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Pierce Mothershead Family Ties

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This is the central link page to family information for all our related lines, plus links to other sites and researchers tracing the same family names.

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Are you researching any of the same family lines that we are? We would love to hear from you! If you'd like to have information posted on this site, or just swap family yarns, please email! The more information we exchange, the more likely we are to untangle our family roots ~
Just a few of our surnames are: Mothershead, Clayton, Pierce, Huskey, Ogle, Washburn, Baker, Quissenbury, Neale, Freeman, Lemmon, Wiley, Spohr,  Long, Rogers, Vernon and Michael -
Please keep in mind all of these have numerous spellings!

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Pierce Families
Currently includes information on:

  • Thomas Franklin Pierce
  • William Heenan Pierce
  • George W. Pierce
  • Washington Pierce
  • William Goosby Pierce
  • William Richard Pierce
  • Nathan Pierce
  • Thomas Pierce

Mothershead Families
Currently includes information on:

  • Samuel Mothershead
    (born ca 1640 England)
  • Jonathan Mottershed
  • John Motthershead
  • John Mothershead
  • George Mothershead
  • Nathaniel Mothershead
  • William Mothershead
  • Clifton Mothershead
  • Thomas B. Mothershead

Long Families
Currently includes information on:

  • Bromfield Long
  • Lucy Long
  • Benjamin Long
  • Thomas Long

Wiley Families
Currently includes information on:

  • Stewart Sampson Wiley

.....and more!

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