Pierce Mothershead Family Ties

We currently have a wonderful set of maps on this site for Jefferson County, Missouri that were made by my brother, John Pierce, and fellow genaology researcher Mona Houser. They show how the legal land and deed descriptions (such as Township, Range, etc.) actually "fit" with the cities and towns of Jefferson County. As we have time to make more, or find ones we think are useful, we will add links to them here.

The next three links go to maps of the Chester County Pennsylvania area settled by the three Vernon brothers, Thomas, Robert and Randall, when they arrived in William Penn's Colony in 1682. All links open in new windows.

  • Chester County PA, 1683
  • Chester County PA, 1715
  • Chester County PA, 1780

    By coincidence, both the Mothershead's (my paternal line) and the Vernon's (my maternal line) lived in Cheshire County England from at least the 11th Century forward.

  • Cheshire England, 1880

  • Library of Congress Map collections, 1500 - 1999 (opens in a new window)
  • Topozone - Topographic Map A really great (and easy) to use online mapping service. Find where someone lives now, or where you used to live, 40 years ago. Just type in a location and go! (opens in a new window)
  • Texas Map Collection An extensive assortment of maps
  • Historical Map Archive

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