Jeremiah Shelton Genealogy Notes

The Family of Jeremiah Shelton, Sr.,

and his wife Nancy Asher:

Jeremiah Shelton, Sr., was born between 1740/1745, probably in Amelia Co., VA., to Ralph Shelton, Jr., and his wife Mary Daniel. Ralph Shelton, Jr., according to a deed dated 20 Sept 1745 : "of Amelia", and granted 400 acres on North side of Great Nottaway River. About 1768, Jeremiah married Nancy (thought by some to have a maiden name of Asher, although no proof has been found regarding this), who was born c1750 in VA, died c1830 Butler Co., KY. Jeremiah and Nancy probably married in Henry or Halifax Co., VA. Jeremiah Shelton moved from VA to Logan Co., KY before 1800 (Sandy Creek area-Big Muddy River per Kenneth A. Shelton who wrote THE SHELTON TREK ACROSS KY: the History of the Jeremiah Shelton Family of KY & MO" 1987). Ken Shelton is the primary source for much of this wonderful SHELTON tree, and I will be forever grateful to him for his contributions.

Nona Ann Nunnelly, another descendant from this line, wrote the following to the ASHER-L@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU surname list: "I've recently seen a reference to a William ASHER Sr., b 1720/25 in New Kent or Spotsylvania County, VA, son of John and Jane ASHER. This William Sr. married Mary BEAN before 1747, and a son was born in Halifax Co. William Sr. is said to have lived in Pittsylvania Co., VA. He died before 1791 in Washington Co. NC (now TN?) William Sr. and Mary are shown with six sons. What is the source of this list of children? Were there really no daughters? Nancy ASHER, born ca 1750-55, is believed to have married Jeremiah SHELTON about 1770. Jeremiah's father, Ralph Shelton Jr. had purchased property in a westward pattern for many years: Middlesex, Amelia, Lunenburg, Nottaway (then Prince Edward), arriving in Halifax Co. in 1763. When Pittsylvania Co. was formed in 1766 it included Ralph's land. In 1776 Henry Co. split off from Pittsylvania and Ralph's land was included in the new county. Jeremiah SHELTON also owned land in Pittsylvania Co. in 1768. By the end of the Revolutionary War Jeremiah and Nancy sold their lands in Henry Co. and moved to Russell Co., VA. In 1797 they sold their land on the Clinch River and moved to the Logan/Butler Co. area of Kentucky. Could Nancy be a daughter of William ASHER Sr. and Mary BEAN? Her birth year would be when William was about 30-35 years old. William ASHER Sr. and Ralph SHELTON Jr. may have lived relatively near each other." I thank Nona for all her good recommendations and comments.

In April 2000, Steve Lawrence, a descendant of this line, sent information on land taxes and ownership in Russell Co., VA. (note - Russell Co., VA was formed 1785 from Washington County). I have added information on the LEE families in Russell Co., VA., since Jeremiah Shelton's granddaughters (Abednigo and Nancy Gough Shelton's girls) both married John W. Lee, who is thought by some researchers to be a son of William and Sarah Gold Lee of Russell Co., VA.:

  • The 1787 Russell County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List
      (Name White Males21+/White Males16-21/Blacks 16+/Blacks under 16/ Horses/Cattle)
      Shelton, Jeremiah - / - / - / 1 / 2 / 2
  • The Russell County Surveyors Book 1 1786-1799
      pg 93 - June 24, 1790 - Jeremiah Shelton - 230 ac - part 3 Treasury Warrants: 50ac by #8432 dated April 4, 1782; 100ac by #11343 dated March 11, 1782 & 80ac by #19187 dated Sept. 12, 1782 - on the south side of Clinch River - corner William Cope
      pg 163 - March 14, 1793 - William Daugherty - 85 ac - part Treasury Warrant 14803 dated November 9, 1782 - in Powels Valley on both sides of pancake Creek, the waters of Trading Creek - spur of the poor valley ridge corner to Lewis Tackett - corner William Boucher
      pg 168 - May 2, 1793 - Joseph Daugherty - 108 ac - part 2 Treasury warrants: 100 ac by 8432 dated September 4, 1782 & 8 ac by 14585 dated September 1, 1782 - in Powels Valley - corner to Isaac Christman & John Lewis
      pg 246 - (shown on map: Clinch River) April 16, 1797 - 4200 ac - Richard Smith - part Treasury Warrant #7392 dated Oct. 16, 1781 for 10,000 - on the south side of Clinch River joining and below a survey for Richard Smith of 4000ac - corner Richard Price - to the mouth of Big cedar Creek - corner Timothy Burgess - corner James Shoemaker - corner to William Cope - corner Jeremiah Shelton - corner Enos Browning - corner George Pucket - corner to Burgess & James Scott - corner Scott & Zachariah Jones - corner Jones & Francis Browning - corner Michael Eliot - by a path - corner to George Puckett - corner to George Finney - corner Richard Smith
      pg 327 - Oct. 30, 1798 - Alexander McFarland, assignee of Richard Price - 150ac - part Treasury Warrant #10249 dated December 22, 1781 - adjoining a survey of said McFarlands - corner to William Lee.
      pg 335 - William Mead - Dec. 6, 1798 - 100ac - part Treasury Warrant #2174 dated April 14, 1797 - on the waters of Clinch River - on the north side of a ridge corner to James Lee's land - in the head of the sawpit hollow - line of John Smith.
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    (USGenWeb) listing for census/tax pages
    • 1787 Personal Property Tax List, Samuel Ritchie's List Upper District: Shelton, Jeremiah (0)
    • 1788 Personal Property Tax List Upper Dist., Wm.Webb's List: No Sheltons
    • 1789 Personal Property Tax List Upper Dist., Wm.Webb's List: No Sheltons
    • 1790 Personal Property Tax List Upper District: No Shelton
    • 1791 Personal Property Tax List Upper District: No Shelton
    • 1792 Personal Property Tax List Upper District: No Shelton
    • 1793 Personal Property Tax List Upper District (Note: First figure after name refers to number of tithables over 21, second figure after name refers to number of tithables age 16 and under age 21):
        Shelton, Esau (1)
        Shelton, Jeremiah (0)
    • 1794 Land Tax List Upper Dist., Will Webb's List: Jeremiah Shelton, 230 ac.
    • 1794 Personal Property Tax List Upper District:
        Ashur Shelton (1)
        Jeremiah Shelton (1)
    • 1795 Land Tax List Upper Dist., Will Webb's List: Jeremiah Shelton - 230 Ac.
    • 1795 Personal Property Tax List Upper Dist., Wm.Webb's List:
        John Lee-(1)
        Asher Shelton-(1)
        Jeremiah Shelton-(1)
    • 1796 Personal Property Tax List Upper Dist., Will Webb's List:
        Shelton, Jeremiah (1)
        Lee, John (1)
    • 1796 Personal Property Tax List Lower Dist., Robert Tate's List:
        Lee, John (1)
        Lee, Giles (1)
        Lee, John (1)
    • 1796 Land Tax List Upper Dist., Will Webb's List: Jeremiah Shelton, 230 ac.
    • 1797 Personal Property Tax List Upper Dist., Will Webb's List:
        Shelton, Jeremiah (1)
        Lee, John (river) (1)
    • 1797 Personal Property Tax List Lower Dist., Robert Tate's List: Lee, Giles (1), Lee, John (1), Lee, James (1), & Lee, William (1)
    • 1798 (and after) Personal Property Tax List Upper District: No Shelton
    • 1798, 1799 & 1800 Personal Property Tax List Lower District: Lee, Giles (1), Lee, James (1) & Lee, William (1)
    • 1810 Personal Property Tax List Lower Dist., Robert Tate's List: Lea, Cupe (1), Lee, George (1), & Lee, James (1)

    There is also evidence that one Jeremiah owned land in Surry Co., NC, as did his father and some of his siblings. Mark Shelton of Florida wrote in March 2000, sending deed abstracts from Surry Co, NC Deed Abstracts, Book D, E and F 1779-1790:
    page 1773. Jeremiah SHELTON enters 100 acres of land in Surry Co. On both sides of NEATMAN CREEK near William RUTLEDGE, SR. Above on said creek including an old Entry made by William RUTLEDGE, Jr. No date given. (Oct 1779?) Entry withdrew and money returned to James ROSS.
    page 2147. James ROSS enters 100 acres on NEATMAN CREEK adjoining Jeremiah SHELTON including the mouth of the STONEY BRANCH - no date given (April 1781?). Granted

    The Jeremiah Shelton family can be found in WFT Vol. 9 #3184 also, but the author's sources unknown. It was said that he furnished a gun as a Patriot in 1776 in the Public Service of Henry County, VA for the Cherokee Expedition (Public Service Claims, Henry Co., VA Court Book, letter 63-1835, page 43). Jeremiah was paid a bounty for "killing one old she-wolf" in 1795. One Jeremiah SHELTON was in Lee Co., VA 1810. He was listed in "Suppliment to the 1810 Lee Co., VA Census from Tax Lists": SHELTON, Jeremiah 1 white tithe, 1 slave, 6 horses. Also these LAWRENCE men: Charles 1-0-0; Richard 1-0-1. Lee County in VA is on the western border right by KY. Jeremiah's will was written July 10, 1826 in Butler Co., KY and he died 25 Jan 1829 in Butler Co., KY. His name was spelled "Chilton". The will was probated in Feb. of 1829. Researcher and author Ken Shelton wrote about Jeremiah and his will: "Jeremiah Sr. had disinherited his son Gilbert for 'always being disobedient' - and when he wrote that in his will, Jeremiah Sr. was 79 to 84 years of age and Gilbert was 42 years old!" Ken also said Jeremiah received a patent of 200 acres of land (cert. #2443 in 1798), and remained on his homestead until his death. He had been a member of the Sandy Creek Baptist Church, and all of his children have records there, and he is probably buried near this church.

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    The 1810 Butler Co., KY census (from USGenWeb site):
    Head of Household-Free White Males-Free White Females-Other | Slaves

    • 0/9, 10/15, 16/25, 26/44, 45+ | 0/9, 10/15, 16/25, 26/44, 45+ free persons
  • SHELTON , Jermeah: 0-2-1-0-1; 0-1-0-0-1; 0-3
  • SHELTON , Jermiah: 1-0-0-1-0; 0-1-1-0-0; 0-0
  • SHELTON, Asher: 3-1-0-1-0; 3-0-0-1-0; 0-0
  • SHELTON, Abednego: 0-0-0-1-0; 3-0-1-0-0; 0-0
  • SHELTON, Gilbert: 2-0-2-0-0; 0-0-1-0-0; 0-0
  • SHELTON, Jesse: 1-0-0-1-0; 1-0-1-0-0; 0-0
  • SHELTON, Joshua: 2-0-0-1-0; 0-0-0-1-0; 0-0
  • GOUGH, Jonathan: 0-0-0-1-1; 1-0-1-0-0; 0-0
  • GOUGH, William: 5-0-0-0-1; 1-1-0-1-0; 0-0

    WFT Vol. 1 #4864 says that Jeremiah owned land in Henry Co., VA from Sept. 1781 to July 1784. He owned land in 1797 in Russell Co., VA., where William Lee died in 1810 (William and his wife Sarah Gold LEE, some researchers say the possible parents of John W. Lee b. 1810 in Butler Co., KY who married Nancy and Martha A. Shelton, daughters of Abednigo Shelton, son of Jeremiah).

    CHILDREN of Jeremiah Shelton and Nancy Asher:

    1. William Shelton b. c1770, m. 02 Oct 1811 in Logan Co., KY., Rachel BARKER. He is found in Lauderdale Co., AL in the mid 1830's (notes from Ken Shelton), as he is listed there on a land sale deed for Jeremiah Shelton Sr.'s home in Butler Co., KY. The child listed here was first found in WFT Vol. 15 #2935, no sources given. Recent E-mail from Claire Davenport, a descendant of Martha Shelton, has added new information on this line regarding her marriage. CHILD:

    • i. Martha Shelton, b. 18 Apr 1817, d. 13 Sept 1888 Pontatoc Co., MS., married Dr. James SWOFFORD 02 Sept 1841 in Calloway Co., KY. They were living in Graves Co., KY before they moved to Mississippi. This line has also been entered in WorldConnect by Sue Terhune . It is probable that the James SWOFFORD on the 1850 Tippah Co., MS census, Dist. #2, p. 488, house & family 1316/1316 is the correct family for this line: James Swofford 35 farmer b. KY; Martha 33 KY; Cleopatra 7 KY; Louisa 5 KY; Elizabeth 2 MS; and three Swofford children - Sarah 15 MS, Nancy 13 MS, John 10 MS

    2. Asher Shelton b. 08 Nov 1772 (probably Pittsylvania Co.), VA., d. 14 Nov 1852 Allegre, Todd Co., KY., m. 01 May 1798, Logan Co. Ky to Mary GREEN, b. 1782 VA, d. after 1864 Todd Co., KY. The marriage date is from Lee at this E-mail address: Ken Shelton wrote that the Rev. Asher Shelton was found on the Butler Co., KY Surveyors Book as owning land along the Sandy Creek and Big Muddy River area. In the area also are: Jeremiah, Joshua, Abednigo, Jesse, Jeremiah Jr., and Gilbert Shelton. His sisters Rhoda Gough and Elizabeth Whitaker were living nearby with their families. Asher was a founding member of the Sandy Creek Baptist Church, along with his brothers Joshua and Jesse Shelton. William Gough was a constitutional member also. Asher was ordained in 1805. He was voted a delegate to the Baptist Convention in 1805. He obtained a license to perform marriages in Butler Co., KY in September 1810. After he and his family moved to Todd Co., KY, he belonged to the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. However he left this church to form his own, along with two son-in-laws, John C. and William Hearn and their families. This church was officially named the New Liberty Church in 1854. Asher's son Jesse became a minister in this church also. From "Index to Logan Co., KY Survey", page 202, Book B., Asher Shelton is listed with 162 acres on Rockhouse Fork 28 Nov 1798. In the Logan Co., Courthouse records in Russellville, KY, Asher and Mary Shelton sell this 162 acres in 1816 to Andrew Caldwell. More information can be found on this family in WFT Vol. 9 #3184, Vol. 1 #4864, Vol. 3 #2455. This family was located on the 1850 Todd Co., KY census, page 217. It incorrectly gave his age as 81 years. His wife, Mary, was born in VA. Her father was Jesse Green. Elder Asher Shelton is buried in Asher Shelton Cemetery, near Allegre, in sight of Shelton's branch, named in honor of his settlement/farm in the surrounding area in the 1820s (source: data graciously shared by Sally Boswell from Brad Seger's Todd Co., KY. Cemetery book).

    DNA results:
    SD-1 Jeremiah Shelton b 1740 m Nancy Asher> son Asher m Mary Green 13 24 15 11 9 14 12 12 12 14 13 30 ... source:


    • i. Asher Shelton, Jr., b. c1799.
    • ii. John Bunyan Shelton b. 1800 Logan Co., KY., died 1860 New Madrid, Scott Co., MO., married 10 March 1825 in Todd Co., KY., to Naomi DUNLAP. He worked as a wagonmaker. Naomi died in 1861. Their children (source WFT Vol. 15 #2935): Straethen B. Shelton b. 1828; Edith Ann Shelton b. 1830 m. James YORK; Sarah Jane Shelton b. 1840 m. John YORK; Cynthia E. T. Shelton b. 1841; Elias R. Shelton b. 1843; John Bunyan Shelton, Jr. b. 1846 m. Mary Elizabeth POSTON.
    • iii. Jeremiah Shelton b. c1801.
    • iv. Magdaline Shelton b. c1802 Logan Co., KY., died after 1864. She married John C. HEARN 11 Feb 1819 in Christian Co., KY. This line can be found in WFT Vol. 1 #4864 and Vol. 9 #3184. Ken Shelton said she is found, as a widow, on records and census from 1840-1850, and on a land sale record in Asher's estate in 1864. Her family is listed on the 1850 Todd Co., KY census.
    • v. Nancy Shelton b. c1804, married 27 Dec 1844 in Todd Co., KY to William B. MURPHY. She was also married to Joseph ALLISON 24 Mar 1822 Todd Co., KY and had several children with him before he died. Nancy Allison was head of the household on the 1840 Todd Co., KY census, page 243: 0111; no daughters and she was 30/40 years of age.
    • vi. Crispen Shelton b. 03 Aug 1807 Todd Co., KY, died 30 Apr 1887 Todd Co., KY., married 29 Jan 1835 to Polly b. Dodd, who died 16 Jul 1902. He purchased 50 acres on 29 Jan 1835 in Todd County on the East Fork of Pond River (Ancestry's The KY Land Grants.) His family is listed on the 1850 Todd Co., KY census, page 213.
    • vii. Elizabeth S. Shelton b. 1808, married 13 Feb 1826 in Todd Co., KY to William Hearn b. 1808 NC. He died 1868 in Todd Co., KY. His father was Joseph Hearn. William Hearn was, according to Ken Shelton, licensed to sell liquor from his home. He was appointed Tax Commissioner for Todd Co., KY in 1840. He is buried in the Shanklin Cemetery on Ewing Hester's land at Liberty. It is in a grove of trees in an open field which has been trambled by cows. Many stones are scattered on the ground and displaced (source: Brad Seger's Todd Co., KY Cemetery book). Elizabeth and William's son Franklin Hearn is also buried here with dates 18 May 1841 - 20 Nov 1847.
    • viii. Ralph N. Shelton b. 1809 Logan Co., KY, died July 1832, married 09 May 1822 Butler Co., KY to Elizabeth LAWRENCE, daughter of Thomas and Abigail (Gough) LAWRENCE. The following was taken from "Goff/Goughs" Newsletter: In the will of Jesse Gough, recorded in Butler Co., KY Will Book A, page 119, dated 01 Mar 1834, Jesse bequeathed to each of his brothers and sisters who might be living on his death, one dollar each and no more. To Elizabeth Shelton, widow of Ralph Shelton, dec'd., he gave the tract of land on which he was currently living containing 125 acres and all his furniture, livestock, and other property. After her death, he wished that all his property and money would be equally divided among the children of Ralph Shelton. Ken Shelton said that Jesse Gough's land adjoined that of Thomas Lawrence. Elizabeth died January 19, 1882 Montgomery Co., KS, buried in the Harrisonville Cemetery.
    • ix. Jesse Shelton b. 1811, died 27 Nov 1875 Todd Co., KY. He remained single all his life. Jesse was a minister from 1850-1856 in the New Liberty Church. He lived all his life with his father.
    • x. Mary Shelton b. 1813 Todd Co., KY.
    • xi. Sarah Ann Shelton b. 10 Aug 1816 Todd Co., KY, died 20 Feb 1899, married Abraham Monteque SHELTON on 14 Feb 1853 in Todd Co., KY. He was the son of Wyatt and Mary (Monteque) Shelton. This family is found in WFT Vol. 1 #4864. Abraham & Sarah were found on the 1850 Todd Co., KY census, page 281, listed under Abram Shelton. Ken Shelton said Abraham was an ordained minister with the Christian, or Reformed Church. He purchased the Asher Shelton estate land in 1864 from Asher's heirs.
    • xii. Aarial V. Shelton b. 04 Mar 1819, died 29 Apr 1895, married Mary Ann BROWN b. 18 Dec 1828, d. 02 Nov 1887 (source: descendant, Laura Shelton Hicks. They lived in Dist. 77, Sharon, Todd Co., KY 1880.

    3. Rhoda Shelton b. 1774 VA., d. 1850 Graves Co., KY., m. William Robert GOUGH, Jr. 1794 in Logan Co., KY. William was the son of William Robert Gough, Sr., and his wife Judith TAYLOR. Rhoda is listed as Rody Gough on the 1830 Graves Co., KY census, page 289, along with a Harnet Gough (Harnet was actually Harriet). She was living with her son William Gough on the 1850 Graves Co., KY census, page 397, house 451. Her husband, William Robert Gough, Jr., was born 19 Mar 1764, possibly in Franklin Co., GA., and died Dec. 1820 Butler Co., KY. A deed from William Gough's heirs, dated Sept 1837 sold a tract of land of Little Sandy Creek to John Pepper. Heirs who signed the deed were Rhody Gough (widow of William Gough, Jr.), Eli Gough, William Gough, Joseph Taylor, Jerrymer Gough, James Jones and Mary his wife, Jesse J. LEE and Nancy his wife, Asher Gough, Jesse Gough and Mary Ann his wife, Judith Gough of Butler Co., KY. Jeremiah Gough was the agent and signed the deed. This deed was certified by Jeremiah Gough, Jr., and John Pepper and acknowledged by Jeremiah Gough and Jesse J. Lee on 02 Sept 1839 in Butler Co., KY. More can be found on this line in WFT Vol. 3 #392. CHILDREN:

    • i. Isaac Gough b. 11 Feb 1795, married Mary Reynolds/Runnels 10 Dec 1818 Warren Co., KY.
    • ii. Francis Gough b. c1797, d. before 1830.
    • iii. Anna Gough b. 04 May 1800 Butler Co., KY., d. before 1850, married Joseph Taylor 06 Feb 1821 in Butler Co., KY. He was born c1801 in TN. On the 1850 Graves Co., KY census, page 391, house 373, he is shown as a constable.
    • xii. Joshua Gough b. 12 Apr 1801, d. July 1830.
    • iv. Eli Gough b. 15 Jun 1803 Butler Co., KY. He may have remained single all his lift. He is found on the 1824 Graves Co., KY Tax List. On the 1850 census he is shown with his brother, Jeremiah W. Gough, but he is not on the 1860 KY census.
    • v. Jesse Gough b. 23 Feb 1805 Butler Co., KY, d. 01 Nov 1871 Donovan, Ripley Co., MO, married c1835 to Mary Ann Leeman. They are found on the 1850 Graves Co., KY census, page 394. Ken Shelton wrote that Jesse had a daughter named Amanda J. Gough who died in Johnston Co., IL., Nov. 1852, so they might be found on the 1850 IL census. Steve Lawrence found this family on the 1860 Graves Co Census, household #1016. Recent E-mail (May 2000) from a descendant of this line, comes from Nancy Cepeda. She wrote that this couple's daughter, Nancy GOUGH was her ancestor, along with Nancy's husband, James Henry WALKER.
    • vi. Mary Ann Gough b. 15 May 1807 Butler Co., KY., d. 13 Jan 1886 Marshall Co., KY., married James Calvin JONES c1827. This family is found in WFT Vol. 3 #392.
    • vii. William Robert Gough, III, b. 14 Mar 1809 Butler Co., KY, d. 26 Aug 1876 Graves Co., KY., married Rozah E. White 28 Oct 1844 in Obion Co., TN. She may have been from Madison Co., TN. On the 1850 Graves Co., KY census, page 397, house 451, this family is listed with property valued at $1400.00. She is called Rozah, 23 years old, b. TN. On the 1860 Graves Co., KY census, she is called Rizpah, 34 years old, b. TN. William is buried in the gough Family Cemetery, Symsonia, Graves Co., KY., according to Ken Shelton.>
    • viii. Jeremiah W. Gough b. 20 Aug 1810 Butler Co., KY., d. 23 Aug 1892 in Graves Co., KY. On the 1850 Graves Co., KY census, he is found with his brother Eli, page 397, house 450. Jeremiah is head of the household, 42 years old, property valued $1000.00. His brother Eli is 46 years old, and one child lives with them, Ewing Gough, 5 years old. No females are listed with them.
    • ix. Judith S. Gough b. 15 Feb 1813 Butler Co., KY.
    • x. Nancy Shelton Gough b. 15 Feb 1813 Butler Co., KY., married Jesse T. Lee 22 March 1826 Butler Co., KY.
    • xi. Asher S. Gough b. 03 Apr 1815 Butler Co., KY.

    4. Joshua Shelton b. 06 May 1776 Henry Co., VA., d. 16 Sep 1859 Graves Co., KY., m. Sarah GREEN on 26 Dec 1799 in Logan Co., KY. Sarah was the daughter of Jesse Green. In the Spring Term of 1823 Joshua was appointed Justice of the Peace and served until 1824, in Hickman Co., KY (according to Ken Shelton's records) and then he was appointed Justice in Graves County (formed from parts of Hickman County), serving until 02 Feb 1824. Until 1828, he served as Justice of the Peace in Graves Co., KY., succeeding Joshua Gough. Ken Shelton said Joshua was buried in the old Spring Creek Church Cemetery in Graves Co., KY. Joshua owned 155 acres of land surveyed in Logan Co., KY on the Big Muddy River dated 16 Jul 1799 according to Book B., page 204 in "Index to Logan Co., KY Surveys". In 1812 as shown in Butler Co., KY court records, Joshua Shelton, surveyor of the road, came to court and requested that these men be added to his list of hands: Amos Wand, George Husband, Abednigo Shelton, Abraham Shelton, Robert Figg, Henry Fluallin, Thomas Wilson, Willis McCoy, Thomas Lawrence and Caleb Shelton. This request was granted. CHILDREN:

    • i. Jonathan Shelton b. 22 Jan 1801 Butler Co., KY., m. Judith Lawrence 20 Nov 1822 in Butler Co., KY. Judith was the daughter of Thomas and Abegail (Gough) Lawrence. Jonathan was active in the Spring Creek Church of Christ, which used a meeting house built on land donated by him.
    • ii. William W. Shelton b. c1805, d. c1840 McCracken Co., KY. (from LDS files submitted by Nadine Bagley, c/o Loni Gardner, 2223 S. 400 E. Bountiful, UT 84010). He m. Jane MILLER. CHILDREN: Marth Ann Shelton b. 1830; Malinda S. Shelton b. c1832; James K. Shelton b. c1834; Cornelius M. Shelton b. c1835; Vinecy b. 01 Feb 1837 who m. Benjamin F. FARMER.
    • iii. Jesse James Shelton b. 14 Jun 1810 Butler Co., KY, d. 17 Nov 1901 Graves Co., KY., m. (1) Mary McKINNEY 10 Aug 1840 in Butler Co., KY. Jesse was also an ordained minister in the Spring Creek Church of Christ. His second wife was (2) Elizabeth Ann FORD b. 26 Feb 1827, d. 30 Oct 1883. They married 14 Apr 1868 in Graves Co., KY. CHILDREN: Sarah Ann Shelton b. 18 Jul 1841; Alvis Bennett Shelton b. 12 Aug 1843; Calvin James Shelton b. 13 Nov 1845; Suvenia Athis Shelton b. 27 Dec. 1847; Joshua Powell Shelton b. 09 Nov 1849; Elizabeth Armilda Shelton b. 05 Oct 1851; Green McKinney Shelton b. c1853; John Edward Shelton b. 12 1856; Robert Crittenden Shelton b. 05 Dec 1858; Laura Emma Shelton b. 12 Mar 1861.
    • iv. Anna Shelton b. 05 Apr 1817.

    5. Abednigo Shelton b. 1780 Henry Co., VA. (see notes), m. Nancy Ann GOUGH.

    6. Jesse Shelton b. 22 Feb 1782 Henry Co., VA., d. 25 May 1855 Clarksville, Red River Co., TX., m. 22 Jan 1805 in Logan Co., KY to Rachel MARRS, daughter of James and Anna (Shannon) Marrs. Jesse owned 223 acres of land on the East Fork of Sand Lick, 26 Mar 1804 Book C., page 55 "Index to Logan Co., KY Surveys". This family lived for a time in Posey Co., IN., then moved to Hempstead Co., AR in 1826. By 1828, they were in Lamar Co., TX. He is buried in the McKinzie Cemetery, Clarksville, Red River Co., TX, according to WFT Vol. 9 #3184. They can also be found in WFT Vol. 7 #482. A researcher to contact regarding this line is Connie Faulk. CHILDREN:

    • i. William Shelton b. 28 Nov 1805, d. Nov 1855 Red River Co., TX.
    • ii. Anna E. Shelton b. 01 Jan 1809, m. (1) William Inglish and (2) Andrew S. Young c1837 ?TX? She died in MO.
    • iii. Myranda Shelton b. 09 Feb 1814 Miller Co., AR, m. James M. Brackeen. She died c1846 Lamar Co., TX.
    • iv. Minerva Shelton b. 01 Nov 1817, m. William Yates. She died 1887 TX.
    • v. Harvey Shelton b. 11 Mar 1821, m. Andro Mache Bell.
    • vi. Eli Jenway Shelton b. 11 Apr 1823, d. 12 Sep 1912 High, Lamar, TX. He m. Martha Ann Elizabeth Yates 19 May 1846 Lamar Co., TX.
    • vii. Eliza Jane Shelton b. 11 Apr 1825, m. (1) Thomas C. Forbes who died in a river boat accident, and (2) Nathaniel Abraham Henderson 14 Apr 1853 Red River Co., TX. She died 06 Sep 1876 Benton City, TX.
    • viii. Irvin Shelton b. 17 Mar 1827, d. 1863 (Civil War victim); m. Annie E. McAlister.
    • ix. Lucinda Alice Shelton b. 29 Jan 1828, d. 06 Mar 1861 Red River Co., TX.
    • x. Marietta Shelton b. 30 May 1830 Miller Co., AR.

    7. Jeremiah Shelton, Jr., b. 1786 VA., d. 21 Feb 1847 Dukedom, Weakley Co., TN., m. (1)Salley GREEN c1807, daughter of Jesse Green, according to WFT Vol. 1 #4864 (data not verified). He married second on 25 Jan 1809 Logan Co., KY (2)Christina Lawrence, daughter of Thomas and Savary Lawrence. He may have had one or two children with his first wife, but their names are unknown to me. His family is found on the 1810 Logan Co., KY census. He moved, after 1820, to Graves Co., KY, where he built a log cabin which burned before he could move his family there. Then he settled on Spring Creek in the northern section of Graves County near Symsonia. At one time he was a minister for the Primitive Baptist Church. Sometime between 1830 and 1840, his family moved to Weakly Co., TN., and he died there. Updates on this line come from Steve Lawrence, a very knowledgeable researcher who kindly shares his findings on this line. Steve has done extensive LAWRENCE research. Among the data he sent was the marriage date for Christina & Jeremiah and the information that Thomas Lawrence had a sister named Susannah Lawrence, who married John Green in Goochland Co., VA. Thomas Lawrence's second (2) marriage was to Abigail GOUGH, the daughter of William and Judith (Taylor) Gough. CHILDREN with Christina Lawrence:

    • i. Priestly Shelton b. 1812.
    • ii. Joshua Shelton b. 1813.
    • iii. Thomas Fleming Shelton b. c1816 KY, m. Frances G. Teppett 03 May 1852 Weakley Co., TN.
    • iv. Sophora Shelton b. c1817 KY, m. Elisha Everett.
    • v. Elizabeth J. Shelton b. 06 May 1820, m. Thomas Robbins.
    • vi. Nancy Shelton b. 1823.
    • vii. Jeremiah Wilburn Shelton b. May 1826, m. Mary C. Unknown.
    • viii. Samuel Shelton b. 1829.
    • ix. Eli J. Shelton b. Feb. 1830, m. Sarah A. Hannon 13 Feb 1857 Fulton Co., KY. They probably both died in Weakley Co., TN.
    • x. Mary Christiana Shelton b. 23 Feb 1833 TN, d. 30 Jun 1888 Randolph Co., AR., m. Isaac H. Witt 19 Dec 1854 Weakley Co., TN.

    8. Gilbert Shelton b. 17 April 1787 VA, d. Jan 1860 Kennett, Dunklin, MO., m. c1817 to Prudence Furbush. Gilbert was on the 1812 Tax List for Humphreys Co., TN, but was back in Graves Co., KY by 1830. By 1840, he moved to McCracken Co., KY, then by 1850 to Dunklin Co., MO, where he was living with his probable daughter Fatima Norman. His name is found on the 1860 mortality schedule. In 1860 Fatima Norman lives next to Asher G. Shelton. Gilbert served as an elected County Judge for Dunklin Co., MO from 27 Jan 1849 to 04 Sept 1850. CHILDREN:

    • i. Fatima Shelton b. 1818 TN., m. (1) Samuel Norman, and (2) John S. Cheek.
    • ii. Asher G. Shelton b. 1822.

    9. Elizabeth Shelton b. 1788 VA., m. (1) William McMackins 25 Nov 1805 Logan Co., KY. Their children listed below. A researcher for the McMackins line is Glenda Thacker, who wrote that William was b. c1775 to Thomas McMackin and Sarah Johnson. Elizabeth may have married (2)Mark Whitaker, Jr. 24 Dec 1822 in Butler Co., KY. He was so named in McMackins divorce suit papers as Mark Whitaker, Jr. Mark may have been the son of Thomas Whitaker. They may have had a child named Presley Whitaker. Mark Whitaker, Jr. also had a brother named Presley Whitaker, and according to Ken Shelton it is not entirely certain that this couple did have a child named Presley. The remaining records which refer to Mark and Presley Whitaker do not make this a certainty. CHILDREN with McMackins:

    • i. Sophina McMackins.
    • ii. William McMackins.
    • iii. Nancy McMackins.

    10. Sarah Shelton b. 17 August 1789 in Henry Co., VA, m. 06 Jun 1805 in Logan Co., KY to Robert FIGG. More information can be found for this line in WFT Vol. 10 #166. Sarah is listed on the 1850 Butler Co., KY census, page 251, house 519 in Morgantown. She is 60 years old, head of the house, born in VA., and the children listed here may not be her own children. In a book compiled by Raymond DeWeese (1992) The County of Butler in the Commonwealth of KY 1810-1814 Taken from Order Book A & Circuit Court Order Books A & B", page A-12: "On the Appeal from Jonathan Gough, Esq., this Court will now hear the suit of Robert Figg, Appellant vs Obediah Lawry, Appellee," said the Court Chairman. By the consent of both parties, the suit was dismissed, Robert Figg agreeing to pay the costs, except the attorney fees (1811). Robert Figg is also mentioned in the very early Butler Co., KY Courthouse records, along with Abednigo Shelton and Joshua Shelton and William McMackin to help with additional hands to open the road assigned to Andrew Sulivant.Ken Shelton wrote that Robert Figg left a will dated 25 Aug 1846 and probated 12 Jan 1847 in Butler Co., KY. He named his wife Sarah and a daughter Paulina Tyler, but no other children, so there is doubt concerning the list of children listed here, which were taken off the 1850 Butler Co., KY census. Robert Figg's sister's line, Mary Figg who married Thomas Powell Wand, has their line in WFT Vol. 10 #166. CHILDREN:

    • i. Paulina Figg, b. c1810 KY.
    • ii. Marth Figg, b. c1833 KY.
    • iii. Sarah Figg, b. c1834 KY.
    • iv. John Figg, b. c1835 KY.
    • v. Robert Figg, b. c1836 KY.
    • vi Bounarges Figg, b. c1837 KY.
    • vii. James Figg, b. c1840 KY.
    • viii. Idumea Figg, b. c1841 KY.

    11. Abraham Shelton b. c1790 Henry Co., VA, d. January 20, 1867 Ballard Co., KY., m. Susan G. LEWIS, the daughter of Richard and Sallie (Wood) Lewis. He received payment from the sale of his father's estate settlement in 1835. On this document he is listed as "of Graves Co., KY." Abraham sold his land in Butler Co., KY to his brother Abednigo Shelton in 1835. His wife relinquished her dower rights to the land. Abraham was a soldier in the War of 1812, and afterwards moved to Henry Co., TN., where he lived until c1835. His occupation-carpenter. The family is found in WFT Vol. 15 #2935. A descendant of this line is Linda Bauer, who gave information on Granford Woodfred Shelton's family. CHILDREN:

    • ii. Thomas Ewing Shelton, b. 29 Mar 1828, d. 25 Feb 1910 Fayetteville, AR
    • iii. Robert M. Shelton, b. 26 Jan 1832, possibly in Henry County, TN., d. July 06, 1900, Ballard Co, KY., m. Susan Marion 06 Oct 1864. He was a medical doctor in Blandville, Ballard Co., KY.
    • i. Martha Shelton, c1834.
    • iv. Grandford Woodford Shelton, b. 26 Oct 1836 Ballard Col., KY, d. 28 Feb 1915. He married Elnora E. Eminizer.

    12. Nancy Shelton b. 1796, m. James Ashley 02 Aug 1817 in Butler Co., KY. Some researchers show him as the son of William ASHLEY and Sally FURBUSH (daughter of Robert and Mary FURBUSH, and sister of Prudence who married Jeremiah's brother Gilbert). His lineage is not proven here. All the ASHLEY children were born in McCracken Co., KY. The family moved to Texas in the early 1840s, settling in Hopkins County. Both Nancy and James are buried in the Cooper Cemetery, Cooper, TX. Two researchers working on this line are: Nora Nunnelly and Jackie Conces CHILDREN:

    • i. Jeremiah Shelton Ashley b. 02 Mar 1820 Butler Co., KY, d. 28 Jun 1901, m. (1) Martha Henderson, m. (2) Margaret Campbell Marrs
    • ii. Angelina Ashley, b. c1818/1821 Butler Co., KY, d. bef. 1880 Hopkins Co., TX., m. Albert W. Ridenour 29 Nov 1849 Hopkins Co., TX.
    • iii. Mary M. (Polly) Ahsley, b. c1823 KY, m. John Woodson Denton Jan 1845 Lamar Co., TX. Lamar Co. death and cemetery records record two different dates of death for Mary: 11 Oct 1905 and 11 Aug 1909.
    • iv. Thomas J. Ashley, b. c1827 KY, d. Hopkins Co., TX; m. Winny Baker 18 June 1849 Lamar Co., TX
    • v. William M. Ashley, b. c1828 KY, m. Mary A. Cox 24 Mar 1848 Lamar Co., TX.
    • vi. Elizabeth Shelton Ashley, b. c1830 KY, m. Jesse S. Shelton 25 Dec 1853, Lamar Co., TX.
    • vii. Franklin (Francis) Ashley, b. c1832, m. married Caroline Taylor, 5 Sep 1856 in Graves Co., KY.
    • viii. Nancy Ashley, b. c1837, m. Allen Parham 1 Jan 1861 in Hopkins Co., TX.
    • ix. Alexander Campbell Ashley, b. c1840 m. Susan Caroline Magill 31 Dec 1868 in Fannin Co., TX. He probably died June 9, 1903, and was buried in the Robert Lee Cemetery in Coke Co. TX. .
    • One other possible child: Sarah P. Ashley b ca 1826. NOTE: There is NO proof this is a daughter of Nancy and James, except the 1840 census indicated a female of this age who is otherwise unknown. Sarah married Matthew R. Wilkins, 23 Apr 1848 in Hopkins County TX. It is believed this Sarah had a daughter named “Angelina.” (source: Nona at

    13. Charles Shelton b. 1798, d. before 1828.


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