorded in Augusta. P, 5, and d are abbreviations for pounds, shillings, and pence in the old Virginia currency. To reduce pounds to dollars, add one cipher and divide by three. The shilling is 16 2-3 cents, and the penny is 1 7-18 cents. The name of a consort (wife) is in parentheses.

  • Hays, Andrew-717 (3 tracts)--l3p--1754--adjoining homestead
  • Hays, Andrew--200--l20p--l763--On hill above mill
  • Hays, Andrew--100--20p--1766--Back Cr., adjoining Isaac Anderson
  • Hays, Charles--189 9-16--6p--1742
  • Hays, Charles--165--4p--l766--Hays Cr
  • Hays, Charles--200--6p--1766--Hays Cr
  • Hays, David--124--3p 15s--1749
  • Hays, David--l24--3p 5s--l749
  • Hays, John (Rebecca)--318 59-80--?--l746--Hays Cr.--sold by widow: 50 acres to Charles (son), 1752, for 5p; 258 acres to John (son), 1752, for 50p; each son given a half interest in the mill and the 10 acres around it.
  • Hays, Patrick (Frank)--254-7p 12s 5d-1742--Beverly line--sold to William Hays, 1759, for 100p--deed says this tract is part of 854 acres held by Borden and Beverly.
    Click here for a map of Borden Grants, off-site.

    Here is interesting data from the 1800 Buncombe Co., North Carolina census:
    accessible through the Old Buncombe Co. Gen. Soc. Internet Site:
    This list is for males, females, others and slaves - under 10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, over 45:

    Hays, William 01101-00401-0-0
    Hays, John 30010-20010-0-0
    Murry, Samuel J. Jr. 10010-00100-0-0
    Murry, Samuel S. Sr. [?] 02211-10001-0-3
    Murry, William 31010-20010-0-0
    Murry, Johnson 10010-10010-0-6

    FTM's VA Vital Records CD#1 1600s-1800s #174
    Articles which appeared in “The VA Magazine of History & Biography”, the “William & Mary College Quarterly”, and “Tyler’s Quarterly”.
    AUGUSTA CO., VA VA Military Records:
    1742 Patt HAYES in Capt. John Christian’s Co.
    1742 And. & Chas. HAYS in Capt. John Buchanan’s Co.
    Revolutionary Pension Claims: A pension dated 26 Jun 1820 Peter Mines age 69 served under Capt. John HAYS in Rockbrigde Co in VA on the first day of Sept 1777.
    1777 Rev. War Soldiers: Charles HAYS
    1781 Militia: John HAYES, Lieut., Andrew HAYES, Insn., John HAYES, Sgt.
    VA Land Records: Cert. granted Robert Windley for 500 acres ( Elizabeth HAY) dated 25 Feb 1660
    VA Land Records: Cert. granted to Col. Edmund Scarborough for those whose names are underwritten (1500 acres) - names include James HAYES 30 May 1659 and Thomas HAYES (3600 ac) 28 Apr 1651
    Robert HAYES & Ann DRAITON 20 Sep 1660
    Robert HAYES & Jane ECRISTALL 17 Jul 1661
    Tithables Aug. 1666: Robert HAYES - 1
    Marriages: John HAYES & Nancy CHRISLIAN(? Michael CHRISRIAN?) 08 Sep 1777
    Susannah HAYS, wid. & Jonathan SCOTT 12 May 1761(?)
    Millie HAYES & Wm. SEBREE 18 Dec 1788
    Peter HAYES & Jane KENNER 17 Jul 1772
    Rhoda SIMMS & Wm. FULCHER 13 Nov 1786
    1738 Tithe List:
    Thomas SIMS 2, Richard SIMS 1
    Moses HAYS & Sarah PETTY 1780
    Betsy SIMS & Abner CAVE (from Deed book)
    Elizabeth SIMS & Joseph KIRTLEY 1810
    Elizabeth SIMS & John PRICE 1812
    Fanny SIMS & Zachariah JARRELL 1797
    Nancy SIMS & Thomas CAVE 1797
    Frances SIMS & James JARRELL 1793
    Isaac SIMS & Nancy CATTERTON 1809
    Lucrecia SIMS & Jeremiah JARREL 1816
    Polly SIMS & Benjamin WALKER 1795
    Samuel SIMS & Penny WALKER 1797
    William SIMS & Eliza MORGAN 1818
    William SIMS, Jr. & Nancy WATTS 1787


  • Andrew Hays, Jefferson Co., WV 1810, 1 males under 10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 45+, 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-16, 3 females 16-26, 1 female 45+
  • John Hays, Jefferson Co., WV, 2 males under 10, 1 male 26-45, 1 female 26-45
  • Samuel Hays, Jefferson Co., WV 1810, 1 males under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 2 females under 10, 1 female 16-26

    Miscellaneous Deeds:

  • David Hayes, yeoman, Orange Co., VA Deed, September 25, 1741, from Joseph Reed, taylor.
  • Charles Hays, Orange Co., VA Deed, June 1, 1742, from Benjamin Borden, 189 9/16 acres.
  • Patrick Hays, Orange Co., VA, Deed, August 16, 1742, from Benjamin Borden.
  • John Hays, Augusta Co., VA, Deed, June 12, 1746, from Benjamin Borden's estate, 318 acres on Hays creek.
  • Patrick Hays, of Derry Twp., Lancaster Co., PA in an Augusta Co., VA Deed, August 15, 1769 to Samuel Hays.
  • Patrick Hays, of Derry Twp., Lancaster Co., PA in an Augusta Co., VA Deed, August 15, 1769 to William Hays.
  • David Hay, Davidson Co., NC, POA, April 16, 1791, Appoints Major John Hays, John Carruthers and James Carruthers of Rockbridge Co., VA his attorneys concerning sale of lots in Lexington and Rockbridge Co., VA.

    Military records:

  • Charles Hays, militiaman Orange Co., VA, Note: December 18, 1742 - Took part in 1st clash between settler and native in what was to be Rockbridge Co.,
  • Andrew Hays, Orange Co., VA, Promotion, 1745 made Lietenant in the militia.
  • Charles Hays, Orange Co., VA, Promotion, May 12, 1746, appointed Constable.


  • Moses Hayes Orange Co., VA., October 28, 1780 to Sarah Petty, spinster.
  • Prudence Hays Augusta Co., VA February 20, 1783 to John Brownlee
  • Richard Hays, Augusta Co., VA January 24, 1793 to Rachel Risk daughter of Elizabeth Stuart.
  • Samuel Hays, Brooke Co., WV September 21, 1810 Elizabeth Meek.

    Will records:

  • George Hays, Augusta Co., VA, Died intestate, 1747, wife: Sarah; son: James.
  • Gilbert Campbell, Augusta Co., VA Will 1750, sons: James, George and Charles Campbell; daughters: Sarah Campbell, Prudence Hays and Elizabeth Woods.
  • John Hays, Augusta Co., VA Will February 26, 1750/51, wife: Rebecca; sons: Andrew, Charles, John, Robert and James Hays; daughters: Barbara Hays and Jenette Mills; nephew: John Hays, Jr., Rebeccy Guines, Robert Lusk, James Hays son to son James; Legatees: Abigail Hayes alias Kinseys; Witnesses: James Buchanan, Samuel Hays, James Moore.
  • Patrick Hays, Augusta Co., VA Will 1761 wife: Frances; son: William, Samuel & Elizabeth.
  • David Hays, Augusta Co., VA Will August 21, 1776 wife: Isabella; sons: David, William, Joseph, Robert and John Hays; daughters: Johanna Buchanan, Elenor Paxton, Hannah Sawyers, Mary Lapsley.
  • Andrew Hays, Rockbridge Co., VA Will, March, 1786, sons: John, Charles, James, Joseph and David Hays; daughters: Mary Hays and Prudence Brownlee.
  • John Hays, Berkeley Co., WV Will, September 18, 1787, wife: Jean; sons: Gabrial, John, Ichnand and Jess Hays; daughters: Charity, Grace and Elizabeth Hays, Sujah Chenowith and Anne Chenowith.
  • William Hays, Davidson Co., NC Inventory October 1, 1787.
  • Samuel Brawford, Augusta Co., VA Will April 21, 1789, wife: Ann; sons: John, James, Hugh and Samuel Brawford; daughters: Mary, Ann, Rachel and Elizabeth; Grandson: Samuel Hays son of daughter Elizabeth; Granddaughter: Elizabeth Christian daughter of daughter Elizabeth; Executors: Sons-in-law: Patrick Christian of Augusta Co., VA and Samuel Miller of Rockingham Co., VA.
  • Moses Hays, Augusta Co., VA Will 1796 wife: Sarah; sons: James, Isaac, Richard, Winsted, William (of Pendleton Co., WV) and George Hays; daughters: Elizabeth Luce, Mary Stockdale, Hannah Halsey, Susanna wife of John Hardiway, Nancy wife of Henry Cunningham, Sarah wife of John Gaul and Peggy Hays.
  • David Hays, Nashville, TN Will 1806. He was born May 1776. His widow was the daughter of Robert Montgomery. Children: David Orestes King Hays and Mary Hays
  • John Hays, Rockbridge Co., VA Will 1808, wife: Anne; sons: Michael, John, Andrew and Campbell Hays.
  • James Hays, Albemarle Co., VA Will, died December 11, 1812, wife: Mary (remarried to John Morrison); sons: John, William, James, David, Isaac, Nathaniel and Thomas Hays; daughters: Sarah Ann, Malinda and Mary Hays and Elizabeth wife of Robert Brooks
  • John Hays, Harrison Co., WV Will May 23, 1815, wife: Elizabeth; son: Sam.
  • Robert Hays, Brooke Co., WV Will May 1819, mother: Elizabeth; sisters: Esther, Jane and Polly; brother: John. Inventory - February 24, 1819
  • John Hays, decd., Blackford Co., IN, Deed 1839, Heirs mentioned: Robert, Joseph, Andrew, David, William, James, and Henry Hays, Nancy Morrow, Jane Moss, Lettice Williams and William Hays.

    Below is a descendants chart of immigrant John HAYS family made up from various sources - subject to revisions (codes "p" mean proven, "np" means not proven). One of the sources was found on the threaded messages from ROOTS-L archives. The message was sent by April 1999 by regarding an article in the Highlander Magazine Vol. 1 No. 1 Dec 1930 p.15 submitted by Edmund P. Davis.. There are no sources quoted for the information given, but I will repost it here, so that we might use it as a guide until we prove the line. The paragraph below in blue is a direct quote from this post :

    "Sir John Hay married Margaret Stewart in 1388. They had
    William Hays who married Janet MacIntosh. They had
    John Hays who married Miss MacIntosh (his luffit cousin). They had
    William Hays who married (probably) Miss Cumming. They had
    John Hays who married Marion Drummond. They had
    William Hays who married Katherine Urquhart. They had
    John Hays who married Isabel Dunbar. They had
    David Hays who married Jean Winrhame. They had
    Andrew Hays b. 1666 in Ireland who married ?. They had
    John Hays who married Rebecca ?. Immigrated 1730 to Philadelphia."

    Then wrote:
    "The above is the actual information given in the article except for the
    "immigrated 1730 to Philadelphia". The article says " came to Virginia
    before 1730, he died in 1750. It follows the line on forward a few more
    generations also from John and Rebecca's son Andrew."

      1. John HAYS1 (p) b. c1695 Ireland? d. 1750 Augusta Co., VA. m. (1) c1715 Rebecca (p)___________

    Second marriage listed as (2) Martha THOMPSON (any proof of this? - Rebecca was named in the will 1750)

           2. Andrew Hays2 (JOHN1) (p) b. c1724 Ireland? d. March, 1786 Rockbridge Co., VA.,
      m. c1749 VA to Prudence CAMPBELL (p).

    FTM (World Family Tree) CD#2 Tree #1032 gives spouse name as Margaret WALKER 1740 in VA. Notes with this tree: Andrew settled near the Natural Bridge in what was then Augusta Co., VA but now Rockbridge Co. He was a veteran of both the French & Indian Wars and the Rev. War. He was commissioned a Lieutenant in the F&I and an ensign in the Rev. His will was filed 02 May 1786. (My notes: although this tree lists one Andrew as a child to John and Rebecca, I believe he is confused with a different man, because the children listed are not the same as in the will. See note below regarding this (*) statement.) WFT CD#1 Tree #1416 has both of these women named as a wife to Andrew Hays. Prudence Campbell is named as a daughter to Gilbert & Prudence OSRAN CAMPBELL. John Hays is the only child listed to Andrew and Prudence in this file.

                 3. John Hays3 (ANDREW2, JOHN1) (p) b. c1750 Augusta Co., VA, d. Dec.(?) 1808 in Davidson Co., TN;
                   m. 1777 to Ann (Nancy) Christianson in North Hampton Co., VA (proof of this marriage?)

    WFT CD#1 Tree #1416 lists his wife as Ann Nancy Christian, dau. of Michael & Patricia MICHAEL CHRISTIAN.

                              4. Andrew Hays4 (JOHN3, ANDREW2, JOHN1) (p) b. c1782 m. Susanah ENOCH 04 Aug 1806 Wilson Co., TN (np).

    NOTE: in WFT CD#1 Tree #1416, his wife is shown as Sarah MIMS b. 1785, d. 12 Dec 1869 Rey, NY. The children: Ann, John Mims, Augustus Lawrence, William, James Campbell, Mary Payson (np).

                              4. Michael Hays4 (JOHN3, ANDREW2, JOHN1) (p) b. c1784

                              4. John Hays4 (JOHN3, ANDREW2, JOHN1) (p) b. c1786

                              4. Campbell Hays4 (JOHN3, ANDREW2, JOHN1) (p) b. c1788

                              4. James Hays4 (JOHN3, ANDREW2, JOHN1) (p) b. c1790

                 3. James3 (ANDREW2, JOHN1) (p) b. c1755 VA

                 3. Charles3 (ANDREW2, JOHN1) (p) b. c1758 VA.

    This site: Bob Ballard's Genealogy Page - lists birth as 1756 death as 1810 and his wife as Mary Campbell WALKER calling him the son of Andrew HAYS b. 1726 d. 1786
    and Prudence CAMPBELL dau. of Gilbert CAMPBELL. From this site: gives a birth date for Mary Campbell WALKER as November 18, 1754.) (My note: This site says Mary Campbell WALKER m. Charles John HAYS.)

                              4. George Campbell Hays, Sr.4 (CHARLES3, ANDREW2, JOHN1)

                              4. Mary Margaret Hays4 (CHARLES3, ANDREW2, JOHN1)

                 3. Prudence3 (ANDREW2, JOHN1) (p) b. c1761 VA m. __________BROWNLEE

    (My note: m. John Brownlee February 20, 1783 Augusta Co., VA-see above marriages

                 3 Joseph3 (ANDREW2, JOHN1) (p) b. c1769 VA

                 3. David3 (ANDREW2, JOHN1) (p) b. May 1776 (will) VA d. bef Aug. 1810 Rockbridge Co., VA.m. ____________MONTGOMERY, dau. of Robert & Ester Montgomery. His will, mentioned above said he was "of Nashville".

                              4. David Orestes King Hays4 (DAVID3, ANDREW2, JOHN1) (p)

                              4. Mary Hays4 (DAVID3, ANDREW2, JOHN1) (p)

                 3. Mary Hays3 (ANDREW2, JOHN1) (p) b. c1780 VA

           2. Charles Hays2 (JOHN1) (p) b. 1745 (IGI) VA d. 1803 Anderson, TN. m. Margaret __________ (np-IGI) c1765 VA. FTM report called him Charles C. Hays (np offered).

                 3. Robert HAYS3 (CHARLES2, JOHN1) (np-IGI) b. 1769 VA d. 1840 Anderson, TN

                 3. Andrew Hays3 (CHARLES2, JOHN1) (np-IGI) b. 1773 VA (family notes from FTM np)

                 3. Barbara HAYES3 (CHARLES2, JOHN1) (np-IGI) b. c1763 VA

                 3. David HAYES3 (CHARLES2, JOHN1) (np-IGI) b. c1765 VA

                 3. James HAYES3 (CHARLES2, JOHN1) (np-IGI) b. c1767 VA

                 3. John HAYES3 (CHARLES2, JOHN1) (np-IGI) b. c1771 VA

                 3. Joseph HAYES3 (CHARLES2, JOHN1) (np-IGI) b. 1784 VA d. 1857 Anderson, TN

           2. Rebecca Hays2 (JOHN1) (p)

           2. Barbara Hays2 (JOHN1) (np-IGI) b. c1749 Augusta Co., VA (not in the will, died young?)

           2. Jenett2 (JOHN1) (p) b. 1751 (birthdate from IGI, but this is incorrect according to the will) m. __________ MILLS

           2. John Hays2 (JOHN1) (p)

                 3. John Hays, Jr.3 (JOHN2, JOHN1) (p)

           2. James Hays2 (JOHN1) (p) b. 1761 (IGI) Augusta Co., VA., d. 1790 (IGI)

                 3. James Hays, Jr.3 (JAMES2, JOHN1) (p)

           2. Martha Hays2 (JOHN1) (np-IGI) b. c1769 (My note: listed as a child, but born aft. her father's death!) m. ________BLAIR

           2. Robert HAYS2 (JOHN1) (np-not in the will, but in IGI) b. 1759.

    (My note: also after the death of his supposed father!), d. 1819 Davidson, TN m. 1786 Jane DONELSON b. 1766 Pittsylvania Co., VA, d. 1834 of Davidson, TN, dau. of John DONELSON and Rachel STOCKLEY. Children all from IGI (np):

                  3. Rachel HAYS3 (ROBERT2) b. 1786

                 3. Stockley Donelson HAYS3 (ROBERT2) b. 1788 d. 1831

                 3. Martha Thompson HAYS3 (ROBERT2) b. 1790 d. 1857

                 3. Narcissa HAYS3 (ROBERT2) b. c1795

                 3. Mary S. HAYS3 (ROBERT2) b. 1798 d. 1815

                 3. Samuel Jackson HAYS3 (ROBERT2) b. 1800 d. 1866

                 3. Elizabeth HAYS3 (ROBERT2) b. 1805 d. 1841

    (*) My notes regarding this other Andrew HAYS who m. Margaret WALKER (proof not offered & the will was obviously not read by the researcher of this line. This family must be from another line, but until further studies, it is just entered here to show you that mistakes can be easily made, and do not trust anything you see posted unless there is a good source to back it up. No good sources - search them out for yourself!). Notes offered in this tree: NOTES: John Hays m. Rebecca ______ of Scottish ancestry. He migrated to VA c1740. He and his family took oath of allegiance May 22, 1740 in Augusta Co., VA. Rebecca evidently witnessed a murder as their son Andrew, appeared in her behalf at the murder trail of one Rebecca BUCHANAN. John Hays' will was admitted to probate 26 Feb 1750. - CHILDREN:
    a. David HAYES b. 1730 Augusta Co., VA d. 1778 m. Jane BARNETT 1750 in NC, liv in Mecklenburg Co. CHILDREN:
    i. Moses b. 1752 Aug.
    ii. John b. c1760 Aug. d. 15 Jul 1830 Buncombe, NC m. Mary RANDLL 1793 in Mecklenburg, NC
    iii. Margaret b. c1762 Aug
    iv. Elizabeth b. c1764 Meck., NC
    v. Phoebe b. c1766 Meck., NC
    vi. Robert b. c1768 Meck., NC
    vii. Mary b. c1770 Meck., NC
    b. James b. c1734 Aug. Co., m. Mary BUSTER c1754 VA
    c. John b. 1740 Aug. Co.
    d. Charles b. 1752 Aug, d. 1810 m. Mary Campbell c1772 VA
    e. Joseph b. c1754 Aug.
    f. Mary b. c1756 Aug.
    e. Prudence b. c1758 Aug.

    August 2006 - interesting new E-mail to share with you all:
    From Kathy Schwartzman, Northridge, CA
    I have read your Hays-Sims website a number of times and it is wonderful. (My HAYS lines surface in Wayne Co. Indiana pre-1820 and moved to Madison/Hamilton Co. IN, but unfortunately I can't find their previous links other than mention of a birth of my George Hays, b. abt 1801 in OH.)
    Anyway, I just spent a month researching the military leads for Major John Hays of Augusta (became Rockbridge) county VA and thought you might like to see my specific results. The Major is the father of Andrew C. Hays (b. abt. 1782), who became a lawyer in Nashville TN and eventually an attorney general of TN. Andrew C. married Sarah Mimms. I believe several of his relatives also migrated with him to Davidson Co, TN.
    I posted my information on through the kindness of researcher Rosemary West.
    Also see Bryan Buchanan's ancestry site for the Major's probable predecessors:
    And "Revolutionary War Veteran Gavesites in Virginia" gives Major John's birthdate as 1739.

    Another E-mail shared by Kathy was from Cynthia Hoffman, who did a "look-up" for Kathy from a Rockbridge Heritage book. Here is that E-mail:

    I'm so glad you mentioned the source name in it's entirely, because I had been looking in my Rockbridge Co. marriages and deaths, as well as Kegley's VA Genealogies and others. But having the full source name, I went back to the Rockbridge Heritage book and found the following: First, that Maj. John Hays is buried at Hays Creek. The actual article on him that appears in this source, "Rockbridge County Virginia Heritage Book, 1778-1997, by the Rockbridge Genealogical Society, Walsworth Publishing Co., Summersville, WV, 1997" on p. 116. I cannot give you the entire article here due to copyright, but will extract a follows: He was the son of Charles Hays and Barbara. He lived on a farm under Jump Mountain in Rockbridge Baths, VA. He apparently fought Indians in the North, retired from the army and brought home with him his bride Anne, from Maryland, maiden name unknown. Their sons are listed as Michael, Andrew, John Brown and James Campbell. It is not mentioned as to whether there were other children.
    He apparently lived in the area from his youth, because it says he was taught (not that he taught) by the Rev. John Brown at Mt. Pleasant academy near Fairfield, VA. The article further states that when the Rev.War began, men from that area did not go north to join Washington's army because of the Indian threat. John Hays was selected as Capt. of the company that did finally go north in 1776, his captaincy granted because of his previous service against the Indians. During his following three years of service, he was promoted to Major.
    This article was written for this book by Debbie Mohler, who lists her sources as the Withrow Scrapbook in the Washington and Lee Library. There is also a photo of the gravemarker taken by the Mohler family in 1994.
    Now, by extrapolation, I found another article under the heading of Hays Mill on pg. 112 that would appear to indicate (please note, this is speculation on my part) that John Hays father, Charles Hays, may himself have been the son of John Hays and his wife, Rebecca, who "proved their importation from Great Britain" between 1739-1740. John and Rebcca Hays had he following children: Charles, Andrew, Barbara, Jane & Robert. The timeline is appropriate for this Charles to be the father of your Maj. John Hays. Continuing, John Hays (hus. of Rebecca) was one of the first settlers to claim 100 acres by cabin-right from Benjamin Borden in the Valley of VA. John Hays eventually chose a 318-acre plantation which he bought for 5 shillings, located 2 miles north of Rockbridge Baths where Hays Creek and Moffetts Creek run together. It had a natural mill site. After 1752 Moffetts Creek was changed to Hays Creek and Hays Creek became Walker Creek, thus the original mill site is located on what today is know as Walker Creek.
    John Hays is believed to have built the first mill in Rockbridge Co. in 1739. He died in 1750. The book then says "in the late 1800's" but this is an error--the author meant the late 1700's--his 3 sons owned 25-30 slaves and nearly 3000 acres of land. Andrew Hays took the mill upon his father's death, and apparently left it to his oldest son, also apparently named John.
    This land is currently owned by the Mohlers. For further information on the Hays family, you may wish to start looking in both the Rockbridge County Courthouse records, the Augusta County Courthouse Records (for any records prior to 1778 when Rockbridge Co. was established) and Morton's "Annals of Augusta County" and "A History of Rockbridge Co." by the same author.
    I am glad I could find this for you! If you're able to verify that John and Rebecca Hays are his grandparents, then your research will take you to Great Britain. Have fun!

    Kathy sent this URL of a map showing the land of Patrick HAYS, one of the original emigrants - Borden Grants (settlers from Northern Ireland). Also see my above notes entitled USGenWeb Archives: Borden Tract Conveyances-- Present Rockbridge Co., VA, 1741-1780. Another note from Kathy: "Also, I did find more on John's possible early military service":

    "A John Hays of Augusta County, VA was a pack-horse master for the Division of General Andrew Lewis at the Battle of Pt. Pleasant, October 10, 1774, in Lord Dunmore's War. Source: Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, VA, 1902."

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