William McLean MURRY Genealogy Notes

(Compiled by Janice Mauldin Castleman - 2000)

Generation No. 1

1. William McLean4 Murry (James3, William2, John1) was born 1759 in Paxtang, Lancaster (now Dauphin Co., created 1785), PA, and died August 24, 1848 in Wilson Co., TN. He married Pameila Unknown Abt. 1784. She was born 1764, and died May 28, 1848 in Wilson Co., TN.

Notes for William McLean Murry:
I am certain there will be errors found in this report, but it is listed here for research purposes only. As more data is found, this report will change and be updated with that new information. Many of the Wilson Co., TN deeds confirm the marriages of the children listed below. If you are a part of this family found below, please send us information about your line by writing to the address shown below. This page will remain on-line, even though we now know that the ancestor of Lemuel Gilson Murry was actually Robert Johnson Murry (see Lemuel's webpage)

E-mail from: Sherry Jones [email protected]
To: Al & Janice Castleman [email protected] (old E-mail address, no longer in use, as probably most of these are outdated); Barbara Westman [email protected]; Bebe Hays Garcia [email protected]; Bill & Jerri Sudderth [email protected]; Brian Waugh [email protected]; Charlotte Back [email protected]; Connie Hayes [email protected]; Dave Colcleaser [email protected]; Elmer & Virginia Hayes [email protected]; Heidi Hays Thacker [email protected]; John & Gail Wolcott [email protected]; Jon Tooley [email protected]; Kay Deason Giacomo [email protected]; Sandi Carr [email protected]; Traci Traylor - Keatts [email protected] HAYS/SIMS group:
Date: Thursday, January 20, 2000 6:55 PM - Subject: Murry Family

"Hello Again Murry Cousins, I just talked to Cora Belle Thomas' grandson's wife, Doreen Lovall, Porterville, CA., who has been working on the Murry's family history since 1977. She has in her research that Lemuel Murry's father was James L. Murry, married Cassa Yarnell on 28 Dec 1819 in Dandridge, Wilson Co., TN. James was the son of Capt. William McLean Murry, born 1759 in Potang, Dawlphin Co., PA., died 24 Aug 1848, Wilson Co., TN. William was also a Methodist minister and chaplain, married Pamala Unknown, born 1764, died 28 May 1848 in Wilson Co., TN. Capt. William McLean was son of Capt. James Murry, born 1729, Scotland, died 15 Mar 1804, Upper Dawlphin Co., PA. married Rebecca McLean. Capt. James Murry was son of William Murry, born 24 Feb 1690 in Scotland, died 24 Jul 1779. Married Isabella Lindley. William Murry's father was John Murry, born Scotland came to U.S.A. in 1732. Now how can we prove any of this? Sherry" ....Updated 2007..... we did continue to work on this line and know now that Robert Johnson Murry was actually Lemuel Gilson Murry's ancestor....

William may have had a sister named Margaret: USGenWeb Archives-PARSON ELDER'S MARRIAGE RECORD FROM 1744 TO 1791 - Dauphin Co, PA - May 7, 1776: John Simpson and Margaret Murray, dau. of Capt. James Murray.

Will of William MURRY of Wilson Co., TN:

Dated 16 Mar 1848, heirs: wife Pamelia; sons James, Foster, John, Jeremiah, Nathaniel, and Joseph MURRY; daughter Elizabeth HOBSON, Nancy CHAMBERS, Susan MOSS, Mary HESSEY; son William's heirs to wit Hamilton & Susan MURRY. Recorded 11 Nov 1850. Witnesses: Lewis LINDSEY & William BILBRO. Exec: Thomas CHAMBERS and John MURRY. (p. 244-245).

One William MURRAY is listed in Sistler's TN Mortality - died as a widower at age 88 in Aug of 1850 Wilson Co., TN. He was born in VA and was a Methodist minister.

Children of William Murry and Pameila Unknown are:

Generation No. 2

2. William5 Murry (William McLean4, James3, William2, John1) was born Abt. 1788, and died Bef. 1848.
Notes for William Murry: Since his children were named in his father's will, it is assumed that William died prior to 1848. There is a Wilson Co., TN will recorded for a William C. MURRAY in Will Book #106 for 1834. One William MURRAY on the 1850 Wilson Co., TN census, 23rd Civil Dist., page 63. There are two Wilson Co., TN marriages for a William Murry: William Murry m. Frances Ann WOODRUM 08 Feb 1849 and one William Murry m. Alethea MATLOCK 12 Oct 1830.

Children of William Murry are:

3. Joseph5 Murry (William McLean4, James3, William2, John1) was born Abt. 1790. He married Lucy Unknown.
Notes for Joseph Murry:

Notes for Lucy Unknown:
Not a proven connection, entered for research only. One Joseph B. MURRAY m. Cuelda T. CHANDLER 26 Jan 1843 Wilson Co., TN.
Child of Joseph Murry and Lucy Unknown is:

4. Nancy5 Murry (William McLean4, James3, William2, John1) was born 1795, and died April 01, 1860 in Wilson Co., TN. She married Thomas Chambers. He was born 1786 VA, and died October 29, 1851 in Wilson Co., TN.
Notes for Thomas Chambers:
Buried in Hessey Family Cemetery with other MURRAY kin. Deed Book K Wilson Co., TN p. 241-242 William MURRAY to Thomas CHAMBERS 100ac on Little Cedar Creek 18 Apr 1823.

  • 1820 page 394 of the 1820 Wilson Co., TN census.
  • 1830 p. 124 Wilson Co., TN census shows a David Chambers, p. 138 Lewis Chambers.
  • 1840 Wilson Co., TN census, page 302: 0101001--1221001.
  • 1850 Chambers, Thomas, Wilson Co., TN 1st Civil Dist., page 15. This appears to be the correct family, as James and Foster MURRY live with them. Also in Milton Dist., Rutherford Co., TN, page 71 is Nancy Murry.

    Children of Nancy Murry and Thomas Chambers is:

    5. Elizabeth5 Murry (William McLean4, James3, William2, John1) was born 1796 in TN or VA. She married Benjamin Hobson August 02, 1819 in Wilson Co., TN, son of Unknown Hobson and Sarah Boyd. He was born 1782 in Halifax Co., VA, and died Abt. 1838 in Wilson Co., TN.
    Notes for Elizabeth Murry:

    6. James L.5 Murry (William McLean4, James3, William2, John1) was born Abt. 1798. He married Cassa Yarnell December 28, 1819 in Wilson Co., TN. She was born Abt. 1800.
    Notes for James Murry:
    The names James and William Murry also came from descendant Wanda Bennett, Rt. 4, Box 61 Independence, KS 67301, 316 331-7103. Wanda said that James Murry was the father of Lemuel Gibson Murry and William Murry was James' father. The line came from Scotland, to PA, intermarried with the LINDLEY family, and moved to KY & TN. James Murry is supposed to have lived near Harrison, AR. She has not yet sent her file on this family as she said she would back in November, 1999.
    Sherry Jones wrote in E-mail dated 1/22/2000: "I just talked to Lorene Lovall to get my information straightened out. When I went to look at Dandridge, TN it was in Jefferson County, the eastern part of TN. So I had to call her to find out why I had written down Dandridge, TN on my notes. She read the marriage certificate to me again. She said it is written "James Murry L Dandridge, TN. and Cassa Yarnell of Wilson Co., married in Wilson Co., TN on 28 Dec 1819". So she thinks the capital L means lives or lived in Dandridge, not his middle initial, Sorry. Also, she is going to look for the lady's name who gave this info to her and promises to get it to us. She said it was several years ago. Dorene and her mother-in-law, Cora Belle Thomas, have done their research by mail, personal visits, and by telephone. She does not own a computer, has all this info in books, along with newspaper clippings from all kinds of events. I found the record of marriage of James and Cassa, in the index of marriages Wilson County, Tn. on US GenWeb last night. But, who are their children? Dorene also said, Cora Belle Thomas had taken the Bible's family history pages out of her grandmother, Ann Elizabeth Murry's, trunk when her grandmother was away visiting other children. Sherry"

  • 1850 Wilson Co., TN Census, page 20, 17th Civil Dist. as James MURRAY.
    There is a will recorded for a James MURRY dated 1853 in Wilson Co., TN Will Book #109, and one for John MURRY dated 1854 Will Book #115 (from "Index to Early TN Wills & Administrations" by Byron & Barbara Sistler 1990). There is also one recorded in 1848 for William MURRY Will Book #173 Wilson Co., TN. Others in the same book for Wilson Co., TN are: Thomas MURRAY 1822 Will Book #43; William C. MURRAY 1834 Will Book #106; Simon MURRY 1815 Will Book #17. The same given names and surnames can be found in Knox Co., TN.
    (The following was written in 2000 and has now been corrected as we know this James L. Murray was Lemuel's brother, and therefore also a son to Robert Johnson Murry and Susan Catherine Koonce - jkmc.) Another possible child to this family is James L. Murry b. c1828 who is found on the 1860 Wilson Co., TN census as age 32 and 1870 Wilson Co., TN census, age 42. Information on this man was sent to us in June 1999, by Joan who sent a large, well researched family tree on this man and his wife Frances KOONCE who was born c1828 in TN. Joan also has the SIMS surname in her tree. She wrote that her ancestor was Wendel M. Koonce who married a woman named Nancy, who MAY have been a MURRY. Wendel and Nancy had a son named Owen L. Koonce who married a woman named Arrena (variously spelled) SIMS in Rutherford Co., TN on 11 Jun 1841. Owen and Arrena Sims Koonce lived in Henderson Co., KY in 1870 (census). Arrena was the daughter of Benjamin SIMS (visit our HAYS/SIMS webpage here). Owen L. Koonce's sister was Frances Koonce who married James L. Murry. The children of James L. Murry/Murray and Frances Koonce were: Tennessee Malinda b. 1848; Robert b. 1851; Monroe b. 1853 who m. Nancy Koonce 1879 Wilson Co., TN; Catherine b. 1854; Fannie b. 1856; William b. 1858; Missouri b. 1860; James L. b. 1861; Alice b. 1864; and Louisa b. 1867. Joan also wrote that Owen L. Koonce had a cousin named Lemuel Gibson Koonce, who was the son of Tobias Koonce, a brother to Wendel Koonce. Tobias Koonce was born c1795 in Jones Co., NC, d. 03 Aug. 1857 in Wallace Creek, AR. He married Nancy ADAMS 1813 in Rutherford Co., TN. One of their children was a son named Willoby Adams Koonce b. c1820 who married Elizabeth MURRY 19 Feb 1842 in Rutherford Co., TN. Elizabeth Murry Koonce died in 1852 and Willoby remarried a lady named Elizabeth Jane Slaughter in 1853. Three of their children married into the MURRY family: Dorinda b. 1858 m. Miller MURRAY; Donah b. 1859 m. James MURRAY; and Emaline b. after 1870 m. Miller MURRAY (after her sister's death). Some of these people also lived in Milton, Rutherford Co., TN where our Lemuel Gibson Murry lived in 1850. Another KOONCE descendant was Susan Catherine b. 1804, possibly a sister to Lemuel or Wendel Koonce. She married Robert MURRAY 1822 in Rutherford Co., TN. Their children were: Mary J. b. 1831 m. John W. Adams; Robert (Jr.) b. c1834; Nancy b. c1836; Susan b. c1838; William b. c1840 m. Martha Koonce 1860 in Wilson Co., TN; and Elizabeth b. c1843. There are other intermarriages with this family too numerous to list here. With further research, maybe we can determine if our families did indeed connect with the KOONCE lines.

    Notes for Cassa Yarnell:
    Census from the Rick Yarnell's website on-line URL:

    7. Jeremiah5 Murry (William McLean4, James3, William2, John1) was born 1803 in TN., and died after 1860. He married Rhewry HESSEY Dec. 12, 1827 in Wilson Co., TN, daughter of John Hessey and Rebecca Hewgley. The bondsman for this marriage was William MURRAY. She was born Abt. 1808 in VA, and died 1884 in Wilson Co., TN.
    Notes for Jeremiah Murry:
    Children listed here are from the HESSEY file in the Wilson Co., TN Depot biographies.

    According to one entry in LDS Ancestry files, one Jeremiah Murry had a son named James Murry b. 1838 in TN, d. c1862 Ash Grove, Greene, MO. This file does show a marriage to Elizabeth BRAME Jan. 1855 Greene Co., MO. The James Murry, who fits this man's profile, is found in AR 1860. The following Wilson Co., TN deeds refer to Jeremiah MURRY:
  • Book T p. 486 John HESSEY to Jeremiah MURRAY 118ac in the 25th Dist. for the love & affection that I have for the said Jeremiah 13 Jan 1842.
  • Book X p. 366 Joseph RUTLAND to Jeremiah MURRAY 150ac in the 25th Dist. 29 Aug 1849.
    Children of Jeremiah Murry and Rhewry Hessey are:

    8. Mary Elizabeth5 Murry (William McLean4, James3, William2, John1) was born Abt. 1818 in TN. She married John Huguley Hessey December 17, 1836 in Wilson Co., TN. He was born Abt. 1816 in TN.
    Notes for Mary Murry:
    The bondsman for her marriage was Rev. William MURRY. There is a John HESSE on page 119 of the 1830 Wilson Co., TN census. The family was found on the 1850 Wilson Co., TN census, 25th Dist., page 40 house 50/877. If her age is correct on the census, she was born when her mother was 54 years old.
    Notes for John Huguley Hessey:
    Wilson Co., TN deeds, Book Q William MURRAY to John HESSEE 98ac on Stone's Creek 04 Oct 1836 page 619. Deed Book T p. 486 John HESSEY to Jeremiah MURRAY 118ac in the 25th Dist. for the love & affection that I have for him 13 Jan 1842. One John Hessey has a will recorded in Wilson Co., TN Will Book #125 for 1857.

    Children of Mary Murry and John Hessey are:

    9. John5 Murry (William McLean4, James3, William2, John1) was born Abt. 1802. He married Amy HESSEY 19 Oct 1825 Wilson Co., TN.
    Notes for JOHN MURRY:
    A John MURRAY was a bondsman for the marriage of Dandridge MOSS to Chatharine AVAINS (EVINS) 02 Oct 1823 Wilson Co., TN. The following Wilson Co., TN deeds refer to a John MURRY/MURRAY:

  • Book T p. 393 John HESSEY to John MURRAY for love & affection 146ac in the 25th Dist. 18 Mar 1839.
  • Book V p. 12 Joseph URTLAND to John MURRY 50ac 25th Dist. 21 Feb 1844.
  • Book W p. 246 Samuel MOTHERAL to John & Wright MURRY 150ac on Big Cedar Lick Creek 18 Mar 1839.

    Generation No. 3

    Lemuel Gibson Murry (proven to NOT be a son to this family - jkmc - 2007) was born Abt. 1826 in TN and died Abt. 1907 in Tolar, Hood, TX. He married Rebecca W. HAYS January 29, 1849 in Rutherford Co., TN, daughter of John HAYS and Lydia SIMS. She was born April 07, 1828 in TN (Source: 1880 Brightwater, Benton Co., AR census, listed as Rebecca W. 52yrs, b. TN, father b. VA, mother b. VA.), and died November 02, 1892 in Winslow, Washington, AR. See the MURRY page for more on this line.

    11. James6 Murry (James5, William McLean4, James3, William2, John1) was born Abt. 1835 in TN, and died 1863 in Omaha, Boone, AR. He married Elizabeth Brame 1855 in Greene Co., MO, daughter of Paul Brame and Margaret McGee. She was born April 10, 1833 in IL, and died 1896 in Omaha, Boone, AR.
    Notes for James Murry:
    Is this the same man who was brother to Lemuel? (The answer appears below - but, apparently, he is not a brother to our Lemuel.) Or is he a son to Jeremiah MURRY as listed in LDS files? (According to Dave Colcleaser, he IS the son of a Jeremiah Murray, but the question remains as to whether he is of any relationshop to my MURRY family. All data left here until a positive/negative connection can be proven.) There is a listing in 1860 Madison Co., AR, p. 348 h. 51-51, Cedar Creek P. O. for James MURRAY, 25 b. Unk., Elizabeth 23 MS, William 4 Ms, Mary 3, MS, and Martha 8/12 months b. AR. Lemuel's name is also spelled MURRAY on the 1860 Madison Co., AR census. Lemuel's family lived in Cedar Creek also, page 351, house 69-69. James Murry's family is listed here for research purposes only - not proven yet. In 1850 Greene Co., MO census, the following MURRAY men lived in Cass Twp, p. 351: John R., James and John.
    Dave Colcleaser, sent E-mail in Dec. 1999 and he believes the above group found in Madison Co., AR 1860 may be the same family. Here is what he has on his line: "James MURRY, born 1838 in TN and died 1863 in Omaha, Boone, AR. Married Elizabeth Brame, b. 1833 in IL and died 1896 in Omaha, Boone, AR. Marriage was in 1855 in Green County, MO. Their children were:
    1) William Alexander Murry, b. Oct 15, 1855 in Berryville, Carroll, AR and died on Aug 22, 1923 on the Pawhuska, Osage Indian Reservation in Osage County, OK
    2) Mary Margret Murry, b. Oct 1857 in Berryville, Carroll, AR and died 1942 in Walnut Grove, Green County, MO.
    3) Martha Ann Murry, b. Nov 25, 1859 in Berryville, Carroll, AR and died 4 Sep 1901 in Green, MO.
    4) Nancy Villena Murry, b. Jan 1862 in Berryville, Carroll, AR and died Nov 1902 in Omaha, Boone, AR.
    Dave has not been able to confirm the relationship with Jeremiah or James' line yet (Feb. 2000).
    One James Murray is listed on the Arkansas Land Records:
    MURRAY, JAMES R Madison Co. 14 16N 27W 40 1882/03/30
    Notes for Elizabeth Brame:
    Dates from LDS, not proven. Updated information from Dave Colcleaser dated April 24, 2000: "Thought I'd pass on some information I was able to track down on the James Murray and family found in the 1860 Madison Co., AR Census. James' parents are Jeremiah Murray and Mary Hammontree. They are all found in the 1830 and 1850 Blount County, TN census. James and other members of the Murray family then moved to Greene County, MO and he married Elizabeth Brimm in Lawrence County, MO on Aug 29, 1854. I still haven't been able to find out if James died in Madison, AR or Greene, MO. Some of his children, including my gg-grandfather, William, moved back to Greene County, MO. Anyways, Jeremiah's parents were James Murray Jr. b. 1789 in Blount County, TN and Elizabeth Laney, b. abt 1793 in Blount County, TN. Dave.

    Children of James Murry and Elizabeth Brame are:

    Interesting Miscellaneous MURRY/MURRAY Items

    "Early History of Middle Tennessee" by Edward Albright, 1908:

    ......Joseph HAY was alone down on the Lick Branch between the Bluff and Freeland's Station, when a skulking party of savages who were hiding in the cane shot and scalped him. They then beat a hasty retreat, carrying away with them his gun, hunting knife, shot pouch and powder horn. His body was buried by the settlers in the open ground on a point of land east of Sulphur Spring. .......a number of the settlers were killed within what are now the city limits of Nashville. D. LARIMER was shot, scalped and beheaded near Freeland's Station. Isaac LEFEORE met a like fate on the west bank of the river near the end of the Louisville & Nashville railroad bridge. Soloman MURRY, Soloman PHILLIPS, and Robert ASPEY were fired upon while at work near where the Fogg High School building now stands. MURRY and ASPEY were killed, the savages taking away the scalp of the former........Hugh WEBB and Henry RAMSEY, the latter one of Colonel ROBERTSON'S trusted scouts, were returning from Kentucky, where they had gone for a supply of ammunition and salt. While following the trail between Morgan's Station and Greenfield, in Sumner County, they were waylaid and shot through and through. In February John HELIN was at work a short distance from Johnathan ROBERTSON'S station, six miles below Nashville. A band of horse thieves came by, shot HELIN, stole a drove of horses from a neighboring field and hurried off south toward the Creek nation. A party known as Captain MURRY'S company gave chase. In this company among others were Thomas COX, Robert EVANS, Jacob CASTLEMAN, Luke ANDERSON and William PILLOW. It will be remembered that CASTLEMAN, ANDERSON and PILLOW were with Captain SHANNON on the expedition to the Tennessee River during which the chief Big Foot was killed. They crossed Duck River, in Maury County, five miles below Columbia. Continuing their pursuit day and night they overtook the Indians on the bank of the Tennessee in North Alabama. The savages, thinking themselves beyond danger, were taken unawares, having been betrayed by the smoke from their camp fires. While yet undiscovered, Captain MURRY and his men were able to completely surround them, leaving the river as their only avenue of escape. The scouts stationed on the hillside above opened fire, killing one of their number, whereupon, finding their flight hedged about on every side, some of them jumped into the river. The latter were shot by some of the troops, who, suspecting this movement, had taken position within range. Several of the savages made an effort to conceal themselves along the bank, but were found out and killed. The entire band, consisting of eleven warriors, was destroyed. There were with them several squaws, who were taken prisoners but later released.

    1850 Wilson Co., TN census index

    1850 Rutherford Co., TN census index:

    Obits from Early TN Newspapers 1794-1851 edited by Silas E. Lucas, Jr. 1978

    Eastern Third of Rutherford Co., TN - Cemetery Lists, prepared by the Historical Society in books found the the Rutherford Co., TN Archives, 3rd floor of the courthouse:

    From Ancestry.com - American Revolutionary War Rejected Pensions - Mark MURRAY of Lebanon, Wilson Co., TN, refused "For proof from the North Carolina records". There is one Mark MURRY on the 1790 Halifax Dist., Halifax Co., NC census, listed with 9 "all other free persons". There is also a Mark MURRAY 94yrs b. VA on the 1850 Rutherford Co., TN census p. 221-655 with Lucy 61 NC, Ann J. 50, Martha A. 26, Dicy RICHERSON 14. In 1860 Wilson Co., TN p.26-264 listed as a black family: Ann MURRAY 60, Lucy 70, Billy 15, Polly 12.

    RUTHERFORD Co., TN Marriages 1805-1850

    WILSON Co., TN Marriages

    • MURRAY, Abram to Polly HOLTON (HUTTON) 31 Aug 1820
    • MURRAY, James to Cassa YARNALL 28 Dec 1819
    • MURRAY, John to Amy HESSEY 18 Oct 1825
    • MURRAY, Joseph B. to Ceulda T. CHANDLER 26 Jan 1843
    • MURRAY, Nathaniel to Jane HEARN 18 Dec 1837
    • MURRAY, Raulston B. to Susan SCOTT 27 Mar 1838
    • MURRY, Elizabeth to Benjamin HOPSON 02 Aug 1819
    • MURRY, James to Cassa YARNELL 28 Dec 1819
    • MURRY, Jeremiah to Rhewry HESSY 12 Dec 1827
    • MURRY, Louiza to John T. LEE 26 Jul 1828
    • MURRY, Samuel (black male) to Julia MARTIN 16 Sep 1865
    • MURRY, Samuel J. to Malinda COLLINS 05 Apr 1858
    • MURRY, Tempy to Jesse GRIMES 03 Sep 1827
    • MURRY, Vincent A. to Vennie RUTLAND 03 Nov 1859
    • MURRY, William to Alethia S. MATLOCK 09 Oct 1830
    • MURRY, William to Martha KOONSE 17 Jun 1860

    DAVIDSON Co., TN Marriages 1788 to 1850

    • MURRAY, Thomas to Rebecca McKAY 08 May 1806
    • MURREY, Joshua to Nan M. VICK 06 Jul 1831
    • MURREY, Robert to Hodessa THOMPSON 19 Dec 1827
    • MURREY, Thomas to Hannah BUSHART 12 Oct 1790
    • MURREY, William P. to Sarah Ann ALLEN 23 Jan 1841
    • MURRY, John M. to Polly JACKSON 17 Sep 1818
    • MURRY, Mark W. to Temperance MURRY 24 Sep 1827
    • MURRY, William to Margaret BOYD 31 Mar 1790
    • MURRY, William to Elizabeth PILLOW 16 Jul 1795

    SUMNER Co., TN Early Marriages

    • MURRY, Joseph to Sarah DAVIS 24 Feb 1819
    • MURRY, Alsey to Polly GARRISON 23 Dec 1839
    • MURRY, Daniel H. to Harriet H. SWIFT 28 May 1836
    • MURRY, H. I. to Mary HARPER 19 Oct 1838
    • MURRY, Sameul D. to Mary Anne CLENDENING 21 Apr 1843
    • MURRY, Simpson to Sarah Ann HONEYCUTT 26 Dec 1847
    • MURRY, William to Mary J. BUGG 07 Nov 1850

    IGI Entry: Cupia MURRY b. 30 Jan 1875 in Cainsville, Wilson Co., TN., to Robert MURRY and Duratha SIMS. Cupia m. John Thomas SUMMERS 14 Apr 1892 Cainsville, Wilson Co., TN. (Note: is this the Agnes Diretha Sims b. 15 May 1851 to Mathias and Sally Roberson SIMS? She is listed on the IGI as such.)

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