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The Janowski Family

of Chemung County, New York

janowski family crestThe Janowski Family
of Chemung County, New York

I have traced my branch of the Janowski Family back to Racek Janovsky in 1279AD in Pajrek, Klatovy, Czechoslavakia [now the Czech Republic] (see FamilySearch.org). In this website I am concentrating on the Janowski connection to Chemung County, New York since 1872.

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Brothers Frederick Janowski and Michael Janowski and their familes immigrated from Tuchel, Germany [now Tuchola, Poland] to Elmira, New York in 1872. Frederick worked for one year and saved enough money to purchase farm land along Esty and Robinson Streets on Elmira's Southside in 1873. Frederick, his wife Louisa, and their children Gustave, William, Karl, Daniel, Johannes, and Julia worked the farm. Frederick died in 1885 and the farm was left to his children.

Cabbage and celery were two of the specialties grown on the farm at that time. As the children grew older and eventually died, the farm was left to the seven children of Karl (including Gus, Albert, and Fritz who continued the business calling themselves the “Janowski Brothers” providing many Elmira groceries and restaurants with fresh vegetables. Eventually, Albert was the last of the three brothers and he and his sons continued the business as “C. Albert Janowski & Sons." After his death in 1975, his sons Robert and Paul formed “Janowski Gardens." Robert’s daughter, Diane, has continued the family tradition by helping on the farm for many years. Many residents remember the years, before her retirement, that Hildegard Janowski ran the vegetable stand behind the house.


Diane Janowski

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