A Visit with Al Castleman


Big sky over Dallas

A Visit with Al Castleman
Flying & Police History


I am a retired police officer/helicopter pilot for the Dallas Police Department.
Great State Fair of TX
Working at the
State Fair of TX
Senior Corp. Castleman

For over 29 years I worked as a Dallas police officer, beginning my career as a patrolman in East Dallas. My last assignment was with the Helicopter Division. In May, 2001, I retired from the department.

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These pages were created so that I could share with you a few pictures and some history to give you an idea what it's like to work in this profession. I will also tell you about my part-time job - a part time flying job which I truly enjoy. Police Officers know when they get hired that this job won't make them wealthy. Many officers take part time jobs to suppliment their family income. While this second job didn't help to make me rich, it, like my police occupation, has been a spiritually rewarding time of my life. I hope you will bookmark this page, visit my other pages, then view all the wonderful links listed at the bottom of this page. Thank you for stopping by.

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How it all began
Family History

Being alone in an aeroplane for even so short a time as a night and a day,
irrevocably alone, with nothing to observe but your instruments and your
own hands in semi-darkness, nothing to contemplate but the size of your small
courage, nothing to wonder about but the beliefs, the faces, and the hopes rooted
in your mind - such an experience can be as startling as the first awareness of a
stranger walking by your side at night. You are the stranger.
Beryl Markham, West with the Night

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All first responders and American soldiers are heroes.
Click here for the story of one of the most amazing heroes of all times,
Audie Murphy.

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