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The Janowski Family

of Chemung County, New York

Karl Ludwig Janowski

Karl Ludwig (Carl Lewis) Janowski was born in 1854 in Prussia and died in 1907 at age 53.

His wife was Louisa Haupt Janowski of Konitz, Prussia. They had 11 children, 7 lived.

1. Gustave Janowski 1887-1972 who married Frieda Roemelt Janowski, and had 1 daughter.
2. Carl Albert Janowski 1895-1976 who married Loretta Worner Janowski and had 2 sons.
3. Anna Louise Wilemena Janowski Roem(m)elt 1889-1987.
4. Bertha Janowski Schiller 1885-1969 had 2 daughters.
5. Henry Janowski 1898-1987 married Marjorie Finch Janowski and had 1 son and 1 daughter.
6. Margaret Janowski Curren 1901-2001 married Clyde Curren and had 1 daughter.
7. Frederick (Fritz) Constantin Janowski 1893-1944 married Elizabeth Millie Janowski.

Two children that did not survive childhood were Eva Susanna Janowski and Wilhelm Edward Janowski.

Karl Ludwig Janowski


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