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The Janowski Family

of Chemung County, New York

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Bark LouisFrederick and Michael Janowski were brothers - came over to America (Elmira, New York) on the ship "Bark Louis" painting on left - in 1872 with their families.

Frederick (1818-1886) born in Tuchel, Prussia (later Tuchel, East Germany, now Tuchola, Poland) was a shoemaker by trade, his wife Louisa (Louise) Tomowski Janowski had six children.
1. Gustave (Augustine) Adolph Janowski
2. William Gustave Janowski (also known as Uncle Billy, and Moses)
3. Karl Ludwig (Carl Lewis) Janowski
4. Daniel (Dan) Janowski,
5. John (Johannes, Johan) Janowski
6. Julia Louise (Louise J.) Janowski Dobberstein.

Michael (1822-after 1913) born in Prussia was a tailor by trade, his wife Anna Fauck Janowski had six children.
1. Caroline Janowski Janowski,
2. Adolf Johann Paul "Otto" Janowski
3. August Adolph "Reinhold" Janowski
4. Ferdinand Janowski
5. unknown name
6. unknown name

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