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Homeward Bound

"Homeward Bound", a copy of an oil painting by Charles Vickery

Middlesex Co., VA

Our First Known SHELTON Family in America

So may these humble pages keep
Some trace of others' toils and tears.
Love's treasure, rescued from the deep
Of the forgotten years!

Rev. Warren R. Cochrane, 1895

Prior to the Oct. 10, 1702 Middlesex Co, VA County Court Session, Ralph SHELTON was imported to North America, along with six other persons, by Thomas Merriwether (who was granted a headright for this importation): source - Essex County, VA Court Order Book 1699-1702, (Deeds and Wills Vol 10, p. 133). Ralph's surname was spelled SHELDON in this document. Probably, he was at least 18 years of age. There is no evidence that Ralph Shelton served a formal indenture as an indentured servant, since no release or other documents have been located in support of this matter.

Researcher and author, Ken Shelton, who has a copy of the will, said that Merriwether wrote in his will (Essex Co. Deed & Will Book 1707-1711, p. 185-187): ...I give unto Ralph Shelton & his heirs forever sixty five acres of land granted to me by Patent beginning to the lands of RICE JONES *see note below & John Leh__le the land formerly belonging to Capt Edward Thomas..... At the end of the document, Ralph is a WITNESS to the will as well. This means Ralph could read and write, and was educated to some extent. The clerk transcribed his signature as Ralph Shelteon even though he spelled it Shelton within the text of the will itself. Dated 27 Jan 1708/9, probated 10 Feb 1708/9. The land was near the Dragon Swamp of Essex County (later Middlesex County). What relationship there might have been is unknown, but usually this type of bequest indicated a strong relationship.

From the Knights5@aol.com mailing list for the surname SHELTON, comes this interesting thought from one of the members, Jan (her 1997 E-mail address was jan241@apex.net):

".......am researching the Meriwethers and in touch with the Meriwether Society. They have the theory that Ralph was a Skelton and that Thomas married his sister, Susannah. They base this on the fact that everyone in Thomas's will were family named as brother, sister, nephew; except for Ralph. They think that is the reason Thomas imported Ralph. That and the fact that Thomas bequeathed to Ralph in his will 65 acres. Dr.Frank Shelton has another area to explore. In the mentioned will of Thomas he asks to sell his tobacco and to pay his debts to Messr. Micajah Perry, London merchant. Dr.Frank thinks if we knew more of Mr. Perry and his type of trade it would lead to more clues as to Ralph's parents."
This is a good theory, worth exploring, and might well explain just why Thomas Meriwether gave Ralph Shelton the 65 acre legacy in his 1708/9 will. For many people, this SHELTON research is confusing for several reasons. There was another Ralph SHELTON, a younger man than our ancestor, who was of King William County. He married Mary Pollard. The two Ralph Sheltons lived, according to Jan, on opposite sides of the Dragon Swamp and were about 15 years apart in age. This was established by a bond for 200 pounds in King William County dated 30 Sep 1703, entered into by Joseph Bickley of King and Queen County with Major John Waller, (see notes below regarding Crispen Shelton's children), King William Co., to cover two years schooling for Ralph Shelton, son of Mrs. Sarah Gissage, whom Bickley contemplated marrying soon. A good article on "the two Ralphs" can be found at Brian Eddy's helpful website (outdated URL - if you know about his new URL, please let me know). In correspondance from Katherine Snow 2/2000, she wrote that the marriage of Ralph Shelton (supposedly b. c1698, while our Ralph SHELTON was b. 1685) and Mary Pollard occurred 05 Dec 1721, which certainly would exclude Mary ?Crisp/Crispen? from being the same person as Mary Pollard. I have not researched the SHELTON/POLLARD connection, so I cannot say for certain if this is all true.

It is unknown who the parents of our Ralph Shelton were at this time. Some researchers would like to believe that Ralph was the son of Peter Shelton and his wife Susannah Jaxon/Jackson, but it appears this assumption is incorrect after all the evidence is viewed. There were men named Ralph Shelton in early England records, but no connection with proof has yet been located. Kenneth Shelton, who wrote "The Shelton Trek Across Kentucky", (LIBRARY of CONGRESS Call #CS71.S545 1987a), said on page 7 of his book that he believed Ralph Shelton was not a son to Peter Shelton. He believed that Peter was actually a CHILTON. Although Peter CHILTON (1664-1718) did live in Middlesex Co., VA, he left a will which did not name a Ralph Shelton as a son, and all of Peter Chilton's children are noted in the Christ Church Parish Register (no Ralph was listed there). Ralph Shelton, by English primogenitor law, would have been included in this will if he was the first born son and by law would have inherited Peter Chilton's 100 acres of land had he been the son as claimed by some researchers. Why would Ralph SHELTON b. 1685, be "imported" if this supposed father, Peter Shelton/Chilton, was already residing in America, as documents prove? Ralph Shelton simply was NOT a son to Peter Chilton/Shelton. The following is another comprehensive message regarding this issue. It was also posted to the Knight5@aol.com SHELTON mailing list:

Subject: Chilton vs. Shelton, Date: 7 Jun 1999, From: Kin97@aol.com, To: Knights5@aol.com
"Dr. Frank H. Shelton wrote a pamphlet Sheltons in the Christ Church Parish Register-in Virginia, copyright 1985. He descends from Ralph & Mary, through their first son Thomas. Source of his information is "The Parish Register of Christ Church Parish of Middlesex Co., Va From 1653-1812" published by the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Virginia, Richmond: Wm Ellis Jones, Steam Book And Job Printer - 1897. Also, Essex Co. Court Records. I quote the following.
"There are records for Peter Chelton (and descendants) in the Christ Church Parish Register from 1685 when Peter Chilton married Susan Jaxon until 1725 when Abby was born to ZebuIon & Mary Chelton. Over this period of 38 years and three generations it was always Chilton/Chelton. There was never any mixing of the Shelton and Chelton names over a period of many years in the Christ Church Parish Register. There is only one exception to this fact: unaccountably on page 54 "Peter ye sone of Peter & Susanna Shelton baptz ye 15th November 1687" does a Shelton enter into the Chilton's records and never a Chilton in the Shelton's records of Christ Church Parish.
The above Parish Register records indicate the following concerning the Peter Chilton family: Peter Chilton 1st married in 1684 Susanhah Jackson and by her had William and Peter (Jr) - 1687. Peter Chilton then married 2nd Abigail and by her had Henry - 1691, Thomas and Zebulon. Peter Chilton died October 1718 and his widow Abigail Chelton married Robert Holderness a short time later - Feb 1719."......"I think that Dr. Frank Shelton provides the most compelling evdence, backed up by direct research, that Peter was not a Shelton. Also that he could not have been the father of Ralph. Regards, Wayne Shelton

Read more on the SHELTON/MERIWETHER connections here at Glen Shelton's page: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~vapittsy/SheltonGen.html. For an excellent overview of the SHELTON families, read an updated post (June 2005) at SHELTON message board (Ancestry.com) by Hildred Shelton. Click here to read this interesting post.

By 1707, Ralph Shelton's name is found on the Christ Church Parish Register with the birth record of his first child, Thomas Shelton. After his importation, Ralph Shelton lived in Middlesex Co., VA for the remainder of his life. He was listed as a Surveyor and Appraiser, and primary occupation as a planter. Ralph was qualified as a general county road maintenance surveyor based on an entry in the Christ Church Vestry Book (page 201 of original, November to March, year not noted in book but context places it c1727, "ordered that Mr. Garrot Daniel and Mr. Ralph Shelton procession every particular person's land between Briery Swamp (from the Millstone Valley to the Dragon Swamp), and the upper end of the county, and from the main road to the Dragon Swamp, on the south side of the main road". Birth and baptismal records on most of Ralph's children are given in Christ Church Register. Ralph Shelton's will was dated 10 Mar 1733 in Middlesex Co., VA., and proven in 02 Apr 1734. Elizabeth Davis (daughter), his wife Mary Shelton and his son Thomas Shelton were appointed as his executors. Click here to view a transcribed version of the will.

Ralph Shelton supposedly married Mary ?CRISP/CRISPEN? (no proof has yet been found for her correct maiden name) c1706 in Middlesex Co., VA. She was reported to have been the daughter of Thomas and Mary (LONG) CRISPEN/CRISP who married 18 May 1687. I have no good source for this data, and it is NOT proven. Mary remarried after her husband's death in 1734 to William CLARK. From VA Vital Records #1 1600-1800 (Family Tree Maker CD #174), Broderbund, pages 259-260 of "Abstracts of VA Wills of Pittsylvania Co., VA 1803-1860", printed in "The Magazine of History and Biography - The William and Mary Quarterly and Tylers Quarterly", will of Mary CLOCK (sic), Parish of Nottoway, Amelia County, was dated 30 Jun 1750, probated 29 Aug 1770 (Mary had died in 1765). This document was witnessed by Crespen (sic) SHELTON, and John SHELTON. She named her "legitimate sons" Ralph Shelton, John Shelton, Crispen Shelton, Benjamin Shelton, James Shelton, and grandchildren Reuben Shelton and Patience Catesby BLOCKEY to whom she gave 1 shilling sterling. She gave her daughter Elizabeth DAVID (the name was actually DAVIS) the best of her wearing clothes, and her son Daniel Shelton and his heirs all the rest of her estate. For a more precise look at this will, click here to view information sent by Ken Shelton.

Christ Church
Christ Church, Middlesex Co., VA - from Harper's Magazine

1. Thomas, bapt. 09 Nov 1707, d. 24 Mar 1741/42 Middlesex Co., VA. (Christ Church Parish Records), m. 04 Jan 1729/30 Mary PROBERT, b. 16 Nov 1708 Middlesex Co., VA., d. aft. June 1742, the daughter of William and Hannah Unknown PROBERT (names from the Christ's Church Parish Register).

Named in his father's will .....and if my widow should marry, my son Thomas Shelton shall take care of my children, and if Thomas dies, then my two sons, Ralph Shelton and Crispin Chelton (sic) should care for them. April Miller's book "Shelton County - A Genealogy of Pittsylvania County's Largest Family" (book located at the LDS Morman Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT.), has information on this line. She wrote that after Thomas died, his grandchildren, from four of his sons, migrated for the most part to Greenville Co., VA and then into central North Carolina. Thomas Shelton's will, found in Middlesex Co., VA, Will Book C, page 91, was probated on 07 Jun 1743. "The Sheltons Lineal Descendants from Ancient, Medieval & Modern Kings & from Fifteen Sureties for the Magna Charta" by Kathryn Morris Brown, published in Knoxville, TN 1981, page 65 gives the date of death for Mary and the marriage date as 14 Jan. 1730 in Middlesex Co., VA., and includes the birth dates for her children. This author added the child Micajah, not seen on other sources. Mary Shelton was the administratrix of Thomas Shelton, dec'd, probate record dated 07 Jun 1743.
CHILDREN: Reuben b. 06 May 1733 m. Priscilla M. MEDLEY; Josiah b. c1735 m. Elizabeth Unknown; Mary b. 21 Feb 1738, died young; Thomas b. 02 May 1740, d. 1802 Orange Co., NC, m. Catherine MUNDAY; and Micajah b. 20 Jun 1742 (reported to have moved to NC). Much more information can be found on this line in WFT Vol. 30 Tree #1350.

2. Ralph b. 23 Oct 1709 Middlesex Co., VA. (Christ Church Parish Records), d. March 1789 Henry Co., VA., m. 10 Jun 1731 Mary DANIEL, daughter of William DANIEL and Mary MOSELEY of Middlesex Co., VA.

For more on these lines, click on the underlined names.

3. Elizabeth b. 1711 Middlesex Co., VA., d. c1784 Hanover Co., VA., m. 09 Oct 1728 William DAVIS who was born 1699 (christined 1700 Christ Church, Middlesex Co. VA), d. 13 Mar 1732/33 Middlesex Co., VA., the son of John DAVIS and Catherine RAGLAND (source William Davis E-mail erich@jjt.com).

In Broderbund's CD Virginia Genealogist, Pittsylvania County Tax Records, page 326, William Davis is shown with 1 tithe in 1767. James Harmon E-mail jharmon@earthlink.net researches this line.
CHILDREN: Elizabeth m. Pettus RAGLAND; Catherine m. James RAGLAND (Pettus' brother); John Dabney b. 22 Jan 1743 m. Anne Ragland TINSLEY; Tolifero; David; Meridith; Evan; William; and Steven m. Elizabeth BOWE.

4. Crispen b. 01 Apr 1713 Middlesex Co., VA. (Christ Church Parish Records), d. 29 Oct 1787 Pittsylvania Co., VA., m. Letitia UNKNOWN c1733, and later a Mary BAUFORD.

The Bauford surname was provided by Millie, E-mail GeneSeek@aol.com, her source unknown. A marriage record is found in "Marriage Records of Pittsylvania Co., VA 1767-1805" a section of the book "The Sheltons-Lineal Descendants from Ancient, Medieval and Modern Kings and from Fifteen Sureties for the Magna Charta" by Kathryn Morris Brown (published 1981 Knoxville, TN). This record shows that Gabriel Shelton also married a Mary Beuford..surety Reddick Shelton..she signed her own consent..married by Rev. Thomas Payne. You can click here to read an entry at GenForum by Janet Hunter pertaining to this line. Interesting too, is the following E-mail sent by Jan Shelton Nixon Sept. 2000:
"I am lead to believe that Gabriel's wife Mary Buford was Mary Waller Buford. Following is correspondence from a Lewis researcher: " Miller correctly notes that Gabriel Shelton's second marriage was to Mary Buford on 29 Jun 1794. In my opinion Mary Buford was born Mary Waller. This opinion is based on the following records.
The Will of Major Waller, written 23 Jan 1793, and probated 11 Dec 1794, in Nottoway Co., VA names wife Elizabeth Waller, his daughters, Susannah Parham (who married James Parham), MARY BUFORD, Elizabeth Ellis, Christianna Bennett, Dicey Waller, and his sons John, William, Hampton, Garred, and Major Waller.
An Order Book entry for the Nottoway County Court for 7 May 1796, names the following litigants:
Susannah Parham
William Ellis and Eliza his wife
Richard Bennett and Christianna his wife
John Waller
Garred Waller-Exors of Major Waller, dec'd.
William Waller
Hampton Waller
Dicey Waller- Infants and orphans of Major Waller, dec'd."
Jan continued her thoughts: It is interesting that Major John Waller (1) signed the bond for Ralph Shelton who married Mary Pollard (see above notes) and (2) is the father of one of Gabriel's wives. Coincidence?...or family connections? Also interesting is that Gabriel and Mary were married by Rev.Thomas Payne as I think Gabriel's mother Lettice was a Payne, dau. of a Thomas. The problem area here is I have 3 Thomas Paynes and trying to sort the lot." We certainly thank Jan for these tantalizing comments. More research in this area is needed though.

From the ROOTS-L mailing list for SHELTON surname: Crispin Shelton sold two portions of his 620 acres in 1746, 155 acres to Henry Bueford of Amelia and 203 acres to James Beuford of Orange County. The deeds place the land ....on the south side of Rocky Creek in the forks of Nottaway....and recite that....Letice his second wife, joined Crispin in the sale. Ralph Shelton and Benjamin Shelton signed both deeds as witnesses. Henry Buford and William Buford were witnesses to the father Ralph's will in Middlesex in 1733 (posted by Janet Hunter, June 2001)

CHILDREN: Lewis b. c1734; William b. 04 Mar 1734/35; Abraham b. c1737 m. Chloe ROBERTSON; Gabriel b. c1739 m. (1) Elizabeth SHEPHERD (line of Patty Smith 24 Mar 1762 (2) Mary Waller Buford 29 Jun 1794; Spencer b. c1743 m. Clara SHELTON; Beaverly b. c1744 m. Anne COLEMAN; Jane b. c1745 m. William TODD; Susan b. c1746 m. Griffith DICKERSON; Armistead b. c1750 m. Susannah SHELTON; Vincent b. c1751 m. Susannah ROBERTSON; and Elizabeth b. c1753 m. Moses HURT.

5. Reuben b. 01 Feb 1714/15, d. 08 Oct 1715 Middlesex Co., VA. (Christ Church Parish Records).

6. Mary b. 21 Jan 1715/16, d. 18 Jul 1719 Middlesex Co., VA. (Christ Church Parish Records).

7. Catherine b. 26 Jan 1718/19 Middlesex Co., VA. (Christ Church Parish Records), d. c1745, m. 31 Dec 1743 (bond date) George BLAKEY, b. 03 Apr 1716 Middlesex Co., VA.

In Broderbund's CD Virginia Genealogist, Middlesex County Marriage Records, page 321, the marriage bond is signed by Robert Daniel, brother of Mary Daniel who married Ralph Shelton. George married again, after his first wife's death, to Clara (Smith) DANIEL, widow of Garrett DANIEL (bond dated 28 Apr 1746). Garrett DANIEL was reportly a son to Robert and Margaret (Price) DANIEL, and a cousin to Mary (Daniel) SHELTON.
CHILD of Catherine & George BLAKEY: Patience Catesby BLAKEY.

8. John b. 19 Jul 1722 Middlesex Co., VA. (Christ Church Parish Records), d. 1804 Pittsylvania Co., VA., m. Elizabeth (some say Elizabeth LAWSON 30 Jul 1760, but this is not verified by me).

Some researchers say that John's will was written 18 Nov 1777 and proven 13 July 1778, however this would appear to be a different John SHELTON. The children attributed to him are named in the will of John Shelton 1801 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. The book "Families of James Shelton of McMinn Co., TN and His Father Roderieck Shelton of Buncombe Co., NC and Their Antecedents" by Arthur Paul Shelton Aug 1987 gives his wife's name as Susan HOARD/HOWARD, so I don't know which is correct, but the marriage date with Elizabeth may actually be for a John Shelton, Jr. Vonette Curtis E-mail alvon@apex.net says John was elected a Lieutenant in the Rev. War in Pittsylvania Co.,VA. "The Sheltons, by Clay HENSLEY and Zelois HENSLEY, privately printed, 1988, page 47 (keep in mind, many researchers refute this data): "John Shelton, b. 7-19-1722, bapt. 8-12-1722 sold his land in Amelia Co. 8-25-1774, deed signed by wife Elizabeth, and moved to Mecklenburg County where his sister Catherine Blakey lived. Wife Elizabeth died before John made his will 11-18-1777, probated 7-13-1778. He signed John Shelton, Sr., and named only his eldest son Mark and his grandson William, son of Mark, son John was not named. Mark was executor of his father's will. After the death of their parents Mark and John went on to Pittsylvania Co., VA., where their father's brothers had settled earlier. The wills of both Mark and John were made in Pittsylvania Co in 1801. After John Sr's will was prob. in July, son John bought land in Pittsylvania County 11-7-1778 and made his will 11-26-1801, probated 6-18-1804, sons Joel and Abraham and friend Vincent Shelton, executors. Wit: William, Henry and Lewis Shelton - no wife mentioned. 12 children are named, also a granddaughter Fannie, wife of Tunstal Shelton." Another descendant, Karen Wood, wrote in Nov. 1999, to the Knights5 mailing group that John moved to Pittsylvania County c1775 and died 1804. She also wrote that contrary to previous written material, John's sister Catherine Blakely had died shortly after her marriage and well before 1778. Karen wrote that there was no son John Shelton, Jr....so much work needs to be done on the line of John Shelton.

Hildred Shelton wrote the following in April 2005: (from) South Carolina Records for John Skelton and Mark Skelton from site of South Carolina Department of Archives and History - "1784 John Skelton grant in District of Ninety-Six, SC - There is a record of a land grant in the District of Ninety-Six dated 9-3-1784 to John Skelton for 200 acres of land on Chestoe Creek. This was 16 years after selling his Mecklenburg County, VA, land.
1785 Mark Skelton Administrator in District of Ninety-Six, SC - I have found a record in South Carolina dated in 1785 where Josiah Tanner was administrator for Mark Skelton and sued Paul Abney. This indicates that Mark died soon after moving to the District of Ninety-Six in South Carolina, which was six years after the date of his last Mecklenburg County, VA, deed. Since he was dead (if living, the person has a guardian or Trustee), that forecloses the argument that he went to South Carolina, then returned to Pittsylvania County, VA, and died in Pittsylvania County in 1802.
Mark's last deed in Mecklenburg County, VA, was Deed Book 5, pages 484-485, dated Sept. 1, 1779, from Mark Skelton to Edward Walton stating this deed was between Mark Skelton of the district of ninety-six, South Carolina and Edward Walton of Mecklenburg County. and is dated September 1, 1779."

CHILDREN (from the will of 1801-1804): John b. c1741 m. Elizabeth Unknown; Charles; William; Joel; Francis; Claibourne; Abraham; Jane m. William LEWIS; Mary m. Unknown POORE; Martha m. Unknown TUCKER; Charlotte; Nancy m. Unknown WHITE; Lucy m. West D. HURT; and Lettice.

9. Benjamin b. 18 Jun 1724 Middlesex Co., VA. (Christ Church Parish Records), d. (unknown), m. Mary UNKNOWN.

From a book in the Dallas Library "The Sheltons Lineal Descendants from Ancient, Medieval & Modern Kings & from Fifteen Sureties for the Magna Charta" by Kathryn Morris Brown, published in Knoxville, TN 1981, page 69 shows Benjamin's wife as Mary ________. He owned land on the head of Haw Fork of Buck Branch in Pittsylvania Co., VA. He and Mary had a son Benjamin Jr. and possibly several more children, some give the names a two others as Clever and Leonard. He reportedly received a grant for 119ac in Amelia County, located on the South Fork of the Little Nottoway River, 28 Mar 1759, but sold it on 24 Nov 1763 to his brother James Shelton described as being on Stone House Branch...witnessed by Thomas Payne, Daniel D. Shelton, and John Anderson. In 1764 he bought land on the north fork of the Nottoway Rier and on 24 May 1770 Benjamin and wife Mary sold their land and moved to Pittsylvania County, settling close by his brother Crispin Shelton. In 1782 Benjamin sold 200ac on Haw Fork of Buck Branch to his nephew Joel Shelton who was then relocating from Amelia. The 1785 tax list includes Benjamins' household with 8 family members. By 1790, Benjamin was living in the Hillsborough Dist., Caswell Co., NC.

10. James b. 23 Feb 1725/26 Middlesex Co., VA. (Christ Church Parish Records), d. c1798 Lunenburg Co., VA., m. Jane UNKNOWN.

James Shelton's will is dated 27 Feb 1796 & proved 19 Oct 1798, Inv. 10 Jan 1799. This will is recorded in Will Book 4:227 Lunenburg Co VA (inventory on p. 233). It named his wife Jane and their children: Sons: David Shelton, Benjamin Shelton, Thomas Shelton, Stephen Shelton; Daughters: Mary Harrison, Caty Mason; Grandsons: Stephen Shelton Queenberry, James Queenberry, Thomas Queenberry, Aaron Queenberry, David Queenberry, Duarch [sic] Shelton, Little Berry Shelton; Granddaughters: Polly Shelton, Winnifred Queenberry, Polly Bell, Jane Askew Shelton; Executors: Benjamin Shelton, Stephen Shelton, Thomas Shelton; Witnesses: Vincent Shelton, John George, Mary Smith. A researcher for this line is Shirley Davis through the son Thomas and his son James b. 1770. One excellent researcher, Hildred Shelton of Virginia, a Knights5 member, wrote to our group regarding this matter on March 15, 2002. She said that the James Shelton who married Philapenia, who died in Henry Co. Va, in 1784 is not from the line of Ralph Shelton (d. 1733, Middlesex County). He was not the son of Ralph Shelton (d. 1789 in Henry County), either, as SHELTON DNA tests have proven (see the ROOTS-L mailing list for SHELTON for more DNA results). Hildred also wrote: The James Shelton who married Philapenia is thought by some to be of the Hanover, Rural Plains, Currioman Bay, VA., "Red House" Louisa County, Va., line of Sheltons. Kenyon Stevenson worked on this particular family for years. However, DNA testing for Rural Plains has not matched any tests from the line of James, the son of Ralph Shelton, d. 1733 Middlesex County. James, who was born 2-23-1726, d. 1798, was in Lunenberg County and his will is on file in Lunenburg Will Book 4, p. 228. The name of his wife was Jane and his daughter Heniretta m. Young Shelton, son of Daniel Shelton, b. 5-17-1729, d. 1808/9 Pittsylvania County, Va.

11. Daniel b. 17 May 1729 Middlesex Co., VA. (Christ Church Parish Records), d. before Sept. 1809 Pittsylvania Co., VA., m. Lettice YOUNG, daughter of Michael YOUNG. (Source: Edgar M. Shelton Columbia, Missouri, E-mail eshelton@socketis.net).

On page 69-70, this family of Daniel and Lettice is shown in the book "The Sheltons Lineal Descendants from Ancient, Medieval & Modern Kings & from Fifteen Sureties for the Magna Charta" by Kathryn Morris Brown, published in Knoxville, TN 1981. Ms. Brown says he owned land in Amelia Co., VA which later became Nottaway County. He was in the militia, serving first as a captain in Pittsylvania, then promoted to Major in 1778. He was a member of the Committee of Safety. He died in 1809 Pittsylvania Co., VA. She gives a list of the children. April Miller's book, Shelton County, also lists the children and their marriages.
CHILDREN: Clara b. c1748 m. Spencer SHELTON (son of Crispen); Susannah b. c1750 m. Armistead SHELTON (also a son of Crispen); Millicent b. c1751 m. Edmund TAYLOR; Anna b. c1752 m. Unknown BAILEY; Polly b. c1755 m. Frederick SHELTON (son of Abraham); Young b. c1757 m. (1) Henrietta SHELTON (dau. of James) marriage bond dated 11 Dec 1784 in Prince Edward Co., VA & (2) Elizabeth LEWIS; Daniel b. c1758 m. (1) Elizabeth GARDNER 1785 & (2) Martha KEATS; Willis b. c1760 m. Charlotte SHELTON (dau. of John); Tunstall b. c1761 m. Fannie PAYNE; Leroy b. 1763 m. Nancy LANIER; Sally b. c1774 m. Thomas PAYNE 16 Oct 1795;.


Some SHELTON names found on the 1810 tax list show many of Ralph & Mary SHELTON's descendants:

    David SHELTON 1 white tithe-no slaves-1 horse
    Young SHELTON 3-6-6
    Beverly SHELTON 1-0-4
    Beverly SHELTON 2-1-3
    William H. SHELTON 1-0-1
    Crispan SHELTON (dec'd estate) 1-10-4
    Vincent SHELTON (Maj.) 2-6-8
    Lewis SHELTON 1-0-1
    Crispan SHELTON 1-0-1
    Abraham Gordon SHELTON 1-0-1
    Lemuel SHELTON 1-1-1
    Stephen SHELTON 1-1-2
    Henry R. SHELTON 1-3-3
    Daniel SHELTON 1-0-1
    Armstead SHELTON (Maj.) 3-9-13
    Beverly SHELTON, Sr. 2-5-5
    Coleman SHELTON 1-1-3
    Claiborne SHELTON 3-0-1
    Benjamin SHELTON 1-12-10
    Wm. SHELTON (Capt) 1-0-0
    Joel SHELTON 1-1-2
    Daniel SHELTON, Sr. 2-2-2
    Tunstall SHELTON 1-1-3
    Frederick SHELTON 1-1-1
    Fanny SHELTON 0-0-1
    Leroy G. SHELTON 1-0-0
    Washington SHELTON 1-1-1
    Gabriel SHELTON 1-0-1
    Gregory SHELTON 1-0-1
    John McCutcheon SHELTON 1-1-4

LINKS for SHELTON Researchers

*RICE JONES: From VA Researchers - Essex County Record Book 1692-1693, pp. 155-160. 12 February 1692/93. I John Jones of Essex County doe make this my last Will and Testament. I bequesth unto my loving Wife, Millicent Jone; I give unto my God Son John Jones, ye Sone of my Brother, Rice Jones, and to Rice Jones ye Sone of my Brother, Rice Jones, and to Nicholas Jones, youngest Sone of my Brother, Rice Jones, unto my Cousin, John Broache ye Sone of my Sister, Mary, Wife of John Broche, and unto my God Son John Wyatt, sone of my Sister, Ann Wyatt, I give un my Brother William Wyatt, give unto my God Son, John Massey Junr., give unto my God Sonm Thomas Howard ye sonne of Charity Howard. From Cavaliers and Pioneers -- Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Vol. 2; 1666-1695 by Nell Marion Nugent. Patent Book #7. Mr. Thomas Toseley, 594 acrs., Middlesex Co., 23 Apr 1688, p. 649. Beg. at John Furwell; by Rice Jones' path; to his own plantation; to Mr. Edward Thomas; on Jno. Furrell's line; to the maine Roade. 507 acs. granted John Richines & George Hooper; deserted, & Mr. Edward Thomas, in Nov. 1678, who sold to sd. Toseley, in Nov. 1678, who sold to sd. Toseley, 21 June 1680; 27 acs. for trans. of 2 persons.

With the exception of Ralph Shelton, Jr., and his children, I did not personally research any of these other lines, but I have used the written material of other researchers, from E-mail, mailing lists, printed sources, etc... The E-mail addresses of others working on these lines is provided whenever possible, so that you might contact them for updates. You will want to verify, to your own satisfaction, any written material you see here, in books, on CDs, or on any other SHELTON website. Good researchers always carefully judge each piece of evidence they find against previously written material. This site was updated April 27, 2005.

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