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One big problem with researching family history, it's easy to think something's true simply because it's on the Internet, in LDS records, or in a book and we end up "adopting" ancestors who aren't really ours. We assume the people publishing the information have done adequate research and verified sources, and that just isn't always the case.

Even records found with the Mormons. They do not have the resources to verify the validity of the information sent to them; they simply publish the data the researchers give them.

There's a wealth of well-meaning but misleading information available, which makes it doubly important to verify sources and not take things at face value. Ask yourself - better yet, ask the person publishing the information - how do they know it's true? Sorting out what is true, and what can't possibly work is time consuming, but can yield wonderful results!

There are some MOTHERSHEAD lineages which name Zachary Mothershead as the father to Samuel MOTTERSHED who first appeared in Northumberland/Westmoreland County VA in 1652 [sources: microfilm - Northumberland County Record Book #14, p. 11; "Virginia Colonial Abstracts" Vol II Northumberland County Records 1652 - 1655" by Beverley Fleet; 1971]. I have yet to see any record that Zachary, who was in the employ of Lord Calvert in Maryland and died in 1638, was the father of Samuel...or that Zachary had any children at all.

We're investigating the MOTTERSHEDs who were living in Cheshire, where the vast majority of MOTTERSHED/MOTHERSHEADs originate from, in the 1630s for links to Samuel - especially one Thomas MOTTERSHED. There's still a lot more digging to be done to see if this can be proven or not, but we're working on it.

The same holds true for lineages that show Samuel MOTTERSHED marrying, including daughters of Nathaniel POPE. I have yet to see proof, or even reasonable circumstantial evidence, that indicates who Samuel married, if he married anyone at all. We do know the Jonathans were married; we have their Wills.

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Mothershead Traces

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I of all people know the absolute importance of taking good notes, especially concerning sources. Unfortunately I also occasionally lose my mind and jot something down and forget to note the source information. I suspect the second item is from the same source as the first, but haven't been able to verify that as yet.

  • 1816 - Clifton Mothershead and Charles Mothershead bought a store in the town of Jackson in Cape Girardeau County MO, from Mr. Eckhart of Virginia. Clifton and Charles subsequently sold the store to Mr. Samuel Cupples [source: "A History of Missouri, From the Earliest Explorations and Settlements Until the Admission of the State into the Union" by L. Houck, 1908, Donnelley, Chicago IL]
  • 10 Jan 1818 - Charles Mothershead signed a petition for a post (mail) route from Cape Girardeau to New Madrid.

(1) A notice was issued in Jackson, Cape Girardeau County MO for Elizabeth Mothershead in 1819 [source: "Missouri Taxpayers 1819-1826" by Lois Stanley, George F. Wilson and Maryhelen Wilson]

(2) "Mrs. Elizabeth Mothershead, consort of Mr. Charles Mothershead of this town [Jackson], died Tuesday last." Published: "Missouri Herald", 1 April 1820.

(3) Charles Mothershead and Clifton Mothershead paid taxes in Cape Girardeau Co MO 1821-1823. There is a notation by Charles' name indicating that he paid a poll tax only. A poll tax was usually paid by someone young and single, though a very old man might also pay only a poll tax. Unfortunately, there's no way to determine which was the case for Charles.

(4) 4 Sept 1819 at a meeting held in the town of Jackson...chairman, Dr. Thomas Neale...committee members include Charles Mothershead. [source: "Missouri Herald"; "Missouri Pioneers County and Genealogical REcords, Volume III" compiled and edited by Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard Woodruff

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Mothershead marriages in Kentucky and Virginia

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