What's New?

What's new on this site

11-27-08 - I added 94 new Kidney sources.

1-4-07 - I refreshed the site.

1-10-05 - A site redesign was accomplished.

12-16-04 - 36 new data sources were added to the transcriptions.

12-7-04 - 49 new data sources were added to the transcriptions.

12-6-04 - The histories of Frank Kidney (December 2004 Story) and John A. Kidney (January 2005 Story) were added.

11-16-04 - New version of the family tree was added with more information. This tree also begins to track the families of Irish Immigrant Kidneys who arrived in the US in the 1840's or there after.

11-8-04 - Server problems had broken the census lookup and guestbook tools. I repaired them. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

11-4-04 - 40 new Kidney data sources were added.

11-3-04 - George E. Kidney's poem about Olmsted Falls, OH added as the November story.

10-4-04 - "Jonathan Kidney's Revolutionary War Service" added as the October story.

9-10-04 - 25 new Kidney data sources have been added.

9-9-04 - I added a Pico Search site search capability onto the home page to help people find data sources.

8-30-04 - 29 new Kidney data sources were added.

8-25-04 - "Indians," the September 2004 story was added, actually this may be the earliest mention of a Kidney in a newspaper. It comes from 1756!

8-23-04 - 27 new Kidney sources were added. A list of the first names of all Kidneys referenced by each data source was included in the index to help you find specific family members.

7-29-04 - "The Newtons," the August 2004 story was added.

7-5-04 - The home page was changed with the addition of the picture and a table for links.

6-10-04 - The July 2004 story, a tale of John Kidney's desertion from the colonial militia, was added and ten new data sources were placed in the extracts area.

5-25-04 - "The Butterworths," the June 2004 story, was added. Also, two more names were added to the Information I Need area.

5-4-04 - More extracts were added, including the Social Security Death Index, bringing the total to 96. Also, the site was awarded the Golden Web Award by The International Association of Web Masters and Designers.

4-27-04 - The May 2004 story, the obituary of Jonathan Kidney, was added.

4-5-04 - Seven new Kidney data sources were added, making the total available 41.

3-30-04 - Fifteen new Kidney data sources were added.

3-26-04 - I submitted the site to the "Dutchess, New York, Family Pages" of usgennet.org.

3-24-04 - "A Letter Home," the April 2004 story, was added.

3-23-04 - I started adding extracts and transcriptions from original Kidney data sources to the Web site. You find the new link on the main menu.

3-22-04 - I added census data from 1830, 1840, and 1850 to the census database.

3-10-04 - I added the 1880 Census Analysis to the Kidney Trivia page.

3-9-04 - I advertised the site on Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet.

3-9-04 - I advertised the site on the Kidney forum at genealogy.com.

3-1-04 - I added the March story "The Kidney Coat of Arms."

2-18-04 - I announced the site on the KIDNEY message board at rootsweb.com.

2-15-04 - I posted the first version of the site.

2-2-04 - I began developing this Web site.

7-12-02 - I started my work in collecting Kidney genealogy.