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This site is dedicated to all the families of the past, the present and the future that have been, and will be, a part in the establishing of my house and those who dwell in it. There are many names engraved on the walls of this house of which very little is known. Through the efforts of all of us of the present, hopefully, the history of those of the past will be preserved for those of the future so that none will be forgotten.

Thanks to everyone that has shared their research and efforts to make this site possible.





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Families of Johnny M. Cook
My Cook ancestors settled in Carroll County, Georgia sometime between 1840 and 1850 and remain there to this day. My information dates back to
Robert Cook, 1795.

My mother's maiden name is Pyles. They too were from Carroll County and Heard County, Georgia. See "
My Brick Walls" for more information on John P. Pyles.

My grandmother, on my father's side is
Clara Maggie Chambley. I don't have much information about this family. Also from Carroll County, Georgia


My grandmother on my mother's side is
Geneva Gray. This family was also of Carroll County, but some went into Alabama.


My great-grandmother on my mother's side is
Arrana Holloway. Thanks to Patricia Wilson, of Levelland, Texas, and Elaine White I now have this line dated back to 1530 in England.


My great, great, great grandmother on my mother's side is
Jane M. Will Cash. She married Miles Solomon Holloway. Thanks to Donna Evans I now have this line dated back to Scotland in the 1600's.


My great-grandmother on my father's side is
Ollie Sticher. Thanks to Maelene Cassel Powell, of Marietta, Georgia and Erlene Boyd, I now have this line dated back to 1793 in Frederick County, Maryland.

My other great-grandmother, on my father's side, is
Hattie Lee Phillips. My Phillips line now goes back to 1813 in North Carolina.


From what information I have been able to find the Rooks family and the Cook family pretty much migrated together out of North Carolina, down through Jackson County, Georgia and on to Carroll County. Several marriages between the two families have been found. In their early years in Carroll County they often lived in the same household.

The Carroll surname exist on both my side and my wife's site. As of yet I haven't been able to link the two together, but am quite sure they do somewhere. Both were in Carroll County about the same time period. My connection to the Carroll family is through the marriage of
Minnie Bell Cook who married Samuel Andres Carroll.


Families of Angie Howard Cook
My wife's maiden name is Howard. Her great, grandparents are
Stweart Howard and Sarah Freeman of Cherokee County, Georgia.



Her mother's maiden name is Carroll. Thanks to
Kate Carroll Bowling, of Kentucky, I now have her Carroll/Carrell line dated back to James Hamilton Carroll, 1754 in Drumgoolan, County Louth, Ireland.

For more information on this Carroll/Carrell family click here.

Her great, great, grandmother is
Dosha Lyle, married to Thomas Benjamin Carroll. Thanks to Kate Carroll Bowling I have this line dated back to Samuel Lyle of Ireland sometime around 1650.

Her great, grandmother is
Amanda McRae, married to James A. Carroll. Thanks again to Kate Carroll Bowling I have this line dated back to Malcolm McRae of Scotland sometime before 1757.



Her grandmother on her father's side is
Nancy Eulemma Pettett. Thanks to George Pettett and Harvey Bottoms I have this family dated back to England, 1572.

Her grandmother on her mother's side is
Verina Pearl Tennyson. She is the daughter of John P. Tennyson and Salethia Henrietta Sharp. They were in Columbus, Mississippi during the early 1920's.



Her great grandparents on her mother's side are
James Henry Sharp and Salethie Ann Leach. Very little information on these families also.


My Brick Walls:

Robert Cook John P. Pyles


Some History and Stories of Carroll County, Georgia

Grand-daddy, the Fortune Teller, and The Ghost
The Clem Community Ephesus Christian Church
The Central of Georgia Railway Company Maple Street Mansion
Carroll County History City of Carrollton

The Pony Club 


Carroll County Information
This site has all kinds of research information for Carroll County, Georgia including census index for 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860.

Online GenealogyClass.
A supplemental online Genealogy Class on how to use census records, Military records, Vital records, Land records and using the Internet.

Carroll County
Genealogy Forum

Carroll County RootsWeb Message Boards

Here is where you can post messages or read messages of others researching surnames or information relating to Carroll County, Georgia.

Please feel free to use my Guestbook to post any messages relating to your surnames or information you are looking for in Carroll County, Georgia.


My goal is to have as much Carroll County information as I can on this site. If you know of any links, or if you have some interesting stories about your ancestors of Carroll County that you would like added to this site, please e-mail me and I will be glad to add it.

Who am I ? What is my name ?
This image and I; are we the same ?

This face I see; is it of me ?
Or could it be the face of we ?

These words I speak; are they of me?
Or should I seek the words of we?

Should this life I live be lived as me?
Or should my strives be centered on we?

And when the time shall come to die;
What shall become of we and I?

Johnny Cook
If you'd never been born, then what would you be?
You might be a fish or a toad or a tree.
You might be a doorknob or three baked potatoes.
Worse than all that, you might be a wasn't.
A wasn't just isn't. He just isn't present.
But you... You are you. Now isn't that pleasant?
Today you are you, and it's truer than true
That there's no one alive who is you-er than you.
Shout loud, "I am lucky to be what I am!
Thank goodness I'm not just a clam or a ham,
Or a dusty old jar of gooseberry jam.
I am what I am, and it's a great thing to be,
If I say so my self, happy birthday to me!"

Dr. Seuss



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