Bowman and Seher Families


Bowman and Seher Families

The Genealogy of Joan Bowman Asche       



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My family tree fell down and I can't fix it.

I have not spent much time on my own genealogy, choosing instead, to volunteer to help others.  It's a personal choice and I don't regret it.  The death of my brother in 2009 has hit me hard because he committed suicide (there I said it that horrid, unspoken, shameless word -- suicide).  Not only did he commit suicide but for the four years prior to his death he cut off contact with me and I couldn't find him. He was my baby brother. I  loved him so much, the pain lingers; and not a day goes by that I don't think of him.


It also brings to mind why many of us try to plow through those genealogical brickwalls when our ancestor's families fall down.   I suppose that psychologically speaking that's why I volunteer so much.






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 This page is dedicated to my dad; Otto W. Bowman, mom; Naomi Seher Bowman, and brother; Robert "Bobby" Bowman


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