Kidney News

Kidney News


I have completed a move to Maryland and am working on getting my genealogy research going again. I have a new email address which is now reflected on this site.


A while back I received this email from Edgar Kitney from England:

Dear Gary, Returning from a months holiday last week I found Graeme (my cousin in Australia) had sent me copies of your e-mails to him on the subject of the Kitney Family in the Barbados. For the past seven years I have from time to time csrried out a number of enquiries when new leads have surfaced. It all started when I found a definate link between a number of family stories collected by my late Grandfather, Robert Kitney, which led me to the marriage of John Kidney a mastermariner and Marritje and produced a tree bearing over 1200 names when I last checked. I have not followed this up after the first six generations as by then the link was tenuous.

I've responded to Edgar and hope that he shares some information that might provide a bridge for the Kidney family beyond Barbados.