The genealogical tree of Harriet Bassett

Harriet Bassett

f a m i l y
Children with:
James Kidney

James Potter Kidney
Catherine "Crickett" Kidney
Elizabeth C. Kidney
Lucy Kidney
Nettie Kidney
William B. Kidney
Harriet Bassett
  • Born: Oct 1835, CAN
  • Married to James Kidney
  • Died: 20 Jun 1921, Newport, Campbell, KY

    1835 - Birth to Thomas and Catherine Bassett in Canada, calculated from year of death and age of death (Spring Grove Cemetery Record #94791).
    1910 Census - 1st Wd Newport, Campbell, KY - (69, CAN, widow, mother of 7 children only 4 of whom are living), listed as Mrs. James Kidney, and Lucy (40, OH, widow, mother of 2 children both of whom are living), Badley (14, KY, granddaughter), and Catherine Houliston (12, KY, granddaughter). Series: T624 Roll: 466 Page: 54.
    1920 Census - 1st Wd Newport, Campbell, KY - (83, CAN, entered US in 1868, living as an alien) and Elizabeth Rardon (55, CAN, entered US in 1868, naturalized in 1885, widow, daugher), Lucy Houliston (53, CAN, entered US in 1868, naturalized in 1892, widow), George B. Houliston (24, railroad engineer, KY, single, grandson), Catherine L. Houliston (22, KY, single, granddaughter), James M. Hubbard (27, automobile trader, KY, single, grandson), Harriet Ledbetter (22, KY, granddaughter, married), Penlie B. Ledbetter (36, Navy officer, NC, married), and Barbara Ledbetter (2.5, KY, great-granddaughter). Series: T625 Roll: 563 Page: 47.
    1921 - 20 Jan - Death in Newport, Campbell, KY of cerebral softening at age 86 years (Spring Grove Cemetery Record #94791).
    1921 - 22 Jan - Burial in section 101 lot 357 of Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinatti, Hamilton, OH (Spring Grove Cemetery Record #94791).

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