Abednigo Shelton Genealogy Notes

NOTES for Abednigo Shelton and his wife Nancy Ann Gough

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Abednigo Shelton was born 1780 in Henry Co., VA. He married Nancy Ann Gough 18 May 1801 in Logan Co., KY. Nancy Ann Gough was the daughter of William Robert Gough, Sr., and his wife Judith Taylor. Nancy probably died before 1820 in Butler Co., KY. Abednigo was the son of Jeremiah Shelton, SR., and his wife Nancy Asher. The known children of Nancy and Abednigo are believed to be:

  • Elizabeth Shelton b. c1802, married 02 Aug 1819 (Butler Co., KY) to Elijah Hanley.
  • Martha A. Shelton b. c1805, married July 02, 1845 (Benton co., MO) John W. Lee, her deceased sister's husband.
  • Rebecca Shelton b. c1806, married George McKenney 07 Feb 1826 (Butler Co., KY).
  • Nancy Shelton b. c1810, married 12 Mar 1831 (Butler Co., KY), John W. Lee.
  • Three sons according to the 1820 and 1830 Butler Co., KY census. Only one appears to have survived to 1830.

    In a book compiled by Raymond DeWeese (1992) The County of Butler in the Commonwealth of KY 1810-1814 Taken from Order Book A & Circuit Court Order Books A & B", page D-5: "In the matter of the road from the Logan Road to the Big Muddy Creek on the way to Muhlenberg County Courthouse, the Court appoints Abednigo Shelton, Surveyor, and the hands allotted to him are in the Bound towit: starting where the said road abuts the Logan Road, then a direct line to the mouth of Muddy Creek, then down the Green River so as to include Edward Garven, then to include Henry Whitaker, then to include Elijah Goodman and Nickolas Russ, then to include Jeremiah Shelton Sr., then a direct line to the start so as not to include R. Norman. Abednigo and his hands will open and keep the road in repair 20 feet wide," so instructed the Chairman. Page A-16 concerned the appointment of a Surveyor of the road from County Line to the Flat Rock in a direction to the Butler County Courthouse. The Court appointed John Ferguson, and among hands appointed to him were John and William LEE. The hands were to assist John Ferguson in opening and keeping the road in repair as the Law directed. One of these LEE men could well have been the father of John W. Lee, Abednigo's son-in-law. Page A-10 the County Court appointed the following as hands to help with road surveys (1811) assigned toAndrew Sulivant: Joshua Shelton, William McMackin, Abednigo Shelton and Robert Figg.

    The second wife of Abednigo Shelton was Elizabeth Doolin. They married 15 Dec 1840 in Butler Co., KY. He probably died in Benton Co., AR just before 1860. Elizabeth Doolin Shelton moved back to Butler Co., KY., in 1860. Read about the sad circumstances surrounding a broken contract with her step-son-in-law, John W. Lee, which caused her to return to Butler County.

    The Butler Co., KY 1810 census shows: SHELTON Abednego 00010- 30100, and from the 1820 Morgantown, Butler Co., KY census, p. 173 - Abednigo Shelton: 210010; 02100. One daughter has married in 1819, so three daughters show to be still living at home in 1820. Nancy Gough Shelton has most likely died prior to this census. I have no idea who these young males were.

    Here is the 1830 Butler Co., KY census: Abendigo SHELTON - males: 1 age 15-20 (who was this?), 1 age 40-50 (Abednigo); females 2 age 20-30, 2 slaves. Sisters Elizabeth and Rebecca are married by 1830, and the other two females age 20/30 could be Martha A. and Nancy, who doesn't marry until 1831. Abendnigo and his second wife, Elizabeth were on the 1850 Benton Co., AR census, living alone.

    The Butler Co., KY History book produced by the Butler Co. Historical Society (found in the Dallas Public Library) had in supplement F, page 501 regarding the DOOLIN Family: Elizabeth Doolin b. c1805 married 16 Dec 1840 in Butler Co., Abednego SHELTON who was in the age bracket 60/70 in the 1840 Butler census; no others at his household. He died before 1860 as Elizabeth was at the dwelling of her brother George Doolin in 1860 Butler Co., KY. No Shelton children were named on that census. In Butler Co., KY Deed Book 1, on 16 Nov 1835 Abednego Shelton was grantee of land of Sandy Creek from Abraham and Susan SHELTON of Graves Co., KY.

    Researcher Kenneth A. Shelton, in an Email message dated Oct. 5, 1997, wrote: "Abednigo was a colorful character who seemed to keep on the move. He was declared an outlaw in Butler Co., KY in 1845, regarding the issue of some questionable real estate transactions he made and a few incidents of probable perjury during the lawsuits over the same. He may have sold the same tract of land, three times to different people, without apparently ever buying it back from the previous person(s) he sold it to originally. The last person was a family member, to boot!"

    Ken Shelton also wrote, in a posting dated 10/14/1997: "In the estate settlement records of Jeremiah Shelton, SR, each legate received their settlement from Joshua Shelton, executor. Each receipt is signed, dated & witnessed. Sarah & Robert Figg were witnessed by Robert Morrison, the county clerk, as was Nancy Shelton, Jeremiah's widow. Abraham Shelton was witnessed by Jonathan Shelton, his nephew & son of Joshua. William was witnessed by Sterling & William W. Phillips, no known relationship. Gilbert and Elizabeth McMackins Whitaker were witnessed by J. W(?) Shelton, which one he was is open to possibilities as there was Joshua, Jesse, & Jeremiah Jr and middle initials are not known. Jesse Shelton witnessed for the appraisors Thomas Lawrence & Henry Fluvellen. Eli Gough for his mother Rhoda Gough, John C. Hearn for his father-in-law Asher Shelton, James Tyler for his grandfather-in-law Robert Figg, Jesse J. Shelton for his uncle Jeremiah Shelton JR, AND John W. Lee witnessed for Abednigo Shelton where Abo. received money for himself, brother Gilbert, a slave girl for sister Sarah Figg, and $358 for 'to be left in the hands of mother' [records show he acted as her agent in the settlement]. Receipt dated 19 Nov 1831 [recall the marriage record for Nancy Shelton & John W. Lee was dated 12 Mar 1831]."

    The estate sale occurred around 22 Apr 1829, and George McKinney purchased several items as did many other family members & friends: Abednigo as agent for Nancy, James Ewing who married a daughter of Thomas Lawrence, William McKinney, neighbor Henry Fluvellen, Abednigo Shelton, Willis McCoy, Henry G. Lawrence, John Porter, Ralph Shelton, Joshua Gough, Eli Gough, & Rev. Joseph Taylor from Sandy Creek.

    WFT Vol. 9 #3184 shows Rev. Abednigo Shelton as the father of Rebecca and Elizabeth Shelton, but I believe I have solid proof which shows he also had daughters named Nancy Shelton who married John W. Lee in Butler Co., KY in 1831, and Martha Shelton who also married John W. Lee (1845 Benton Co., MO). Interesting E-mail from Rich Shelton of Westport, CT, E-mail rich@sheltons.net, dated May 28, 2006, indicates he is searching for the parents of John Shelton b. 11 Jul 1811 KY who married Temperance Taylor. This man connects directly to Ralph Shelton through DNA testing. More research needs to be done, but could this John Shelton be a son of Abednigo?

    Ken Shelton also sent the following information:

    1) In 1860, Elizabeth (Doolin) Shelton is back in Butler Co, KY living with George Doolin (age 42, a brother?), she is 55 & lists her occupation as 'sewing'. No other Shelton's with her.

    2) Documents from Logan/Butler County, KY:

  • a) Survey for 173 acres dtd 24 Apr 1799, bound by William Gough & McCoy, witnessed by Jonathan Gough & Jesse Shelton. Next survey on document is for Daniel McKinney, dated 1 Sept 1799 for 200 acres. No other persons bound the land at that time. (Logan Co)
  • b) Survey for 115 acres, bound by Joshua Shelton, Mark Whitaker Jr (he married Elizabeth Shelton McMackins), Jesse Shelton, John Mason, and a marginal notation refers to Jesse Gough as selling this land to Abednigo. Jesse Gough & Joshua Shelton witnessed the survey. Next survey in line is for Henry Fluvallen who is purchasing 200 acres from Jesse Gough, land being bound by Thomas Gough and Jesse Gough (another tract he owned), witnessed by Jesse Gough, Thomas Lawrence. Next, Joshua Shelton, assignee of Mark Whitaker JR, purchasing 200 acres from Whitaker, bound by Thomas Whitaker, Jesse Shelton, witnessed by Abednigo Shelton, Jesse Gough, Joshua Shelton. And, fourthly, Thomas Lawrence purchasing 200 acres from Jesse Gough, bound by Thomas Gough & Jesse Gough (another Jesse Gough tract), witnessed Reuben Daugherty (m. to Charity Gough), David Lawrence (son of Thomas Lawrence, Thos. married to Abbegail Gough), Thomas Lawrence. All four surveys dated 7/8 Nov 1807 and sequentially entered on same date at the courthouse. Looks like Jesse Gough was selling off a group of land tracts to relatives, with a sale of Mark Whitaker JR mixed in as well. (Logan)

    3) Butler Co Circuit Court record for Phillip Kennerly, exec. of John Kennerly Decd, vs Abednigo Shelton, 12 Nov 1810. Kennerly also sued Jesse Shelton as well. Both appear to be over debts owed to the John Kennerly estate.

    4) Butler Co Order Book, June 1811, Abednigo entered a stock mark of a 'crop off of each ear & under slope in each'

    5) July 1811, Abednigo protested (& won) against overcharge ($4.50) of property tax on a horse for the year 1810.

    6) 12 Oct 1812 motion from Joshua Shelton, surveyor of a road, that adds Amos Wand, George Husband, Abednigo Shelton, Abraham Shelton, Robert Figg, Henry Fluvellen, Thomas Wilson, Willis McCoy, Thomas Lawrence & Caleb Shelton to the surveyors list. [this is a very interesting document because, with the surveyors records above, it is clear that this road went through the tracts outlined above. This is the first, and only, reference to 'Caleb Shelton' I have found, and clearly he falls in among the Jeremiah Shelton SR group, but I have no idea where or how.....]

    7) 12 July 1813 - Christopher Young sues Abednigo Shelton. He also sued Jesse Shelton in Dec 1812. I began to notice a pattern here, where people seemed to be suing Jesse & Abednigo in tandem....(Abednigo won this case).

    8) lots of court records, summons, etc. on Abednigo's legal problems in the 1840's regarding his perjury and real estate suits. Gilbert Shelton, Joshua Shelton, Mark H. Whitaker JR, John Holm were party in these suits. A very funny one where Mark Whitaker (his brother-in-law) tells on Abednigo to the county court because Abednigo is supposed to be the surveyor of the public highway and has let the road 'be obstructed by logs & trees, stumps, gullies &etc'. Also, people got sued over the craziest things back then. Daniel Doolin told on Gilbert Shelton in April 1811 that Gilbert said 'God Damn my Soul', **five times**, and the county court brought him in before the grand jury!!! Other complaints involve Archibald McKinney against Abednigo, Elizabeth A. Goodlet against Abed., & in another pile, I have the infamous outlaw declaration against Abednigo at 60! He was a colorful fellow & certainly kept the exitement going in his life...

    9) land deed bewteen George McKinney & Abednigo Shelton, dated 14 Oct 1840, where McKinney sells to Abenigo a tract of land that was originally granted to Jeremiah Shelton by certificate no. 3443 in 1798 (this is Jeremiah SR), bound by (Willis) McCoy, Abednigo Shelton (another tract of his).

    10) Land deed entered 15 Sept 1841 between Abednigo & Elizabeth Shelton to Martha Shelton, selling this exact same tract of land entered by cert. no 3443 by Jeremiah Shelton. The sale price was $300. No indication of the relationship between Abednigo & Martha Shelton. Abednigo broke even on the deal, as his purchase of the land in 1840 was for $300.

    11) Deed dated 24 July 1829, Abednigo to Thomas J. & Benjamin S. McReynolds, signed by Abednigo Shelton only -- which is not the norm if a wife is alive & land is being sold. Without looking at the 1830 census to be sure, this would tend to suggest that Nancy Ann Gough was dead by this time.

    12) deed of 8 Jan 1815 where Abednigo purchases from the heirs of Thomas Whitaker, Deceased, namely Mark Whitaker, Jimmy Whitaker, Henry Whitaker, David and Thomas Whitaker, a tract of land.

    13) Deed of 24 Nov 1835 of heirs of Jeremiah Shelton deceased (Abednigo et al) to George McKinney, where he purchases the certificate no. 3443 land (see 9 & 10 above)

    14) other rec'ds -- Sandy Creek Baptist Church records from Butler Co, KY, etc. -- will photocopy the above stuff & get out to you.

    Ken Shelton wrote in his book "The Shelton Trek Across Kentucky", page 20, that Abednigo Shelton, in 1845, was arrested for perjury involving his statement in a land boundary dispute case and was forced to post a $500 jail bond. He, along with one other man arrested on the same charge, fled the county. As a result of this, he was declared an "outlaw" from Butler Co., KY. We know from the 1850 Benton Co., AR census, that he and Elizabeth left for Arkansas.

    From "Ancestery's" The Kentucky Land Grants:

  • p.406, Grantee: Shelton, Abednego, Acres: 115, Book: 7, Page: 560, Date Survey: 11- 7-1807, County: Logan, Watercourse: Sandy Cr.
  • p.406, Grantee: Shelton, Abednigo, Acres: 400, Book: 26, Page: 275, Date Survey: 8-14-1818, County: Butler, Watercourse: Big Mud Cr.
  • p.718, Grantee: Shelton, Abednigo, Acres: 87, Book: E, Page: 233, Date Survey: 8-30-1818, County: Butler, Watercourse: N Fk Sandy Cr.
  • p.718, Grantee: Shelton, Abednigo, Acres: 63, Book: E, Page: 234, Date Survey: 8-12-1818, County: Butler, Watercourse: N Fk Big Muddy Cr.
  • p.718, Grantee: Shelton, Abednego, Acres: 50, Book: E, Page: 236, Date Survey: 12-30-1818, County: Butler, Watercourse: Muddy Cr.
  • p.718, Grantee: Shelton, Abednego, Acres: 80, Book: Z, Page: 190, Date Survey: 12-30-1830, County: Logan, Watercourse: Big Muddy Cr.
  • p.718, Grantee: Shelton, Abednego, Acres: 400, Book: E-2, Page: 254, Date Survey: 12- 4-1833, County: Butler, Watercourse: N Fk Sandy.

    From the 1810 Butler Co., KY census (US GenWeb Archives):

  • 72 DOOLIN William 3 1 0 1 0 0 - 1 0 1 0 0 0
  • 73 DOOLIN Daniel 1 1 1 0 1 3 - 0 0 1 0 0 0
  • 74 DOOLIN John 2 0 0 1 0 0 - 1 0 0 1 0 0
  • 112 GOUGH Jonathan 0 0 0 1 1 1 - 0 1 0 0 0 0
  • 113 GOUGH William 5 0 0 0 1 1 - 1 0 1 0 0 0
  • 177 LEE Miller 2 0 0 1 0 2 - 0 0 1 0 0 0
  • 178 LEE William 3 0 0 1 0 1 - 0 1 0 0 0 1
  • 179 LEE John 1 0 0 1 0 3 - 0 1 0 0 0 1
  • 255 SHELTON Jermeah 0 2 1 0 1 0 - 1 0 0 1 0 3
  • 256 SHELTON Jermiah 1 0 0 1 0 0 - 1 1 0 0 0 0
  • 257 SHELTON Asher 3 1 0 1 0 3 - 0 0 1 0 0 0
  • 258 SHELTON Abednego 0 0 0 1 0 0 - 3 0 1 0 0 0 0
  • 259 SHELTON Gilbert 2 0 2 0 0 0 - 0 1 0 0 0 0
  • 260 SHELTON Jesse 1 0 0 1 0 1 - 0 1 0 0 0 0
  • 261 SHELTON Joshua 2 0 0 1 0 0 - 0 0 1 0 0 0

    Cousin Sharon Day sent the following names from the Greene County, Springfield Land Sales 1835-1846 (the John Lee is possibly our John W. Lee): Springfield Land Sales 1835-1846 - S=Section - t=Township - r =Range

    Lands Sold from 1 June 1835 to 1 Feb 1837 Vol. 3 pgs.492-495

  • pg. 370 Shelton, Gabriel N. s13,t29,r22 - 80 acres
  • pg. 371 Shelton, William A. s25,t40,r15 - 40 acres
  • pg. 371 Shelton, William A. s26,t40,r15 - 40 acres

    Lands sold from 2 Feb 1839 to 1 Feb 1840 Vol. 6 pgs. 48-99

  • pg. 50 Shelton, John s21,t39,r12 - 40 acres
  • pg. 64 Lee, Daniel s25,t27,r27 - 160 acres
  • pg. 64 Lee, Jacob s36,t27,r27 - 160 acres
  • pg. 67 Lee, Robert s25,t27,r27 - 160 acres
  • pg. 67 Lee, William G. s6,t26,r26 - 80 acres
  • pg. 67 Lee, Abel s5,t26,r26 - 160 acres
  • pg. 68 Shelton, Andrew J. s31,t40,r11 - 41.82 acres
  • pg. 68 Shelton, David s19,t39,r12 - 40 acres

    Lands sold from 2 Feb 1840 to 1 Feb 1841 Vol. 6 pgs.261-296

  • pg. 273 McKinney, John R.(A.) s3,t32,r22 - 40.11 acres
  • pg. 294 Lee, Daniel s30,t27,r26 - 39.60 acres

    Lands sold from 2 Feb 1841 to 31 Jan 1842 Vol.6 pgs 443-459

  • pg. 443 Shelton, Albert s13,t38,r25 - 80 acres
  • pg. 453 Lee, John s7,t30,r19 - 44.92 acres
  • pg. 459 Goff, Aaron s3,t25,r15 - 54.76 acres

    Lands sold in 1843 Vol. 7 pgs 62-67

  • pg. 64 Lee, Levi s30,t25,r31 - 40 acres

    Lands sold from 1 Feb 1844 to 31 Jan 1845 Vol. 7 pgs. 298-306

  • pg. 304 Lee, Levi (Sam) s30,t25,r31? - 40 acres

    Lands sold from 1 Mar 1845 to 28 Feb 1846 Vol. 7 pgs. 325-332

  • pg. 331 Lea, Herndon H. s5,t29,r14 - 40 acres

    NOTES for Nancy Ann Gough: Nancy's parents, William Robert Gough and Judith Taylor, also had the following children besides Nancy Ann:

  • William Robert Gough, Jr. b. 19 Mar 1764 GA, married 1794 in Logan Co., KY to Rhoda Shelton, daughter of Jeremiah Shelton, Sr., and his wife Nancy Asher, and sister to Abednigo Shelton. William died Dec. 1820 in Butler Co., KY.
  • Jonathan Gough b. c1765, married 23 Sept 1806 in Warren Co., KY to Mary Ann Taylor.
  • Jesse Gough b. c1766, died 1804.
  • Thomas Gough b. c1770.
  • Abigail Gough b. c1779, married 19 Oct 1802 (Logan Co., KY) to Thomas Lawrence.
  • Charity Gough b. c1780, married 12 Apr 1800 (Logan Co., KY) to Reuben Daugherty.

    I would love to have more information on these people if anyone shares this line. If you have comments/corrections or related queries, please write to me and I will gladly add your query on the Guestbook - Query Page

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