Lemuel Gilson MURRY Genealogy Notes
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Research on the Family of Lemuel Gilsen MURRY
of TN & AR

(Compiled by Janice Mauldin Castleman 1998, updated 2007)

4 generations of Murry men

Generation No. 1

1. ROBERT JOHNSON1 MURRY was born Abt. 1790. He married SUSAN CATHERINE KOONCE 03 Aug 1822 Rutherford Co., TN. This Robert Johnson Murry may have been the son of a Thomas Murry Jr. who lived in Grainger Co., TN, but more work needs to be done to verify this lineage.

Our early research seemed to indicated that JAMES MURRAY who married CASSA YARNELL 28 Dec 1819 in Wilson Co., TN was our ancester, but new details have updated this tree. This James Murry was said to be the son of Captain William McLean Murry, a Methodist minister/chaplain. His wife was PAMELIA UNKNOWN. If these two families tie together, we have yet to prove a kinship.

Will of William MURRY of Wilson Co., TN:
Abstract of will dated 16 Mar 1848, heirs: wife Pamelia; sons James, Foster, John, Jeremiah, Nathaniel, and Joseph MURRY; daughter Elizabeth HOBSON, Nancy CHAMBERS, Susan MOSS, Mary HESSEY; son William's heirs to wit Hamilton & Susan MURRY. Recorded 11 Nov 1850 (p. 244-245).

Click here to visit the lineage of William McLean MURRY which will remain on-line, even though we no longer believe there was a kinship to the William MURRY family. Maybe the information posted will help other researchers. The father of Capt. William M. Murry was reported as Capt. James Murry b. 1729 Scotland, d. 15 Mar 1804 in Upper Dauphin Co., PA., who married REBECCA McLEAN, but this is also not proven information. The line possibly continued with another WILLIAM MURRY who was born 24 Feb 1689/90 in Scotland and died 24 Jul 1779 who married ISABELLA LINDLEY. From there it goes to JOHN MURRY, the supposed immigrant born in Scotland. If you are a descendant of this line, please write to us at janice@castleman.org and share your family history so that we might find further clues to prove or disprove this lineage. Any updates will be posted here as we find them.

1850 (Aug. 22) Wilson Co., TN census, Dist. 1, page 315, hh#50/50, this James Murry lives with his sister's family: Thomas Chambers 56yrs b. VA a farmer $4200, Nancy 56 b. VA, Robert 29 TN, Mary L. 22 TN, Letha 20 TN, Catherine 18 TN, Thomas 16 TN, Nancy 14 TN. Also listed is Foster MURRY 28 b. TN...is he James' son, for he seems too young to be the Foster Murry listed as a brother to James? James Murry is 58 years old, b. VA, a carpenter. Cassa Yarnell Murry must have died prior to 1850.

We are no longer listing the James/Cassa family as the parents of Lemuel Gilsen Murry, because of the good work of researchers who believe his father was actually Robert Johnson MURRAY (b. 1790-1800; d. 1840-1850) and his mother was Susan Catherine KOONCE (c1804 - aft. 1860) of Rutherford Co., TN. One of these excellent researchers was Enlow OSE of Sacramento, CA, who wrote a booklet about this family, which he revised in April 1996. Susan Catherine Koonce married Robert Murray in Rutherford Co., TN August 3, 1822. They were the parents of Mary Jane Murray who married John W. ADAMS in Rutherford County January 25, 1853. Susan Catherine KOONCE is believed to be a daughter of Jesse (c1769 - c1814) and Philpena ( ? - after 1850) Koonce. Philpena KOONCE remarried in 1818 to Littleberry JONES. Mary Jane Murray Adams was an ancestor of Enlow Ose's wife.

LDS Ancestral files indicate that Robert Murray was a son to Thomas Murray and Mary Coulter, but further research needs to be done here. A pedigree tree at the LDS website gives Thomas Murray b. 1770 Grainger Co., TN, d. 1843 Rutherford Co., TN; m. 31 Jan 1800 in Grainger Co., TN. This Thomas' father was shown as Thomas Murray b. 1739, d. 1805 Washington Co., TN. His parents were listed as James Murray b. 1716 "of Cobbs, Henrico, VA", d. 1789; m. Anne Bolling 1742. She was b. 1718 d. 1800; dau. of John Bolling and Mary Kennon. James Murray b. 1716 was shown as a son to George Murray b. 1668 probably in Huntington Tower, Perth, Scotland, d. 1760 and his wife Amelia Murray. This file can be viewed and downloaded at FamilySearch.org.

I do have a photocopy of the will of Thomas MURREY who died 1805 in Washington Co., TN. It comes from Wills Vol. 1-2, Aug 1779 to Oct 1889, Roll #169, TN State Library & Archives, Nashville, TN. Vol. 1, page 66: written 05 Sep 1802 and signed with the mark of Thomas Murrey Senr (Seal). Witnesses: Joseph Britten, Enock Kencheloe and Jemeoner (her mark) Kencheloe. This will was proven in the Washington Co., TN court at the May Sessions 1805 and ordered recorded - Shadarach Murrey qualified as executor. Briefly, the will first mentions Thomas Murrey Senior's grandson Thomas Murrey, "son of my son Shadarach" - to whom he wanted to give "at the time of my death" the plantation "I now live on" which contained 145 acres. Next, the elder Murrey wished to leave 1 horse and saddle to his grandson Jaber Murey "son of my son Thomas". Thomas' son Morgan Murrey was mentioned as already receiving property, but in the will, he was to receive "my best suit of clothes". Daughter, Elizabeth Pheleps had also already received gifts from her father and that's all she was allowed. Next mentioned was his daughter Urath King, who also had been given her share. Then, daughter Ann Doty, wife of Joseph Dotey "having displeased me" "bequeath her the sum of twenty cents in money" and no more. Daughter Mary Barr, wife of William Barron, also received her share prior to the writing of the will. Daughter Sarah Barron, wife of Joseph, had already received something, but he also gives her "twenty cents and no more". His son, Christopher Murrey, had already received something from his father. The two sons, Shadarach & Thomas Murrey were to receive "all the residue or remainder of my estate that I may die posses of to be equally divided between them share & share alike." Both these two sons were named executors of the will.

It would seem to me, since other grandchildren were mentioned in the above will, that if our Robert Murry came from this line, then he too would have been named as a son to Thomas Murrey, Jr., if that were the case, as has been posted in some on-line trees.

Acts of Tennessee 1796-1850
  • 1803 - Murry, Abraham - Davidson College trustee
  • 1815 - Murry, Francis - Reynoldsburgh commissioner
  • 1819 - Murry, John - Appointed to run & mark Jackson Co. boundary
  • 1827 - Murry, John - Hardeman County - bridge commissioner
  • 1829 - Murry, John - Fayette Co. - held part of a land warrant
  • 1807 - Murry, Thomas - Campbell Co., TN commissioner
  • 1819 - Murry, Thomas - Jackson Co., TN - chain carrier
  • 1821 - Murry, Thomas - Laid out Murryville in Sumner Co., TN
  • 1825 - Murry, William - Washington Co. - turnpike commissioner
  • 1829 - Murry, Wm. M. - Lebanon turnpike company member

    As we find more information on this line, it will be posted, so come back and visit and please write if you have information to share.


    Notes for James L. MURRY: Cousin Sherry Jones wrote in Nov. 2005 that she had found clues as to where this family lived and the names of family members from LDS on-line files. James L. MURRY married Frances KOONCE about 1847 in TN. 1850 census, Family #1222/1222, Dist. #17, Wilson Co., TN: James Murray 22 TN, Frances 22 TN, and Melissa 2. Neighbors to the KOONCE families. Family #1216 - Joseph T. CASON 32, wife Ann 32 & family. Plus, living with them was a Robert MURRAY 16 b. TN. 1860 census: James L. Murry 32 b. TN, Frances 32, Tennessee 11, Robert 10, Manson 8, Catherine 8, Fannie 5, William 3, and Missouri 8/12. Next house: Nancy COONCE 54 VA & family (widow of Wendall M. Koonce), then next house, Nancy's son, Owen COONCE 40 & family (he had married Arenda SIMS). In 1850 their surname is spelled KOONCE; post office - Cainsville. 1870 census, District 17, Wilson Co.,, TN - James L. Murry 42, wife Frances 42 b. TN & children: Tennessee 21, Robert 19, Munroe 17, Catherine 16, Fannie 14, William 12, Missouri 10, James 9, Alice 6, Mary 5, and Louisa 3. James L. Murry was not on the 1880 census. His widow, Frances was head of the household, 52 years old. Almost all of the children's names were listed with initials only. Her son M. M. Murry 26 b. TN & wife M. E. lived next door. One of Frances' daughters was listed as F. C. Murry on the 1880 census with her mother & family, 28 years old, and one daughter listed as M. E. 31. Two listed grandchildren: Cuma Murry 5 (fem) & M. T. 3 (male), children of dau-in-law, D. A. Murry 28 b. TN. James & Frances' son Robert Smith Murry, born Feb. 15, 1851, was listed with them in the 1860 census age 10, 1870 age 19, then in 1880 (Bright Water, Benton Co., AR) he is found living with Lemuel Murry as Robert S. Murry age 29, listed as a nephew. I have a little more on this family if anyone wants it - just write to me. I certainly would like to have more information on them all. Some of them moved to Cochise Co., AZ. Their surname was often spelled MURRAY. James Lawrence Murry appears to be a proven brother to Lemuel Gilsen Murry from these two sources:
    1. Robert S. Murry age 29, (son of James L. Murry) listed as a nephew on the 1880 Bright Water, Benton Co., AR census living with Lemuel Murry.
    2. Enlow Ose March 28, 1994, wrote in his revised booklet: "According to the obituary of Susan Alice Murray Mather written in 1943, L. G. Murray (1825 1909) of Winslow, Arkansas was a brother of James Lawrence Murray and her uncle.
    Children of James L. MURRY and Frances KOONCE:
  • Melissa Tennessee Murry b. c1849 TN
  • Robert Smith Murry b. February 15, 1851 TN m. Agnes Dorethea SIMS
  • Miller Monroe Murry b. c1852 TN m. M. E. Jennie KOONCE
  • Nancy Catherine Murry b. c1853 TN m. John Thomas KOONCE
  • Fanny Murry b. c1855 TN m. Walter WATSON
  • William Murry b. c1857 TN
  • Missouri Murry b. 1859 TN m. John Will COOMBS
  • James L. Murry, Jr. b. c1861 TN m. Caledonia KOONCE
  • Susan Alice Murry b. c1864 TN m. 1) Jack PERKINS; 2) David John MATHER
  • Mary S. Murry b. c1866 TN m. Charley KOONCE
  • Louisa Murry b. c1867 TN
    • 2. iii. LEMUEL GIBSON2 MURRY, b. Abt. 1826, TN; d. Aft. 1870, AR.
    • iv. Unknown MALE MURRY b. Abt. 1828.
    • v. MARY JANE MURRAY b. 25 Dec 1830 Milton, Wilson, TN, d. 20 Apr 1881 Wilson Co., TN; m. JOHN WASHINGTON ADAMS 25 Jan 1853 Rutherford Co., TN. He was b. 14 Jan 1822 and d. 19 Nov 1907 Salt Lake City, UT.
    • vi. ROBERT MURRAY b. c1834 (NFI).
    • vii. NANCY W. MURRAY b. c1836, d. Bef. 1877; m. WILLIAM RILEY SNIDER 10 Oct 1858 Rutherford Co., TN. He was b. c1837, d. 1910 Wilson Co., TN.
    • viii. SUSAN MARY MURRAY b. 12 Mar 1837 Rutherford Co., TN, d. 12 Feb 1907 Madisonville, Hopkins, KY; m. JAMES RILEY ARNOLD 30 Oct 1864 Rutherford Co., TN. He was b. 17 Mar 1832, d. 20 Jun 1907 Madisonville, Hopkins, KY.
    • ix. WILLIAM DAVID MURRY b. Jan 1842, d. Bef. 1910; m. MARTHA A. KOONCE 17 Jun 1860 Wilson Co., TN.

    Write to me, janice@castleman.org, if you wish more information on the above families.

  • Generation No. 2

    2. LEMUEL GILSEN2 MURRY (ROBERT1) was born Abt. 1826 in TN (from census), and died 22 Feb. 1909 of influenza at age 84 years 9 months (TX death certificate #531), in Paluxy, Hood Co., TX (while visiting his son Horace MURRY). He married REBECCA W. HAYS January 29, 1849 in Rutherford Co., TN, daughter of JOHN HAYS and LYDIA SIMS. Visit my HAYS/SIMS webpage by clicking here.

    Notes for LEMUEL GILSEN MURRY: The opening photograph was provided by Sherry Jones. We believe the picture is a four generation grouping (left-to-right) Lemuel Gilsen Murry, John Martin Murry, Harry Murry, and John Pigeon Murry. A Texas Death Certificate for Lemuel G. MURRAY (sic) #531 has the death date as 22 Feb 1901 (aged 84yrs, 9mo). Harry Murry, son of John Pigeon Murry, was born in 1902, so the photograph was probably taken c1905. The Death Certicate seems to be in error, for we have also found an obituary (thanks to Cousin Sherry Jones) for L. G. MURRAY (sic) in the Springdale News dated 02 March 1909 (birthday possibly May 1824). The obituary says: "MURRAY, L. G. of Winslow, who went to Tolar, Texas a few weeks ago to visit with his son, died at that place February 21. Soon after arriving there he was seized with a severe chill and died within days. He was born in Tennessee in 1825 and moved to Madison County in 1852 where he resided until the breaking out of the Civil War when he enlisted in the Confederate army. After the war he located at Pea Ridge, Benton County, and was one of the charter members of the Baptist Church at that place. He moved to Winslow in 1880 where he has since resided and was for eighteen years watchman at the Frisco tunnel at that place. Mr. Murray was also a charter member of the Masonic lodge at Huntsville, organized in 1856. His wife has been dead for some twelve years but he is survived by a number of children (from the Springdale News 3/2/09). Tolar, TX is in Hood County.

    Cousin John Wolcott sent information June 6, 1998, saying he found a Lemuel Murry on the 1830 Rutherford Co., TN census with 1 male b. 1800-1810, and 1 f b. 1800-1810, 1 male b. 1825-30. Mr. Wolcott said that family tradition gave the names Chuck and James as brothers to Lemuel. He found a listing for 1839 Rutherford Co., TN for a James Murry b. prior to 1780, 1 female b. prior to 1780, and 1 female slave b. 1805-20, 1 male slave b. 1820-30. Researcher Jerri Sudderth, married to a MURRY/HAYS descendant, has a photo with the name Lemuel Gilson Murry on the back. She believes his middle name is actually GILSON, for one of his descendants had that name. In Sept. 1999, John Wolcott found an old obituary and genealogy notes about this family. The notes were written about Jessie Murry Garrison's family and the obit told a little about her family. She wrote that her father was Lemuel GIBSON MURRY, with brothers named Church and James Murry. While not all of her information was correct, most of it has been verified with research data.

    Another MURRY researcher, Wanda Bennett, a descendant from this line, said (Dec. 1999) that Lemuel Gilsen Murry was the son of James MURRY and the grandson of William MURRY. She claimed the family came from Scotland to Pennsylvania, through VA, KY, TN and then to Arkansas. Recently (June 2000), while attending a DOSS family reunion in St. Louis, MO., I met Cousin Wanda. She's a wonderful lady who has done a lot of research over the years. She showed me a copy of Lemuel's death certificate and provided more data on some of his family members. However, when you use a birthdate calculator to determine the actual date, it gives you a birth date for Lemuel MURRY of 22 May 1816 (about 10 years earlier than the census data). This, too, gives further credence to a death date of 1909 instead of 1901.

    Back in Jan. 2000 Sherry Jones shared some family data from a long-time researcher of the MURRY family who believed our Lemuel Gibson Murry was the son of James MURRY and Rebecca YARNELL. James Murry may have been "of Dandridge, Jefferson Co., TN.", when he married Ms. Yarnell in Wilson Co., TN on 28 Dec 1819. We know our related HAYS family (Lemuel's wife was Rebecca HAYS), were living in Jefferson Co., TN in 1816, so these families may have known one another for years before moving to Northwest Arkansas. But, as mentioned previously, the proof seems to now indicate that Robert Johnson MURRY was the actual parent of Lemeul G. Murry.

    Other possible related lines: in the 1830 Rutherford Co., TN census, a Samuel MURRY was found on page 282: 100010-000010. A Thomas MURRY is also found on page 282, 1 male 50/60 and 1 female 60/70 (this could be the Thomas Murrey who m. Hannah BUSHART 12 Oct 1790 in Davidson Co., TN). Our Robert Murry who married Catherine KOONCE 03 Aug 1822 also lived nearby (page 285). Jane M. Murry, page 285 and Rene Murry page 285 could also be kin. A James Murry m. Elizabeth DEMENT 25 May 1830 in Rutherford Co., TN.

    Lemuel Gilsen Murry, Rebecca, and family are found on the 1850 Rutherford Co., TN census page 331-543, shown as Lemuel G. Mury 24, Rebecca 22, Caroline 4/12 all born TN. His wife's mother, Lydia SIMS HAYS lived in the next dwelling.

    They were on the 1860 Calafornia Twp, Madison Co., AR census as L. G. Murray, house #69. He was 32 b. TN, Rebecca 28 TN, Amanda 10 TN, John 8 TN, Thomas 6 AR, Horace 4 AR, Martha 2 AR. There is a James Murray 25 b. Unk. in house 51, with wife Elizabeth 23 MS, William 4 MS, Mary 3 MS, Martha 8/12 AR (unknown if related, but possibly Lem's kin).

    Because we know, from his obituary, that Lemuel Gilsen MURRY served in the Civil War, one record was found for a L. G. MURRAY who entered service for the Confederacy in Arkansas, serving in Company F, 35th Arkansas Infantry as a private. Further work needs to be done to verify that this is the same man, but no other similiar names were found in the index of those who served from Arkansas. Judging by other names in this unit - it certainly appears to be the correct person. From this website with rosters - the following names, connected with our lines were taken: W.W. DUCKWORTH; the FORD names of Corp. J. H., J. S., J. T., James & William FORD; 1st Lt. Robert D. HAYS; William HEATH; Sgt. G. S. LEE & Sgt. J. W. LEE; W. C. MITCHELL; L. G. MURRAY; and three RUDDICK men - Corp. Joseph, S.D.C, and Sgt. William RUDDICK.

    On the 1870 Sugar Creek Twp., Benton Co., AR census, he is named as Samuel G. Murry, house 125, 44 years old b. TN, a farmer, property value $500, Rebecca is 41 b. TN, Amanda 20 b. TN, John 18 TN, Thomas 16 TN, Horace 13 AR, Martha 12 AR, Elizabeth 9, Sophronia 7, Dora 3, Viola 2.

    In 1880 Benton Co., AR census, Brightwater, p. 18, house and family 136, he is listed as L. G. Murray, 54yrs old, farmer, born TN, his father born KY, and his mother born TN. The next house, number 137 is T. V. Murray. There is a Martha Murry listed in Hall Cemetery, Crawford Co., AR who died 23 Oct 1859, age 79, unknown if connected.

    From the book 1890 Real Estate Taxpayers, Washington Co., Arkansas" compiled by Lois N. Miller (Dallas Library), we learned that L. G. MURRAY paid a personal property tax in 1890, Winslow Township, page 51. He was not listed in the Real Estate Tax files from that book.


    • MURRAY, William - Rebecca McKay 08 May 1806
    • MURREY, Robert - Hodessa Thompson 19 Dec 1827
    • MURREY, William - Sarah Ann Allen 23 Jan 1841
    • MURREY, Thomas - Hannah Bushart 12 Oct 1790
    • MURRY, John M. - Polly Jackson 17 Sept 1818
    • MURRY, William - Margaret Boyd 31 Mar 1790
    • MURRY, William - Elizabeth Pillow 16 Jul 17


    • MURRY, Lemuel G. - Rebecca Hayes 29 Jan 1849
    • MURRY, Hiram W. - Nancy M. Lyon 01 Nov 1843
    • MURRY, Robert - Catherine Koonce 03 Aug 1822
    • MURRY, James - Elizabeth Dement 25 May 1830
    • MURRY, Samuel - Sereany Dement 18 Dec 1829
    • HEATH, James - Delaney Pate 05 Aug 1826
    • HEATH, Levi - Sarah Underwood 18 Dec 1825
    • HEATH, Levy - Sally Brashears 31 Jul 1818
    • HEATH, Solomon - Betsy Vault 25 Nov 1817
    • HEATH, Anderson-Mary McDowell 20 Feb 1840
    • HEATH, Thomas J.-Mary A. Winsett 11 Sep 1849
    • HEATH, Wilson-Sarah E. Rowlett 04 Oct 1848

    click for larger view of Lemuel & Rebecca Hays Murry

    Notes for REBECCA W. HAYS: The Rutherford Co., TN marriage record gives her name as HAYS. The name has been variously spelled HAYES/HAYS/HAYSE/HAY in many different records. One of our HAYS group researchers, John Wolcott, said Rebecca had brothers named John, George, Amos, Thomas, and William Hayes. He received that information many years ago while researching this family. Recently, he found old genealogy notes written by Jessie Murry Garrison about Rebecca Hays' line. This is what she wrote: her Bro. Andrew Jackson Hays and his children was John, William, Ab. Wade & Steven, one sis, Susan Doke (or Dake, difficult to know which is written - JBW) Grandma Murrys 2nd Bro. was George Hays - his child Charles Hays. 3rd Bro Amos Hays - children Dick, Ponk, Bob. 4th Bro Thomas Hays - children Tom, Virgil, Morris - girls Jane, Sara. Jane married Hiram Rogers and Sara mar. Gam Rider. 5th Bro. William Hays - boys John and Tamp, girls Susan, Martha. Click here to visit the ROOTS-L surname page for HAYES.

    Kelton Cemetery
    Kelton Cemetery located in Washington Co., AR., burial place of Rebecca W. Hays Murry
    Click on the map to visit the USGS Mapping Page.

    Additional information, provided by another HAYS/HAYES researcher, BeBe E-mail: arctic@inland.net, wrote that she thought it was possible that the parents of Rebecca, and her ancestor, George Washington HAYES, was John and Lydia (SIMS) HAYS. She believes that John died at a fairly young age (c1837 TN), leaving several children and his widow, Lydia, who was head to the house on the 1840 Wilson Co., TN census, living next to Rebecca. Click here to check Hays Surname on GenForum for a tentative descendants report I posted there in answer to a query from Virginia Hays. And visit my HAYS/SIMS webpages here for more notes on these lines.

    Lydia and her children all moved from Rutherford Co., TN., where they were living in 1850, to northwestern Arkansas. On the 1860 Madison Co., AR census, in the house next to L. G. and Rebecca (HAYS) Murry, is her brother William HAYS 43 years old, born AL, wife Martha 27 b. TN (probably a second wife), and children all born in AR: Henry 7, Elizabeth 6, Martha 4, Nancy 1, and Martha Barger, a school mistress 26 years old living with them. Also is a 14 year old named G. W. Young born in Arkansas. On the 1880 Brightwater, Benton Co., AR census, Rebecca says her father was born in VA and her mother was born in VA. Her family lives in dwelling #136. There is a record in Washington Co., AR Marriages for E. W. Heath 50 years old, who married Juliet Hayes 24 years old on 04 Sept 1884, unknown if any connection.

    The Thomas HAYS mentioned above, brother of Rebecca has an important article printed on-line about him in the USGenWeb Archives as follows:

    Capt. T. T. Hays, a prosperous farmer of Benton County. Ark., is a son of John and Lydia (Sims) Hays, who were Virginians and early immigrants to Tennessee. After moving to Alabama and residing there a short time they returned [p.845] to Tennessee, where the father died. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. The mother's death occurred in Arkansas. Capt. T. T. Hays was born in Alabama in 1825, and was reared in Tennessee. He was married in the latter State to Mary E. Hutchinson, and their union resulted in the birth of seven children: William A., James P., Sarah E., Martha J., Thomas J., Virgil and Maurice. The Captain removed with his family to Arkansas in 1860, and the following May organized the first infantry company in Benton County. After that company was disbanded he organized a company of cavalry for the Confederate service, and served as its captain until he was disabled by inflammatory rheumatism. At the time of Lee's surrender he was at Marshall, Tex., and after peace was declared he returned to Arkansas, purchased his present farm of 160 acres, and has since been engaged in tilling the soil. Besides this farm he owns a number of lots in Bright Water. He is a member of the Christian Church, and supports the principles of the Democratic party.

    Our next valuable clue was discovered by Jerri Sudderth and sent by descendant, Bebe Hays Garcia, from the Georgia Archives - written by a Linnie W. Barrett. That note said: "Mr. Ralph Hays, 7818 Nelson Street, New Orleans, LA, wrote on June 15, 1932, asking for some help on his Hays family. I have been unable to help him. He gave the following information: First known ancestor: John Hays - no further data. His children were:

  • 1. George Washington Hays, born June 29, 1829, near Indianapolis, IN. (My note: we do not know why this family was in Indiana in 1829 yet, but they appeared to travel from AL>TN>IN and back several times from census data.), d. Nov. 26, 1895, Washington Co, AR. He m. about 1852 at Milton, Tenn., Elizabeth M. Puckett, b Oct 6, 1833, near Milton, Wilson Co., Tenn. and d. Feb 21, 1919, Fayetteville, AR. She was the dau of Charles Puckkett, Burke Co., N.C. and wife Eliza Lane.
  • 2. Tom was Capt. in Civil War from AR, probably Benton Co., Rogers, AR, and has son Maurice Hays, Rogers AR.
  • 3. Amos.
  • 4. Jack.
  • 5. Bob - d in California.
  • 6. William.
  • 7. Martha Lee. (Bebe's note: I had been told she was married to Benjamin Puckett but perhaps it was a Mr. Lee as I have a different initial for her middle name and I see that there are Lees in Rebecca's family).
  • 8. REBECCA - married ________ MURRAY! (Bebe's note: Of course it's Murry)."

    He went on to list the children of George Washington and Elizabeth M. Puckett Hayes. The biography (mentioned above) regarding "Capt. T. T. Hays....a son of John and Lydia (Sims) Hays who were Virginians and early immigrants to Tennessee indicates this is the same family. After moving to Alabama and residing there a short time they returned to Tennessee. The father was a soldier in the War of 1812. The mother's death occurred in Arkansas."

    Rebecca is buried in the Kelton/Winslow Cemetery, 1/2 mile west of the railroad tracks in Winslow, Washington Co., AR on Hwy 74 on a hill just north of the highway. The compiler of this cemetery list said there were about 30 illegible markers. She was not listed in the index, but I found her by looking through this cemetery pages, which seems to be the only one listed for Winslow. Her husband may also be buried here, but his name was not included. If you think you are connected to our HAYS/SIMS ancestors of Wilson/Rutherford Co., TN, then read more about them by clicking here on a page dedicated to presenting facts on the possible ancestors of Rebecca HAYS MURRY.

    Children of LEMUEL MURRY and REBECCA HAYS are:

    • i. AMANDA CAROLINE3 MURRY, b. March 1850, Melton Dist., Rutherford, TN; m. SAMUEL JASPER JONES, June 08, 1880, Benton Co., AR. He was b. April 1835 TN and d. 26 Jul 1907 AR. Amanda died 23 Sep 1934 in Winslow, Washington Co., AR.
    Amanda Caroline Murry Jones FamilyNotes for AMANDA CAROLINE MURRY: The marriage record found in the Benton Co., AR courthouse, says that Amanda C. Murrey was 29 years of age and the bridegroom was 45 years of age. Census records show he had an earlier marriage and children with his first wife Mary Unknown. According to IGI records, they had a daughter named Rebecca Jane "Sally" MURRY b. 12 Nov 1891 who married Alvis CENTER 25 Feb 1916.

    1900 Reed Twp., Washington Co., AR census, page 83, family #172/192 - S. J. Jones 65 b. Apr 1835 in TN, (father b. NC mother b. TN), m. 20 years to Amanda b. Mar 1849 TN (parents b. TN), 8 children-7 living: Myrtle b. Sep 1885, Ela b. Jun 1889, Edker b. Jun 1890, Amanda b. Nov 1892, and Arthur b. Feb. 1895. The child Rebecca Jane "Sally" Murry was not listed on this census, but it's possible that she was actually the child called Amanda b. Nov. 1892 but this named child was also listed with her widowed mother in 1910 census.
    The wonderful 1895 photo of Amanda Caroline Murry Jones was sent by Sherry Jones. Written on the photo: "G'pa & G'ma Jones, Edgar, Sallie and Authur."
    • 3. ii. JOHN MARTIN MURRY, b. 01 Dec 1851, TN; d. 15 Nov 1922, Winslow, Washington, AR. He married Nancy Ann Elizabeth LEE, b. 23 Aug 1855 Benton Co. AR, d. 10 Jan 1933 Garfield AR, buried 11 Jan 1933 Ruddick Cemetery, Benton Co. AR, father George Sylvester Lee, mother Martha Heath. The marriage of John & Nancy Ann Elizabeth occurred in Barry Co., MO on August 14, 1872.
    • 4. iii. THOMAS BENJAMIN MURRY, b. 23 Apr 1854, Madison Co., AR; d. 17 Jul 1919, Muskogee, Muskogee, OK. He m. Elizabeth (Betty) CRUISE 21 Nov 1876 Washington Co., AR. She was born 10 Jun 1858 and died before 1880. He married Sarah Wallace HERN 15 Sep 1883 in Washington Co., AR.
    • 5. iv. HORACE PATTERSON MURRY, b. July 1856, AR; d. Aft. 1900. He m. Mollie E. RIFE.
    • v. MARTHA MURRY, b. Abt. 1858, Calafornia Twp., Madison, AR. Notes from Jessie Murry Garrison: Martha married Peter BOZARD. She appears to have married, for a second marriage a John PATTERSON b. May 1861 in TN.
    Notes for MARTHA MURRY: The only entry for a similiar surname in Benton Co., AR cemetery page: BOZARTH, JOHNATHAN b. 1804 d. 1895 MAYSVILLE Cemetery. The marriage record in Barry Co., MO., spelled his name Peter BOZARGE, date of marriage - September 26, 1877. New data (as of July 2004) seems to indicate that Martha's husband might have been Peter BOSARGE, but this is not totally proven yet. There was an entry in Ancestry.com, a tree called "Edwards / Wilson / Gresham / Underwood & Collateral Lines" updated Dec 20, 2002 - by Melody Edwards which makes me believe I may have the correct man. She does have this marriage, but in her tree Martha was born in KY. This tree indicated a son named Walter BOSARGE who lived & died in Paris, Lamar Co., TX. Walter's wife was Francis Viola LEE, with whom he had the following children (not necessarily in correct birth order):
    .....Fannie Bosarge
    .....Pete Bosarge
    .....Pauline b. June 08, 1913
    .....Buster Brown Bosarge b. June 30, 1917
    .....Harrie Bosarge (female)
    .....Paul Bosarge b. c1924
    .....Franklin D. Bosarge b. October 03, 1933
    .....Billie Joe Bosarge b. August 17, 1936
    1900 8th Pct., Hopkins Co., TX census, page 270, family #183/187 - John Patterson 39 TN, a farmer, married 14 years to Mattie 40 b. AR (parents b. TN), who had 7 children - 6 living in 1900; children - Myrtle b. Sept. 1885 TN, Media B. b. Nov 1890 TN, Herbert b. Dec. 1874 AR, Jesse b. June 1896 AR; and step-son Walter Bosarge b. Sep 1883 AR & his siblings - Lela Bosarge b. May 1887 AR, Lee Bosarge b. Jul 1888 AR and Carl Bosarge b. Apr 1894. These step children's father was born in TN, mother in AR. Mattie (Martha Murry) and John Patterson couldn't have been married for 14 years considering her BOSARGE children's ages who were living with this family.
    • vi. ELIZABETH F. MURRY, b. Abt. 1861, Sugar Creek Twp., Benton, AR. Notes from Jessie Murry Garrison said that Elizabeth m. Mart GONYER.
    Notes for ELIZABETH F. MURRY: According to the 1910 & 1920 Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR census, Elizabeth's husband was Martin J. GONYER, b. c1855 OH (father b. Canada, mother b. OH). So both died after 1920 and their children were listed as Andrew GONYER 22 (lineman with the telephone company), Hugh GONYER 15 (laborer at lumbermill), and Hazel GONYER 12 (all born AR). The 1920 census showed an adopted child: Martin A. Gonyer 8 b. AR.
    • vii. SOPHRONA MURRY, b. October 15, 1863, Sugar Creek Twp., Benton, AR; d. August 31, 1897, Brightwater, Benton, AR; m. LATTY M. TRENTHAM, October 03, 1880, Benton Co., AR.
    Notes for SOPHRONA MURRY: From Benton County, AR Obituaries: Sophrona Trentham was born in Benton Co., AR 15 Oct 1863 and died in Brightwater, Benton County 31 Aug 1897, aged 34 years, 10 months and 19 days. She was the daughter of L. G. and Rebecca Murry. Her husband was C. M. Trentham. Born to them were 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls, five of whom survive her. She was a member of the Methodist Church, South since Sept. 1894. She died of consumption, first being attacked about 12 months ago (printed in the Rogers Democrat 10/14/97). Jessie Murry Garrison's notes on this family say that Sophrona was called Fronia and she married Horace Trentham.
    • viii. DORA FAYE MURRY, b. July 6 1866, Bentonville, Sugar Creek Twp., Benton Co., AR; m. JAMES FRANCIS COUNCIL, July 20, 1884, Benton Co., AR. James, b. 06 Nov 1858, was a son of John/Jacob T. & Rebecca Jane Baldridge COUNCIL (this name from Charlotte Back). James Council died 05 Aug 1947 Borger, Hutchinson Co., TX., and Dora died 01 Aug 1927.
    Dora Murry CouncilNotes for DORA FAYE MURRY: The marriage record in the Benton Co., AR courthouse shows that she was 18 years of age and he was 25 years of age on their wedding day. One COUNCIL family can be found on the 1880 Brightwater, Benton Co., AR census, dwelling #225 under R. J. Council 47 TN, (father & mother b. NC), a daughter Mary A. Council 25 b. AR (mother born TN), James E. 21 b. AR, Michiel 19 AR, and Rachel J. 17 b. AR. A new-found cousin, Sandi E-mail, provided additional dates and places for Dora's family. James COUNCIL was born 06 Nov 1858, Bentonville, AR. Sandi said this family had nine children in all, including a baby left on their door step, who was called Babe, and they raised her as their own. Sandi didn't know of any another name given to the abandoned baby. Her family tradition recalls that Clarence "Gabby" HAYES was a cousin to her father (through Rebecca HAYS' line). They both grew up in the Winslow, AR area. The COUNCIL children:
  • Mary Ellen b. 18886 m. Samuel J. ARNOLD;
  • Claud b. 1888 m. Rosa JERDAN;
  • Lee Ray b. 1891 m. Ophelia RATTON;
  • Ernest b. 1895 m. Ethel GARRITT;
  • Jack Murry b. 1898 m. Pauline HUGHES;
  • John Tom b. 1902 m. 3 times (1) Maxine JACKSON, (2) Daisy GRAY, (3) Nora GRAY;
  • Estell Nell b. 1907 m. John G. EZELL;
  • Lela Inez b. November 15, 1908 m. Lewis GUTHERIE;
  • Grace Nadine b. November 24, 1912 m. Alfred OCHRLEIN.

      Hughes & Council

    • 6. ix. VIOLA MURRY, b. May 23, 1869, Sugar Creek Twp., Benton, AR; d. September 14, 1924, Winslow, Washington, AR.

    Generation No. 3

    3. JOHN MARTIN3 MURRY (LEMUEL GILSEN 2, ROBERT1) was born December 01, 1851 in TN (Source: Date of birth from John Wolcott .), and died November 15, 1922 in Alma, Crawford, AR (Source: buried in Kelton Cemetery 16 Nov 1922.). He married NANCY ANN ELIZABETH LEE in Barry Co., MO., on August 14, 1872, daughter of GEORGE SYLVESTER LEE and MARTHA HEATH.

    Notes for JOHN MARTIN MURRY: His daughter, Jessie Murry GARRISON wrote genealogy notes, found by John Wolcott in some old papers and sent to me Sept. 1999. She provided names that we didn't have for this line, filling in many blanks, but raising some question also. John M. Murry's occupation was as a butcher, according to the census records. His family is listed on the following Federal census sheets:

  • 1920 Winslow, Washington Co., AR, family 32-32
  • 1910 Winslow, Washington Co., AR soundex, he is 58 b. TN, Anna is 55 b. AR, daughter-Una is 16 and son-Canter is 14 years old.
  • 1900 Winslow, Washington Co., AR census house 15
  • 1880 in Walnut, Benton Co., AR census house and family 98-106, John M. Murry 29 b. TN, Ann 25 b. AR, Carola 7 b. AR, John 4 b. MO, Correy Bell 2 b. AR, and his 2 brothers-in-law John LEE 17 b. AR, and Vincent LEE 15.
  • 1870 Sugar Creek, Benton Co., AR census house 125

    In the Fayetteville, AR Public Library, someone has written beside the M initial in his name - Martin - in a printed census book. This middle name was confirmed by several other MURRY descendants. On the 1920 census, taken Feb. 6th, just he and his wife live there, and he rents his place. He shows to be 68 years old, born TN, father born Ky, mother born IN. His wife shows Ann L., 64 years, born AR, father born KY, mother born TN.

    There is an indication in the Benton County, AR Deed Books that John bought 80 acres of land on Nov. 24, 1890 in Twp. 20N, range 27W, Part #1: N NE, section 19, according to a 1903 Plat Map in the Historical Society library at the Peel Mansion in Bentonville, AR. This land is currently under the waters of Beaver Lake.

    This has not yet been verified, but there was a John M. Murry who served the Confederacy during the Civil War, 24th AR Infantry, Company B. The 24th Arkansas Infantry Regiment was consolidated with Dawson's 19th, but saw no battles. The Commander was E. E. Portlock, Jr. John Martin Murry would have been very young to join the army, but this was not unheard of for those times.

    John Wolcott, whose wife, Gail, is related to this line, gave information on the birth/death records for John Martin Murry, and his marriage date. Mr. Wolcott said that John, in his later years, was said to have operated tourist roadside cabins near Winslow. Mr. Wolcott gave additional dates/spouses for John and Nancy's children.

  • Notes for NANCY ANN ELIZABETH LEE: The marriage date comes from John Wolcott . The picture below shows four generations of this line, left to right: Martha R. Heath Lee b. 1836, Nancy Ann Elizabeth Lee Murry b. 1855, Bertha Murry Doss b. 1883, and her daughter, Eula b. 1905 (about 1 year old), taken c1906. We are not certain that the older woman is Martha Heath Lee, but she has striking similarities to the woman on her left, who was identified in the photograph.

    4 generations

    Children of JOHN MURRY and NANCY LEE are:
    • i. CAROLA MAUDE4 MURRY, b. September 04, 1873, AR (Source: Birth & death dates from John Wolcott.); d. February 27, 1898; m. FRANCIS MARION SHADDOX, December 27, 1891, Benton Co., AR. CHILDREN: Vernal b. 27 Mar 1905; Eurie b. 07 Jan 1907; Paul b. 30 Jan 1911; Truman b. 17 Jan 1918; Lemuel; Leon; and Stella Shaddox.
    Notes for CAROLA MAUDE MURRY: It appears from census records that F. M. Shaddox was married prior to his marriage with Carola Maude Murry. The first marriage December 27, 1891, may have been to a lady named Dora Kay Wilson. From the census, it appears he married 2nd around 1904.
    1900 Bentonville, Osage Twp., Benton Co., AR census, page 45, family #151 - Marion SHADDOX 31 b. GA, married 9 years to Dora K. 20 b. Sept. 1879 GA (father b. OH mother b. GA). Children: William T. b. Aug 1899 AR, Samuel V. b. Jan 1893 GA, Leonidas M. b. Dec 1894 AR, and Stella G. b. 1896 AR. His mother-in-law lived with them - Mamie Wilson b. Jul 1860 GA.
    1910 Colville Twp., Benton Co., AR census, page 74 (difficult to read), family #72/73 - Francis M. SHADDOX 38 b. AR, a farmer (father b. NC mother b. AR), wife of 5 years Colly M. 34 b. AR (parents b. AR), 3 children - 2 living: Lemuel V. 17 AR, Lee M. 15 AR, Stella C. 13 AR, dau. - looks like Ema F. 2 AR and son Carroll 7/12 AR.
    1920 (Jan. 14th) Esculapia, Benton Co., AR census, page 14A, family 243/245 - F. M. SHADDOX 48 b. AR, parents b. VA, occupation: country school teacher. His wife Carola is 46 b. AR parents b. AR and children: Ena 12, Caroll(?) 12 (son), Otis 7, Don 6, and a 4 year old son, Clint, all difficult to read.
    1930 Esculapia, Benton Co., AR census, ED 20, page 13b, family 21/23 - Francis M. SHADDOX 57 b. AR, Cola 53 AR, Ena (dau. age unreadable) AR, Caroll 20 AR (son), Otis 18(?) AR, Don 16 AR, and Clint 14 AR.
    • ii. STELLA MURRY, b. November 17, 1874, AR (Source: Birth & death dates from John Wolcott.); d. October 12, 1875.
    • iii. JOHN PIGEON MURRY, b. October 05, 1876, MO; d. December 26, 1958 Muskogee, OK; m. MAGGIE LAVON GRUBE,, January 02, 1901.

    J. P. Murry Family
    Notes for JOHN PIGEON MURRY: John Murry 32, b. MO, lives in Winslow, Washington Co., AR according to the 1910 census. His wife, Maggie is 28 b. KS, and children are Harry, 8, Harvey 6, Ruby 3, and Thomas 1. His middle name was provided by John Wolcott.
    • iv. CORRA BELL MURRY, b. December 05, 1878, AR (Source: Birth & death dates from John Wolcott from Bible records); d. January 02, 1944 Holdenville, OK; m. LEWIS FRANKLIN THOMAS (b. 17 Feb. 1875 Rogers AR, son of Andrew Walter Thomas and Susannah Webb), December 18, 1895, Benton Co., AR.
    Notes for CORRA BELL MURRY: The marriage, recorded at the Benton Co., AR courthouse, shows the ages of the bride and groom to be 17 years and 21 years respectively. CHILDREN: Susanna Elizabeth, 13 Jun 1898 Larue AR, d. 25 Aug. 1962 m. Howard HESS 26 Aug. 1917; Maggie Coralie, b. 15 Mar. 1900 Old Texmo OK, d. 13 Feb. 1937 m. Walter Eli HESS 14 Apr. 1918; Andy Martin, 7 Apr. 1902 Old Texmo m. Eula PALMER 6 Jan. 1924, m. (2) ______; Walter Franklin b. 16 May 1904 Old Texmo, d. 19 Dec. 1966 m. Carrie PALMER, m. (2) ____ and (3)_____; Cecil Lewis b. 6 Jan. 1906 Old Texmo m. Ruby BAILEY, m. (2) Ruth PRICE; Jewel Edna b. 19 July 1907 Old Texmo m. Argle Albert JONES 10 Oct. 1926, m. (2) Lonnie F. (Doc) CONLEY 20 Apr. 1931, m. (3) Grady HUNTER 30 Nov. 1957, m. (4) Jack BRAGG 7 Mar 1966; infant boy 5 Aug. 1909 Elk City OK, d. 12 Aug 1909; Cora Bell b. 30 Jan 1912 Elk City, OK m. Herbert Allen LOVEALL 12 June 1933 b. 16 Aug 1908 Hobart, OK; Matt Ludlow, 14 Sept. 1914 Elk City, OK d. 13 March 1917; James Allen, 7 Aug 1916 Elk City, OK m. Hazel Aline KING 28 Apr 1947; Quinton Rosevelt b. 29 July 1918 Elk City, OK m. Maxine Alice TAYLOR 28 Apr. 1947; Lora Eva b. 16 Dec. 1920 Elk City, OK m. J.C. WILSON 11 June 1940, m. (2) Edward Harvey KEENER 20 Sept 1964; Jesse Walton "Jack", 16 Oct. 1922 Elk City, OK m. (1) Ernestine YANDELL, m. (2) Dorothy RICKERSON
    • v. AMERICUS "MACK" MURRY, b. March 25, 1881 (Source: 1900 Washington Co., AR census, Elm Springs p.129, lives with bro-in-law, Thomas Doss and Bertha Murry Doss.); m. EDITH GREENLEE, March 25, 1902, Washington Co., AR. She was the daughter of David GREENLEE and Mary DOSS. David C. GREENLEE died in Savoy, Washington Co., AR, and is buried in White Oak Cemetery. See more on this line at my Thomas Doss webpage.
    • vi. BERTHA BURRSELLA MURRY, b. September 25, 1883, Walnut, Benton, AR; d. OK; m. (1) THOMAS DOSS, Abt. 1900; m. (2) J. W. WICKWARE 26 Dec 1911 Tecumseh, Pottawatomie, OK; (3) WILLIAM THOMAS MITCHELL, Abt. 1914; m. (4) RICHARD LACKEY, 15 Mar 1919 Shawnee, OK.; (5) John Wesley GIBSON.
    Notes for BERTHA BURRSELLA MURRY: The 1900 Washington Co., AR census, Elm Springs, page 129 lists her as Bertha Doss, b. Sept. 1884 in AR, and parents born in AR. Bertha is living with her husband Thomas DOSS b. Nov. 1855 KY-KY-KY, and her brother lives with them (listed as brother-in-law to Thomas Doss) - Americus Murry, b. Mar. 1881, a single male.

    On the 1910 Washington Co., AR (Winslow) census with her husband Thomas DOSS (click here to see a picture of Thomas, Bertha, & Eula on the front page) - Bertha DOSS is 26 years old, married 10 years with 2 children, Eula 5 and Helen 2. She is listed as born in AR, parents born TN.

    Bertha is located on page 94 (E.D.-231) of the 1920 OK census in Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, at 404 S. Broadway. She is living with her 4th husband, Richard LACKEY, who is listed as 28 years old born in AR. Listed in the family, all named as Richard's children are: Helen Dows (DOSS) 12 years old (b. AR-KY-AR), Edna Dows (DOSS) 10 years old (b. AR- KY-AR), and Gordon Mitchel,, 4 years old (b. OK-MO-AR). This photo is of Richard Lackey and his step-daughter, Eula Doss Mauldin, daughter of Thomas DOSS. Visit the USGenWeb Pottawatomie Co., OK site here.

    Date: 28 May 1998, John Wolcott wrote: "Cousin Janice. I discovered your neat Lee/Murry file on the Genforum. Very well done. I researched the Lee-Murry's quite a few years ago for my wife, Gail Mitchell Wolcott. Her dad (deceased) was William Gordon Mitchell, son of William Thomas Mitchell and Burcella Murray, daughter of John Murray and Nancy Ann Elizabeth Lee. William Thomas was son of William Mitchell and Martha A,. (Ann?) Lee, daughter of John Wesley Lee, and sister of George Sylvester." Signed-John Wolcott. E-mail:

    Date: 1 Jun 1998 From: John Wolcott, "I was told that the girls (of Tom Doss) recieved government checks for being registered Indians. It should be possible to get info about this from the Bureau of Indian Affairs." He sent the following:

  • Bertha Bursilla (Bursie) Murry, b. 25 Sept. 1883, Walnut, Benton Co. AR; m. (1) _____ Wickwire. I have only found one Wickwire in Ark. or Ok. that I think may be a candidate, George E. Wickwire 1882-1963 and his wife Pears S. 1884-? are buried in the Liticia Cemetery, Comanche Co. OK. Divorced ? m. (2) Thomas Doss (dates?), part Native American, son of John Milton Doss, Children: Eula Beatrice, b. 9 July 1905 (I have 1908) Alma OK, d. 31 Dec. 1960, m. (1) Ulysses Grant Mauldin, child Louis Grant Mauldin d. 1980; Eula m. (2) William Henry Hirsch; Hellen, b. 1911, m. ____ Williams; Ruth b. 1914, m. ____ Baker. Ruth's daughter Wanda m. Norman Bennett, lives (?) 2625 Rolling Green, Independence KS (316) 331-1963, m. (3.)William Thomas Mitchell, b. 1861 AR, d. 31 Aug. 1917 Shawnee, buried Fairview Cemetery, Shawnee, OK where there is no stone; he had divorced his first wife, Hettie Jane Thomas, mother of his two daughters Antha and Cleo, who stayed in St. Louis MO; he was a railroad man and Burcilla's mother's cousin, they lived in a house that was located on land that is now part of the Santa Fe Railroad yard in Shawnee; son: William Gordon Mitchell, b. 4 March 1915; m. (4) _____ Lackey, divorced; son Richard Lackey lived Oklahoma City OK; m. (5) _____ Gibson, who she always called "Mr. Gibson", divorced. remarried (6) ______ Gibson. Burcilla d. of cancer 26 Nov. 1953 age 73 at Shawnee OK, buried Fairview Cemetery Shawnee OK, Plot SE 108-9. Her stone reads 11/27/53 "Birdie Gibson".

    Notes for THOMAS DOSS:

  • 1860 Lincoln Co., KY census, Thomas, Robert, Davy, Mary F. and Martha DOSS listed in the family of Robert & Frances WORFORD.
  • 1880 Crawford Co., AR census, page 556 house 98, father Milton DOSS house 100.
  • 1900 Elm Springs, Washington Co., AR census, p. 129.
  • 1910 Winslow, Washington Co., AR census.

    It is believed he died between 1910 and 1920, probably in Arkansas. Thomas was railroad worker, for Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri RR. You can see his family line at my Thomas DOSS webpage by clicking here.

    • vii. LEMUEL CHRISTOPHER MURRY, b. April 02, 1886, AR; d. May 25, 1887, AR.
    Notes for LEMUEL CHRISTOPHER MURRY: Names and dates provided by John Wolcott.
    • viii. CECIL HALLETT MURRY, b. August 08, 1888, AR; d. December 04, 1888, AR.
    Notes for CECIL HALLETT MURRY: Name and date provided by John Wolcott.
    • ix. JESSIE MINTORA MURRY, b. February 02, 1889, Winslow, Washington, AR; d. March 26, 1942, Washington Co., AR (Source: Buried in Sonora Cem. Washington Co., AR); m. RICE BASKET GARRISON.
    Notes for JESSEY MINTORA MURRY: John Wolcott provided her spouses' name and gives the DOB as 01 Feb 1889. He also said he found a listing in 1850 McMinn Co. TN for Isaac Murry 27, b. TN, Melinda 25, Mary 6, Susan 4, John 2 and Rice BASKETT 21 and Louisa BASKETT 75, probably the source for Jessey's husband family. From Jessie obituary we learned the names of her children and siblings: sons Doyle, and Delmer of Dallas TX, Hubert of Springdale, dau. Mrs. Gladys Harp of Sonora, 3 bro. John Murry of Muskogee OK, Center of Shawnee OK, Mack of Vann TX, sisters Belle Thomas of OK and Bertha Gibson of Shawnee.
    • x. EUNICE MURRY, b. August 29, 1892; m. CHARLES THOMAS.
    Notes for EUNICE MURRY: Her DOB and husband's name from John Wolcott.
    • xi. CENTER SYLVESTER MURRY, b. December 01, 1894, AR; d. Phoenix, AZ. He married EDNA VERA ALLEN, daughter of IRA ALLEN and MARY COFFEY.
    Notes for CENTER SYLVESTER MURRY: Information from John Wolcott. Center served in World War I, and is buried in the military section of the Greenwood Memorial Cemetery in Phoenix.

    Children of CENTER MURRY and EDNA VERA ALLEN are:
    • ii. MAXINE CATHERINE MURRY, b. in OK. She married (1) WILLIAM VANCE. She married (2) CHARLES JOHNSON.
    • iii. ANNA LEE MURRY, b. in OK. She married CALVIN LEE PHILLIPS.
    • iv. DEBLOYS ROSE (LOIS) MURRY, b. in OK. She married LANE GRADY SANDMAN.
    • v. JANET MURRY, b. Shawnee, OK. She married STEPHEN LEE GRAVES.

    4. THOMAS BENJAMIN3 MURRY (LEMUEL GILSEN2, ROBERT1) was born April 23, 1854 in AR, and died July 17, 1919 in Muskogee, Muskogee, OK. He married ELIZABETH CRUSE November 21, 1876.

    Notes for THOMAS BENJAMIN MURRY: He was located on the 1880 Benton Co., AR census, in Bright Water, listed as T. V. Murry 26 b. AR and Elizabeth 19 b. AR, neighbors to Lemuel & Rebecca Murry. On this 1880 census, Elizabeth was 19 years old and listed as having whooping cough. New research, discovered by Sherry Jones Jan. 2006, provided by the research done by Enlow Ose of California which filled in many blanks for this tree. Cleo Summers Judd, a great granddaughter of James Lawrence Murray gave names for his children and who they married to Enlow Ose. Nadine Looper gives the dates of Thomas Benjamin Murry and that he may have been married more than once. According to Nadine he married second, Sarah Wallace Heron, but her brother lived with them on one census and he was James HERN. Ancestry.com has these listings in AR marriages:
    MURRY, T. B. to HERN, S. W. 15 Sep 1883 Washington AR
    MURRY, THOMAS B. to CRUSE, LIZZIE 21 Nov 1876 Washington AR
    1900 Township 16, Creek Nation, Indian Territory - Thomas Murry 46 b. AR. Not all the children's names were barely readable as the image was very dark. All the dates of birth were clear though.
    1910 census: Turner Twp, Mcintosh, Oklahoma; Page: 336A; Enumeration District: 79; Part: 2; Line: 5
    Head: Thomas B Murry 56 b. AR (married twice), farmer Wife: Sarrah 42 b. AR, had 10 children-7 living.
    A dau-in-law, named Allie Murry 18 b. OK, lived with the family. Who was her husband?

    Children of THOMAS MURRY and ELIZABETH CRUSE are:
    • i. M. C.4 MURRY, b. April 1880 AR.

    Children of THOMAS MURRY and SARAH WALLACE HERN were:
    • i. SAMUEL MURRY, b. Aug. 31, 1880 AR (unsure about this child as both he and M. C. were born in 1880 only about 5 months apart. He was on the 1900 census, but she was not.)
    • ii. WILLIAM MURRY, b. Oct. 1888 AR.
    • iii. ESTER MURRY, b. Sept. 1890 (name not readable on the census).
    • iv. CAROL JOSEPH MURRY, b. 06 Oct 1892, Fayetteville, Washington, AR; d. 19 Jun 1979 McIntosh Co, OK. (His DOB from WWI draft card.)Carol Murry sent by Vicky Murry Zegrati
    • v. NORA MURRY, b. November 1894.
    • vi. WALTER BENJAMIN MURRY, b. June 19, 1896; d. 1973 McIntosh Co, OK. His wife was Lucy R. HARRISON. Walter Benj & Lucy Harrison Murry
    • vii. EDNA J. MURRY, b. February 1899.
    • viii. WALLACE MURRY, b. 06 Sep 1901 (lived with his mother 1920 Muskogee, OK census); d. Apr 1977.) His wife was named Ada (maiden name unknown to us). Thank you, Vicky, for the great photos. If anyone knows who the "unknown" man in the photo might be, please let us know.Wallace & Walter Murry sent by Vicky Murry Zegrati

    5. HORACE PATTERSON3 MURRY (LEMUEL GILSEN2, ROBERT1) was born July 1856 in AR, and died 12 Apr 1923 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX. He married MOLLIE E. RIFE Bef. 1883 in AR. She was b. October 12, 1869 KY d. February 12, 1948. They are both buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery, Tyler, TX.

    Notes for MOLLIE E. RIFE: Jerri Sudderth, Email letter from JRSudderth@aol.com March 27, 1997, says Horace Murry was her husband's great- grandfather, and married Mollie Rife (1869- ) before 1880 in AR.

    click to see a larger photo of Horace P. Murry's family c1907

    Children of HORACE MURRY and MOLLIE RIFE are:
    • i. ROBERT EUGENE4 MURRY, b. February 22, 1884; d. December 06, 1956. Married WILLIE DEE.
    • ii. LEMUEL GILSEN MURRY, b. March 11, 1886; d. February 27, 1964. (Source: SS card issued through the railroads.) Married ZORA REDMAN.
    • iii. MILLARD "HOSS" MURRY, b. June 17, 1888, AR; d. June 27, 1962, buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery, Tyler, TX. Never married.
    • iv. NELLIE MURRY, b. March 27, 1890, Bentonville, Benton, AR; d. June 24, 1947, Leonard, Fannin, TX; m. AUGUSTUS CICERO SIMMONS.
    • v. THEOPHILUS MURRY, b. October 08, 1892, AR; d. July 18, 1975, Tyler, TX (Source: The place of death was taken from SS file.) Married ANNIE LUX.
    • vi. HORACE EDWARD MURRY, b. July 04, 1895, AR; d. January 09, 1969, Tyler, TX (Source: The place of death was taken from SS file.) Married ROSE FISK.
    • vii. FRANK MURRY, b. October 24, 1897; d. January 07, 1955. Married OTTIS ODOM.

    6. VIOLA3 MURRY (LEMUEL GIBSON2, ROBERT1) was born May 23, 1869 in Sugar Creek Twp., Benton, AR, and died September 14, 1924 in Winslow, Washington, AR. She married (1st) THOMAS S. RICHARDS; and(2nd) HARVEY HENRY GRUBE and they apparently had no children, except for an adopted child shown on the 1920 census as Floyd Grube, b. c1912. Her husband was a brother to Maggie Grube, descendants of the Enos Grube family from Hellertown, PA. This information came from our cousin, Sherry Jones. The GRUBE family photo was shared with us by Linda Gant who wrote: "In the center on the back row is Mr. Grube and Viola next to him. I believe the young man in front of Viola may be their adopted son, Floyd. To the right of Viola is her daughter, Bert Richards Schaberg, I believe, and probably her child, Gentry (not sure). To the left of Mr. Grube is my grandmother, Rebecca Ellen Richards Lane (married Fred Lane) and the remaining children are hers: Cleo Edith on her left and on the front row from L to R: Hazel, Leon, Birdie Marie, and Richard (next to Floyd). This picture was given to me by Cleo's oldest son, Dalton Bradley many years ago."

    Notes for VIOLA MURRY: She is buried near her mother in the Kelton/Winslow Cemetery. The inscription reads Viola Murry Grube, wife of H. H. Grube. The record of marriage has not been located. We also believe she had a previous marriage to Thomas S. RICHARDS, who died before 1900.

    In the Washington Co., AR marriage records, there is a Harvey H. Grube who married Isabell Johnson 29 Mar 1925, Book T, page 622 (his 3rd wife).

    • i. ELLEN4 RICHARDS, b. Abt. 1887; m. FRED LANE
    • i. DORA BRIDGET4 RICHARDS, b. November 28, 1888; m. Ernest Abner HOBBS
    • i. BERTHA4 RICHARDS, b. September 1892; m. Burl SCHABERG.
    Child of VIOLA MURRY and HENRY GRUBE is:
    • i. FLOYD4 GRUBE, b. Abt. 1912, an adopted child according to the 1920 census.
    Notes for GRUBE FAMILY: From Washington Co., AR Obits, page 414: Jimmie Grube, 8 years old, son of Henry Grube of Winslow, fell and was instantly killed at 5am this morning while trying to board the southbound freight train about a mile north of Winslow (Springdale News 22 Aug 1902). This child was with a former wife of Henry Grube, Margaret BURRIS. We believe Viola had no children of her own with Mr. Grube.

    CENSUS Data
    (Click here for more Greene Co., MO data)

    1850 GREENE Co., MO census:
  • p. 257 Campbell Twp.: SIMS, Daniel P., h. 189/189: 32yrs b. TN m. to Mary (SLUDDER) 31yrs b. NC; Mary E. 10 TN; Rebecca M. 8 TN; William T. 6 MO; Martha 4 MO; Lucinda J. 2 MO; William SLUDDER 54 VA, Mary's father lives in h. 188/188.
  • p. 279 Campbell Twp,: SIMS, Elizabeth E., h. 524/524: she is 12yrs b. MO, lives with T. G. PRICE 29 TN, Nancy Ann 22 TN and Rachael H. PRICE 6/12 MO.
  • p. 279 Campbell Twp.: SIMS, George W., h. 525/525: 53yrs b. NC, Washington C. 24 TN; Richard 18 TN; Robert J. 17 TN; Benjamin F. 10 MO; Clarinda 8 MO.
  • p. 270 Campbell Twp.: SIMS, John, h. 379/379: 27yrs b. NC; Julia A. 24 TN; Matthew 4 MO; Mary E. 2 MO; Eliza M. 12 MO
  • p. 273 Campbell Twp.: SIMS, Leonard H. (I could not find this name in the census book)
  • p. 276 Campbell Twp.: SIMS, Zachariah, h. 468/468: 35 b. NC; Eliza M. 36 TN (she is Elizabeth ADAMS m. 07 Mar 1839 Greene Co., MO); Dodson A. 10 MO; Frances J. 9 MO; Sarah D. 7 MO; Mary A. D. 6 MO; Briggs P. 4 MO; Archibald C. 1 MO
      From Greene Co., MO Will Book C #2 p.35-38: Archiblad C. ADAMS of Greene Co., MO wrote his will on 04 Jun 1844 naming eldest daughter Mary Ann SIMS and Robert W. SIMS, her husband who were to have a tract of land in Bedford Co., TN containing 113ac; to daughter Eliza A. SIMS and Zachariah SIMS, her husband 160ac in Greene Co.; to daughter Nancy H. HEADLEE and Samuel F. HEADLEE her husband 160ac in Greene Co; legacy for each son (not copied here) and to daughter Frances J. DUKE and Chatham DUKE her husband $200. Bennet ROBBERSON and Robert W. SIMS, executors.
  • p. 351 Cass Twp.: MURRAY, John R., h. 1571/1571: 51 b. NC farmer $3000, Annice 44 TN; William L. 23 TN; Marshall C. 18 TN (on 17 Mar 1858 he m. Frances SIMS, dau. of Robert W. & Mary ADAMS SIMS); Lilburn L. H. 16 MO; Rhoda M. 13 MO; Frances 11? MO; David 3 MO
  • p. 351 Cass Twp.: MURRAY, James, h. 1561/1561: 41 TN woolcarder $1500, Jane 39 TN; James K. 18 TN; Alexander D. 16 MO; Thomas D. 14 MO; Sarah J. 12 MO; Dorthula 7 MO
  • p. 351 Cass Twp.: MURRY, John K., h. 1575/1575: 21 TN; Mary I. 16 TN
  • p. 309 Finley Twp.: LEE, John W. (see Leenotes page)
  • p. 312 Finley Twp.: MURRAY, John (could not find this name in the census book)
  • p. 314 Finley Twp: HAYS, Elijah M., h. 1063/1063: single male 17yrs b. MO
  • p. 323 Roane Twp.: MURRAY, T. J., h. 1176/1176 (name could be I. J. instead of T. J.) 35 NC, Nancy H. 28 TN; Leonidas 6 MO; Cirelda 4 MO; Viola M. 2 MO
  • p. 280 Robinson Twp.: SIMMS, Benjamin, (could not find this name in the census book)
  • p. 280 Robinson Twp.: SIMMS, Robert W., h. 531/531: 40 NC, Mary A. (ADAMS - see above) 35 TN; Archiblad B. 19 TN; Wm. D. 18 TN; Robert N. 16 TN; Frances L. 13 TN; Nancy J. 11 MO; James D. 9 MO; Mary M. C. 7 MO; Bennett P. 6 MO; Sarah E. 2 MO (A single man George W. SIMMS 53 b. NC lives in h. 525/525)
  • p. 285 Robinson Twp.: SIMMS, John H., h. 611/611: 6yrs old, b. MO lives with John HEADLEE 45 MO and Mary L. 44 MO & their children
  • p. 282 Robinson Twp.: SIMMS, Turrell C. (see HAYS/SIMS page), h. 558/558: 40 NC farmer $1200, Matilda 37 TN; Fanny 16 TN; Zack T. 14 TN; Mary J. 12 TN; Nancy T. 10 MO; P. Monroe 6 MO; Jesse G. 3 MO
  • h. 958/958 Robinson Twp.; MURRAY, Jacob: 52 NC, Henrietta 52 NC

    1860 BENTON Co., AR census:

  • p. 354 Sugar Creek Twp., h.819-813: HAYS, Lydia (our ancestor), 64 b. VA, widow, seamstress, property value $500 and
    Robert HAYS 26 b. TN
  • p. 354 Sugar Creek (Pea Ridge), h.817-811: LEE, Syl (see notes on Syl Lee, son of John W. Lee who lived in Greene Co., MO, Finley Twp., 1850)
  • p. 359 Pea Ridge, h.850-844: HAYS, John 33 b. TN $650-$500, Frances 22 TN, William 5 AR, John 3 AR, Robert 9/12 months AR
  • p. 359 Pea Ridge, h.859-847: HAYS, Amos 44 b. TN, farmer, property value $590, Delila 39 TN, James 20 TN, Mary 16 TN, Louisa 14 TN, Lara 11 TN, Joseph 10 TN, Andrew 8 TN, Robert 5 AR., Mary 1 AR
  • p. 270 Wallace Twp., h. 282-282: HAYS, A. B. 47, b. TN, farmer, property value $190, Neoma 44 TN, Lydia 13 TN, Wilson 12 TN, Joseph 9 TN, Pinkney 6 TN, William 3 IL, Sarah 1/12 AR. (Very possibly a first born son of John & Lydia Sims Hays - but no proof!)

    1860 MADISON Co., AR

  • p. 351 Calafornia Crossing Twp., h. 69-69: MURRAY, L. G. (Lemuel Gibson Murry's family)
  • p. 351 Calafornia Crossing Twp., h. 74-74: HAYS, George W. 31 TN, farmer, property value $500, Elizabeth 26 TN, Charles 6 TN, Sarah 4 TN, Robert 1 AR
  • p. 350 Calafornia Crossing Twp., P.O. Clifey: HAYS, William 43 b. AL, Martha 27 AR, Henry 7 AR, Elizabeth 6 AR, Martha 4 AR, Nancy 1 AR.
  • p. 348 Cedar Creek Twp., h. 51-51: MURRAY, James 25, b. Unk., property value $250, Elizabeth 23 MS, William 4 MS, Mary 3 MS, Martha 8/12 AR.
  • p. 357 Little Spring P.O., Prairie Twp., h. 118-118: HAYS, Sarah 75 b. NC, property value $100, and Midda HAYS 50 b. TN
  • p. 418 P. O. Wesley, Richland Twp., h.506-506: SIMS, James 36 b. VA, farmer $900-$450, Mary 35 VA, Lavina 14 VA, Issac 10 VA, Elizabeth 8 VA
  • p. 516 War Eagle Twp.: SIMS, R. 41 VA, doctor, $3500-$800, Casanda 31 MO, Mary 3 MO, Margaret 2 MO
  • p. 524 War Eagle Twp., h. 1218-1218: HAYS, J. D. 31 TN, farmer $500-$200, Elizabeth 25 VA, Robert 5 TN, Virginia 3 TN
  • p. 524 War Eagle Twp., h. 1217-1217: HAYS, Henry 59 NC (b. October 12, 1800), farmer $900-$1000, Susan 45 VA, William 23 TN, W. A. (?) (male) 17 TN, James 14 TN, Mary 12 TN, George 9 TN, Ann 5 TN. This line can be found on FTM file of: Larry Darden Bowling, E-mail: larry@fyi.net, in a file called "Descendants of Henry HAYS". They lived in Granville Co., NC. and TN. Could they be the Henry HAYS & Susan B. HUGHES who married in Wilson Co., TN 17 Mar 1839?
  • p. 365 War Eagle Twp.: SIMS, Nancy 56 b. KY, Angaline 30 IL, Francis 17 MO, Mary 17 MO, Lucinda 14 MO, Elizabeth 10 MO, William N. 8 MO, Nancy 6 MO, Rebecca 4 MO, Josephus 2 AR.

    1870 Census:

  • Sugar Creek Twp., Benton Co., AR census, named as Samuel G. MURRY, house 125, 44 years old b. TN, a farmer, property value $500, Rebecca is 41 b. TN, Amanda 20 b. TN, John 18 TN, Thomas 16 TN, Horace 13 AR, Martha 12 AR, Elizabeth 9, Sophronia 7, Dora 3, Viola 2.
  • William HAYS 55, b. AL, living in Benton Co., AR, Osage Twp., house 306/300, page 266, son of John & Lydia HAYS, and neighbor to George & Marthat LEE.
  • Delila HAYS, 48 b. TN, (wife of Amos HAYS, dau-in-law to John & Lydia HAYS), family #309/303, page 266, Osage Twp., Benton Co., AR census. Children: Mary 23 TN, Louisa 21 TN, Joseph 19 TN, Andrew 16 TN, Thomas 13 AR, Bonnie 7 AR, and Orleana 3 AR.
  • George HAYS 40 b. TN (son of John & Lydia HAYS)- Benton Co., AR census, they are listed in house #416/411, page 272, Osage Twp., Bentonville. He is a farmer $1200-$200 b. TN. Wife, Elizabeth 36 TN, children: Charles 16 TN, Sarah 13 TN, Robert 11 AR, Juliet 9 AR, Elizabeth 6 AR, and George 3 AR.
  • Thomas T. HAYS - (son of John & Lydia Hays) - Benton Co., AR census, page 361, in Sugar Creek Twp., Bentonville, house 110/111 (not far from George Syl Lee and Martha Heath Lee's family). He is a farmer $600-$900 b. AL.
  • John HAYES 44 b. AL, a farmer (son of John & Lydia Hays) - page 392 White River Twp., Benton Co., AR census - $200 $440, wife Frances 33 TN - children: William 16 AR, John 14 AR, Robert 11 AR, Albert 7 AR, James 7 AR, Wade 2 AR, and Alice 1/12 AR.

    1880 Census-Bright Water, Benton, AR-FHL Film 1254038 National Archives Film T9-0038, p.424D
    L. G. MURRAY Self M M W 54 TN Occ: Farmer Fa: KY Mo: TN
    Rebecca MURRAY Wife F M W 52 TN Occ: Keeping House Fa: VA Mo: VA
    Amanda C. MURRAY Dau F S W 30 TN Fa: TN Mo: TN
    Horace P. MURRAY Son M S W 22 AR Fa: TN Mo: TN
    Sophrona MURRAY Dau F S W 16 AR Fa: TN Mo: TN
    Dora MURRAY Dau F S W 13 AR Fa: TN Mo: TN
    Viola MURRAY Dau F S W 12 AR Fa: TN Mo: TN
    Robt. S. MURRAY Nephew M S W 29


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