The Jauk's of Oberdorf

The Jauk's of Oberdorf Russia

[ Oberdorf was a daughter colony, 33 miles S.W. of Holstein,
and founded in 1852. Before that, it was a small hamlet with
just a few large estates. One estate was the Jauk's.
The Jauk's moved from Holstein to Oberdorf between
1804 and 1829
; Probably around 1828. ]

The Jauk family (aka: Jauck or Jauch) originated from Germany, and we know much of their
early history thanks to the 1937 book written by Anna Jauk - Volgo-Deutsches Schicksal,
(penname: Anna Janeke), and translated in 1989 by her nephew,
the late Walter H. Yauk of Windsor Colorado - Volga German Destiny.
[Excerpts here are combined with information from the LDS,
SSDI records, Martin Yauk family records, and other sources.]

The book is a very interesting story of life and hardships of the
Jauk family and others in the Volga German Colonies,
including the Russian revolution and famine in the early 1900's.
The book may be available from the Windsor Colorado Yauk's,
the AHSGR, and few libraries.

Another source with some greater family detail is microfilm 610 of the
National Archives Publication T81
National Socialist German Labor Party (NSDAP) and the
Deutsches Ausland-Institut (DAI), Stuttgart

[Note about spelling: Various families and various records spell this family name differently; Usually Jauk, or Jauck, and their descendents that moved to the USA then spelled their names primarily Yauk or Yauck. One Yauk family who's ancestor moved from Germany to Holstein around 1765 said the name had been spelled Jauch in Germany. This webpage will use all of these spellings interchangably].

Volga German Destiny
Volgo-Deutsches Schicksal

This family was from an apparently wealthy Hessen and Saxony region
family which moved to the Holstein area in the lower Volga area of Russia around 1765.

* John George Markus Jauk, of Holstein Russia
He or his family purchased for his sons, large areas of farmland
[Anna apparently did not know his name or his sons, but she knew of 3 sons]
...he had at least 4 sons: shown deliberately out of order

  1. Gottlieb Jauk, (b.Holstein 18apr1815),
    "was given an estate and helped found the village of Sarepta" (near Volograd or Stalingrad). [According to Anna's book, but she did not know his name]
    [records of Martin Yauk confirmed Gottlieb was somehow involved with Sarepta]
    "He was married in Holstein and then farmed there" [per M.Y]
  2. Philip Jauk, (b. Holstein 21sep1819) [per M.Y.]
    "was given an estate around the village of Holstein" [per A.J]
  3. Reinhart Jauk, (b. Holstein 1824) [was not mentioned in Anna's book]
  1. George Friedrich Jauk, (b.Holstein 1804), (Anna Jauk's great-grandfather),
    "was given an estate and co-founded the village of Oberdorf.
    He was said to have amassed quite a lot of land and property."
    [the 1st born son of J.G.M.Jauk]
    He had 2 OR MORE sons... "who lost most of it due to crop failures and mismanagement."
    • Friedrich Jauck, (b. Oberdorf 1829) (Anna's Grandfather), who "died an early death", [d. roughly 1880?]
      [...The LDS lists him as Frederick Yauk, b. abt. 1835 in Oberdorf ]
      He had 4 sons and at least one daughter:
      • Gottfried Jauck, b. Oberdorf (1847 27may1857-18apr 1932) d. Oberdorf, (Anna's Father),
        was the eldest of the 4 sons, and recovered most of his father's original land. He owned and farmed 1300 acres of his own plus leased adjacent government land.
        married to Eva {Kuxhaus}Jauk (1858-25dec 1931) d. Donbass area
        they had 12 (or 13) children:
        • Katherine(Katharina) Jauk{Hildermann}, b.Oberdorf (03feb1880-1944),
          married Hildermann, and had 6 children
        • Anna Jauk, (b.Oberdorf 01apr1881), presumably died in infancy
        • Eva Jauk{Beisel}, b.Oberdorf (24aug1882-dec1969),
          ...married Jakob Beisel, and had 5 children:
          • Vladimir(Waldo) Beisel
          • Eduard Beisel
          • Lidia Beisel
          • Erika Beisel
          • Leo Beisel
        • Gottfried Jauk, b.Oberdorf (19jan1884-1937)
          +married to Augustine, had 5 children, family moved to Donetz area:
          • Lydia Jauk{?--}, married and moved to Kamenshinka
          • Frida Jauk
          • Klara Jauk
          • Gottfried Jauk, had 3 daughters:
            • Lydia Jauk{??} -Siegburg, Germany, had three children:
              • Alla {??}
                • Dennis {??}
                • Alexander {??}
              • Olga {??}
                • Julia {??}
              • Inna {??}
            • Nadja Jauk{??} -Bonn, Germany,
              ...married Alexander {??} and had two children:
              • Tatjana {??}
                • Michael {??}
              • Elena {??}
            • Irina Jauk -Kaliningrad, Russia
        • Heinrich(Henry or Heinz) Yauk (31jan1887[or1886]-dec1964), [1919 Photo] [1956 Photo]
          ...moved to USA, d. Colorado (SS#522-20-4226/CO)
          +Mary {M--}Yauk (1900-1963),
          had three or more children:
          • Walter H. Yauk (17aug1924-18jul1999) d. Windsor, Weld, CO [Author] [WW-II-Photo] (SS#524-20-6239/CO)
            +MaryAnna {B--}Yauk had two or more children:
            • Wayne Yauk
            • Adrienne Yauk{K--}
          • Robert Yauk (??-before 1962?) d. Denver, CO
          • Helmut Yauk - Indianapolis, IN [co-contributor to "Volga German Destiny"]
        • Anna Jauk, b. Oberdorf (04jan1889-25aug1974) moved to Wiesbaden Germany [Author]
        • David Yauck, b. Oberdorf (05may1891-25aug1976) d. Saginaw MI, moved to USA, [1956 Photo]
          +Eva Elizabeth {L--}Yauck, b. Oberdorf Rus (14nov1893-24dec1979) d. Saginaw MI
          ...SSDI records say Eva's birtdate was 15nov1892
          ...married in Argentina, 25nov1912, and had 4 children:
          • Bertha Nancy Yauck{W--}, married Thomas {W--} and had two children:
            • Marcia {W--}{S--} Saginaw MI
            • Jerry David {W--}
          • Sylvia Yauck{Becker}, +Henry Becker [co-contributor to "Volga German Destiny"]
          • Lillian Yauck{Jasinski}, +Donald Jasinski
          • Robert Henry Yauck, b. Eaton CO (28sep1915-11oct1988) d. Saginaw MI
            +Larisa {G--}Yauck, marr: 1961, Saginaw MI, and had 3 children
            • Roberta Yauck, +Gilbert {R--}, marr: Traverse City MI
            • Sharon Yauck, +William {C--}, marr: Vassar
            • Robert(Bob) Dale Yauck Sr. -Grawn MI (former Dearborn principal)
              ...2 children:
              • Eva Yauck{D--} -Hamtramck MI
              • Robert Yauck -Novi MI, married to Laura
                • Phoebe Yauck (1993-26jul1996) [Photo]
                  died tragically of Leukemia
        • Natalie(Natalia) Jauk, b. Oberdorf 24jul1893, married Sacha, moved to near Grimm,
          ...shown in a 1956 photo in Anna's book with sister Amalia
        • Dr. Friedrich Jauk, b.Oberdorf (10dec1895-26apr1951), d. Russia
          +Erna {B--}Jauk, (1903-1946), they had 2 children:
          +Emma {H--}Jauk, (2nd wife), they had 1 child:
          • Dr. Albert Jauk, [1951 Photo] [1999 Photo]
            ...born in Balzer Ru, near Saratov, deported to Siberia in 1941.
            ...He became a surgeon and now lives near Bonn Germany.
            +Evdokija(Eva) {D--}Jauk, had 2 children:
            • Tatjana Jauk{S--}, -left Russia in 1997 and moved to Germany
              ...had 2 children:
              • Ilja {S--}, b. Tadschikistan -lives near Hamburg Germany
              • Anna {S--}, b. Tadschikistan -lives near Hamburg Germany [1999 Photo]
                [ Tadschikistan is also known as Tajikistan and borders northern Afghanistan ]
            • Fedor Jauk, b. Russia, now lives near Bonn Germany [1999 Photo]
              +Nina {F--}Jauk, had 3 children:
              • Alina Jauk,
              • Igor Jauk, b. Russia
              • Elena Jauk, b. Rtishevo Ru.
          • Florida Jauk
          • Eduard F. Yauk - Tomsk, Siberia, Russia - Webpage - Photo
            +Aleksandrovna L {??}Yauk, had 2 children:
            • Svetlana Yauk
            • Olga Yauk
        • Amalia Jauk{R--}, b.Oberdorf (23dec1897-1993),
          ...shown in a 1956 photo in Anna's book with sister Natalie,
          ...married Konrad Reich (who died at age 33)
          ...Konrad had one daughter from his first wife (Frida):
          ...together, they had one daughter,
          • Gertruda Jauk, +Vitalij Lukashevskij, had two children:
            • Vladimir Lukashevskij
            • Nina Lukashevskij, had 1 daughter:
              • Alena Lukashevskij
        • George Jauk, b.Oberdorf (13apr1899-1968), [1951 Photo] (twin)
          ...moved to Donetz area, had a large family, all still very young in 1933,
          • Vladimir(Waldo) Jauk
          • Viktoria Jauk
          • Elvira Jauk
          • Konstantin Jauk
        • Katchen(Kaethe) Jauk{Lindt}, b.Oberdorf (13apr1899-1967), (female twin)
          ...moved to Donetz area, married Karl Lindt and had 5 or more children:
          • Olga Lindt (1931-1934)
          • Erika Lindt
          • Albert Lindt
          • Elsa Lindt
          • Ernst Lindt
        • Alexander Jauk, b.Oberdorf (06dec1902-1941), moved to Donetz area,
          had 4 children (1 dead in 1932),
      • unknown male(possibly David) Jauck, b. Oberdorf, roughly 1860?
      • unknown male(possibly Adam) Jauck, b. Oberdorf, roughly 1860?
      • Frederich Jauk, b. Oberdorf, roughly 1860?, died abt. 1933 (of starvation in Ru.)
          had 1 or more children:
        • Anna Jauk{L---}, +Gottfried L---
      • Catherine E. Yauk{Kuxhaus}, b. Oberdorf Russia abt. 1861,
        +John Adam Kuxhaus, b. Oberdorf Russia about 1859,
        had one or more children:
        • Catherine Elizabeth Kuxhaus{Lorenz}, b. Oberdorf (13apr1885-23dec1966) d. Windsor, CO
          +Jacob Lorenz, b. Oberdorf (22nov1885-25jul1958) d. Fort Collins, CO
          ...married 26dec1903 at Kubcowo Ru
    • -unknown male Jauk, b. Oberdorf after 1829
      [ We heard from Dr. Albert Jauk's family THIS DECEMBER 2001! ]

      There was a 1939 map of Oberdorf showing 8 Jauck farms, and the names of their owner's fathers:

      • Gottfried Jauck, ...had 2 or more sons:
        • Gottfried Jauck
        • George Jauck
      • David Jauck, ...had 2 or more sons:
        • Fred Jauck
        • George Jauck
      • Adam Jauck, ...had 2 or more sons:
        • Gottfried Jauck
        • Alex Jauck
      • Fred Jauck, ...had 2 or more sons:
        • Gottfried Jauck
        • Fred Jauck

        Other notes from Anna's book:
        -The Russian translation of the name Jauk was "Bogswami"
        -Anna Jauk also wrote of three COUSINS...
        (Assumed 1st cousins for indentation purposes)
        • -Natalie Yauk{Martin} moved to Windsor CO, USA
          +Adam Martin, had 6 or more children:
          • Erma Martin{W--}
            +Earl {W--}, had 1 or more children:
            • Jo Ann {W--}{P--} -Lynnwood WA
              +Ken {P--}
          • Lydia Martin{H--} -Windsor CO
          • Albert R. Martin, b.Severance CO (19jul1927-17dec1989) d.Windsor CO
          • Ben Martin
          • Wilbert Martin
          • Harold Martin (died 1943)
        • -Eva Jauk died of starvation about 1933
        • -Amalie Jauk M-- died of starvation about 1933

    Another branch of Oberdorf Jauks are clearly related to the above Jauks, but we do not yet know exactly how. These families still remained at Oberdorf in 1941, and were then deported to the Ural Mts of Russia. ( We HEARD from this family in August 2001! )
        • (unknown) Jauk [possibly Alexander?] (b. Oberdorf, roughly 1860)
          • Alexander Jauk, b.Oberdorf (1887-1942) d.Uchta, Ural Mts, Ru
            +Eva Katharina {Kuxhaus}Jauk, b.Oberdorf (1899-1941) d.Oberdorf
            ...had 8 children:
            • Alexander Jauk, (1909-195?),
              +Natalia {??}Jauk, (1912- ), lives in Osnabrueck Germany
              ...had at least 3 Children:
              • Irma Jauk
              • Valentina Jauk
              • Konstantin Jauk, lives in Osnabrueck Germany
            • Reinhold Jauk, b.Oberdorf (191?-19??), deceased
              +Ella {??}Jauk, (1921-1997)
              ...had at least 3 Children (all live 70km from Munich):
              • Alexander Jauk
              • Vladimir(Waldo) Jauk
              • Anna Jauk
            • Lydia Jauk{??}, b.Oberdorf (19??-19??) had at least 1 Child:
              • Alexander {??}
            • Berta Jauk{??}, b.Oberdorf (19??-19??), had 1 or more children who live in Kazakhstan
            • Konstantin Jauk, b. Oberdorf (27oct1918-1967) d.Iwdel, Ural Mts.
              ...was deported to the Ural Mountains in 1941
              +Lydia {M--}Jauk, b.Rosenberg Ru.(1922-1998) d.Tyumen Siberia Ru.
              ...had 4 children:
              • Ernst Jauk b.Oberdorf , -still lives in Russia
              • Alexander Jauk, b.Iwdel Ru (15may1948-15may2001) d. Berlin
                ...moved to Orsk, then Tyumen(West Siberia), married in1974
                ...moved with his wife and children to Berlin in 1995:
                +Tatjana Iljaitschna {P--}Jauk
                • Konstantin Jauk,
                  b.Tyumen, Siberia Ru, -now Berlin
                • William Jauk
                  b.Tyumen, Siberia Ru, -now Berlin
                  ...recently a youth Chess Champion!!!
              • Ljubov Jauk, b.Iwdel Ru, -Tyumen Siberia
              • Vera Jauk, b.Iwdel Ru, -Fuerstenwalde/Brandenburg Germany
            • Maria Jauk{??} b.Oberdorf (1922-1949), d. Pavlodar Kasachstan
              ...had 1 Child:
              • Konstantin {??}, orphaned and adopted by his aunt Irma, -Bad Barmstedt, Germany
            • Friedrich(Fredrick) Jauk, b.Oberdorf, -Espelkamp Germany
              +Anna {??}Jauk, had 7 Children:
              • Victor Jauk, -Bruchmuehlen Germany
              • Ljudmilla Jauk, -Radevormwald Germany
              • Alexander Jauk, -Radevormwald Germany
              • Konstantin Jauk, -Radevormwald Germany
              • Valentina Jauk, -Radevormwald Germany
              • Elvira Jauk, Espelkamp Germany
              • Andreas Jauk, -Gelsenkirchen Germany
            • Irma Jauk{??}, b.Oberdorf, -Gelsenkirchen Germany
              had at least 3 Children, also adopted sister's son Konstantin:
              • Pavel {??}
              • Ivan {??}
              • Anna {??}
              • Konstantin {??}