Rev. Lewis Heath & Elizabeth Ray - Genealogy Notes

NOTES for Rev. Lewis HEATH
and his wife Elizabeth RAY:

Enon Primitive Baptist ChurchThis page is continued from notes on George Sylvester LEE and his wife Martha HEATH. Her father, Lewis Heath was born 1801 in NC and moved to Bedford Co., TN where he was a deacon in the Enon Primitive Baptist Church (click here to go off-site and read the minutes of this church from 1821 to 1848) and a minister for many years before moving to Benton Co., AR. Click here to see the TAYLOR/HEATH surnames buried at the Taylor Graveyard, Enon Primitive Baptist Church in Bedford Co., TN., another off-site webpage.

A Lewis Heath is found on the 1830 and 1840 Bedford Co., TN census. In 1830 a Lewis Heath is on page 85. In 1840 there is a Lewis Heath on page 43 (001001-101101). A John Heath is found on page 54 (200001-1001). HEATH names on the 1840 Rutherford Co., TN census: Andrew p. 81 (00001-0001); Richard p. 81 (01000001-000010001); and Solomon p.99 (00000001-0). Williamson Co., TN 1840 HEATH: Frankey p. 267 (1-0000001); Martha p. 273 (01-0000001).

From Williamson County, TN Wills and Inventories, Book I & II 1800-1818: page 63 - Absolem TAYLOR dec'd - Will dated July 1815 - to Lewis Heath, 1 featherbed, furniture and horse - to wife Lany Taylor the rest of my property. If Lewis Heath should die w/o any heir, property to go to my sister Dorcas Arnold's 2 youngest sons, Jeremiah & Asa. His wife and Meriman Landrum were exr. 03 Nov 1814, probated July 1815. At first, when I read this extract, I believed that the Lany TAYLOR listed here, was the mother of Lewis HEATH from a former marriage, but have have since received E-mail from Martha Heath Farr, who wrote that Lewis Heath was most likely a nephew to this couple. Martha wrote that Laney TAYLOR was formerly Laney SHERROD, a daughter of Joseph SHERROD of Craven Co., NC. Laney SHERROD married Absalom TAYLOR 28 Jul 1800 in Craven Co., NC. She was not the only SHERROD to marry into the HEATH family, for her sister Sarah SHERROD m. John HEATH 01 Jan 1794 in Craven Co., NC. And her sister Ferrebe SHERROD married Richard HEATH, (brother to John HEATH) also in Craven Co., NC on 14 Jan 1786. More on this line will be posted later. From unsourced data found on the Internet: Dorcus Taylor was born c1793 and married James ARNEL/ARNOLD.

Lewis Heath and Elizabeth Ray married while still teenagers. She was born 1803 SC and he was born 09 Jan 1801 in NC. The marriage was in Williamson Co., TN 06 Sept 1817. In Aug. 2000, material sent from Martha Heath Farr, indicates that Elizabeth Ray may be the daughter of James RAY and Elizabeth LAMB of Union Co., SC., and former Quakers. Elizabeth LAMB had a brother, David LAMB, who married Esther LANDRUM. On 07 Oct 1813 a marriage bond was issued to David Lamb and Esther Landrum, daugther of Reuben & Mary Ray Landrum of Union Co., SC. They were married by Esther's brother, Merriman Landrum of Williamson Co., TN. Merriman LANDRUM, married to Delilah JACKSON, was a Baptist preacher in Bedford Co., TN., and he was the executor of Absalom TAYLOR's will (see above notes). July 1829, David and Esther (Landrum) LAMB joined the Enon Primitive Baptist Church where Rev. Lewis Heath was a minister. They also named one of their sons, Lewis Heath Lamb b. 15 Aug 1828 (he m. Tabitha H. TARPLEY). Merriman & Delilah Landrum had a daughter Elizabeth b. 1807 TN who married Job Cooper, Jr. Rev. Lewis Heath purchased for $660 on Nov. 21, 1831 (Bedford Co., TN) 77+ acres from Job Cooper, Jr. This land was on the waters of Weakly Creek, a branch of the north fork of Duck River. Rev. Heath sold this 77+ acres to William Deason Jul. 7, 1835 for $600. Click here to visit ROOTS-L GenConnect board for LAMB wills where I've entered the will of Thomas LAMB of Williamson Co., TN - 1821.

One researcher believes Elizabeth RAY was kin to Hezekiah RAY who was found on the 1840 Bedford Co., TN census, page 92: 00011001-01200001. Others who may be connected to her line:

  • Alexander RAY m. Rachel SIMPKINS 22 Aug 1806 Williamson Co., TN.
  • Collin RAY m. Elizabeth JACKSON 15 Oct 1825 Williamson Co., TN.
  • Eli S. Ray m. Miss Amanda DAVIS (reported in Western Weekly Review 02 Dec 1831).
  • John RAY m. Polly ROBERTSON 24 Jan 1818 Williamson Co., TN.
  • Wiley Ray m. Mary HUMPHREYS 25 Jan 1821 Williamson Co., TN.
  • Book D, page 444 mentions dau. of William CLARK, dec'd late of Orange Co., NC - Sarah RAY, wife of Jno. RAY (no date but in early 1820s).
  • Book O, page 304, 27 Mar 1822 James RAY sold to Alexander RAY, both of Bedford Co., TN., 82 acres 27 Mar 1822 for $1.00 land which borders James RAY. Page 222, 27 Mar 1822, James RAY for love and affection and for $1.00 sold 115 ac in Bedford Co. on waters of Sinking Creek to John RAY. James RAY died 05 Aug 1835 Bedford Co., TN., wife Jane RAY. Heirs: Alexander RAY, John RAY, Mary RAY, James M. RAY, George M. RAY, and James A. TRICE (Chancery Court Records-Bedford Co., TN., compiled by Tim & Helen Marsh, found at TN State Archives, Nashville).
  • Book PP, page 443, 25 Mar 1848, G. M. RAY conveyed to Hezekiah RAY, Deacon of the Bapt. church and Solomon RAY, a class leader of the Meth. Episcopal Church and their successors forever, for the love and affection for his neighborhood, a tract of land for a Public Burying Ground in Bedford Co., TN Dist. 24 on the west side of Thompson's Creek. Reg: 07 Apr 1848.
  • Deed Book LL, page 370 - 20 Jun 1842 John RAY to William R. RAY, his son 98 acres for love and affection in Bedford Co., TN on waters of Sinking Creek Dist 19 bordering Alexander RAY (Jane Ray's dower tract) Reg: 20 Jun 1842.
  • Book GG, page 117 - 09 Mar 1837, we relinquish our several claims to our part of our father's estate, the said Hezekiah RAY, to a colt. Signed by Jason RAY, William RAY, Solomon RAY and Jason RAY. From the TN State Archives/Library in Nashville, book titled "Bedford Co., TN Bible, Family and Tombstone Records" page 66, in the RAUS (this penciled out and someone wrote in POWELL Cemetery) Cemetery, between Shelbyville and Tullahoma at Raus, about one mile to the right of the highway from Shelbyville and some eight miles from Shelbyville (copied 1937) Hezekiah RAY died 04 Jun 1870, 90 years old and Patsy RAY, died 02 Jan 1862, age 70 years. Also Mauel RAY, b. 04 Jul 1818, d. 10 Sept 1901 and his wife Sarah Ann b. 14 Feb 1827 d. 29 Dec 1910 (WPA Records).
  • Book Y, page 484 - 01 May 1828, Sarah RAY, widow and relict of William RAY, dec'd late of Bedford Co., TN for $100.00 paid by Robert RAY, guardian of Charles RAY, Fout RAY, Polly and Hugh RAY, minor heirs of William RAY, dec'd, land which belonged to William RAY, my late husband, on south side of Duck River, borders Thompson's line. Wit: Hugh RAY and Thomas RAY.
  • Chancery Ct. Records - Bedford Co., TN compiled by Tim. & Helen Marsh - TN State Archives, Nashville, page 279 Delilah RAY vs. James RAY - Divorce Decree, she was legally married to James RAY in early 1840 but he was convicted and sent to prison.
    The above data is all I have gathered on the RAY families of Bedford Co., TN, and so far.

    The Rev. Lewis Heath performed marriages in Benton Co., AR according to the records, up until 1871. On the 1850 Benton Co., AR census he lived in house 420 and John Heath (his son) lived in house 421. The 1850 census shows Lewis Heath 49 years, Clergyman M.B. born in NC, Elizabeth (RAY) 47 b. SC and Martha 14 b. TN and Lourena 14 b. TN. The relationship of these girls is explained by John Wolcott. He listed the children of Lewis and Elizabeth Ray Heath as: James; John; Lourena who m. Andrew Hartley; Polly who m. Henry Miliron; Alice who m. James Morrison; and Martha who married Syl Lee. When their daughter Lourena Hartly died, Lewis and Elizabeth raised her daughter, Lourena Hartley, incorrectly listed as HEATH on the 1850 census, who was the same age as their own daughter, Martha, and found on the 1850 Osage, Benton Co., AR census. Mr. Wolcott said that this younger Lourena married Jesse Perkins in 1854. In 1860, Lewis lived in house 807/801, Sugar Creek, PO Pea Ridge, listed as a Clergyman, 59 years old born NC and Elizabeth is 57 born in SC. House 816/810 is S. H. Mayfield 33yrs $3500-$10000, b. TN and Martha 22 TN and a one year old female, name unreadable. In house 817/811 is Sylvester Lee 25 a Merchant, $600-$2000 born KY and Martha 23 b. TN, Nancy 4 AR, Burr 1 AR and his mother Martha Lee 58 b. KY and his brother 18 a clerk and sister Antha 16.

    There is a write-up on Rev. Lewis Heath in "Benton County History" printed by the County Heritage Committe in 1991. The article was written by Geraldine Lawrence, whose great-grandparents were Louis and Irene (Moulder) Heath. She provided the dates and spouse information for Lewis & Elizabeth (Ray) Heath and their children. Ms. Lawrence wrote that Lewis Heath received full fellowship of Enon Primitive Baptist Church in Bedford Co., TN on 17 May 1823. In 1824 he was ordained by the Primitive Baptist Church where he served 2 years as a deacon of the church, then in June of 1826, he was made preacher for this church, a position he held for 11 years. In Nov. 1837 Elder Lewis Heath asked for letters of dismission for himself and his wife, which was granted. By Nov. 1838, they were reunited with this church, and Lewis held the position of church moderator until 1844. In June of 1844 they left this church along with several other members and joined the Missionary Baptist Church. Around 1849, Lewis and family moved to Benton Co., AR. Here he was a Minister for a Missionary Baptist church for another 12 years in and around Bentonville. Some of that time he was at the Friendship Baptist Church near Springdale in Washington Co., AR.

    Descendants of Lewis Heath

    Wm. Franklin Heath b. 15 Jun 1862 & Family William Franklin & Mary Hill Casey Heath
    These photos were sent to me by Martha Heath Farr. On the left, taken 1900 Grayson Co., TX are the descendants of Lewis & Elizabeth Ray Heath: William Franklin Heath, his 2nd wife Mary Hill Casey and their children: Carl, Buelah, Charlotte; Carrie (the baby) and in the back William Abner Heath b. 04 Jul 1884. The picture on the right was a wedding day photo, 1892 Grayson Co., TX., of William Franklin Heath and Mary Hill Casey. Thanks to Martha for sharing these wonderful old photos!
    1 Lewis HEATH b: January 09, 1801 in NC d: November 22, 1872 in Pea Ridge, Benton, AR
    .. +Elizabeth RAY b: 1803 in SC d: 1882 in Benton Co., AR Father: ?James Ray Mother: ?Elizabeth Lamb m: September 06, 1817 in Williamson Co., TN
    .. 2 Lourena HEATH b: Abt. 1818
    ....... +Andrew HARTLEY
    ....... 3 Lourena HARTLEY b: 1834
    ............ +Jesse PERKINS m: 1854
    .. 2 John HEATH b: 1819 in Bedford Co., TN
    ....... +Anna HOGARD b: 1822 in Weakley Co., TN
    ....... 3 James Washington HEATH b: November 1835 in Bedford Co., TN d: February 13, 1916 in Jack Co., TX
    ............ +Elizabeth J. FORD b: January 26, 1835 in IL, d. 1925 Father: Henry M. FORD Mother: Nancy SAWYER; m: April 14, 1858 in Benton Co., AR
    ....... 3 William F. HEATH b: Abt. 1838 in Bedford Co., TN
    ............ +Hanna BRUCHA m: May 31, 1861 in Benton Co., AR
    ....... 3 Lewis HEATH b: 1842 in Bedford Co., TN d: Abt. 1899 in Grayson Co., TX
    ............ +Arena MOULDER m: Abt. 1861 in Benton Co., AR
    ....... 3 Henry Denny HEATH b: December 12, 1844 in Bedford Co., TN d: November 05, 1902 in Denison, Grayson, TX
    ............ +Emily Fredonia PARRISH m: January 18, 1865 in Grayson Co., TX
    ....... 3 Sarah J. HEATH b: 1846 in Bedford Co., TN d: August 1860 in Benton Co., AR
    ....... 3 Thomas Jefferson HEATH b: 1846 in Bedford Co., TN d: January 07, 1925 in Gainsville, Cooke, TX
    ............ +Cordelia F. WILLIAMS m: April 11, 1867 in Grayson Co., TX
    ....... *2nd Wife of Thomas Jefferson HEATH:
    ............ +Mary E. UNKNOWN m: October 17, 1907 in Ellis Co., TX
    Thomas Jefferson Heath 4 Generations(NOTE: this picture, sent by Martha Heath Farr, shows Thomas Jefferson Heath b. 1846, Henry Edward Heath b. 1880, & Kenneth Heath b. 1913 OK)
    ....... 3 Robert Monroe HEATH b: April 04, 1849 in Bedford Co., TN d: April 10, 1896 in Jack Co., TX
    ............ +Martha Elizabeth FORD b: November 1849 d: March 06, 1933; m: November 03, 1867 in Grayson Co., TX
    ....... 3 Mary T. HEATH b: December 1851 in Benton Co., AR
    ............ +John W. STEVENS m: September 09, 1869 in Grayson Co., TX
    ....... 3 John HEATH b: Abt. 1856 d: February 1860 in Benton Co., AR
    ....... 3 Alfred HEATH b: September 20, 1859 in Benton Co., AR d: May 02, 1903 in Grayson Co., TX
    ............ +Maggie L. STEPHENS m: October 20, 1884 in Grayson Co., TX
    .. 2 James HEATH b: Abt. 1822
    .. 2 Polly HEATH b: Abt. 1825
    ....... +Henry B. MILLIRON/MILLIORN, b. 1800 VA, d. c1871 Grayson Co., TX; m. c1844 TN
    ....... 3 Jeremiah MILLIORN b: Abt. 1848
    ....... 3 Martha MILLIORN b: Abt. 1848
    ....... 3 Lewis Napoleon Bonepart MILLIORN b: October 03, 1854 Benton Co., AR; d. June 09, 1920 Rains Co., TX
    .. 2 Alice HEATH b: Abt. 1827
    ....... +James MORRISON
    .. 2 Lucinda HEATH b: February 16, 1836
    ....... +?John DEAN
    ....... 3 Nancy DEAN b: Abt. 1858
    ....... 3 Perry DEAN b: Abt. 1860
    Martha R. Heath Lee .. 2 Martha Rushing HEATH b: February 16, 1836 in TN d: July 11, 1920 in Mundell, Benton, AR
    ....... +George Sylvester LEE b: July 15, 1835 in Butler Co., KY d: October 28, 1893 in Fayetteville, Washington, AR Father: John Wesley Lee Mother: Nancy Shelton m: Abt. 1854
    ....... 3 Nancy Ann Elizabeth LEE b: August 23, 1855 in Mt. Vernon, Benton, AR d: January 10, 1933 in Garfield, Benton, AR
    ............ +John Martin MURRY b: December 01, 1851 in TN d: November 15, 1922 in Alma, Crawford, AR Father: Lemuel Gibson Murry Mother: Rebecca W. Hays m: August 14, 1872 in AR
    ....... 3 Burrell LEE b: 1858 in Benton Co., AR d: 1882 in Benton Co., AR
    ....... 3 John L. P. LEE b: Abt. 1862 in Mt. Vernon, Benton, AR
    ............ +Nancy WORDEN b: 1864 in AR m: September 19, 1884 in Benton Co., AR
    ....... 3 Jesse Vincent LEE b: 1865 in TX d: October 02, 1947 in Benton Co., AR
    ............ +Mary Abegail RUBOTTOM b: 1869 in Benton Co., AR d: May 24, 1931 in Garfield, Benton Co., AR Father: Samuel Rubottom Mother: Sarah Spivey
    ....... 3 Dysart W. LEE b: April 1867 in Benton Co., AR
    ............ +Bettie KEY b: Abt. 1877 Father: Abraham Key m: May 23, 1900 in Winslow, Washington, AR
    ....... *2nd Wife of Dysart W. LEE:
    ............ +Martha GAYLOR b: Abt. 1884 in AR m: Abt. 1902
    ....... 3 Wade S. LEE b: April 1868 in Sugar Creek, Benton, AR
    ............ +Emma LEE b: May 1876 in TX
    ....... 3 Robert E. LEE b: June 1869 in Sugar Creek, Benton, AR d: 1936 in Benton Co., AR
    ............ +Ida E. WARMAKE b: September 1875 d: 1958 in Benton Co., AR m: in Benton Co., AR
    ....... 3 Mary M. LEE b: Abt. 1874 in Benton Co., AR
    ....... 3 Sallie LEE b: 1876 in Benton Co., AR
    ............ +James WADE b: 1871 m: June 24, 1894 in Benton Co., AR
    ....... 3 Seth Bates LEE b: August 14, 1878 in Brightwater, Benton, AR d: August 16, 1953 in Garfield, Benton, AR
    ............ +Cynthia Anne LEWIS b: April 05, 1885 in AR d: August 23, 1950 in Benton Co., AR Father: James Wade Lewis Mother: Seridia Pennington m: February 21, 1904 in AR

    Rev. Lewis Heath died 22 Nov 1872 and is buried in the 12 Corners Cemetery 2 1/2 miles NE of Pea Ridge. The 12 Corners Baptist Church was the oldest Baptist Church in Benton County, organized in 1842. The church was used as a hospital during the Battle of Pea Ridge. Elizabeth Ray Heath, his wife, died in Benton Co., AR in 1882 according to John Wolcott.

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