Living (private). Parents: Joseph Lyman JUDY-106868 and Glenna Mae MARKLEY-106888.

Leslie Ewing JUDY11822 was born about 1875 in Atlanta, Logan Co., IL. Parents: John Henry JUDY-104268 and Jennie WILCOX-104269.

Spouse: Alwina DAUEL-181603. Alwina DAUEL and Leslie Ewing JUDY were married about 1898.

Lester JUDY669 was born (date unknown). Parents: Charlie JUDY-199291 and Erma ADAMSON-199292.

Lester I. JUDY4228 was born on 18 August 1899. Parents: Abraham S. JUDY-198614 and M. Belle HISER-198620.

Spouse: Leah BEAN-198630. Leah BEAN and Lester I. JUDY were married. Children were: Nellie B. JUDY-198764.

Lester R. JUDY11657 was born (date unknown). Parents: Ora L. JUDY-186387 and Lillian M. POLAND-186388.

Letcher JUDY5053 was born (date unknown). Parents: Fletcher JUDY-198073 and Sarah BONNER-198149.

Spouse: Gertie VANCE-198165. Gertie VANCE and Letcher JUDY were married in Harman, Randolph Co., WV. Children were: Erma JUDY-198166, Blake JUDY-198167, Forrest JUDY-198168.

Lettie Lucinda JUDY2706 was born on 22 December 1895 in Petty Twp., Lawrence Co., IL. Parents: Daniel Webster JUDY-16691 and Hannah Dora ADAMS-107131.

Spouse: Howard GALLAGHER/GALLOGHER-180660. Lettie Lucinda JUDY and Howard GALLAGHER/GALLOGHER were married on 31 December 1945.

Lilla JUDY7750 was born about 1844. She appeared in the census in 1850 at REEL NO: M432-828 PAGE NO: 277a in Summit Twp., Somerset Co., PA.7750 Parents: Mathias JUDY-630 and Mary (Elizabeth) CHRISTNER-631.

Lillian Bradley JUDY10066 was born about 1880. Parents: Alexander Shelton JUDY Jr.-181859 and Jennie "Jane" PENNINGTON-181860.

Lillie JUDY3211 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jesse Jackson JUDY-186542 and Lula HULVER-186543.

Lillie JUDY4397 was born (date unknown). Parents: Clinton Riley "Clint" JUDY-197398 and Edna HENRY-197518.

Lillie JUDY403 was born about 6 July 1858. She died on 21 July 1862 at the age of 4. Parents: Jacob Hittle JUDY-181027 and Allie BLAIR-181056.

Lillie JUDY1345,11164 was born on 2 June 1878 in Butler Twp., Darke Co., OH. She died in November 1951 at the age of 73. She was buried at Otterbein Cem. in Butler Twp., Darke Co., OH.1345 Parents: Anderson JUDY-154989 and Bridget COSTOLO-154990.

Spouse: (First husband of JUDY, Lillie) GRUVER-154992. Lillie JUDY and (First husband of JUDY, Lillie) GRUVER were married. Children were: Garnet GRUVER-154993.

Spouse: Henry HOFF-154981. Lillie JUDY and Henry HOFF were married. Children were: Mildred Ina HOFF-154991.

Lillie JUDY356 was born on 5 September 1905 in Salem, Madison Co., ID. Parents: William Aaron JUDY-181225 and Mary Ann WARD-181241.

Spouse: Rulon CORK-181259. Lillie JUDY and Rulon CORK were married on 12 December 1923.

Linda JUDY397 was born (date unknown). Parents: William Grant JUDY II-197412 and Jacqueline DELARNO-197413.

Living (private). Parents: Sherman Ralph JUDY-182801 and Alice Eleanor LANDRY-182817.

Living (private). Parents: Ethan Allen JUDY-197481 and Virginia DELONG-197482.

Living (private). Parents: James Briggs JUDY-182440 and Harriet FLY-182441.

Lloyd JUDY3838 was born (date unknown). Parents: Russell JUDY-186545 and Nancy "Nanny" GRAHAM-186551.

Lloyd Emery JUDY2549 was born on 10 August 1905 in Claytonville, Iroquois Co., IL. He is the twin brother of Floy Emily JUDY Parents: Charles W. JUDY-197335 and Nora MERCEREAU-197336.

Spouse: Martha HOPKINS-197351. Martha HOPKINS and Lloyd Emery JUDY were married on 14 September 1927 in Armington,.

Spouse: Ruthal LARKIN-197352. Ruthal LARKIN and Lloyd Emery JUDY were married on 29 March 1942 in Potomac, Vermilion Co., IL. Children were: Living, Living.

Lois Edith JUDY8170 was born on 2 December 1895 in Kansas. Parents: Asa Gossett JUDY Jr.-181736 and Mary ROGERS-181737.

Spouse: James FRANDLE-181786. Lois Edith JUDY and James FRANDLE were married in 1914. Children were: Maude Belle FRANDLE-181788.

Spouse: Fred Monroe CRITTENDEN-181787. Lois Edith JUDY and Fred Monroe CRITTENDEN were married on 21 May 1920. Children were: Avis Leona CRITTENDEN-181795, Mary Lucretia CRITTENDEN-181799, Vena Hazel CRITTENDEN-181803, Betty Merle CRITTENDEN-181806, Lila Marie CRITTENDEN-181811, Living.

Lola JUDY11823 was born on 11 May 1893. She died on 5 October 1908 at the age of 15. Parents: Thomas Ellsworth "Wert" JUDY-182899 and Lillie Alice Anna MCKINNON-182900.

Lola Irene JUDY3370 was born on 22 January 1911. Parents: William Guy or Grant JUDY-197389 and Niza HENDERSON-197399.

Spouse: John CARROLL-197409. Lola Irene JUDY and John CARROLL were married. Children were: Daniel "Dan" CARROLL-197433, Goldie CARROLL-197434, Robert CARROLL-197435, Judy CARROLL-197436.

Lola Louise JUDY2706 was born on 15 February 1893 in Petty Twp., Lawrence Co., IL. Parents: Daniel Webster JUDY-16691 and Hannah Dora ADAMS-107131.

Spouse: Luey M. JONES-180659. Lola Louise JUDY and Luey M. JONES were married on 15 August 1915.

Lon Hall JUDY3300 was born on 25 April 1891. Parents: Alva Vardaman JUDY-182370 and Laura Cecelia LONG-182391.

Spouse: Grace E. ATKINSON-182393. Grace E. ATKINSON and Lon Hall JUDY were married on 25 April 1915 in Cooper Co., MO. Children were: Frances Louise JUDY-182394, Lon Hall JUDY Jr.-182396, Robert Miller JUDY-182398, William David JUDY-182400, Betty Sue JUDY-182402.

Lon Hall JUDY Jr.11824 was born on 13 September 1918. Parents: Lon Hall JUDY-182392 and Grace E. ATKINSON-182393.

Spouse: Eloise STEGNER-182397. Eloise STEGNER and Lon Hall JUDY Jr. were married on 28 March 1942 in Malta Bend, Saline Co., MO. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Lona Lucille JUDY2706 was born on 23 September 1896 in Petty Twp., Lawrence Co., IL. Parents: Daniel Webster JUDY-16691 and Hannah Dora ADAMS-107131.

Spouse: Milton David SMITH-180663. Lona Lucille JUDY and Milton David SMITH were married on 16 May 1917. Children were: Milton SMITH Jr.-180666, Robert Carrol SMITH-180667.

Lonnie Verle JUDY11825 was born on 26 May 1923 in Lawrence Co., IL. Parents: Clyde Theodore JUDY-47653 and Anna Belle CULLISON-47654.

Spouse: Merenah Jeanette HUGGINS-106963. Merenah Jeanette HUGGINS and Lonnie Verle JUDY were married on 14 September 1948. Children were: Living, Living.

Lora JUDY327 was born in 1898. She died on 7 November 1905 at the age of 7. Parents: Franklin "Frank" JUDY-180740 and Clementine HAINES-180760.

Loranna JUDY3180 was born (date unknown). Parents: Roy JUDY-198961 and Minnie VANDEVANDER-198973.

Lott C. JUDY403 was born in 1860 in Tazewell Co., IL. He died in 1927 at the age of 67. Parents: Jacob Hittle JUDY-181027 and Allie BLAIR-181056.

Spouse: Addie PHILLIPS-181068. Addie PHILLIPS and Lott C. JUDY were married about 1882. Children were: Claude JUDY-181069, Mabel JUDY-181073.

Lottie Lorana JUDY2706 was born on 17 August 1898 in Petty Twp., Lawrence Co., IL. She died on 28 July 1942 at the age of 43 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX. She was buried at Lawrenceville Cem. in Lawrenceville, Lawrence Co., IL. Parents: Daniel Webster JUDY-16691 and Hannah Dora ADAMS-107131.

Spouse: Arthur Bert ALLEN Jr.-180671. Lottie Lorana JUDY and Arthur Bert ALLEN Jr. were married.

Louie JUDY3178 was born (date unknown). Parents: Martin JUDY-198524 and Hassie JOHNSTON-198531.

Spouse: Arthur RADER-198541. Louie JUDY and Arthur RADER were married in Arbovale, Pocahontas Co., WV. Children were: Leona RADER-198542, Mildred RADER-198543.

Spouse: Maynard MYERS-198544. Louie JUDY and Maynard MYERS were married in Lemoyne, Cumberland Co., PA. Children were: Jack MYERS-198545, Maynard MYERS-198546.

Louisa JUDY403 was born on 10 January 1830 in Hittle Grove Twp., Tazewell Co., IL. Parents: John Wheatley JUDY-103082 and Christine/Christina HITTLE-103083.

Spouse: John ALBRIGHT-181034. Louisa JUDY and John ALBRIGHT were married. Children were: Jerome ALBRIGHT-181035, Alice ALBRIGHT-181036, Harriet ALBRIGHT-181037, Mattie ALBRIGHT-181038, Clara ALBRIGHT-181039, Emma ALBRIGHT-181040, Rosa ALBRIGHT-181041.

Louisa JUDY987 was born about 1841 in Hocking Co., OH. Parents: Simon JUDY Sr.-104349 and Luncinda/Ann/Nancy SHEARER-104351.

Spouse: George ZEBOLD-104387. Louisa JUDY and George ZEBOLD were married.

Lovetta JUDY401 was born about 1875 in near South Perry, Hocking Co., OH. Parents: Simon JUDY Jr.-104368 and Matilda/Malinda FOX/FAR/LOX-104369.

Lowell C. JUDY1447 was born on 9 February 1894 in Petty Twp., Lawrence Co., IL. Parents: Josiah Fay JUDY-16690 and Minnie COUCHMAN-107111.

Spouse: Mildred SMITH-107115. Mildred SMITH and Lowell C. JUDY were married on 17 June 1914. Children were: June Berneise/Bernice JUDY-107116, Melvin Lowell JUDY-107120, Harold Smith JUDY-107121, Virginia Ann JUDY-107124.

Lowell Scott JUDY1882 was born on 20 August 1919. Parents: Edwin Scott JUDY-197029 and Nellie NEELD-197033.

Spouse: Phyllis (WIFE OF JUDY, LOWELL SCOTT)-197052. Phyllis (WIFE OF JUDY, LOWELL SCOTT) and Lowell Scott JUDY were married on 20 May 1943. Children were: Living, Living.

Luanna JUDY2482,11712 was born on 28 September 1905 in Harrison Co., KY. Parents: Virgil JUDY-30572 and Laura B. FLORENCE-30573.

Spouse: Carlos Evans MARSH-34911. Luanna JUDY and Carlos Evans MARSH were married on 28 April 1926 in Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY. Children were: Don Carlos MARSH-182084, Laura Frances MARSH-182085, Living, Living.

Lucille JUDY400 was born (date unknown). Parents: John C. JUDY-61842 and Elizabeth Hawkins DAVENPORT-106806.

Lucille JUDY1879 was born (date unknown). Parents: Charles JUDY-197154 and Fannie LITTLER-197176.

Lucille JUDY8027 was born on 25 June 1901 in Kansas. Parents: Charles Edwin JUDY-182838 and Ellen/Mary MICHAEL-186957.

Lucinda JUDY10158 was born (date unknown). Parents: George JUDY-182926 and (Second wife of JUDY, George) FURGUSON-183131.

Lucinda JUDY4515 was born about 1836 in Tazewell Co., IL. Parents: Jacob JUDY Jr.-103092 and Mary Ann MUSICK-103093.

Spouse: (Husband of JUDY, Lucinda) WILSON-181178. Lucinda JUDY and (Husband of JUDY, Lucinda) WILSON were married.

Lucinda JUDY3475 was born on 20 April 1838 in Hocking Co., OH. She died on 21 December 1877 at the age of 39. Parents: Simon JUDY Sr.-104349 and Luncinda/Ann/Nancy SHEARER-104351.

Spouse: William Allen JULIAN-104381. Lucinda JUDY and William Allen JULIAN were married in 1857. Children were: Margaret Zelda JULIAN-104382.

Lucinda Haigler JUDY4681 was born on 13 June 1855. She died on 29 September 1855 at the age of 0. Parents: Jehu JUDY-196915 and Lucinda HAIGLER-196939.

Lucy JUDY669 was born (date unknown). Parents: Martin JUDY III-199260 and Violet HUFFMAN-199274.

Lucy Elizabeth JUDY11826 was born on 24 June 1884. Parents: William Stanley JUDY-182719 and Rhoda A. BARTLETT-182720.

Spouse: Harry C. MILLER-182756. Lucy Elizabeth JUDY and Harry C. MILLER were married on 24 March 1903 in Decatur, Macon Co., IL. Children were: Harry Bernard MILLER-182757, Robert Archie MILLER-182758, Charles Oliver MILLER-182761, John David MILLER-182765.

Luella JUDY2608 was born about 1859 in Columbus, Adams Co., IL. Parents: Philip Smith JUDY Sr.-181649 and Elizabeth Virginia FINLEY-181650.

Spouse: Lawrence GROSH-182016. Luella JUDY and Lawrence GROSH were married. Children were: Elizabeth GROSH-182017, Vivian GROSH-182020, Judy GROSH-182022, Wilbur GROSH-182023, Anna GROSH-182024, Geneva "Babe" GROSH-182027, Elton Leon Junior GROSH-182028.

Lula Marie JUDY8597 was born on 6 August 1905 in Richland Co., IL. She died on 22 January 1923 at the age of 17. She was buried at Old Asbury-Stoltz Cem. in German Twp., Richland Co., IL. Parents: Leroy "Roy" JUDY-180741 and Nettie SEYMORE-180771.