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Eugene R. ROCK10891 was born (date unknown). Parents: Edward J. ROCK-104927 and Lucy O. MILLER-104928.

James C. ROCK10891 was born (date unknown). Parents: Edward J. ROCK-104927 and Lucy O. MILLER-104928.

Judith Mary ROCK5027 died on 26 July 1975.

Spouse: Living.

Orville C. ROCK2902,2903 was born on 15 April 1925 in Havelock, Lancaster Co., NE.2903 He lived in Arvada, Jefferson Co., CO about 1980.2903 He was Methodist.2903

Spouse: Mable Daphene JUDY-48135. Mable Daphene JUDY and Orville C. ROCK were married on 23 March 1946.2903 Children were: Living, Living.

Living (private).2903 Parents: Orville C. ROCK-48153 and Mable Daphene JUDY-48135.

John ROCKEFELLER1657,1658 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Anne/Ann GEARHART-70629. Anne/Ann GEARHART and John ROCKEFELLER were married.

Maria Katharine ROCKER382 was born about 1667 in Flonheim, Germany. She died on 7 February 1740 at the age of 73 in North Germany. Parents: Philipp Hartman ROCKER-170912 and (Wife of ROCKER, Philipp Hartman) -170913.

Spouse: Johann Helferich LOTZ-170904. Maria Katharine ROCKER and Johann Helferich LOTZ were married in 1688 in Eicheloh, South Germany. Children were: Amalia Doretha Elasabeth LOTZ-170891.

Philipp Hartman ROCKER382 was born about 1640 in Flonheim, Germany. He died about 1708 at the age of 68 in Bornheim, South Germany.

Spouse: (Wife of ROCKER, Philipp Hartman) -170913. (Wife of ROCKER, Philipp Hartman) and Philipp Hartman ROCKER were married. Children were: Maria Katharine ROCKER-170905.

Living (private). Parents: Paul J. HORNER-37659 and Roxie Jean NEVEL-312.

Louisa S. ROCKEY539 was born on 15 February 1857. She died on 26 July 1915 at the age of 58.

Spouse: John D. DECKER-118616. Louisa S. ROCKEY and John D. DECKER were married on 18 September 1880 in Centre Hall, Potter Twp., Centre Co., PA.

Margaret Jane ROCKEY117,130 died in 1929.

Spouse: John M. ALBRIGHT-117895. Margaret Jane ROCKEY and John M. ALBRIGHT were married. Children were: Jeremiah "Jerry" ALBRIGHT-117894, Wallace Wesley ALBRIGHT-165696.

Living (private).

Spouse: Harold C. "Grunk" YEARICK Sr.-145713. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Mary ROCKFORD1281 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Chester CAHALL-131694. Mary ROCKFORD and Chester CAHALL were married. Children were: Anna Lucy CAHALL-131693.

(Husband of TAMPLIN, Wilma) ROCKHILL8184 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Wilma TAMPLIN-142297. Wilma TAMPLIN and (Husband of TAMPLIN, Wilma) ROCKHILL were married.

Tabitha M. ROCKHOLD4681 was born on 14 December 1839. She died on 14 November 1875 at the age of 35.

Spouse: (First husband of ROCKHOLD, Tabitha M.) SLUSHER-196947. Tabitha M. ROCKHOLD and (First husband of ROCKHOLD, Tabitha M.) SLUSHER were married.

Spouse: Jehu JUDY-196915. Tabitha M. ROCKHOLD and Jehu JUDY were married on 7 June 1863. Children were: Charles Lincoln JUDY-196948, Jacob Markwood JUDY-196949, (Infant) JUDY-196950, Sarah Olive JUDY-196951, Minnie May JUDY-196952, Martha Harriet JUDY-196953, Tabitha Minerva JUDY-196954.

Delores ROCKWELL5059 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Orval M. GISH Jr.-107399. Delores ROCKWELL and Orval M. GISH Jr. were married. Children were: Living.

Nellis ROCKWELL744 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Verne Micheal GILL-49167. Nellis ROCKWELL and Verne Micheal GILL were married.

Lydia RODABAUGH103 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Abraham MILLER-139576. Lydia RODABAUGH and Abraham MILLER were married. Children were: Daniel R. MILLER-139575.

Bertha RODDA288 was born in 1873 in Blair Co., PA. She died on 2 February 1924 at the age of 51 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI.

Spouse: Francis Marion HAVENER-95128. Bertha RODDA and Francis Marion HAVENER were married. Children were: Louise (Lula) HAVENER-95343, Ruth HAVENER-95344, Charles F. HAVENER-95345, Benjamin HAVENER-95346, Earl Monor HAVENER-95347, William Gilbert HAVENER-95348, Laura Blanche HAVENER-95349.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

Carl E. RODDY3011 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lucy WISMAN-135105. Lucy WISMAN and Carl E. RODDY were married.

Clara Emma RODEBAUGH11637 was born on 25 September 1870. She died on 29 January 1950 at the age of 79. She was buried in Flint, Genesee Co., MI.

Spouse: Charles Morton JUDY-182871. Clara Emma RODEBAUGH and Charles Morton JUDY were married on 23 February 1889 in Greenville, Darke Co., OH. Children were: Simeon Matthias JUDAY/JUDY-182886, Raul Eugene JUDAY/JUDY-182887, Charles Leroy JUDAY/JUDY-182888, Mearl/Mearle Margerieta/Marguerite JUDAY/JUDY-182889, Marvien/Marvian Raymond JUDAY/JUDY-182890, Jessie Vivian JUDAY/JUDY-182891, Leo Levi JUDAY/JUDY-182892.

Margaret RODEBAUGH373,1073 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George L. ANDREWS-109591. Margaret RODEBAUGH and George L. ANDREWS were married. Children were: William Henry ANDREWS-109590.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Conrad RODEFFER9207 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Malinda DIEHL-47132. Malinda DIEHL and Conrad RODEFFER were married. Children were: John William RODEFFER-38825, Maggie Jane RODEFFER-47130.

John William RODEFFER4150 was born on 21 April 1872. He died on 8 December 1953 at the age of 81. He was buried at Mill Creek Cem. in Virginia.4150 John was a farmer and taught school 5 years. Parents: Conrad RODEFFER-47131 and Malinda DIEHL-47132.

Spouse: Daisey/Daisy Virginia SHOWALTER-38824. Daisey/Daisy Virginia SHOWALTER and John William RODEFFER were married on 24 December 1901. Children were: Margaret RODEFFER-38826, Virginia M. RODEFFER-38828.

Maggie Jane RODEFFER4105 was born on 2 September 1883 in Sunny Side, Buckingham and Cumberland Co., VA. She died on 3 February 1977 at the age of 93. She was buried at Mill Creek Cem. in Virginia.4105 Parents: Conrad RODEFFER-47131 and Malinda DIEHL-47132.

Spouse: Thomas Isaac BOWMAN-47129. Maggie Jane RODEFFER and Thomas Isaac BOWMAN were married on 5 January 1905. Children were: Meda Elizabeth BOWMAN-47133, Hallie Linda BOWMAN-47151, Lera Susan BOWMAN-47163, Jacob Jay BOWMAN-47176, Loy Lee BOWMAN-47192.

Margaret RODEFFER4150 was born on 5 March 1907 in Rockingham Co., VA. She died on 10 November 1938 at the age of 31. She was buried in Weyers Cave, Augusta Co., VA.4150 Margaret lived in Mount Crawford, Rockingham Co., VA. Parents: John William RODEFFER-38825 and Daisey/Daisy Virginia SHOWALTER-38824.

Spouse: Hampton H. MYERHOEFFER-38827. Margaret RODEFFER and Hampton H. MYERHOEFFER were married on 16 July 1929.

Robert RODEFFER1572 was born on 12 August 1907. He died in December 1982 at the age of 75.

Spouse: Clara B. HESS-79258. Clara B. HESS and Robert RODEFFER were married.

Virginia M. RODEFFER4150 was born on 25 May 1914 in Rockingham Co., VA. She was a retired restaurant employee. She was member of the Mill Creek Church of the Brethren. Virginia lived in Port Republic, Rockingham Co., VA. Parents: John William RODEFFER-38825 and Daisey/Daisy Virginia SHOWALTER-38824.

Pearl O. RODEFFER/RODEFER88,4448 was born in April 1891. She died on 12 July 1961 at the age of 70.

Spouse: Minor Winfield ROADCAP-50742. Pearl O. RODEFFER/RODEFER and Minor Winfield ROADCAP were married. Children were: Osie Viola ROADCAP-90818, Homer Harmon ROADCAP-90819, Della Roberta ROADCAP-90820, Ethel Ruby ROADCAP-90821.

Catherine RODEHEFFER2634 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Reuben ROUTSON-44561. Catherine RODEHEFFER and Reuben ROUTSON were married. Children were: Angeline Belle ROUTSON-1228.

Elizabeth "Betsy" RODEHEFFER1830 was born on 19 September 1807. She died on 6 January 1838 at the age of 30.

Spouse: Henry APPLE-196187. Elizabeth "Betsy" RODEHEFFER and Henry APPLE were married. Children were: George APPLE-166497.

Ruth Ann RODEMAKER164 was born on 14 April 1881. She died on 2 July 1966 at the age of 85 in Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., PA. She was buried at New Bloomfield Cem. in New Bloomfield, Perry Co., PA.164

Spouse: Emory Merritt GRAHAM-154193. Ruth Ann RODEMAKER and Emory Merritt GRAHAM were married on 17 December 1900 in Palo Alto, Schuylkill Co., PA. Children were: Theodore Charles GRAHAM-154197, Martha Jane GRAHAM-154198, Merritt Emory GRAHAM-154199, David Kern GRAHAM-154200, Kathryn G. GRAHAM-154201.

Anna Martha RODEMEYER1761 was born about 1693. She died on 23 November 1773 at the age of 80. She was also known as Anna Martha Bodemeyer. Parents: Johann Conrad RODEMEYER-39587.

Spouse: Conrad HAUPT-39585. Anna Martha RODEMEYER and Conrad HAUPT were married. Children were: Johannes HAUPT-39582.

Johann Conrad RODEMEYER1761 was born (date unknown).

Children were: Anna Martha RODEMEYER-39586.

Amanda Cecelia RODENBACH918 was born on 15 August 1861. She died on 2 September 1863 at the age of 2. She was buried at St. John's Union Cem. in Nazareth, Northampton Co., PA. Parents: Francis J. RODENBACH-69254 and Catharine ROTH-68737.

Camilla E. RODENBACH918 was born on 26 October 1854. Parents: Francis J. RODENBACH-69254 and Catharine ROTH-68737.

Ellen S. RODENBACH918 was born on 28 October 1855 in Bushkill Twp., Northampton Co., PA. She died on 5 June 1896 at the age of 40. She was buried at St. John's Union Cem. in Nazareth, Northampton Co., PA. Parents: Francis J. RODENBACH-69254 and Catharine ROTH-68737.

Spouse: Quintus F. EHLER-69257. Ellen S. RODENBACH and Quintus F. EHLER were married on 13 February 1880.

Emma L. RODENBACH918 was born on 30 September 1858. She died on 2 April 1935 at the age of 76. Parents: Francis J. RODENBACH-69254 and Catharine ROTH-68737.

Francis J. RODENBACH918 was born on 13 November 1830 in Bushkill Twp., Northampton Co., PA. He died on 1 November 1907 at the age of 76 in Bushkill Twp., Northampton Co., PA. He was buried on 5 November 1907 at St. John's Union Cem. in Nazareth, Northampton Co., PA.

Spouse: Catharine ROTH-68737. Catharine ROTH and Francis J. RODENBACH were married on 29 January 1854. Children were: Camilla E. RODENBACH-69255, Ellen S. RODENBACH-69256, Emma L. RODENBACH-69258, Amanda Cecelia RODENBACH-69259, Mary C. RODENBACH-69260, John J. RODENBACH-69261.

John J. RODENBACH918 was born on 27 December 1866. He died on 19 June 1925 at the age of 58. Parents: Francis J. RODENBACH-69254 and Catharine ROTH-68737.

Mary C. RODENBACH918 was born on 29 November 1864. She died on 24 June 1894 at the age of 29. Parents: Francis J. RODENBACH-69254 and Catharine ROTH-68737.

Annie RODENBACK250 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John CRAEGER-126748. Annie RODENBACK and John CRAEGER were married. Children were: Andrew CRAEGER-126744.

(Husband of Joyce McCARDLE) RODENBAUGH was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joyce Jean MCCARDLE-27255. Joyce Jean MCCARDLE and (Husband of Joyce McCARDLE) RODENBAUGH were married.

Elijah RODENBAUGH3055 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elizabeth ANDERSON-124699. Elizabeth ANDERSON and Elijah RODENBAUGH were married. Children were: Samuel Leigh RODENBAUGH/RODENBOUGH-124695.

William RODENBAUGH3055 was born (date unknown). Parents: Samuel Leigh RODENBAUGH/RODENBOUGH-124695 and Amanda BOWLBY-122659.

Samuel Leigh RODENBAUGH/RODENBOUGH3055,5293 was born on 15 October 1850. He died in 1928 at the age of 78. Parents: Elijah RODENBAUGH-124698 and Elizabeth ANDERSON-124699.

Spouse: Amanda BOWLBY-122659. Amanda BOWLBY and Samuel Leigh RODENBAUGH/RODENBOUGH were married. Children were: William RODENBAUGH-124696.

John RODENHIZER723 was born about 1786 in York Co., PA.

Spouse: Anna Maria WILHEID-51288. Anna Maria WILHEID and John RODENHIZER were married about 1807 in Frederick, Frederick Co., MD.