Miscellaneous Records

Pierce Mothershead Family Ties

This is the resting place for all our favorite miscellaneous bits of stray information that we've collected, especially those that seem to pertain to our family, but don't have an official "home" on our site yet due to uncertainity of actual connection, if any at all :-)

Miscellaneous Records:

Genealogy Proof Form filed in Missouri in 1923 by Laura Pierce Weaver (great granddaughter of Sarah (Mothershead) & Milton Baker; daughter of W. R. & Amanda (Herrington) Pierce)

Assorted records, Probate, deed and County Court records for Green County Kentucky and White County Tennessee, pertaining to Pierce and allied families of Ogle, Skaggs, Rogers, Freeman? and others...

Pierce information has part of the 1830 Kentucky Census Index; a listing of Pierce landholders in Kentucky 1787-1811; plus assorted information from Goodspeed's History of Jefferson, Franklin & Washington Counties in MO and allied family names

Grayson Co TX page has the 1850 Federal Census (for PIERCE & allied families only); Probate and Land Records

County, State Histories and Misc Info: [more links will be added]

Miscellaneous Tidbits:

From the Missouri Republican (published in St. Louis):
5 Aug 1828David Pierce - defendant in a mortgage foreclosure suit by Robert Sloan in the Washington County Circuit Court
29 May 1832 - George Pearce obtained a grocer's permit, St. Louis
[Source for both items above: "Early Missouri Ancestors, Vol II from Newspapers 1823 - 1832", by George F. Wilson and Maryhelen Wilson]

Under the category "A list of letter remaining at the Nashville Post Office on 1 July 1808" The list includes the names of: John MOTHERSHED, William MURRELL, Thomas PIERCE, Henry GENGERICK, William VANCE
[Source: "Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers 1791-1808", p. 222]

[Source: "Tennessee Cousins" by Worth S. Ray]
P. 124, In the chapter on Norris Lake and Tennessee Valley, Tennessee

JOSHUA PIERCE, a revolutionary soldier from Baltimore County, Maryland first settled in Sullivan Co. His son WILLIAM PIERCE was born in Maryland in 1788, and came to Sullivan with his parents in 1798. Later, the family settled along the Clinch river farther West and became the ancestors of the PIERCE family now buried at Flat Hollow. MARTHA PIERCE, born in 1790, was perhaps the widow of one of the brothers of WILLIAM PIERCE, whose wife was ELIZABETH SMITH, and they were the parents of SAMUEL PIERCE, born in 1818, who continued to live in Sullivan County. WILLIAM and ELIZABETH SMITH PIERCE also had a son JACOB PIERCE, who married ELVIRA DUNCAN, a member of the family of that name whose members are all buried at the old Oak Grove Church on Norris Lake

[Source: "Tennessee Cousins" by Worth S. Ray]
P. 742, Chapter on Benton County, TN

JOHN PIERCE was born in North Carolina in 1801, where he married RACHEL ROSS and about 1819 they came to Benton County and settled. RACHEL ROSS was of Kentucky stock. They were the parents of H. R. PIERCE, who married NANCY J. STOCKDALE daughter of DENNIS STOCKDALE and his wife CHRISTA, of Benton County, and had eight children.
same page...
JAMES M. MOSES, of BENTON COUNTY married MARY WYLY, who was born in Benton County and they were the parents of DR. JAMES M. MOSES of Big Sandy in this county, who came from Humphreys County.

[Source: "Tennessee Cousins" by Worth S. Ray]
P. 740, same chapter on Benton County, TN

Among the families that settled along the BIG SANDY RIVER, and who, at the time they came there probably lived in HENRY COUNTY, were:
David Watson
Lewis Graham
William Cotthingham
John Pierce
William Pierce
James Craig

George McDaniel

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