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dog and hydrant

"A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast." Proverbs 12:10

Young Goldie

Goldie, the yellow Lab, was the best dog in the world, not necessarily the best puppy......but she HAD to chew the door facing off............just because. Click here for more on Labrador Retrievers.


Webster is a Ragdoll kitty. He is the pride and joy of Martha McDonald, my husband's cousin. Click here to see more about Ragdolls.

SugarDip on foggy morning

Sugar Dip is a registered Quarter Horse. She was born in 1967, the year my husband and I married. She's had many "kids" throughout those years. Her last two "babies" she had after we obtained her. This picture was taken on a foggy morning, winter 1998. Click here for the National Foundation Quarter Horse Association.

Sugar and baby Beau
Proud mother and foal, Sugar-Dip and Beau.

Al, Jake, Susie Janice, Susie, Jake

Golden Retriever Rescue, state by state listing.
Read Buddy's story in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram - July 15, 1998.
Golden Retriever's in Cyperspace
Heart of Texas Labrador Rescue
Labrador Retriever Rescue
Excite's Rescue & Adoption links
TX Rescue of Goldens

Brandy and Beau 1997 The ponies & Annie in bluebonnets 2001

Above - it actually snowed a little bit right before Christmas in 1997, so Al and I, the doggies, Susie and Jake, just had to get out in it. Even the horses, Brandy and Beau, seemed to like it. Then, in April 2001, the ponies (Sugar, Beau, Brandy), being chased by Annie.

Annie 1999
Our new puppy!......yes, this is Annie Marie. She's from the Dallas SPCA. What a sweet girl!

Susie & Annie
Susie & Annie, winter 2003.

Bear 2003
This is our newest cutie-pie, Mr. Bear (with something in his mouth, as usual)!

VIEWS From the home-front

Dec. sunset
We don't have a live cam, but we want to share
the view outside our backdoor with you on Dec. 6, 1998.

Then a few days later, we got these beautiful shots just after Christmas:
sunset1 ..... sunset2
It seems like wintertime gives us the best sunset views!

sunrise Dec. 7, 1999
December Sunrise

These photos are the sole property of Al and Janice Castleman.
If you'd like to use them, please contact us for permission. Thank you.

Want to see more beautiful Texas skies? Check here!

Spring 2003 at our house.

Nov storms approach
Fall 2004 at our house.

Janice Mauldin Castleman, created May, 1998, updated Nov. 23, 2004



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