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A Synopsis of the History of Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

From the Chapter Written by Niel McLANE

Below are the names of Bostonians, men of wealth and title, listed on a petition to the Assembly of the province of the Massachusetts Bay, in New England, for a grant of six miles square for a township dated 1735 which was to become the Town of New Boston, New Hampshire in 1763:

    Benjamin BAGNALD
    John BOYDELL
    Ebenezer BRIDGE
    Thomas BULFINCH
    John CARNES
    Richard CHECKLY
    Benjamin CLARK
    Charles COFFIN
    John CROCKER
    James DAY
    Thomas DOWNS
    John ERVING
    Thomas FOSTER
    Daniel GOFFE
    James GOULD
    John GREEN
    Joseph GREENE
    Rufus GREENE
    Thomas GREENE
    James HALSEY
    Thomas HANCOCK
    Joshua HENSHAW, Jr.
    John HILLS
    John HOMANS
    Henry HOWELL
    Jacob HURD
    Robert JENKINS
    Zachariah JOHONETT
    John LARABEE
    Andrew LANE
    William LEE
    Job LEWIS
    Daniel LORING
    Byfield LYDE
    Daniel PECKER
    John READ
    William SALTER
    John SIMPSON
    William SPEAKMAN
    John SPOONER
    John STEEL
    Joshua THOMAS
    James TOWNSEND
    John TYLER
    Samuel TYLER
    Isaac WALKER
    Gilbert WARNER
    John WILLIAMS, Jr.

Approval was gained and a committee was appointed with Jeremiah CUMMINGS the surveyor who laid out the township. Chainmen were Zacheus LOVEWELL and James CUMMINGS. Zacheus LOVEWELL lived in Dunstable (now Nashua) and was said to have attained the oldest age of any man that ever lived in New Hampshire.

The earliest New Boston settler was Thomas Smith. Click here to read an interesting article about him. After Smith came Thomas COCHRAN, Thomas WILSON, James HUNTER and James CALDWELL, settling the east part of the town. On the west side was George CRISTY, and to the south was John McALLISTER. William BLAIR and John BLAIR lived in the northern section. Between the years 1742 and 1748, most all of the settlers were Scotch-Irish, who came to New Boston from Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH. Directly from Scotland came the settler John McALLISTER. Others came a little later, also from Londonderry - the CLARKS, CROMBIES, McCOLLOMS, and the McCURDYS to name a few. The 1756 and 1790 census for New Boston can be viewed here, showing many of these same names.

Early New Boston settlers were desirous of a preacher and the records indicate that on 28 Nov 1758, the proprietors agreed to send a letter by John McALLISTER to Thomas COCHRAN to convene the settelrs, and agree upon a site for the meeting house and also a suitable location for a public "Burying-Place". Lot 79, on the northern slope of the hill, was selected as a desirable spot for the meeting-house. Land near Andrew WALKER's was sold to defray expenses for one hundred acres of property. Some disagreements arose as to exactly where the meeting house would be, but eventually they settled for a committe composed of the following: Matthew PATTEN, John CHAMBERLAIN, Samuel PATTEN. This committe wrote: "Pursuant to the vote and desire at the meeting held at Dunstable, in the Province of New Hampshire, the 14th of September, 1762, We, the subscribers, have attended the business therein mentioned at said meeting, desiring us to choose a proper place to build a meeting-house in New Boston; we viewed the place or premises, heard the reasonings of the Proprietors and inhabitants of said town and do report to the said Propriety that Lot 79, in the second division and near the centre of said lot, on the south side of Piscataquog River, south of a Red Oak tree marked with letter C, near the grave of a child buried there, is the most proper place or spot to build meeting-house on in town, according to our judgement".....signed 24 Jul 1763 by the committe named above.

New Boston was incorporated by the government of New Hampshire on 18 Feb 1763. The town citizens petitioned Col. John GOFFE to call the first town metting to choose the town officers, to gather money for the town services, and to pay for a preacher. That first town meeting was held 10 Mar 1763 in Deacon Thomas COCHRAN's home. These were the choices determined from the old record: Moderator-Thomas COCHRAN; Town Clerk-Alexander McCOLLUM; five Selectment - Thomas COCHRAN, James McFERSON, Nathaniel COCHRAN, John McALLISTER and John CARSON; Constable - Thomas WILSON; Highway Surveyors - Matthew CALDWELL, John SMITH, James WILSON, George CRISTY, Thomas BROWN; Tithingmen - Abraham COCHRAN, Samuel NICKLES; Hog-Reeves - William GRAY, John BURNS; Deer-Keepers - John CARSON; Commissioner of Assessments - John COCHRAN; Pound-Master for the Mill - Thomas COCHRAN; Accountant - Matthew CALDWELL, James WILSON.

Soldiers of New Boston, NH

Just in time for Veteran's Day 1999, researcher Nancy Smith , E-mail [email protected], has presented a gift to us all. She provided the below transcription of two war rosters from a monument in the New Boston town square. Inscriptions on both sides included other wars such as French and Indian, Civil, etc. On a separate monument nearby was: "Here at New Boston, NH Roger W. Babson and his associates pioneered in active research for anti-gravity and a partial gravity insulator. 1959" .........Thank you so much, Nancy, for your contributions.
New England Flag

    Abbott,(drum) Stephen
    Aikin, Lieut. Ninian
    Allen, John
    Andrews, Capt. Joseph
    Ballard, Maj. William H.
    Beal, Obadiah
    Beard, Ensign William
    Boyd, Samuel
    Boyes, Capt. William
    Burns, John
    Burns, Jr. John
    Burns, Corp. James
    Butler, Sergt. Tobias
    Buxton, Capt. Benjamin
    Caldwell, James
    Caldwell, Samuel
    Campbell, Lieut. Robert
    Clark, James
    Cochran, Elijah
    Cochran, James
    Cochran, Sergt. John
    Cristy, Capt, George
    Cristy, Lieut. Jesse
    Curtice, Jacob
    Cushing, John
    Dickey, Elias
    Dikes, Stephen
    Dodge, Benjamin
    Dodge, Elisha
    Dodge, Jr. Elisha
    Dodge, Gideon
    Dodge, Jr. Gideon
    Dodge, Jacob
    Dodge, Malachi
    Dodge, Nehemiah
    Dodge, Noah
    Dodge, Simon
    Dustin, Eliphalet
    Fairfield, Capt. Matthew
    Flanders, Jacob
    Flint, Sergt. Nathaniel
    Giles, Corp. Thomas
    Goodrich, Lieut. Ezeriel
    Gordon, John
    Glover[Grover?], (drum) Henry
    Gregg, Jr Ens. Alexander
    Gregg, John
    Gregg, Lessley
    Gregg, Reuben
    Gun, Sam
    Haradon, Joseph
    Harrick, Edmond
    Haselton, Joseph
    Hitchings, Josiah
    Hogg, Sergt. Abner
    Hogg, James
    Hooper, Thomas
    Hopkins, Robert
    Howe, Aaron
    Hunter, John
    Jones, Joshua
    Jordon, Sergt. John
    Langdell, Livermore
    Langdell, Thomas
    Lamson, Joseph
    Little, Taylor
    Livermore, Daniel
    Livingston, Sergt. William
    Livingston, Corp. Robt.
    Lowell, John
    Marden, Lemuel
    Margery, Jonathan
    Matthews, Thomas
    Merrill, Mark
    Morgan, Josiah
    Morgan, William
    Moore, George
    Mullet, Thomas
    McAllester, Archibald
    McAllester, John
    McAllester, Joseph
    McCurdy, John
    McDonald, John
    McEntire, Andrew
    McFerson, James
    McFerson, John
    McFerson, Paul
    McLaughlin, Jr. John
    McMillen, Archibald
    McMillen, John
    McMillen, Jr. John
    McMillen, Daniel
    McMullen, James
    McNeil, Daniel
    McNeil, John
    McNeil, Thomas
    Parker, John
    Patterson, Alexander
    Patterson, Robert
    Patterson, Jr. Robert
    Patterson, Samuel
    Patterson, William
    Powel, Samuel
    Powel, William
    Reed, Zadock
    Scoby, David
    Silver, Obadiah
    Smith, Sergt. John
    Smith, Thomas
    Smith, Jonathan
    Smith, Johnson
    Smith, Reuben
    Spiller, Samuel
    Steward, John
    Steward, Matthew
    Stone, Capt. Benj
    Stone, John
    Stephens, William
    Toplin, John
    Young, Abraham
    Young, Nathaniel
    Walker, Alexander
    Walker, James
    Walker, Robert
    Warren, Josiah
    Waugh, James
    Waugh, Robert
    Waugh, William
    Welch, Sergt. John
    Welch, 2nd Lieut ______
    Whitcher, Richard
    White, Andrew
    White, William
    Wilson, Alexander
    Wilson, James
    Wilson, Jr James
    Wilson, Ensign ____
    Wright, William
    Wyman, Timothy

Merron, Fred
Weaver, Karl

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