Living (private). Parents: Harold Edward JUDY Jr.-181083 and (Wife of JUDY, Harold Edward, Jr.) -181084.

Philip Roe JUDY2163 was born on 24 September 1919 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO. Parents: Roswell Roe JUDY-182429 and Jeanette Hull CLEMMONS-182430.

Philip Smith JUDY Sr.9855 was born on 1 April 1813 in near Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co., KY. He died in 1891 or 1895 at the age of 78 in Columbus, Adams Co., IL. He was buried in Columbus, Adams Co., IL. Parents: Weinbert/Wynepark/Winepark TSCHUDI (TSCHUDY) JUDY, (XXXI)-16644 and Anne TRACY-16646.

Spouse: Elizabeth Virginia FINLEY-181650. Elizabeth Virginia FINLEY and Philip Smith JUDY Sr. were married on 17 June 1849. Children were: Sarah Ann JUDY-181980, Mary Katherine JUDY-181996, William Wynepark JUDY-182013, Luella JUDY-182015, Eli Finley JUDY-182032.

Philip Smith JUDY Jr.11864 was born on 14 July 1885 in near Golden, Adams Co., IL. Parents: Eli Finley JUDY-182032 and Auretta C. WHITE-182033.

Spouse: Olive M. CASEY-182037. Olive M. CASEY and Philip Smith JUDY Jr. were married on 3 October 1914.

Spouse: Edith KESSLER-182040. Edith KESSLER and Philip Smith JUDY Jr. were married. Children were: Omer JUDY-182041, Daphne Starrell JUDY-182042.

Phoebe JUDY1401,2327 was born on 15 April 1824 in Somerset Co., PA.10561 She died in 1865 at the age of 41 in Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA. She was buried in 1865 at Fritz Lutheran Cem. in Garrett, Somerset Co., PA. Parents: Solomon JUDY-71 and Anna Maria "Mary" SHAULIS-72.

Spouse: William HOOVER-916. Phoebe JUDY and William HOOVER were married in 1843. Children were: James HOOVER-186277.

Phoebe JUDY1401,3421 was born on 1 September 1838.10561 Parents: Daniel JUDY-628 and Elizabeth MEYERS-629.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-680. Phoebe JUDY and UNKNOWN were married in Carleton, Thayer Co., NE.

Phoebe JUDY11516,11662 was born in 1845. Parents: Joshua JUDY-16670 and Sarah Jane IRWIN/IRVIN-16671.

Phoebe JUDY8973 was born in 1876 in Warren Co., IN. Parents: Skillman JUDY-105446 and Sarah Jane HUNTER-105447.

Spouse: Joseph Norman DAVIS-106248. Phoebe JUDY and Joseph Norman DAVIS were married in 1894. Children were: Emerson James DAVIS-106249, Louis Floyd DAVIS-106250.

Phoebe J. JUDY3391 was born (date unknown). Parents: Adam JUDY-198325 and Mary HINKLE-198331.

Phoebe Jane JUDY11745 was born (date unknown). Parents: Zebulon JUDY-103041 and Cynthia GRAHAM-186652.

Phoebe Margaret JUDY4681 was born on 8 October 1853. She died on 5 September 1858 at the age of 4. Parents: Jehu JUDY-196915 and Lucinda HAIGLER-196939.

Phoebe/Phebe JUDY3934 was born in 1808 in Greene Co., OH. She died in 1869 at the age of 61 in Richland Co., IL. She was buried at Old Leach Cem. in Richland Co., IL. Parents: Johann/John TSCHUDI/JUDY, (XXXI) Sr.-16631 and Phoebe LEMASTER-16636.

Spouse: Peter SMITH-180823. Phoebe/Phebe JUDY and Peter SMITH were married on 25 February 1825. Children were: Elizabeth SMITH-180824, Alonzo SMITH-180826, Ellen SMITH-180827, John SMITH-180829, Matilda SMITH-180830, Clay SMITH-180831, Temperance SMITH-180832, Mary SMITH-180834, Nancy SMITH-180836, Catherine "Kate" SMITH-180837, Orland SMITH-180839, Marshall SMITH-180840.

Phoebe/Phebe Ann JUDY3118 was born on 2 September 1836 in Clark Co., OH. Parents: John JUDY Jr.-16661 and Anna HULL-105455.

Spouse: Smith MCARTHUR-106134. Phoebe/Phebe Ann JUDY and Smith MCARTHUR were married on 21 September 1857. Children were: Pearl MCARTHUR-106135, Nellie MCARTHUR-106137, Dix MCARTHUR-106139, John MCARTHUR-106141, (Son of McARTHUR, Phoebe and Smith) MCARTHUR-106142, Mable MCARTHUR-106143, Fred MCARTHUR-106145, Maude MCARTHUR-106146, Effie Hannah MCARTHUR-106148, Edna MCARTHUR-106149, Gertrude Blanche "Gertie" MCARTHUR-106150, (Son of McARTHUR, Phoebe and Smith) MCARTHUR-106152.

Pierce Bolivar JUDY4158 was born in 1905 in Williamsport, Warren Co., IN. Parents: J. Bolivar JUDY-106227 and Laura HOWERTON-106229.

Spouse: Esther Evelyn WALLACE-106241. Esther Evelyn WALLACE and Pierce Bolivar JUDY were married on 25 May 1935. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Spouse: Fern Ora HOWELL-106242. Fern Ora HOWELL and Pierce Bolivar JUDY were married.

Pitman Flick JUDY11681 was born in 1873. Parents: Martin JUDY Jr.-198335 and Christina/Christena HARPER-198336.

Spouse: Pearl THOMPSON-199374. Pearl THOMPSON and Pitman Flick JUDY were married. Children were: Curtis JUDY-199375.

Polly JUDY1401,3421 was born on 23 November 1843 in near Garrett, Somerset Co., PA. She died in June 1903 at the age of 59. She was buried in 1903 at Ridgeview Cem. in Beachdale, Somerset Co., PA. Parents: Jonathan JUDY-632 and Eve CHRISTNER-633.

Spouse: Jonathan SCHROCK/SHROCK-709. Polly JUDY and Jonathan SCHROCK/SHROCK were married in 1868.

Preston JUDY398 was born (date unknown). Parents: David JUDY-103057 and Catherine WRIGHT-197388.

Living (private). Parents: Charles Sumner JUDY-183005 and Elizabeth Hazel MAYO-183006.

Ralph JUDY5053 was born (date unknown). Parents: Zebbie JUDY-198126 and Mary HARMAN-198136.

Ralph JUDY11835 was born about 1810. Parents: Martin JUDY-16655 and Sarah JONES-16657.

Ralph JUDY3370 was born on 6 October 1902. Parents: William Guy or Grant JUDY-197389 and Niza HENDERSON-197399.

Spouse: Grace HOPKINS-197407. Grace HOPKINS and Ralph JUDY were married. Children were: David JUDY-197415, Sheryl JUDY-197416, Thomas JUDY-197417, Gerald JUDY-197418, Janice JUDY-197419, Doris JUDY-197423.

Living (private). Parents: Elmer Leroy JUDY-180789 and Catherine B. HUSTON-180790.

Ray JUDY2985 was born (date unknown). Parents: Rudolph JUDY-197090 and Gladys COLLISON-197108.

Spouse: Dorothy KITTS-197111. Dorothy KITTS and Ray JUDY were married.

Ray Franklin JUDY9035 was born on 19 June 1914. Parents: Owen JUDY-105082 and Mallie D. LATHEREM-105083.

Spouse: Naoma FITZGERALD-105088. Naoma FITZGERALD and Ray Franklin JUDY were married. Children were: Joan Carole JUDY-105089.

Living (private). Parents: Henry Talbott JUDY-182064 and Aleene KEARNS-182065.

Spouse: Living.

Rayburn JUDY4680 was born (date unknown). Parents: Joseph W. JUDY-197787 and Elizabeth SPONAUGLE-197848.

Raymona JUDY4680 was born (date unknown). Parents: Joseph W. JUDY-197787 and Elizabeth SPONAUGLE-197848.

Raymond Ernest JUDY11764 was born on 15 March 1903 in Camden, Carroll Co., IN. Parents: George Washington JUDY-188038 and Anne CREE-188039.

Spouse: Bertha HASSELBRING-188050. Bertha HASSELBRING and Raymond Ernest JUDY were married on 21 December 1929.

Raymond Fernandes "Ray" JUDY2420 was born on 11 March 1891 in Adams Co., IL. Parents: Paris Tracy JUDY Jr.-181943 and Louise PILCHER-181944.

Spouse: Margaret Ellen LEASER-181153. Margaret Ellen LEASER and Raymond Fernandes "Ray" JUDY were married on 31 January 1921 in Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA. Children were: Diana Rae JUDY-181155, Dorothy Jean JUDY-181159.

Raymond Weldon "Ray" JUDY11822 was born on 25 September 1878 in Atlanta, Logan Co., IL. Parents: John Henry JUDY-104268 and Jennie WILCOX-104269.

Spouse: Edna STUBBLEFIELD-181604. Edna STUBBLEFIELD and Raymond Weldon "Ray" JUDY were married.

Reason Smith JUDY178 was born on 19 March 1809 in Clark Co., KY. He is the twin brother of Isaac JUDY He died on 21 November 1893 at the age of 84 in Colorado. Reason was buried at Union Cem. in Cass Co., MO. Parents: John Jacob TSCHUDI-182643 and Catherine SULLIVAN-182644.

Spouse: Tarrissa/Theresa BLACKWOOD-182647. Tarrissa/Theresa BLACKWOOD and Reason Smith JUDY were married on 25 September 1832. Children were: John Jacob JUDAH III-182650, Araminta JUDAH-182651, Sally JUDAH-182654, Catherine JUDAH-182656, James B. JUDAH-182658, Theresa JUDAH/JUDY-182659.

Reba JUDY1879 was born (date unknown). Parents: Charles JUDY-197154 and Fannie LITTLER-197176.

Spouse: Carl MORRISON-197186. Reba JUDY and Carl MORRISON were married.

Rebecca JUDY11722 was born (date unknown). Parents: Adam JUDY-103043 and Mary "Polly" KIMBLE-103044.

Rebecca JUDY1884 was born (date unknown). Parents: Nimrod JUDY-51153 and Mary Ann ROHRBOUGH/ROHRBAUGH-51154.

Rebecca JUDY11449 was born (date unknown). Parents: Manassah JUDY Sr.-186516 and Sarah N. DYER-186517.

Spouse: Jared HINER-186727. Rebecca JUDY and Jared HINER were married. Children were: Leta HINER-186728, Lura HINER-186729.

Rebecca JUDY11663 was born (date unknown). Parents: Isaac JUDY-198606 and Cena/Cenia MALLOW-198607.

Rebecca JUDY3301 was born on 9 August 1790 in Kentucky.2481 She died on 8 February 1862 at the age of 71 in Kentucky.2481 She was buried in Gossett Graveyard, Sharpsburg, Bath Co., KY.3301 Parents: Martin TSCHUDI/JUDY, (XXXI) III-16630 and Elizabeth TSCHUDI-JUDY-16635.

Spouse: Matthias GOSSETT Sr.-104984. Rebecca JUDY and Matthias GOSSETT Sr. were married on 21 November 1816 in Clark Co., KY. Children were: Martin J. GOSSETT-104985, Louan GOSSETT-104995, Lucy GOSSETT-104997, Jacob Dunham GOSSETT-104999, Elizabeth GOSSETT-113503, Sarah GOSSETT-113504.

Rebecca JUDY4681 was born on 22 August 1829 in Mill Creek, Hardy Co., WV. She is the twin sister of Isaac JUDY She died from intestinal flu in 1858 at the age of 29 in Vermilion Co., IL. Parents: Nicholas JUDY Jr.-103048 and Mary Ann SKIDMORE-103049.

Rebecca JUDY1401 was born on 15 January 1830.10561 Parents: Daniel JUDY-628 and Elizabeth MEYERS-629.

Rebecca JUDY3838 was born about 1855. Parents: Daniel JUDY-186512 and Phoebe GRAHAM-186513.

Spouse: A. A. PARKS-186541. Rebecca JUDY and A. A. PARKS were married in Petersburg City, VA.

Rebecca E. JUDY8208 was born about 1846 in near Fowler, Adams Co., IL. Parents: Paris Tracy JUDY-181642 and Nancy MARKWELL-181643.

Spouse: Martin/W. B. TAYLOR-181965. Rebecca E. JUDY and Martin/W. B. TAYLOR were married.

Rebecca Jane JUDY9450 was born (date unknown). Parents: Isaac Thomas JUDY-186601 and Azell Lee WORKMAN-186602.

Reford JUDY4680 was born (date unknown). Parents: Joseph W. JUDY-197787 and Elizabeth SPONAUGLE-197848.

Regina B. JUDY244,1060 was born on 5 July 1918 in Garrett, Somerset Co., PA. Parents: Albert Barton JUDY-756 and Margaret Mae ROMESBERG-757.

Reta JUDY3840 was born (date unknown). Parents: Lawrence D. JUDY-107140 and Clevie SMITH-180683.

Retann JUDY669 was born (date unknown). Parents: Michael JUDY-199259 and Verna SIMMONS-199268.

Rex JUDY10823 was born (date unknown). Parents: Isaac S. JUDY-106475 and Etta WISE-106477.

Living (private). Parents: Floyd Fay JUDY-106869 and Christina BANTER-106870.

Living (private). Parents: Pierce Bolivar JUDY-106240 and Esther Evelyn WALLACE-106241.

Richard "Dick" JUDY3301 was buried in Mexico, Audrain Co., MO.3301 Parents: John Alexander JUDY-104608 and Elizabeth J. RICHART/RICHARDS-104609.